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ZEN STORIES TO TELL YOUR NEIGHBOURS 2, the stories . Banishing a Ghost, Bell Teacher, Books, Christian Buddha. Chasing Two Rabbits, Cliffhanger, Concentration, Destiny. Dreaming, Egotism, Elephant and Flea, Empty Your Cup. Enlightened, Full Awareness, Gift of Insults, Going with the Flow.
Gutei s Finger, Holy Man, I Don t Know, Is That So . It Will Pass, Just Two Words, Knowing Fish, Learning the Hard Way. Masterpiece, Maybe, The Moon Cannot Be Stolen, More Is Not Enough. Most Important Teaching, Moving Mind,Get any book for free on www Abika com. ZEN STORIES TO TELL YOUR NEIGHBOURS 3, The Nature of Things.
Nature s Beauty, No More Questions, Not Dead Yet, Obsessed. Paradise, Practice Makes Perfect, Present Moment, Prosperity. Ritual Cat, Searching for Buddha, Self Control, Sounds of Silence. Spider, Successor, Surprising the Master, Tea Combat. Tea or Iron, Transient, True Self, Useless Life, Wanting God.
When Tired, Without Fear, Working Very Hard,Get any book for free on www Abika com. ZEN STORIES TO TELL YOUR NEIGHBOURS 4, Banishing a Ghost. The wife of a man became very sick On her deathbed she said to him I. love you so much I don t want to leave you and I don t want you to betray. me Promise that you will not see any other women once I die or I will come. back to haunt you , For several months after her death the husband did avoid other women but. then he met someone and fell in love On the night that they we re engaged to. be married the ghost of his former wife appeared to him She blamed him. for not keeping the promise and every night thereafter she returned to taunt. him The ghost would remind him of everything that transpired between him. and his fiancee that day even to the point of repeating word for word their. conversations It upset him so badly that he couldn t sleep at all . Desperate he sought the advice of a Zen master who lived near the village . This is a very clever ghost the master said upon hearing the man s story . It is replied the man She remembers every detail of what I say and do . It knows everything The master smiled You should admire such a ghost . but I will tell you what to do the next time you see it . That night the ghost returned The man responded just as the master had. advised You are such a wise ghost the man said You know that I can. hide nothing from you If you can answer me one question I will break off. the engagement and remain single for the rest of my life Ask your. question the ghost replied The man scooped up a handful of beans from a. large bag on the floor Tell me exactly how many beans there are in my. hand , At that moment the ghost disappeared and never returned . People s reactions to this story , Ghosts are just human and can t know or do anything that a human can t .
No one knows everything Not even a spirit You can be wise in some ways but not in all. ways , The ghost kept coming back because the man was always impressed by how it seemed to know. everything It had power over him But when he finally stood up to it and challenged it the. ghost disappeared forever ,Get any book for free on www Abika com. ZEN STORIES TO TELL YOUR NEIGHBOURS 5, The ghost is actually a part of the man So it couldn t know anything that the man himself didn t. know , The ghost comes from the man s own mind He created it It is his own guilt that came back to. haunt him , The reason something haunts us is because we keep our attention on it When we move on.
beyond it it will disappear , To me this story just shows that souls have memories but not enlightenment . I don t like the ending I read the story with high expectations but felt let down in the. end , Why didn t the ghost know that the man had seen a Zen master . If the wife really loved the husband how could she subject him to such a promise . Everything the ghost knew didn t amount to a handful of beans . Bell Teacher, A new student approached the Zen master and asked how he should prepare. himself for his training Think of me a bell the master explained Give. me a soft tap and you will get a tiny ping Strike hard and you ll receive a. loud resounding peal , People s reactions to this story . You get out of something what you put into it , The more you try the more a good teacher will help .
The more students needs a teacher the more the good teacher will be there for them . Be careful what you ask for The universe may just provide you with what you seek . You can think of the master as life You get out what you put in If you look for and are really. open to beauty and happiness they are everywhere If you huddle miserably somewhere it will. all pass you by without you re even noticing ,Get any book for free on www Abika com. ZEN STORIES TO TELL YOUR NEIGHBOURS 6, Sounds like the master is saying pay me a lot and I will help you a lot pay me little and that s. what I ll give you in return , Give and you shall receive . I think the teacher was warning the student that if he is struck he will strike back with equal. force , All the student needs to know is within himself The master will guide him to that knowledge. by reflecting the thoughts feelings and questions that the student puts out to him . When I become a teacher I ll use this story when a student questions my purpose or integrity . Books, Once there was a well known philosopher and scholar who devoted himself.
to the study of Zen for many years On the day that he finally attained. enlightenment he took all of his books out into the yard and burned them. all , People s reactions to this story , The most important things in life you can t learn through books You have to learn them through. experience , Life s most important lessons have to be learned for oneself not from what other people have. said , It s your own thoughts that are important Everything else is indoctrination from others . Once you have gained a true understanding of something the knowledge will be with you for. the rest of your life You ll never have to study it again . The reason that he burned the books was because he felt that he had learned all that he could. possibly could from them and that it was time to move on and learn from life itself . One you attain a goal you no longer need the methods that helped you get there . Did he burn the books because he realized their uselessness Or did he burn them because he. thought there was no more knowledge left in them to gain I get the feeling that maybe he. Get any book for free on www Abika com, ZEN STORIES TO TELL YOUR NEIGHBOURS 7. WASN T very enlightened , I guess the scholar felt he was done with his studies and didn t need his books anymore .
All systems of knowledge conceptual beliefs including this one limit perception . I don t know what enlightenment is but I do know that you never stop learning and growing . Besides what if the Zen master forgets something later on and has to look it up . Sounds like he wanted to rid himself of his former life . Nothing wrong with that I m sure the fire was pretty cool . This story stirs up mixed feelings in me about school Will it all be worth it when I m done . Sometimes I just feel like giving up , This reminds me of the Pearl of Great Price story from the Bible A man sold everything he. owned to buy this pearl and did so joyfully , I guess once you attain perfect knowledge you don t need to read anymore . Why burn the knowledge attained Knowledge must be saved for the future A mind can only. store away so much information , Learn it know it LIVE it My drill instructor in basic training knew taught this I do recall. that he felt the need to add a few extra embellishments to be sure we were paying attention . Maybe he realized with his enlightened mind that he was cold . I could never bring myself to burn a book It s almost like burning the person who wrote it . Words words words They re not reality anyhow They re just words . Christian Buddha, One of master Gasan s monks visited the university in Tokyo . When he returned he asked the master if he had ever read the. Christian Bible No Gasan replied Please read some of it. to me The monk opened the Bible to the Sermon on the. Get any book for free on www Abika com, ZEN STORIES TO TELL YOUR NEIGHBOURS 8.
Mount in St Matthew and began reading After reading. Christ s words about the lilies in the field he paused Master. Gasan was silent for a long time Yes he finally said . Whoever uttered these words is an enlightened being What. you have read to me is the essence of everything I have been. trying to teach you here , In another version of this story it is a Christian. who reads the Bible passage to Gasan , People s reactions to this story . It s so sad that wars are fought over differences in religion . when in reality all the world s religions are saying the same. essential things If nations really took religion to heart so many. lives would be saved , If what is true for you is true and what is true for me is true than. really nothing is true If there are no absolutes in the universe. higher than our own opinions or experiences than we live on an. ever shifting sand True truth is true whether we know it or believe. it It is absolute unchanging and independent of our reactions to. it God is God and we are not him I believe this story is an attempt. to dilute the hard division line that the Bible deliberately draws . Our culture trys to offer solutions that do not offend anyone I. wonder how Master Gasan would react to Christ s words no one. may come to the Father but by me Or the kingdom of heaven. advances violently and violent men lay hold of it . I think this is saying that a great lesson can come out of one short. story Something that someone is searching for desperately can be. revealed in one simple story , This story held no interest for me I don t believe in the existence. of God and therefore believe that the Bible is a bunch of bologna . Universalism is an extremely faulty world view All the worlds. religions do not teach the same thing Religion is not about being. good to your fellow man or doing nice things to other people So. many of these comments seem to think that because most religions. teach that in general you should nt kill people and you should nt. steal and that you should feed the poor etc that its all the same. thing That misses the point entirely and trivializes a vast amount. Get any book for free on www Abika com, ZEN STORIES TO TELL YOUR NEIGHBOURS 9.
of the most deeply held beliefs of the world s populace Religion is. about what you are or at least the part of you that is you and not. just molecules combined together in unique ways The most. important question that religion tries to answer are How should. we act towards other people but How should we act towards. God How we act towards others is a by product of our. relationship to the Divine There is only One God . Master Gasan found a pleasant verse How would he have. responded to less beautiful Revelations or Oholibah in Ezekial. 23 10 , Every religion has an awareness of the basic ethical principles. that govern humanity Anything else that a religion teaches is not. about the human but about the divine , There is nothing even slightly Zen about this story It is an. embarrassing childish attempting to usurp the notion of Zen to. endorse an unenlightened acceptance of Christian dogma without. study introspection or question Sad you published it I admire. both Christ and Buddah greatly but this is catechism rote dogma . not enlightenment , I think Gasan was so relieved that he finally got his point across. to the monks , This situation is similar to thinking about different races People. may look different on the outside but when you look on the inside . everyone is basically the same , This story gives me a feeling of unity with everyone I like that .
This story is BORING It begins nowhere and ends the same way . Shouldn t the essence of his teachings be understandable so we all. can be enlightened as well Master Gasan sounds like a fake or a. very poor teacher , It sounds like Master Gasan has no idea of what he is talking. about , Different people may be trying to convey the same message to. others but are going about it in different ways I think that s good . diversity is good , We should always be learning No one knows everything . Get any book for free on www Abika com, ZEN STORIES TO TELL YOUR NEIGHBOURS 10. Anyone can be a teacher , Gasan realizes that the monk s might become interested in what.
the Bible says so he tries to act like he understands and believes in. the Bible He is trying to get the monks to respect him and think. that these words and thoughts were also his , Cultural prejudices prevent us from seeing the Universals It is. irrational to think that a different truth applies to everyone . All races across the world are teaching the same ideas through. religion but one person s way of teaching may differ from. another , I think the story is trying to say that we can ALL be right o. ZEN STORIES TO TELL YOUR NEIGHBOURS 6 Get any book for free on www Abika com Sounds like the master is saying pay me a lot and I will help you a lot pay me little and that s what I ll give you in return Give and you shall receive I think the teacher was warning the student that if he is struck he will strike back with equal force

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