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Locarno2017 indb 2 13 10 2017 16 34 38, Jenny Marcionetti Luciana Castelli and Alberto Crescentini Eds. Well being in education systems,Conference abstract book Locarno 2017. Locarno2017 indb 3 13 10 2017 16 34 38,Well being in education systems. Conference abstract book Locarno 2017, Jenny Marcionetti Luciana Castelli and Alberto Crescentini Eds. ISBN 978 88 98542 25 3,2017 Hogrefe Editore,Viale Antonio Gramsci 42 50132 Firenze.
www hogrefe it,Publishing Hogrefe Editore, Editing Alice Ambrosetti Sara Benini Spartaco Calvo Luciana Castelli Jenny Marcionetti and Andrea Plata. Typesetting David Nieri, Cover image Jessica Gallarate Dipartimento formazione e apprendimento Scuola universitaria professionale. della Svizzera italiana,Cover graphics Stefania Laudisa. All rigths reserved Not to be translated or reproduced in whole or part stored in a retrieval system or. transmitted in any form or by any means photocopying mechanical electronic recording or otherwise. without Publisher s permission in writing,Locarno2017 indb 4 13 10 2017 16 34 38. This book collects the accepted contributions presented at the International Conference. on Well being in Education Systems held in Locarno on 20 21 22 November 2017. and organized by the Center for Innovation and Research on Education Systems CIRSE. The aim of the conference was to promote the discussion and the exchange of ideas. between researchers teachers and practitioners from the Swiss and the international. scientific community on the topic of well being in education systems. The amount and the quality of contributions received and published in this book as. well as their diverse origin confirm that this initiative has captured the interest of both. the scientific and school communities, The conference was made possible with the financial and logistic support of the De.
partment of Education and Learning of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of South. ern Switzerland SUPSI of Ticino s cantonal Dipartimento dell Educazione della Cultura. e dello Sport DECS and of the Swiss National Science Foundation SNF. However the entire event would not have been possible without the efforts of all the. people working at CIRSE especially the researchers and promoters Jenny Marcionetti. Luciana Castelli and Alberto Crescentini and the help of the Risorse didattiche eventi e. comunicazione REC and the Servizio informatica e multimedia SIM of our department. The Introduction describes the general structure of the book and the thematic or. ganization of the contributions presented Further information regarding the conference. is available on the conference web site www supsi ch go wellbeing. Enjoy your reading,Prof Michele Egloff,Head of CIRSE. Locarno2017 indb 5 13 10 2017 16 34 38,Locarno2017 indb 6 13 10 2017 16 34 38. TABLE OF CONTENTS, Castelli L Crescentini A Marcionetti J Introduction 1. Berger E Well being promotion in Ticino schools 4,Gander F Positive psychology interventions. Are they effective for increasing well being 8, Nota L Inclusion and well being in school for all 13.
Janosz M The school socioeducational environment model. background utility and evolution 17,Student well being. Achermann E Bauer T The subjective well being of primary school children 25. Buonomo I Romano L Fiorilli C Resilience anxiety and school burnout. academic students in Italy 28, Gabola P Iannaccone A Well being perception among teenagers. A study carried out in the Canton of Neuch tel 33, Johnston A L Oades L G Slemp G R Toward building sustainable. well being literacy in higher education strategies and indicators of success 36. Langlois Mayer M P Bouffard T Developmental trajectories of global. self esteem among students as predicted by feeling of social acceptance. at the onset of adolescence a seven year study 41, Nesset M lan E Supporting pupils mental health through everyday practices. A qualitative study of teachers and head teachers 46. Meens E M Bakx W E A Denissen J A Motivation and academic well being. at times of an educational transition 51, Morinaj J Hascher T Student well being and school alienation 56.
M ller X M ller C M The relation between disruptive classroom behavior. and perceived quality of life in adolescence 61, Munanairi D C Well being and transitions through education systems. and beyond Reflections from Kenya 66, Ostinelli M A child s well being as a philosophical matter 71. Locarno2017 indb 7 13 10 2017 16 34 38,VIII table of contents. Poli A Evaluation of well being of students with running try out 75. Raccanello D Burro R Brondino M Pasini M Definitions of well being and suffering. Secondary school and university students conceptualization. in terms of physical and psychological domain 78, Zumbrunn A Kunz Heim D Promoting mental health in schools. results of a national study in Switzerland 83, Student well being within schools in Montreal Melbourne and Bordeaux.
Findings from the International Study of City Youth. Doecke E Lamb S Student well being within Melbourne Australia. findings from the International Study of City Youth 89. Maire Q Lamb S Inequalities in students well being experiences and skills. in French secondary education A perspective from the International Study. of City Youth ISCY in Bordeaux 94, Archambault I Pascal S Janosz M Student well being in Montr al Canada. compared competencies and inequalities 99,Positive psychology and school inclusion. researches and interventions in Italian schools, Fiorilli C Albanese O Gabola P Burnout levels in Italian support teachers. When hard teaching experience makes less burned out teachers 107. De Stasio S The effect of Work Well Being as protective factors. of burnout in special education teachers 111, D Alfonso R La Rocca S Sirtori M Observation of Children Strengths OCS. a new analysis guidance and comparison tool for students resources 116. Arrivabene E Fianco A Delle Fave A Well being in school contexts. the children perspective 121,Life skills and student well being at school.
Ambrosetti A Crotta F Zampieri S PISA 2015 Expectations about future. education and life satisfaction of Swiss students 129. Brancaccio P Pasquale R Del Core L De Giorgio C Isastia C. Zoccolillo G Pane A Carloni E Research action at school monitoring. Italian students skills abilities CSSMB Preliminary Outcomes 134. Caputi M Perego G Huebner S Assessing life satisfaction across cultures. Italian validation of the Brief Multidimensional Students Life Satisfaction Scale BMSLSS 139. Santilli S Nota L S cartiamo il futuro A career education intervention. for pre adolescents 144,Locarno2017 indb 8 13 10 2017 16 34 38. table of contents IX,Learning and emotions, Bouffard T Chayer M H Vezeau C Pagani L S Stable impostorism. and school adjustement in high school students 151. Olivier E Archambault I Hyperactivity inattention and student engagement. the protective role of student teacher closeness and of prosocial skills 156. Brondino M Crescentini A Raccanello D Castelli L Calvo S. Achievement emotions adjective list some data related to gender. with swiss secondary school students 161, Chiari G Palmisano L Education 3 0 The human paradigm 166. Descoeudres M The emotional aspects regarding the professional development. of physical education teachers in training PETT Methodology and results 171. F ssler U Erzinger A Life satisfaction school performance and achievement. motivation the particular situation in Switzerland 175. Gay P Bressoud N Gomez J M Samson A C Emotional competences. and well being Which facets of emotional awareness are linked to various forms. of anxiety in 10 13 years old children 181, Gianesini G Cubico S Favretto G Bonfanti A Marangoni G. Alesiani M Leit o J Learners academic motivation assertiveness and career. expectations in the transition from college to entrepreneurship. The House of Brains HoB Project 186, Gratton N Bouffard T Impostorism and parental conditionnal regard.
A longitudinal study 192, H nggi Niclasse C The doctoral experience under the light of emotions 197. Kubat U Determination of the opinions of the science teachers about. effective classroom management 202, Malagola M P Reframing reality The contribution of the constructivist. strategic approach to teacher training 207, Yale Souliere G Nault Bri re F Prospective association between unsafe. school climate and depressive symptoms in secondary school. the moderating role of student neuroticism 211, Zanolla G School uneasiness and resort to private tutoring. Evidences of a study in the upper secondary schools of Canton Ticino 216. Bullying and prevention, Albisetti Z I Psychological safety at school A multidimensional.
concept to analyse the feeling of well being in the classroom setting 223. Caranzano M ASPI Preventing child abuse and neglect. A global concept in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland 227. Cattaneo S Da Vinci L GOPeer Project prevention of bullying. and cyber bullying by means of peer education 232,Locarno2017 indb 9 13 10 2017 16 34 38. X table of contents, Hauser M Erzinger A The impact of well being at school on bullying. and academic achievement 238, Rizzotti P Be Happy at school 181 teachers against bullying 242. Saccardi S Tolerance dance Motor expressive activities for students. well being at school and for the development of a tolerant social model 246. The well being of children with special educational needs. Bressoud N Shankland R Ruch W Gay P Character strengths. and children with special needs A way to promote well being all together 255. Giacomozzi B Venco C Leoni P Riccio G Giovanazzi A. Torzi E Calliari L Augmentative and alternative communication. for the promotion of wellness and partecipation in children with intellectual disability 259. Hofmann C M ller X Transition from school to vocational education. for young people with special educational needs, Apprenticeship situation support and well being 264. Leoni P Torzi E Riccio G Giovanazzi A Calliari L, Promoting psychological well being and reducing problem behaviours.
A psycho educational project for young people with medium low intellectual disability 269. McKeown C Cosgrove J Well being and the transition to post primary. school of children with special educational needs in Ireland 274. Riccio G Giacomozzi B Carli T Giovanazzi A Torzi E Calliari L. Raising school awareness to enhance well being in children with disabilities and in their peers 279. Venco C Passamani L Torzi E Riccio G Giovanazzi A Calliari L. Sexuality and disability Promoting well being in teenagers with intellectual. disability though a plan on affection and sexuality 283. Teacher burnout and resilience, Boldrini E Sappa V Among adversities and resources an exploratory. study on teachers resilience in Vocational Education and Training in Switzerland 291. Chouinard R Pascal S Janosz M Marchand A Archambault I Pagani L S. The impact of the secondary school environment on teachers burnout 294. Iorio I Parrello S Donizzetti A R Resources of the territory and social. support as protective factors of teachers burnout 298. Lentillon Kaestner V Guillet Descas E C c V Teacher burnout. and professional identity 303, Sappa V Boldrini E How do VET teachers feel A Swiss study on resilience. in Vocational Education and Training VET 307,Locarno2017 indb 10 13 10 2017 16 34 39. table of contents XI,Well being promotion in schools. Agustoni S Santinelli L Can interdisciplinarity benefit the well being of students. teachers and scholastic institutions Ideas for reflection on collaboration. with occupational therapists 313, Bocci F Franceschelli F Guerini I Marsano M Travaglini A.
Promoting well being in school An opportunity for all Teachers voice 318. Bondi D School ergonomics applicative tools toward well being 322. Cohen E J Promoting well being in a high achieving school. A word from the front line 327, De Gasparo C Well being in Canton Ticino middle school through. the analysis of the principal s activity 333, Fiore B Decataldo A School served meals versus Eating at home. A sociological study on the phyco physical conditions of Italian students in primary schools 338. Molinari L Mameli C Grazia V Improving the learning environment. in secondary schools A challenge for the societies of tomorrow 342. Sacchi S Tobia V Imbriano S M T Close or distant How classroom. spatial organization affects children s cognitive processes in primary school 347. Index of authors 353,Locarno2017 indb 11 13 10 2017 16 34 39. Locarno2017 indb 12 13 10 2017 16 34 39,Introduction. Luciana Castelli1 Alberto Crescentini1 and Jenny Marcionetti1. University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland DFA CIRSE Switzerland. The International Conference on Well being in Education Systems held in Locarno. on 20 21 22 November 2017 drew on the theoretical framework of positive psychol. ogy Seligman Csikszentmih lyi 2000 to investigate the role of individual context. interactions in the development of individuals across their life cycle the mutual adapta. tion of individuals to organizational contexts and the adaptation of organizations and. education systems to social and cultural macro systems. Well being is meant here as the pursuit of a positive psychological state as well as the. expression of human virtues and the realization of individual and social potent. scientific community on the topic of well being in education systems The amount and the quality of contributions received and published in this book as well as their diverse origin confirm that this initiative has captured the interest of both the scientific and school communities

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