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Writing with Style,Conversations 01 th e A r t o fW ritin g. Third Edition,John R Trimble,The niversity o f Texas at Austin. Prentice Hall, Boston Columbus Indiaiiapo is NewYork San Francisco pper Saddle River. nster am CapeTovvn Dubai London Madrid Mi lan Munich Paris Montr al Toronto. Delhi Mexico City S o Paulo Sydney Hong Kong Seoul Singapore Taipei Tokyo. Aequisitions E ditor Brac Pottho T,Editor al Assistant Nancy c Lee. Associate M anaging Editor Bayani Mendoza de Leon,Production M anager Meghan DeMaio.
Marketing M anager Sandra McGuire,Creative D irector Jayne Conte. C over Designer Suzanne Duda, Pr ect Coordination Text Design and E lectronic Page Mukcup Jenisha. Govindakrishnan PreMediaGlobal,Printer Binder Edwards Brothers. C over Printer Lehigh Phoenix Color,Copyright 2011 2000 1975 by Pearson Education Inc. All rights reserved Printed in the United States of America This publication is protected by. Copyright and permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited re. production storage in a retrieval system or transmission in any form or by any means elec. tronic mechanical photocopying recording or likewise To obtain permission s to use. material from this work please submit a written request to Pearson Education Inc Permis. sions Department One Lake Street Upper Saddle River New Jersey 07458 or you may fax. your request to 201 236 3290, Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data.
Trimbl John R, Writing with style conversations on the art o writing John R Trimble 3rd ed. Includes index,ISBN 13 978 0 205 02880 1,ISBN 10 0 205 02880 2. 1 English language Rhetoric 2 English language Style 3 Exposition Rhetoric. 4 Report vvriting I Title,PE1408 T69 2011,808 042 dc22. 2010043524,3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 14 13 12 11,Prentice Hall. is an imprint of,ISBN 13 978 0 205 02880 1,www pearsonhighered com ISBN 10 0 205 02880 2.
A Word About These Conversations ix,Preface to the Third Eclition xi. Acknotvledgments xi,F u n d a m e n ta ls,1 Thinldng Well 2. 2 Getting Launched 12,3 Openers 23,4 Middles 29,5 closers 44. 6 Diction 48,7 Readability 58,8 Superstitions 76,9 Critical Analysis Joust ng with Mencken 88. 10 Dramati ng Your Ideas 101,11 Revising 117,12 Proo reading 118.
O dds Ends,13 Punctuation 121,Semicolons 121,Commas 126. Parentheses 132,vUi Contents,D ashes 134,Colons 140. Hyphens 143,Exclamation points 145,14 uoting 147,Punctuation introducing quotations 147. Punctuation at the en d o f quotations 149,M iscellaneous sr Hl points 150. Indented quotations 151,O rphan quotes 153,Dialogue 154.
Punctuating run on quotations o f poetry 157,Re erences f o r quotations 157. Punctuating parenthetical r ferences 159,E lipses 160. Editorial insertions square brackets 162,15 Abbreviations 163. 16 Tips on Usage 165,17 Epilogue 173,Sources 175,o r d M o u t These Conversations. For me ivriting is the only tt ng that passes the three tests. o f m tier 1 ivhen m ilt ing it I don tfeel that I shouldbe. cloing something else instead 2 it produces a sense o f. accomplishment and once in a ivhile pride and 3 it s. rightening,Gloria Steinem, B ooks on vriting tend to be windy boring and impractical I intend this.
one to be different short lun and genuinely useful. My chief goal is to take the mystery out of how skilled writers think. so you can begin thinking like them yourself But beyond that I want. to share some practical tips on how to make your prose more readable. Actually you ll f nd scores of tips in the chapters ahead on everything. from opening strategies to the art ul use of semicolons Along the way rll. also be examining some common questions about punctuation quoting. Iicnge anr stylisHo taboos tlie tongh questions tliat everv w riter. needs help with from time to time, My plan I con ess was to keep it brief enough to be read over a cou. ple cups of coffee Alas it now appears that you ll need a third maybe even. a fourth to see you through For that I apologize The book became a. friend I was loath to bid good bye to, A few readers teachers mainly may be clisappointed that I ve. excluded end of chapter exercises not to mention discussion of research. papers grammar syllogistic reasoning pattems of paragraph movement. X A W o r d b o u t T h e s e C o n v e r s a t i o n s. and other such things conventionally covered hy textbooks on vvriting. I can only answer that this is not and doesn t aim to be a conventional. what I o er here is practical shoptalk for armchair consumption. in e ect an informal four hour re resher course vvith the emphasis on. refreshment The book is primarily geared to those writers who ve already. been through the textbook mill and who now hunger for helpful tips. inspiration and a clear lively synthesis of the essentials But because it. cuses on undamentals I hope it may prove useful to others too. cPreface to the Third Cd tion, ime has sure been kind to this little book During its f rst 25 years it. T enjoyed 32 reprintings Then along came the lovely Silver Anniver. sary Edition all reshened up vvhich gained it many more new friends. But barely had I notice when still another decade had slipped by bring. ing vvith it my retirement from the University of Texas Wouldn t you know. though that didn t stop my Pearson editor Brad middle name Persis. tent Potthoff from begging for yet another re resh Happily his will. prevailed So for this latest edition featuring two brand new chapters. Critical Analysis Joust ng with Mencken and Dramati ng Your Ideas. I m sharing some of the fun my students and I ha in good old 325M my. Advanced Expository Writing seminar at T Meanvvhile throughout I m. also including a sprinkling of updates fresh help on taboos exclamation. points ellipses and usage manuals among other things. Once again I vvish you a smooth read If you have any corrections to. suggest or comments to make or sources to offer for ugitive quotations. I d love to hear from you Email me here triinble mail utexas edu. Acknovvledgments, I ve been assisted here by a host of talented teachers editors and. students Let me publicly honor their contributions. My thanks rst to our six pre publication reviewers vvhose sugges. tions proved wonderfully smart and generous spirited Pro essors Paul. Allen Greg Bamhisel Daniel Frick Susanmarie Harrington John Hyman. and James L Ragonnet, Four of my brmer colleagues at the niversity of Texas all superb.
teachers of writing were a source of constant inspiration and joy John. Writing with Style Conversations 01 theArt ofWriting Third Edition John R Trimble The niversity of Texas at Austin Prentice Hall Boston Columbus Indiaiiapo is NewYork San Francisco pper Saddle River nster am CapeTovvn Dubai London Madrid Mi lan Munich Paris Montr al Toronto Delhi Mexico City S o Paulo Sydney Hong Kong Seoul Singapore Taipei Tokyo Aequisitions Editor Brac

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