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To be able to walk into a newsroom and contribute as an editor and or multimedia journalist on. your first day that means being proficient in reporting writing social media and identification. of supporting multi media elements,By the end of the semester you will be able to. 1 Write news articles in the inverted pyramid and feature style. 2 Be able to identify news value and execute articles that contain news value. 3 Interview appropriate live human experts in person and take accurate notes that are utilized in. articles to provide paraphrased facts and supporting quotes. 4 Develop story ideas that will serve our Ohio State audience. 5 Utilize social media in a professionally constructive way. 6 Understand and create multimedia elements and full packages. 7 Get published in The Lantern and TheLantern com or get footage on Lantern TV. Texts iTunes U Course Comm 2221 Writing and Editing for Media Spring. 2016 1 50 2 45 pm,https itunesu itunes apple com enroll CFS DEN WFH. iBook Always Get the Name of the Dog A Guide to,Interviewing available through iTunes store 2 99. Inside Reporting by Tim Harrower suggested rent it here. AP Style Book App,The Lantern in print and online and Lantern TV. Columbus Dispatch for iPad free App needs digital Dispatch. subscription,Others Things you will need,E mail account you check AT LEAST once daily.
Follow Facebook page on iPad,www facebook com OSUComm422. Follow Twitter account www twitter com Nicole Kraft and our blog. http nicolekraftosu wordpress com, Read The Lantern print or online The Columbus Dispatch e edition HuffintonPost com and nytimes com every. day so we may discuss stories and you will be prepared for news budgeting. Optional Jot Pro stylus for note taking on iPad Amazon. Here is a breakdown of your assignments and the point opportunities they provide. Assignment Points,Professionalism Tweets 50,In Class Assignments activities 100. News briefings and quizzes 100,News Story 1 100,News localization 100. Feature 150,Midterm 200, These points tallied together will give you your final grade of the following percentages 100 93 A 92.
90 A 89 88 B 87 82 B 81 80 B 79 78 C 77 72 C 71 70 C 69 60 D 59 and below E I am. not able to negotiate grades either during or after the semester. DATE OF FINAL EXAM Check Ohio State link,Instructor Methods. I am a great believer in the power of students to engage in and drive their own education which. means taking a greater responsibility for an engagement in what happens in your classes To that. end I do not subscribe to the sage on the stage class ideology whereby I would lecture and you. would hopefully listen Instead we follow what is known as the reversed model which means. your lectures are provided as short compact videos that are watched at home BEFORE CLASS and. supported with links to reading materials Our class time is then dedicated to engaging with the. material through a variety of activities and assessments to determine and build your. comprehension, In a conventional class the lectures help establish an educational foundation but then students are. left to build the real structure of their learning alone through homework and that structure may or. may not be sound, With the flipped class structure students establish the foundation as part of that home pre work. and then we build the structure of learning together allowing us to see and correct weaknesses in. the foundation and the structure, I believe that this model helps students learn better and in a speed and style that is more. conducive to their needs Do you learn better at 3 a m or 7 p m Great Class materials are. available to you at any time of day or night through this model Would you like to hear a lecture. three or four times to take copious notes With this model you have that option Do you prefer. reading and not listening or listening and not reading All options are open provided you engage in. the material in some meaningful and effective way, The workload is the same meaning for a four credit class for every hour of work you do in class.
you will spend four hours working at home The main difference is your class time will not be spent. being lectured to you will be engaged in actively learning the material through discussion. exercises activities and assignments, The quality and quantity of our in class learning means that your attendance and participation are. crucial to your success so please do not think that watching lectures at home means you do not. need to come to class As I said that is the foundation To truly build something meaningful all of. us we must work together, This model also allows us to work more closely together and for me to connect to each of you in. a more focused and direct way to assess and understand you individual needs and goals and to. hopefully maximize what you take from the class, I believe more communication is better communication At the end of every week you will receive. from me an EMAILED gentle reminder where we look ahead at assignments and goals coming in. the next week These are intended to keep us both on track Please make sure you are receiving. these gentle reminders or let me know ASAP Please let me know also if you have other ideas for. what might augment our class or better serve your learning experience. My goal is to get to know each of you better as students and people to help your academic goals. throughout this semester and beyond I encourage you to email and tweet any and all questions. that arise to share information you discover outside our class content and to meet with me during. office hours or beyond Invite me to coffee or lunch I would love to go and talk about class or. anything else,Class Tools, To serve our reversed model we utilize the online platform iTunes U which is a free content. management system available on all Apple IOS devices Inside this platform we have all lecture. videos and links in an easy to use calendar structure. You may use your own iPad or you will be provided an iPad to use for the duration of the course The. iPad we provide remains the property of the School of Communication You are responsible for the. iPad while it is in your possession and will need to pay for repair or replacement if broken We have. provided cases to help prevent breakage I also recognize you may have an increased level of frustration. due to new technology but you will be both educated and supported by me and Digital First instructors. CLASS PROFESSIONALISM, I am a big believer that college is intended to prepare you for the real world and that for many.
especially in journalism your undergraduate career is like a first job You can and will make a lot of. mistakes here but the goal is to learn from them and not to make them again. To that end I will treat you professionally and need you to do the same Behaviors that work in the. real world and here include, 1 You will be graded primarily on your writing and editing and how you work as a writer and. editor with your fellow magazine staffers, 2 Fact and style errors and misspellings are also VERY important in the pursuit of journalistic skill. so they are weighted heavily in this class, 3 Coming on time and ready to work on the material for the day The flipped model only works if. we all do the foundational work ahead and then we can build If you do not do that work and. we have to catch you up you are impacting everyone else in class. 4 You are missed when you are absent When you don t come to class I notice and you are. missed personally and for your contributions Missing class when we are doing group work or an. in class activity will result in a 0 for the assignment unless there are serious extenuating. circumstances that you notify me about at least two hours BEFORE class. 5 Staying in class I know you have things to do We all do But we have committed to being in. class together for 55 minutes four times a week, 6 Treating classmates coworkers with respect Everyone s ideas have merit and allowing a civil. discussion even when we disagree is a key to future success. 7 Dressing for success I know this is college but you never know who might come to class who. could help you with am internship or guide your academic or professional career Pajamas are. for sleeping Swimsuits are for beaches Please know I don t want to discuss appropriate class. dress with you but I will if needed, 8 Email ID Please include your class number in your emails as I teach four classes and this will.
help me understand respond more quickly to your questions. 9 Email etiquette To ensure we are preparing for the real world your emails should be written. using standards of courtesy address proper tone and signature I do not edit articles over. email so if you wish to work on your article one on one which I encourage please make an. appointment or drop by my office hours, 10 Deadlines are deadlines Assignments submitted by the pre determined Late assignments will. get edited but no points will be assigned No make up quizzes or exams are held unless by prior. arrangement and for extreme circumstances, 11 Due to the professional and paperless environment of this class I don t accept any handwritten. assignments, 12 I believe in using social media in class but we use it for good and not evil I encourage you to. use your devices and even require Twitter use for attendance and we will do much research in. class using all electronic devices But remember that I can see what you post and so can future. employers Please be responsible about how to present yourself to the outside world Also. remember I can see when you post even if it s during class so let s stay on topic while we are. 13 We do not interview or quote friends relatives roommates classmates etc In our industry it s. considered a conflict of interest, 14 Lying cheating or stealing will get you fired In this class if you plagiarize anything you will fail. the course and I will report you to academic misconduct even if you accidentally do it while. taking your notes We have no wiggle room here, 15 We never interview or quote friends relatives roommates etc In our industry it s considered a.
conflict of interest, 16 We never write on topics of which we have a personal stake or relationship places where we. work groups of which we are a member etc, 17 Only if a Lantern editor accepts the article ideas do we say we are writing for the paper but we. will always write with the goal of being published in The Lantern. 18 That means we do not tell sources we are writing for a class assignment. 19 We always tell sources we are interviewing them for an article that will be published This is not. theory it s real life,Withdrawal Policy, Not all classes fit your schedule or your academic plan and I understand that Please know however. that I very much wish to meet with you before you drop especially the deeper we get into the. semester to see what we can do to work through any challenges together If you do have questions. about how to drop or the impact on your transcript or financial aid please visit the Academic Advising. Mobile Technology, Although many classes may ban or limit the use of mobile technology in this class we will learn to use. your mobile phone and tablet for reporting and disseminating news in other words for good and not. evil Keep it out and be prepared to use it for class work which will include tweeting posting to. Instagram and Facebook Snapchatting using Periscope and finding sources on LinkedIn That said this is. not the time to text and tweet your friends to hook up later or surf the web and I will call you on it if. you do it It s time to use all the tools at our disposal for work. Story Idea Submissions, All assignments have a lot of freedom to them in that you will determine which stories you want to.
pursue based on the news value we will identify in class. Prior to each article you will submit to me your editor the story idea you wish to develop The. catch the idea will be sent as a Twitter message to the hashtag 2221story That means you need to. really focus your idea and know what is the pitch since you will have less than 140 characters Without. story idea approval from me you article will be edited but not receive any points. All assignments are due at the beginning of the class on the date listed on the syllabus In journalism. stories that miss the deadline often do not make it to publication and yours will not be graded. Assignments will be submitted via iTunes U on the iPad I ll demonstrate in class. Include on each article,WORD COUNT, CONTACT LIST with contact info for sources and date location interviewed. Failure to include any of these items will result in a five point deduction. I look forward to contacting some of these sources throughout the semester to see how your. interviews went and what we can learn from them,Extra Credit. There is a maximum of 20 extra credit points available in this class which will be applied to the final. class point total You can earn it in three ways, Activities Participate the outside class activities identified during the semester 5 points per. Research Take part in School of Communication research and receive 5 points per activity. Publication If you submit a story BEYOND the ones you write for this class to The Lantern. and it gets published with only your by line and you tell me about it you will receive the 20. Writing and Editing for Media revised 11 29 Comm 2221 T F 1 50 2 45 p m Spring 2016 Journalism 281 Professor Nicole Kraft Office 3045E Derby Office Phone 614 247 6274 E Mail kraft 42 osu edu Twitter Nicole Kraft Class blog nicolekraftosu wordpress com Office hours Monday 10 a m 2 p m COURSE DESCRIPTION Welcome to our newsroom When you walk through this door you leave school

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