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The Tomorrow Legion,Archetypes Set 1,Written By,Sean Patrick Fannon. Art Director,Aaron Acevedo Alida Saxon,Graphic Design Layout. Aaron Acevedo Jason Engle Thomas Shook,Carinn Seabolt. Cover Interior Illustrations,James Denton Martin de Diego S daba Aaron Riley. WWW PEGINC COM, Savage Worlds is 2016 and TM Pinnacle Entertainment Group All Rights Reserved Rifts and.
Megaverse are Registered Trademarks of Palladium Books Inc All character names and likenesses. are copyright and trademarks owned by Palladium Books Inc and used under license. CYBER KNIGHT,LADY SARENNA ALDERBRANT, Sarenna the Unwavering as she became Special Abilities. known during the Siege of Tolkeen fought Cyber Armor Cyber Knights have. desperately to aid Lord Coake s efforts 2 Toughness from their embedded. to hold the Cyber Knights together She techno magic nanotech. understood the burning desire to defend the Cyberkinetic Combat Cyber Knights. magic kingdom against the Coalition yet she are always 2 to be hit by technology. also held firm to the belief that the leaders based attacks such as laser rifles and. of that doomed land fell too far to darkness vibro blades. to save As friends and loved ones took up First Into Battle A Cyber Knight has 2. arms to either fight alongside the demons or Pace and a d10 Run die If she has Fleet. to attack them she followed Coake s efforts Footed this stacks giving her another. to save as many innocents as possible When 2 Pace and a d12 Run Die. the war was truly over she was among Hero s Journey Sarenna s Hero s. those who helped the Cyber Knight founder Journey rolls granted her among other. bring survivors to Castle Refuge where she things already. found a new purpose in the Tomorrow figured in,Legion Sarenna has little care for 1 on all. subtlety and deceit Knowledge Electronics,and Knowledge Engineering. Attributes Agility d8 Smarts d6 rolls She also gains 2 on any roll to. Spirit d8 Strength d6 Vigor d6 deal with electronic security. Skills Fighting d8 Healing d6 Inner Light Sarenna can use boost. Knowledge Computers d8 Trait deflection smite or speed on. Knowledge Electronics d4 herself as a,Knowledge Engineering free action. d4 Notice d6 Persuasion d6 but she,Psionics d8 Repair d6 Shooting d8 cannot use.
Cha 2 Pace 8 Parry 6 Toughness these abilities,15 6 on anyone else. Hindrances Big Mouth Code Psi Sword Sarenna can summon. of Honor Enemy Major a single blade that does Str 2. Coalition Enemy Minor Spirit damage in this case,Federation Necromancer 2d8 1d6 AP 6 or two blades. Heroic doing the same damage but, Edges Ambidextrous Arcane only AP 2 This is a free action. Background Psionics Champion For 2 ISP she can do Mega. Common Bond Sweep Two Fisted Damage for as long as the. Powers boost Trait deflection smite speed sword is maintained. ISP 10 Revered Protector,Gear Medium Cyber Knight Armor Cyber Knights gain. enhanced 6 Armor 2 Toughness healing 2 Charisma due to. NG L5 Laser Rifle Range 25 50 100 their status on Rifts. Damage 3d6 2 RoF 1 AP 2 Wilk s 320 Earth among most. Laser Pistol Range 18 36 72 Damage 2d6 civilized people. RoF 1 AP 4 2 extra clips each firearm NG,S2 Survival Pack silver cross 6 wooden.
stakes 800 credits,GLITTER BOY, The Glitter Boy stood there its gun pointed Special Abilities. right at Noble and his pack The rest of Big and Shiny Glitter Boys are. the Coalition troops had abandoned them immediately recognizable and often. demanding the Dog Boys hold off the enemy a priority target for heavy weaponry. and cover their escape Even Ulik the Psi They suffer 8 to Stealth rolls due to. Stalker who d been their pack leader for their glittering armored coating At 10. almost two years ran away and left the Dog feet tall and Size 3 Glitter Boys are big. Boys to just die Noble stood there waiting targets and man sized opponents gain. for the deafening roar of the gun that would 2 to hit them. shred them all to bloody chunks Instead the Digging In Activating deactivating the. Cyber Knight who d also fought with those stabilization system is an action Firing. people stepped around the shimmering the Boom Gun without these measures. battle suit and addressed the pack He knocks the Glitter Boy 2d6 back and. explained that the Glitter Boy pilot Garner prone leaving the pilot Shaken Once. was his name couldn t bring himself to fire,and wanted to give the mutant animals a. chance at another life That was almost a year,ago and after extensive training Noble is. ready to repay the mercy and kindness of the,Tomorrow Legion in a Glitter Boy of his own. Attributes Agility d10 Smarts d6 Spirit d6,Strength d8 Vigor d8.
Skills Fighting d10 Knowledge Battle d6,Notice d8 Repair d6 Shooting d10 Stealth. d4 Survival d4 Tracking d6,Cha 2 Pace 10 Parry 7 Toughness 30. Hindrances Enemy Ma Ulik Hard,of Hearing Heroic Outsider Wanted. Minor Coalition,Edges Breed Advantage Strong Breed. Danger Sense Marksman Power Armor,Gear Glitter Boy Armor 18 M D C Armor.
Boom Gun Range 250 500 1000 Damage,4d12 6 RoF 1 AP 25 Mega Damage MBT. NG LG6 Laser Rifle Range 25 50 100 RoF 1,Damage 3d6 2 AP 2 NG LG6 Integrated. Grenade Launcher Range 18 36 72 High,Explosive Grenades Damage 3d8 RoF 1. Mega Damage MBT Wilk s 227 Pulse,Laser Pistol Range 18 36 72 Damage. 2d6 1 RoF 2 AP 2 2 extra clips belts each,firearm Dog Pack Light Riot Armor 5.
Armor NG S2 Survival Pack Tool Kit,1300 credits,Cybernetics Cyber Wired Reflexes. dug in the Glitter Boy cannot move and also use the Tracking skill also with the. can only fire to the front and sides 180 Keen Sense of Smell bonus to follow a. degrees Digging in makes the Glitter specific magical or psionic entity This. Boy an easier target attackers gain a sense works to detect anything psychic. 2 to attack rolls against the suit while magic or supernatural including. dug in invisible and astral beings Psychic, Glitter Boy Armor Size 3 18 M D C Sense doesn t work inside sealed armor. Armor Pace 10 Run d10 Swim 6 half or vehicles Cybernetic implants also. damage from lasers life support self cause problems every point of Strain. contained breathing immune to heat imposes a 1 penalty when the Dog. cold radiation environmental toxins Boy uses his Psychic Sense the Cyber. and disease full electronics suite 2 Psychic Alignment Edge can negate this. Notice night vision and thermal vision penalty, Glitter Boy Strength When in the suit Sonic Boom Anyone within a. Noble has a Strength of d12 4 Large Burst Template who is not in. Hand to Hand The Glitter Boy s environmentally sealed armor or. powerful fists and feet do Str d6 having similar protections must make. Mega Damage a Vigor check at 2 failure means, Hero s Journey A number of bonuses they are Shaken and a modified 1 on. already figured in come from Noble s the Vigor die means they are stunned. Hero s Journey rolls Stunned beings are Incapacitated and. Keen Sense of Smell Dog Boys have must make a Vigor check each round to. a great sense of smell similar to their revive up to Shaken status with a raise. canine counterparts They gain a 2 they aren t Shaken Anyone in the area. bonus on all Notice checks where smell effect without serious ear protection is. could come into play as well as 2 on deaf for 1d6 minutes suffering 2 to. all Tracking rolls Notice checks, Laser Resistance Glitter Boys take only Stand By to Fire A Glitter Boy cannot.
half damage from lasers move and fire its Boom Gun on the. Life Support In addition to self same round This is why some carry. contained breathing the suit makes other firearms as alternatives for when. Noble immune to extreme temperatures they need to move and shoot. radiation poisons and diseases He is Targeting Computer The system. able to survive in the suit continuously offsets up to 2 Shooting penalties. for four weeks Weakness Ley Line Hypersensitivity, Natural Weapons Dog Boys can bite Dog Boys lose their Psychic Sense when. for Str d6 damage on or close within 2 or 4 yards of a. Psychic Sense Dog Boys have ley line Ley Line storms cause them a. the inherent ability to detect arcana level of Fatigue from severe headaches. interpreting it as a scent They use the and distress as if for a psychic which. Notice skill with their Keen Sense of does not stack if they have the Arcane. Smell bonus to detect the presence Background but their Fatigue requires. and location of any psychic or magic an hour to recover after the storm ends. energies beings or items They can,LONGWALKER SURESHOT. The days are growing shorter for Longwalker Special Abilities. and he knows it It s so easy to grasp power Burn 8 Longwalker is in Last Call. and run with it when there seems no other already he can spend a Burn to add. way and so easy to feel the fool when a d12 to any Trait roll or damage roll. looking back Vengeance ate at Longwalker s but this is also the die he rolls at the. heart in the wake of losing family and beginning of each session to see if he. friends and that vengeance drove him to might die, earn enough money to become what he is Drug induced Euphoria Tranquility. now a living war machine designed for Longwalker does not gain the benefits. combat and action designed to die After he of the Quick Edge or the Uncanny. killed the monsters responsible for his loss Reflexes ability on the first round of. he was a bundle of shot nerves and spent combat He is also at 1 to all Smarts. rage looking for a good way to die An open and Smarts linked traits when not. Rift a horde of demons attacking a village in combat. good as any way to go Only after the battle Hero s Journey A number of bonuses. was over and a captain in the Tomorrow already figured in come from. Legion offered him a ride back to Castle Longwalker s Hero s Journey rolls. Refuge did he consider he might still have Internal Repair System Juicers have. a purpose left Slow Regeneration As well three times. a day they can roll a Vigor check at 2, Attributes Agility d10 Smarts d6 Spirit d6 to give themselves a Healing check. Strength d10 Vigor d10 Super Endurance Juicers only need 4. Skills Climbing d4 Fighting d10 Gambling hours of sleep and gain 2 on all checks. d4 Intimidation d6 Lockpicking d4 Notice against Fatigue. d6 Shooting d10 Stealth d6 Streetwise d4 Uncanny Reflexes 2 to be hit by. Cha 0 Pace 16 Parry 9 Toughness 15 6 all attacks,Hindrances Death.
Wish Last Call Loyal,Overconfident,Edges Acrobat Brawny. Burn Brighter Fleet Footed,Frenzy Marksman Quick Thief. Gear Juicer Plate 6 Armor 1,Toughness JA 9 Laser Rifle Range. 40 80 160 Damage 3d6 1 RoF 1 AP 3,NG E4 Plasma Ejector Range 24 48 96. Damage 3d10 RoF 1 Mega Damage,Wilk s 320 Laser Pistol Range 18 36 72.
Damage 2d6 AP 2 Chain Long Sword,Str 2d8 AP 2 Mega Damage 2 extra. clips each firearm NG S2 Survival Pack,1000 credits. LEY LINE WALKER,BRANDYN CRYOS, For a time Brandyn called the Federation of Mega Powers greater armor onslaught. Magic his home and he saw the unification greater boost lower Trait greater burst exalted. of magic wielders and D Bees against the quickness greater teleport. Coalition as a noble important goal The Gear Ley Line Walker Medium Armor. fall of Tolkeen strengthened his resolve and 5 Armor 4 Vigor checks vs toxins. he soon made his way to Dunscon s City of and disease NG 33 Laser Pistol Range. Brass to get more directly involved in the 15 30 60 Damage 2d4 1 RoF 1 AP. greater effort There however he saw such 2 NG S2 Survival Pack 1000 credits. depravity and darkness all in the name of Special Abilities. power and control which shook to the core Disconnected Constantly dealing with. his confidence in the effort He observed as the alien and arcane Ley Line Walkers. a group of Cyber Knights recently arrived tend to be awkward with normal people. from the Tolkeen war were belittled and situations They suffer 2 Charisma. taunted and ultimately drawn into a fight Expanded Awareness Walkers can use. against demons and Murder Wraiths detect arcana at will with no PPE cost. Though one of the knights was a woman and as a free action. he d had a less than friendly encounter with Hero s Journey Brandyn s Hero s. years ago Lady Kyla Foster he could not Journey rolls granted him among other. stand by and allow the murder of her things already figured in 2 with all. and her companions in the streets direct damage spells such as bolt and. Helping them effect their escape burst and Techno Wizard weapons He. he was offered another option also reduces the cost of any spell cast. and now the Tomorrow by 1 PPE if he gets a raise,Legion has his service or better on the. casting roll,Attributes Agility d6 Smarts d10 minimum.
Spirit d8 Strength d4 Vigor d6 cost 0,Skills Fighting d6 Investigation Ley Line. d6 Knowledge Arcana d6 Walker Abilities Walkers, Knowledge History d6 Notice have the following Ley. d8 Shooting d6 Spellcasting Line Magic Mastery Ley. d10 Stealth d4 Line Rejuvenation Ley Line,Cha 4 Pace 6 Parry Sense Ley Line Walking. 5 Toughness 10 and Ley Line Transmission,5 see The Tomorrow Legion. Hindrances Curious Player s Guide Ley,Enemy Major Line Walkers.
Coalition and,Federation Stubborn,Edges Arcane Background. Magic Luck Master of,Magic Power Points Rapid,Powers armor bolt boost. lower Trait burst quickness teleport,MIND MELTER

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