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Join a global community of over 150 000 chemistry professionals. Find the many benefits of ACS membership,http bit ly ACSmembership 3. Benefits of ACS Membership,Chemical Engineering News C EN. The preeminent weekly digital and print news source. NEW ACS SciFinder, ACS Members receive 25 complimentary SciFinder research. activities per year,NEW ACS Career Navigator, Your source for leadership development professional. education career services and much more,http bit ly ACSmembership.
AmerChemSociety,AmericanChemicalSociety AmericanChemicalSociety. http bit ly ACSwebinarsLI,Contact ACS Webinars at acswebinars acs org. How has benefited you,I am working on a,startup project now. and this ACS Webinar,was a great tool I,plan to implement to. try to get our process,off the ground in a,more sustainable.
manner http bit ly ACSgreenpharma,Charles Capron MBS. Graduate Research Consultant,Keck Graduate Institute. Be a featured fan on an upcoming webinar Write to us acswebinars acs org. Learn from the best and brightest minds in chemistry Hundreds of webinars on. diverse topics presented by experts in the chemical sciences and enterprise. Recordings are an exclusive ACS member benefit and are made available to. registrants via an email invitation once the recording has been edited and posted. Live Broadcasts of ACS Webinars continue to be available to the general public. every Thursday from 2 3pm ET,www acs org acswebinars. An individual development,planning tool for you,ChemIDP org. https teachchemistry org,http www gcande org,Upcoming ACS Webinars.
www acs org acswebinars,Thursday April 25 2018, Nanomaterials for Fighting Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria. Co produced with the ACS Division of Medicinal Chemistry and the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists. Christopher England,ACS Publications,Thursday May 3 2018. Writing Competitive Research Proposals that Win Funding. Co produced with the ACS Graduate Postdoctoral Scholars Office and the ACS Office of Research Grants. Contact ACS Webinars at acswebinars acs org,Free Resources from CCEW. www acs org ccew,OPEN ACCESS,www acs org ccew, Riding the Wave of Green Chemistry How to Enhance Awareness of Plastics in the Ocean. Jane Wissinger Reuben Hudson, Professor of Chemistry University of Research Professor Colby College.
Minnesota and Senior Principle Investigator,Center for Sustainable Polymers. Slides available now and an invitation to view the edited recording will be sent when posted. www acs org acswebinars, This ACS Webinar is co produced with ACS Green Chemistry Institute ACS Professional Education and Chemists Celebrate Earth Week 14. Riding the Wave of Green Chemistry How to,Enhance Awareness of Plastics in the Ocean. Jane E Wissinger Reuben Hudson,University of Minnesota Colby College. Experiments developed for the K 12 college curriculum. which introduce,Plastics in society,Polymer basics.
Green sustainable chemistry solutions,New sustainable materials. Feedback from students teachers,ENGAGING STUDENTS,Audience Challenge Question. ANSWER THE QUESTION ON BLUE SCREEN IN ONE MOMENT,Today how many kilograms of plastics does an. average person in North America consume each year,5 kg 11 lbs. 25 kg 55 lbs,50 kg 110 lbs,75 kg 165 lbs,100 kg 220 lbs.
Worldwatch Institute Vision for a Sustainable World January 28 2015. http www worldwatch org global plastic production rises recycling lags 0 accessed April 18 2018. Plastics in Society Attention Grabbers,World Economic Forum. Rethinking the future of plastics January 2016, Today 95 of plastic packaging material value or 80 120 billion. annually is lost to the economy after a short first use. More than 40 years after the launch of the first universal recycling. symbol only 14 of plastic packaging is collected for recycling. In a business as usual scenario the ocean is expected to contain 1 ton. of plastic for every 3 tons of fish by 2025 and by 2050 more plastics. than fish by weight, http www3 weforum org docs WEF The New Plastics Economy pdf 19. Plastics in the Ocean Attention Grabbers,Currently 250 million metric tons of. plastic in the ocean 5 trillion pieces,Hazardous to marine life.
Studies show birds are ingesting Midway,CNN video report. Studies show fish are ingesting,We are ingesting marine life with. microplastics, 20 https cen acs org materials polymers Fighting ocean plastics source 96 i16. Plastics in the Ocean,Typical diet of giant,This whale. Plastic bags,Plastic water,Died of peritonitis,and rupture of.
Sperm Whale had 64 pounds of plastic waste in its stomach digestive system. 21 https www cnn com 2018 04 11 health sperm whale plastic waste trnd index html. POLYMER CHEMISTRY,GREEN SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY,Polymer Basics and Unique Properties. High School Higher Education,Definitions Classification of polymers. Size variety Representations,Representations Copolymers block. Tensile testing Calculation of Mn,UV Smartphone apps 1H NMR spectroscopy. IR and 13C NMR,UV spectroscopy,Green Chemistry Solutions.
12 Principles Prevent pollution,Use of renewable feedstocks. Safer solvents reaction conditions,Design for degradation biodegradable compostable. http makingsociety com 2013 08 materialmatters series n1 pla plastic. EXPERIMENTS,HIGH SCHOOL COLLEGE,https csp umn edu labs 25. Renewable Triblock Polymer Experiment, Based on publication1 and modified for organic chemistry laboratory. Renewable monomers2,Triblock for tunability and discovery based3.
Interesting mechanical properties,1Martello et al ACS Macro Lett 2012 1 131 135. 2 Schneiderman et al J Chem Educ 2014 91 p 131 135. 3Fahnhorst et al In Green Chemistry Experiments for the Undergraduate Laboratories ACS Symposium Series. 2016 Chapter 8,Renewable Triblock Polymer Experiment. Day 1 Synthesis of 2 different homopolymers,Day 2 Triblock formation adding L Lactide. Renewable Triblock Polymer Experiment,Use initiator peaks to. approximate Mn and,integrations to determine size,4 86 ppm 5 16 ppm.
of each block polymer,IR distinct C O,13C NMR distinct C O. Renewable Triblock Polymer Experiment, Students design mechanical physical property testing. Flexibility PLLA, Strength 1 inch x 0 5 inch strip 0 5 g could hold 290 g PDDL 35 PDDL 45. of clamps and others PLLA PLLA,Degradation place in aqueous NaOH solution for. minutes retest strength,PDDDL 35 PDDDL 45,Adhesion PLLA PLLA.
Dyeing to Degrade A Bioplastics Experiment,Renewable non toxic components. Citric acid glycerol tapioca root starch, Three combinations results in three different structural. FDA approved yellow dye 5 allows degradation studies. Margaret A Cargill Scholarship Fund Augsburg College Department of Chemistry University of Minnesota NSF Science Education and Engineering for Sustainability Fellowship Department of Chemistry Colby College 55 This ACS Webinar is co produced with ACS Green Chemistry Institute ACS Professional Education and Chemists Celebrate Earth Week 56

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