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In the presentation below ICOMOS Recommendations prior and informed consent of indigenous. and IUCN Recommendations are presented in the form peoples for the nomination has been obtained. of Draft Decisions and are extracted from,b A revised comparative analysis has been. WHC 19 43 COM INF 8B1 Add ICOMOS and, WHC 19 43 COM INF 8B2 Add IUCN completed demonstrating that the reduced area. of the nominated property would be sufficient to, Though Draft Decisions were taken from IUCN and meet criterion x and potentially also criterion. ICOMOS evaluation books in some cases a few ix including the related conditions of integrity. modifications were required to adapt them to this, document 5 Continues to encourage the States Parties of. Thailand and Myanmar to collaborate in, Disclaimer transboundary conservation and management of the.
highly significant nature conservation values of the. The Nomination files produced by the States Parties are region and to evaluate the potential to bring forward. published by the World Heritage Centre at its website a further nomination on a transboundary basis. and or in working documents in order to ensure, transparency access to information and to facilitate the. preparations of comparative analysis by other,nominating States Parties. Property Historic Centre of Sheki with,The sole responsibility for the content of each. the Khan s Palace, Nomination file lies with the State Party concerned The. publication of the Nomination file does not imply the ID No 1549 Rev. expression of any opinion whatsoever of the World State Party Azerbaijan. Heritage Committee or of the Secretariat of UNESCO Criteria proposed ii iii iv v. concerning the history or legal status of any country by State Party. territory city or area or of its boundaries See ICOMOS Additional Evaluation Book 2019 page 1. Technical Note,Some maps including related references as well as.
I EXAMINATION OF NOMINATIONS denominations within the nomination file as put forward. REFERRED BACK BY PREVIOUS by the State Party may raise questions of historical. SESSIONS OF THE WORLD HERITAGE accuracy,Draft Decision 43 COM 8B 36. Property Kaeng Krachan Forest Complex The World Heritage Committee. ID No 1461 Rev, State Party Thailand 1 Having examined Documents WHC 19 43 COM. Criteria proposed x 8B Add and WHC 19 43 COM INF 8B1 Add. by State Party,2 Recalling Decision 41 COM 8B 20 adopted at its. See IUCN Additional Evaluation Book 2019 page 3,41st session Krakow 2017 and noting that no new. information related to the potential significance of. Draft Decision 43 COM 8B 5 the site has been submitted which would have. allowed ICOMOS to reassess this aspect of the site. The World Heritage Committee,3 Decides not to inscribe the Historic centre of.
Sheki with the Khan s Palace Azerbaijan on the,1 Having examined Documents WHC 19 43 COM. World Heritage List,8B Add and WHC 19 43 COM INF 8B2 Add. 2 Recalling Decisions 39 COM 8B 5 and 40 COM,8B 11 adopted at its 39th Bonn 2015 and 40th. Istanbul UNESCO 2016 sessions respectively,Property Le Colline del Prosecco di. 3 Defers the examination of the nomination of Kaeng Conegliano e Valdobbiadene. Krachan Forest Complex Thailand to the World ID No 1571 Rev. Heritage List under criterion x State Party Italy, 4 Recommends that the State Party consider Criteria proposed by v.
resubmission of the nomination in the format of a State Party. new nomination after See ICOMOS Additional Evaluation Book 2019 page 12. a Concerns regarding rights have been resolved,Draft Decision 43 COM 8B 37. in full consultation with the affected indigenous,peoples and local communities and to the. satisfaction of the United Nations Office of the The World Heritage Committee. High Commissioner on Human Rights This, process should ensure that the requirements of 1 Having examined Documents WHC 19 43 COM. the Operational Guidelines are fully met 8B Add and WHC 19 43 COM INF 8B1 Add. regarding the need to demonstrate that the free, Nominations to the World Heritage List WHC 19 43 COM 8B Add p 1. 2 Inscribes Le Colline del Prosecco di Conegliano Threats are currently managed although the state of. e Valdobbiadene Italy on the World Heritage List conservation of some elements particularly. as a cultural landscape on the basis of criterion v architectural and urban elements in the buffer zone. require improvement and climate change has, 3 Adopts the following Statement of Outstanding accentuated the incidence of landslides The.
Universal Value landscape could be vulnerable to irreversible change. Brief synthesis due to the pressures of production of Prosecco. within a growing global market Agricultural and,The Colline del Prosecco di Conegliano e. viticultural techniques for maintaining the integrity of. Valdobbiadene in northeast Italy is an area,the landscape are continuing including manual. characterised by distinctive hogback morphological. harvesting,system which provides a distinctive mountain. character with scenic vistas and an organically Authenticity. evolved and continuing landscape comprised of The main attributes of the property relate to the. vineyards forests small villages and agriculture For distinctive landscape where nature and human. centuries the harsh terrain has both shaped and history have shaped and been shaped by an. been adapted by distinctive land use practices They adapted and specific system for viticulture and land. include the land and soil conservation techniques use Despite many changes the attributes. that comprise the viticultural practices using Glera demonstrate authenticity and are documented. grapes to produce the highest quality Prosecco through sources such as inventories and cadasters. wine Since the 17th century the use of the ciglioni historical and religious paintings and historical. the patterned use of grassy terraces used to documents that demonstrate the introduction of the. cultivate areas with steep slopes has created a ciglioni and the operation of the sharecropping. distinctive chequerboard pattern with rows parallel system from the first land registries in the 18th. and vertical to the slopes In the 19th century the century. specific training of the vines known as bellussera. was developed by local farmers contributing to the Protection and management requirements. aesthetic characteristics of the landscape The The property and its attributes are subject to. mosaic appearance of the landscape is a result of protection measures at national and local levels and. historical and ongoing environmental and land use municipalities and professional associations have. practices The plots dedicated to vineyards introduced additional safeguards through territorial. established on ciglioni coexist with forest patches planning tools and the formation of legal and. small woodlands hedges and rows of trees that voluntary charters The protection of the rural. serve as corridors connecting different habitats In landscape is primarily guaranteed by the rules of the. the hogbacks small villages are scattered along the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore. narrow valleys or perched on the crests DOCG that favour the maintenance of the vineyards. Criterion v The Colline del Prosecco di ciglioni and other attributes that are fundamental for. Conegliano e Valdobbiadene is a viticulture maintaining local traditions and to the protection of. landscape resulting from the interaction of nature the agricultural biodiversity and associated. and people over several centuries The adaptation ecosystem services. and transformation of the challenging terrain of the Almost all of the property has been nominated to the. hogback geomorphology has required the National Register of Historical Rural Landscapes a. development of specific land use practices programme developed by the Ministry of Agriculture. including vineyard management by hand on steep for the protection of agricultural rural landscapes. slopes the grassy terraces known as ciglioni which The forest vegetation is protected by the forest. follow the contours of the land stabilising the soils restrictions included in the National Code for Cultural. and vineyards and the bellussera training system Heritage as well as by the management plan of the. which was developed in the area about 1880 As a Site of Community Interest SCI of the EU Natura. result the vineyards contribute to a distinctive 2000 network applicable to the area The buildings. chequerboard appearance with perpendicular rows of historical and monumental value are all protected. of high vines interspersed with rural settlements at national level by the Codice dei Beni Culturali e. forests and small woods Despite many changes del Paesaggio Cultural Heritage and Landscape. the history of sharecropping in this area is also Code issued by Legislative Decree No 42 22. reflected in the landscape patterns January 2004 along with all public buildings state. Integrity property and church owned buildings that are more. than 50 years old The legal protection could be, The boundary of the property is of adequate size further strengthened through the implementation of. and contains the attributes of Outstanding Universal the Detailed Landscape Plan Piano Paesaggistico. Value within a topographically distinct and intact di Dettaglio PPD at the regional level the. landform Despite many changes and challenges implementation of Intermunicipal regulation of rural. posed by pests wars poverty and the police Regolamento intercomunale di polizia rural. industrialisation of viticulture many of the attributes and the full implementation of the Technical rule. such as the vineyards ciglioni and architectural Articolo unico in all relevant municipalities. elements demonstrate a good state of conservation, and the patches of forest have been maintained The management of the site is primarily linked to the.
Ecological processes are critically important for the plans and planning processes developed by the. sustainability of the landscape and the vineyards local authorities the Veneto Region and the. Nominations to the World Heritage List WHC 19 43 COM 8B Add p 2. Treviso Province which support and guarantee the l Developing sustainable tourism planning based. participation of all stakeholders through a specific on an approach which incorporates the property. Regional Law No 45 2017 Construction of new buffer zone and Commitment Area giving. production areas and buildings in the agricultural attention to the quality and consistency of new. zone that are not strictly necessary for the working of tourism facilities and infrastructure. agricultural land is not permitted The Management, Plan requires further development adoption and m Enhancing the involvement of local communities. implementation in the management structures and ensuring that. local benefits flow from tourism and sustainable, 4 Recommends that the State Party give development strategies. consideration to the following,n Ensuring that all new developments including. a Clarifying the extent of the Commitment Area in tourism infrastructure and wind or solar power. hectares installations in the buffer zone are subject to. rigorous Heritage Impact Assessment processes, b Providing detailed mapping and inventories of the that consider their potential impact on the. attributes of the property particularly the Outstanding Universal Value of the property and. vernacular historic or modern architecture and its setting prior to their approval. settlements with a clear distinction of the,contents of the property and the buffer zone and.
including inventories of flora and fauna,Property The 20th Century Architecture. c Establishing as a priority a detailed condition of Frank Lloyd Wright. assessment of all the attributes of Outstanding ID No 1496 Rev. Universal Value and incorporating this into the State Party United States of America. management system and monitoring Criteria proposed by ii. arrangements State Party, d Expanding the description of the present day See ICOMOS Additional Evaluation Book 2019 page 23. socio economic system in relation to its history as. part of the management and planning for the Draft Decision 43 COM 8B 38. long term sustainability of the cultural landscape. The World Heritage Committee,e Identifying and planning for the improvement of. visually detrimental infrastructure settlements, and industrial facilities in the buffer zone 1 Having examined Documents WHC 19 43 COM. particularly to the north of the property and in the 8B Add and WHC 19 43 COM INF 8B1 Add. plain 2 Inscribes The 20th Century Architecture of Frank. f Improving the state of conservation of buildings in Lloyd Wright United States of America on the. the property and buffer zone particularly the World Heritage List on the basis of criterion ii. vernacular architecture based on a thorough Brief synthesis. inventory and condition assessment, The 20th Century Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright.
g Improving the documentation of the contributions focusses upon the influence that the work of. to the landscape character by historical and architect had not only in his country the United. current forest management States of America but more importantly on. architecture of the 20th century and upon the, h Further developing the monitoring system by recognized masters of the Modern Movement in. concerning the history or legal status of any country territory city or area or of its boundaries I EXAMINATION OF NOMINATIONS REFERRED BACK BY PREVIOUS SESSIONS OF THE WORLD HERITAGE COMMITTEE Property Kaeng Krachan Forest Complex ID No 1461 Rev State Party Thailand Criteria proposed by State Party x See IUCN Additional Evaluation Book 2019 page 3 Draft Decision 43 COM 8B 5 The

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