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What Every Michigan,Bicyclist Must Know, is your guide to bicycling safely and enjoyably on Michigan roads and. trails Although it includes information about many Michigan traffic laws. it is not a legal document or a substitute for the Michigan Vehicle Code. MVC the Michigan Uniform Traffic Code UTC or local ordinances. What Every Michigan Bicyclist Must Know is published by the League of. Michigan Bicyclists LMB To request additional copies of this booklet call. 517 334 9100 email wembmk LMB org or visit LMB org wembmk. Editing Matt Penniman and LMB Outreach and Education Committee. Cover Photo adapted from Overlooking Lake Michigan Arcadia MI by James Dake. Version 4 0 Copyright 2019 League of Michigan Bicyclists Some of the content of this publication. is subject to a copyright of the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota BikeMN www bikemn org whose. content is used by LMB with the express written consent of BikeMN The content of What Every. Michigan Bicyclist Must Know may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the express written. permission of the League of Michigan Bicyclists,JOIN LMB SUPPORT CYCLING. Your support of LMB is a great investment in making Michigan. bicycling better Members play a vital role in supporting the pro. duction of educational materials like this booklet and programs. such as our Bike and Ped Safety Education for law enforcement. Please join the movement at www LMB org join,MICHIGAN LAW. There s nothing else like riding a bicycle, When you ride you experience the simple and pure pleasure of human powered propulsion You get outside. and get around in a way that s uniquely fast fun and friendly Distractions fall away leaving space for quiet. enjoyment in a hectic and noisy age And whether you re on the road or on a trail you deserve to be safe. We work to protect everyone who uses the road especially people who ride bikes We protect the child learning. to ride on their own the teen savoring independence the college student heading to class the adult commut. ing to work the enthusiast riding to unwind the parent towing a toddler the retiree exploring new activities. We ride for many reasons we crave freedom love the environment welcome physical challenges need to. get around prefer being active care about safe neighborhoods and believe in transportation justice Our work. takes many forms on paper and screens in classrooms and Capitol halls on roads and trails in shops yards and. windows We assert our rights to ride safely on public roads and bring together the Michigan cycling community. Be part of our movement making Michigan bicycling better Let your voice join with ours to fight protect. advocate educate encourage and promote Together we are strong. The League of Michigan Bicyclists LMB is making Michigan bicycling. better We promote bicycling and the safety of all bicyclists on Michigan. roadways LMB is a statewide 501 c 3 non profit organization. LMB develops and distributes materials like this booklet and produces. training materials for law enforcement driver education instructors. parents bicycle commuters and bike safety events LMB supports Safe. Routes to School and works with others focused on advancing bicycle safety. LMB is a key resource for legislators and other policymakers Each year. LMB hosts Bicycle Advocacy Day at the State Capitol LMB staff and. volunteers regularly represent the interests of Michigan bicyclists at. public hearings and committees Learn about our victories at LMB org. Encouragement, LMB bicycle tours from weekend family rides to week long fully sup.
ported tours show that bicycle touring is a healthy safe and fun way to. experience Michigan Michigan Bicyclist Magazine keeps members and the. general public informed LMB s annual Ride Calendar is a comprehensive. publication of Michigan s many single and multi day rides tours races and. other bicycle related events,LEAGUE OF MICHIGAN BICYCLISTS. 410 S Cedar St Suite A Lansing MI 48912 517 334 9100 info LMB org. TABLE OF CONTENTS,Safety Equipment 3,Before You Ride ABC Quick Check 4. Anatomy of a Bike 5,Rules of the Road 6,Hand Signals 6. Commercial Vehicles 7,Dangers of Sidewalk Riding 7. Road and Lane Placement 8,Bicycle Road Markings Signs 10.
Night Riding Bad Weather Riding 14,Rules for the Path and Trail 15. Dealing With Road Rage 16,Theft Prevention 16,Dealing With Dogs 18. Bridge and State Park Information 18,What If There s a Crash 19. Guide To Buying a Bicycle 20,Proper Bike Fit 22,Tips for Fitting a Bike Helmet 23. Michigan Compiled Law Bikes and the Law 24,Fixing a Flat 32.
What Every Young Michigan,Also Available from LMB,Bicyclist Must Know. A Guide for Youth,Bicycle Safety Quiz,www bikequiz org. What Every Young Michigan,Bicyclist Must Know,A Guide for Youth. www LMB org wembmk,Tips for Riding,Legally and Safely. What Every Michigan Bicyclist Must Know and What Every. Young Michigan Bicyclist Must Know were both recognized by. the Governor s Traffic Safety Advisory Commission with an. Outstanding Traffic Safety Achievement Award,ESSENTIAL EQUIPMENT.
1 Properly fitted helmet Wear it every time you ride Wearing a helmet. can reduce brain damage from impact Tips For Fitting a Bike Helmet p 21. 2 Bright colored and or reflective clothing to be as visible as possible. 3 Tire pump tire levers patch kit and spare tube,4 Water bottle and holder often called a cage. 5 White front headlight with red rear reflector and light Use to increase. visibility day or night Strobe blinking mode increases battery life. 6 Identification and pertinent medical information Consider Road ID. 7 Cell phone in case of an emergency and to document issues. HELPFUL EQUIPMENT, 8 Mirror on your handlebar helmet or glasses to improve your overall. awareness and to see trailing vehicles and riding companions. 9 Lock to secure your bike See Theft Prevention page 14. 10 Reflective leg bands to increase visibility and keep pants off chain. 11 Shatter resistant protective eye wear use clear glasses for dark conditions. 12 Rear rack handlebar or saddle bag to carry items. 13 Bell to warn others of your approach especially on trails. 14 Multitool and opt crescent wrench for repairs See Fixing a Flat page 32. 15 Video camera to document your ride and collect evidence in case of a crash. BEFORE YOU RIDE ABC QUICK CHECK,is for Air, Inflate tires to rated pressure listed on tire sidewall. Use tire gauge to ensure proper tire pressure,Check for damage to tire tread and sidewall. Always replace damaged tires,is for Brakes, Inspect brake pads for wear replace if worn past wear indicators.
Check pad adjustment make sure they do not rub on tire or dive. into spokes, Check brake lever travel With brakes applied there should be at. least 1 between the lever and handlebar,is for Cranks Chain and Cassette. Ensure crank bolts are tight Only lube the threads nothing else. Check chain for signs of wear or looseness, If chain skips on freewheel cassette you may need an adjustment. or a new chain and or freewheel cassette,is for Quick Releases. Wheel hubs need to be tight in the bike frame Your hub quick. release should engage at 90, Hub quick releases should point to the back of the bike to ensure.
they don t catch on anything releasing the wheel, Ensure quick releases are completely closed without being. obstructed by the frame or fork, Inspect brake quick releases to ensure brake cables are re engaged. is for Check it Over, Inspect the bike for loose or broken parts Tighten fix or replace. them before you ride, Take a quick ride to ensure everything is working properly. Pay extra attention to your bike during the first few miles. If you are not comfortable making any of these adjustments bring. your bike to a local shop for a basic tune up See LMB org shops. ANATOMY OF A BIKE,16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8,1 Saddle Seat.
12 Crank Arm,13 Chain Ring,3 Handlebars,4 Brake Shift Levers 15 Rear Derailleur. 5 Headlight Reflector 16 Cassette Freewheel Rear Wheel Hub. 6 Front Brake 17 Fender,18 Rear Brake,19 Reflector Rear Light. 9 Spoke 20 Seat Post,10 Front Wheel Hub 21 Front Derailleur. RULES OF THE ROAD,Bicyclists Rights and Responsibilities. When riding a bicycle on Michigan roads you should generally follow the. same rules as motorists Bicyclists can be cited for violating traffic laws See. page 24 All road users are safer and happier when we show respect and con. sideration for one another on the roads,Dangerous Behavior for Bicyclists.
Riding against the direction of traffic except in contra flow bike lane. Failing to yield when required, Riding at night in dark clothing and or without lighting. Riding unpredictably weaving in and out of travel lane. Hugging the curb riding too far to the right or riding on sidewalks. Riding while distracted or intoxicated,Dangerous Behavior for Motorists. Failure to yield to a bicyclist when required, Squeezing a cyclist by passing too close less than 3 feet. Turning immediately in front of a bicyclist,Driving too fast for conditions. Opening vehicle door into a bicyclist s path, Driving while distracted such as texting or intoxicated.
Blasting horn or harassing bicyclists in other ways. HAND SIGNALS, Signal your intentions clearly 50 100 ft before change in direction. Signal right turns with an extended right arm OR upturned left arm. Signal left turns by extending your left arm straight out to the left. Signal stopping or slowing by extending your left arm straight down. with your palm facing rearward, If riding in a group point to and call out hazards to other bicyclists. RIGHT RIGHT LEFT SLOW,Bicyclists may use,either method in MI SIGNALS VIEWED FROM BEHIND. Bicycling near semis The MRT is a ready to ri,It travels the length of th. Gulf of Mexico In Minne,buses and large trucks Minnesota Connections.
Travels through mo,COMMERCIAL,Trucks haveVEHICLES,including St Cloud. Connects to eight s,numerous regional,blind spots Joins with two state. Be extremely cautious,near large trucks,With large vehicles like trucks and buses. Assume that you are in,the truck s blind spot if,you are on the side of. bicyclists should assume if you re on their,Watch the truck s.
side of the road that you are in a blind spot,blinkers for intent to turn. Blind spots are often alongside close behind,If you can t see the driver. in the truck s mirrors,they can t see you, or in front of large vehicles where the driver l Tr. Stay out of the No Zone,may not see you To avoid blind spots stay. If a truck is yielding the,right of way to you,proceed with caution if.
out of the No Zone pictured right use,you feel comfortable. Otherwise stay behind,the truck or pass on the,extra caution watch for their turn signals and. left if it is safe to do so,remember that if you can t see the driver in. the mirrors they can t see you,Never pass a truck or bus on the right side. even if there is a bike lane and even if the,vehicle is stopped.
Graphic by City of Chicago and Active Transportation Alliance. Content provided by City of Chicago and Active Transportation Alliance. DANGERS OF SIDEWALK RIDING, Sidewalk riding is very dangerous you are invisible to drivers. Motorists are looking in the road and not for sidewalk traffic moving greater. than walking speed such as bicyclists They often don t see bicyclists there. especially at driveways and intersections, Sidewalks themselves pose dangers to bicyclists Poor maintenance uneven. surfaces gaps and pedestrians make sidewalks difficult and dangerous for. bicycles to navigate, Bicyclists are not required to use sidewalks or side paths If you must ride on. a sidewalk and local ordinance does not prohibit it. Yield to pedestrians and walk bikes in crowded areas. Provide an audible warning with a bell or call out passing on your left. Watch for distracted motorists pedestrians never assume they see you. Ride with the direction of traffic on the right side of the road. Ride at a cautious speed Stop and yield at intersections like a pedestrian. LMB recommends children under 10 ride on sidewalks as they may not. have the cognitive development needed to safely ride in the street Use. extra caution at driveways and intersections as if on the road. ROAD AND LANE PLACEMENT, Motorists who don t follow the rules of the road endanger bicyclists They. often don t see cyclists or don t understand the road hazards and conditions. that bicyclists face Motorists also often misjudge the speed of bicyclists Help. protect yourself by riding predictably and defensively following all traffic laws. First Come First Served, Just like other vehicles bikes have a right to space on the road Other vehicles.
must yield space to bikes that occupy space first just as bicycles must yield. space to motor vehicles that occupy space first This rule applies both be. tween intersections and at intersections Like motor vehicles bicyclists must. also yield when changing lanes,Yield to Crossing Traffic. Drivers entering the roadway from driveways and alleys must yield to traffic. on the roadway to be entered or crossed Yielding means looking until you. see that no traffic is so close as to be a danger,Direction of Travel EXTREME CAUTION. WHAT EVERY MICHIGAN BICYCLIST MUST KNOW TIPS FOR RIDING LEGALLY AND SAFELY What Every Michigan Bicyclist Must Know is your guide to bicycling safely and enjoyably on Michigan roads and trails Although it includes information about many Michigan traffic laws it is not a legal document or a substitute for the Michigan Vehicle Code MVC the Michigan Uniform Traffic Code UTC or local

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