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WORKSHEET 2,Nouns that name everyday things are called. Qf TTin OXl INOUXIS I common nouns for example farmer goat hunger. mountain movie statue dentist friend fear cow, I Add a common noun The word in brackets will help you. a Dairy farmers send creamy to the butter factory thing. b Driftwood seaweed and shells lie scattered on the place. c The cage door was left open and the escaped animal. d The discovered clay pots buried in the sand person. e showed on their little faces feeling, 2 How many common nouns can you spot in each sentence. a With beating hearts and trembling knees they crept towards the dark cave. b I need butter sugar eggs milk vanilla and flour to make this cake. c I visited my aunt and uncle who live on a farm in the country. d The camel traders rode across the desert under a blazing sun. e We watched the launching of a rocket into space on television. None of us could believe that he was ninety years old. 3 Write three sentences Include these pairs of common nouns. chef minestrone geologist rock teenagers laughter, 4 Let s pretend You are walking along a sandy beach. Name some interesting things you can see, TARGETING GRAMMAR UPPER PRIMARY 2007 BLAKE EDUCATION.
WORKSHEET 3,Most nouns can be both singular and plural. Singular and Singular nouns name one thing for example. cow peach mother in law Plural nouns name, P l u r a l Nouns 1 more than one thing for example cows. peaches mothers in law,Most plural nouns are formed by. adding s or es to the singular noun,for example bag bags fox foxes. train trains,I Add a plural ending to the nouns, a The room was decorated with bowl of flower rose and tulip.
b Pack all your old book toy and game into these cardboard box. c Dad lost the car key but Mum found them behind some cushion. d I bought two plum three orange four banana and two peach. e Tourist arrive daily in plane train car and bus,v Note the rules for. Change the y to T,Spelling forming the plural of Just add V if the. alert and add es when,nouns ending in y letter before the y is I I 1. the letter before the,a vowel for example,y is a consonant. for example S3,baby babies,y lady ladies,2 Write the plural of the noun in brackets.
a Many family from other country,come to Australia. The gully are dry but the valley are green,c Some of the lady were nursing their. sleeping baby c i,d Sara picked a bunch of red poppy and. white daisy, e Are there really fairy at the bottom of the garden. TARGETING GRAMMAR UPPER PRIMARY 2007 BLAKE EDUCATION. WORKSHEET 4,Note the rules for forming the plural,f Singular and of nouns ending in f or fe.
P l u r a l Nouns 2 Change the f to V and add es,J Spelling for example leaf leaves life lives. alert J Some don t follow the rule,for example chief chiefs roof roofs. I Change the nouns in brackets to their plural form in the sentence. a wolf The shepherds could hear the howling of in the distance. b knife Set the forks and spoons on the table v,c tealeaf Put in the pot and add boiling water. d calf The farmer put ear tags on the newly born,e loaf The baker sold many of fresh brown bread. Some nouns have irregular plural forms They are not formed by adding s or es. for example tooth teeth man men oasis oases, 2 Use different colours to show the singular nouns with their irregular plurals.
woman goose foot child man mouse,children feet men mice geese women. 3 Some nouns are both Some nouns are only, singular and plural for Can you list plural for example. example fish sheep deer some more trousers scissors cutlery. TARGETING GRAMMAR UPPER PRIMARY 2007 BLAKE EDUCATION. WORKSHEET 5 31,Nouns give people places objects and special. Proper Nouns events their proper names for example. Mr Smitt flew to the Olympic Games in Greece,Proper nouns always begin with a capital letter. 1 Circle all the proper nouns, a The students of PottsviLle School will visit the Australia Zoo in September.
b Jack bought a copy of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at the book shop. c Last Christmas George Jenkins flew to New Zealand on a QANTAS plane. d Many tourists travel on the Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin. e Frances is studying biology at Macquarie University. 2 Locate the proper nouns Mark all capital letters in red i. a Many cricketers come to play in australia during december and January. b jenna s favourite book character is willy wonka m. c shymal left his home in india to live in australia He lives in melboume. d As you sail into new york you will see the statue of liberty. e The soccer team the red dragons flew to germany to play in the world cup. 3 Skim through a magazine and list at least ten proper nouns. Search out the proper nouns,L T E A S T E R,M Y E R E N K E. A L E M 0 0 R B,B A S Z u S W M,U T N A E K u E,A I R 0 T C I V. 0 F R I D A Y 0,J Y R L M J P N, TARGETING GRAMMAR UPPER PRIMARY 2007 BLAKE EDUCATION. WORKSHEET 6,N A compound noun is made up of two words. COIIipOUnd N O U H S joined together for example cornflakes. football footprints streetlight, I Choose a word in the top row and one in the bottom to make a compound.
noun Colour the compound nouns using a different colour for each one. post hair pigeon drain sun drum tooth,flowers hole pick card stick pipe brush. 2 Write sentences using these compound nouns, masterpiece cornstalks spotlight passers by riverbank. 3 Join the two words that make a compound noun,a hay shelf. b fence storm,c hair post,d thunder stack haystack. e book beans,f jelly piece, 4 Word challenge How many compound words can you make by putting two of.
these words together Any word can be used more than once Write a minimum. of 20 words Decide who has the record for the most words. fire river line farm way bush water,place head bed house light clothes land. room side hill life under time top, TARGETING GRAMMAR UPPER PRIMARY 2007 BLAKE EDUCATION. WORKSHEET 7,x Collective nouns name groups of people or. C0ll6CtlV6 N O U H S things for example a herd ofgoats afleetof. ships a school offish,I Living things usually live and move. together in groups Match these,animals with their groups r r.
lions monkeys cubs hants,whales elephants wolves fish geese. a a herd of e a pack of,b a school of f a flock of. c a troop of q a litter of,d a pod of h a pride of. 2 Circle the collective nouns in this text, Up in the rafters of our hayshed lives a family of pigeons while below amongst the. straw Bessie watches over her litter of tiny white kittens In one paddock we have a. flock of sheep Dad keeps a watchful eye on them because of the pack of wild dogs. that sometimes roam the hills We have a large herd of cows which are brought in. for milking twice a day Occasionally we see a flock of wild ducks fly overhead on. their way to the waterhole,3 Complete and search out the collective nouns.
a litter of p,a herd of e T B R A L P G Y H E,E L E P H A N T S C. a brood of ch,F J I K M 0 T J I H,a shoal o f f,S N L P L Z P M F I. a mob of k H Y I E B X S 0 T C,a flock of sh E S 0 0 R A G N A K. a swarm of b E R N P L W I K U E,a pride of I P G S L Q V P E H N. K I B E E s T Y D S,a troop of m,R P U P P I E S T D.
a crowd of p,10 Name Date, TARGETING GRAMMAR UPPER PRIMARY 2007 BLAKE EDUCATION. WORKSHEET 8,Possessive nouns name the single owners of. Possessive Nouns things for example Brenna s bucket Jim s. Singular Akubra the hoy s dirty hands You will need an. apostrophe Use s for single owners, TIP Ask who is the owner THAT is where you put the apostrophe. I Highlight the possessive nouns,a Where is Harry s football NOTE. b I put on Tania s hat by mistake If the owner ends. in s just add an,c That is David s model plane,apostrophe.
d What is Rhys last name,e My brother s new car is a Ferrari. 2 Use apostrophes to show ownership,a Mum found my brother socks. If there are,in Dad sock drawer,two different owners. This is my aunt and uncle add s after the second,old stone farmhouse owner. c Which is Tessa house, d Lachlan made a pirate sword and I made a knight shield.
e Is this schoolbag Ben or Eric,f Jacqui and Omar lunchboxes are exactly the same. 3 Write 3 sentences Choose from the following subjects. parrot s feathers river s edge player s injuries,magician s wand farmer s cows Rupert s violin. Name Date 11, TARGETING GRAMMAR UPPER PRIMARY 2007 BLAKE EDUCATION. WORKSHEET 9,Possessive nouns name the plural owners of. Possessive Nouns things for example zebras stripes four dogs. Plural bones the boys muddy clothes You will need,an apostrophe Place the apostrophe after.
the plural owners, TIP Ask who is the owner THAT is where you put the apostrophe. I Are the owners singular or plural,a Dad buys dogs bones once a week. b Jockeys shirts are made of colourful silks,c David s remote controlled car is very fast. d Birds feathers lay scattered below the tree, e I climbed onto the horse s back and off she trotted. 2 Add apostrophes correctly to show ownership,a We heard the beat of eagles wings.
b Most of the citys buildings were damaged in the storm. c The cars tyre is flat, d All the swimmers times have improved with training. e Elephants tusks are made of ivory, If the plural noun is irregular just add s for example. children s toys men s golf dubs women s shoes,3 Who owns the objects that are underlined. a It is the builder s toolbox builder,b Owls eyes peered in the dark. c He s in the teachers staffroom,d She designs women s clothes.
e I soaked up the sun s warmth,These are Tom s shorts. g There s a ribbon on the lady s hat,h Look at the babies photos. You ll find men s shoes on that shelf,j The cars winelows are dirty. 12 Name Date, TARGETING GRAMMAR UPPER PRIMARY 2007 BLAKE EDUCATION. WORKSHEET 10 These are N,Some forms of the verb can be i P t participles.
V e r b a l Nouns uSedaSnou s They availed T9a Z f. verbal nouns They end in ing,for example Walking is good exercise. I enjoy swimming in summer,1 Underline the verbal nouns. a A constant buzzing could be heard coming from the laboratory G. 6 Horseracing is a favourite Australian sport s, c Jake enjoys bike riding but Paul prefers skateboarding I d. d I don t approve of the hunting and shooting of wild animals J Jjf. e Stargazing is a fascinating hobby c4p, 2 Top and tail these sentences Underline the verbal nouns. a The sheep were frightened is dangerous,b Abseiling requires woke me from my sleep.
c We heard the croaking of frogs by the howling of wolves. d Playing on the street a lot of skill and training. e The baby s crying in the waterhole,3 Highlight the verbal nouns in these sentences. a Bushwalking is my favourite pastime During the last holidays I walked. through the lovely valleys of the eastern ranges All was hushed and quiet The. only sounds I heard were the soft rustlings of leaves the humming of insects. the chiming of bellbirds and the occasional croaking of green tree frogs. Waiting for the storm to hit was scary The wind started with a soft murmuring. which soon grew to a terrible roar The constant screaming of the wind soon. filled our ears and rattled the windows Then there was the unmistakable. cracking of branches being broken by the storm s fury In horror we watched. as the fierce wind tore the roofing off the shed The whistling and whining of. the wind seemed to go on for a very long time Gradually it died down to a low. moan followed by a deathly silence The storm had finally passed. Name Date 13, TARGETING GRAMMAR UPPER PRIMARY 2007 BLAKE EDUCATION. WORKSHEET 11, v sj o u n s that name our thoughts and feelings are. A D S t C8 CX i 0 1 U S JL called abstract nouns for example hope anger. v love disappointment greed beauty tolerance,I You cannot see or touch abstract ideas they. exist in your thoughts and in your feelings,Circle only the nouns that name abstract ideas.
sorrow porcupine glamour clarinet chieftain,hope anger lantern container tolerance. happiness Laundry despair chalk grief, 2 Find and circle the abstract nouns in these sentences. a We watched in despair as the dam Levels dropped lower and Lower. b It was such a disappointment when our team lost the match. c The story tells of great moments of sadness and of happiness. d The searchers gave up all hope of finding the missing boy before nightfall. e With longing in his heart the puppy watched the people passing the pet shop. 3 Write three sentences beginning with these abstract feelings. a In a fit of anger,b In a voice filled with fear,c With great excitement. 4 Write three sentences about these abstract thoughts. honesty confidence solitude,14 Name Date, TARGETING GRAMMAR UPPER PRIMARY 2007 BLAKE EDUCATION. 3 WORKSHEET 12,Abstract ideas are often explained through.
A S t X 1 C t NOU US 2 i metaphors for example Sadness is the lonely. N cry of a seagull Happiness is running barefoot, Some other examples Embarrassment is a red face and shaky knees TtflV. Fear is the thunder of a beating heart,Comfort is hot chocolate at bedtime. Love is the joy of a bird in flight, Write a poem design a sign or compose a greeting card to define an abstract. WORKSHEET 1 Nouns Nouns name people places animals feelings and th e everyday thing s around us Highlight the nouns in this nursery rhyme There was a crooked man who had a crooked smile He foun d a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile He bough t a crooked cat that had a crooked mouse And they all lived together in a Little crooked house

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