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Welding Equipment,Manufacturers,Strength Through Continuity. 550 NW LeJeune Road,Miami FL 33126,305 443 9353,Toll Free 800 443 9353. Fax 305 442 7451,E Mail wemco aws org,Web http www aws org wemco. Executive Director,American Welding Society,rshook aws org. Natalie Tapley,WEMCO Program Manager,and Secretary.
tapley aws org,WELDING EQUIPMENT,MANUFACTURERS COMMITTEE. Who is WEMCO,WEMCO Welding Equipment Manufacturers. Committee represents manufacturers making,products for welding processes and applications. as well as providing valued added information,and services to end users distributors and. manufacturers in the welding industry,WEMCO s Mission.
WEMCO shall provide forums for members to,interact socially and professionally to harmonize. efforts for promotion distribution and acceptance,of our products globally and to contribute to the. well being of the welding industry,WEMCO s Vision,WEMCO shall provide an alliance between AWS. and manufacturers of welding cutting and,related welding industry equipment. WEMCO s Dedication,WEMCO is dedicated to providing senior.
management members of manufacturers,servicing the welding industry a forum to. Promote plans and programs which,benefit their understanding of welding equipment. market trends and needs,Share solutions to current industry. organizational and business,problems opportunities. Promote their products and services,Provide a common voice to the welding.
industry government bodies and technical,standards organizations worldwide. Enhance the image of welding as a career,choice and as in industry crucial to building and. maintaining the world s economic infrastructure,WEMCO EXECUTIVE BOARD. Chair Jeff Deckrow,Hypertherm,First Vice Chair Jim Horvath. Thermadyne,Past Chair Dennis Brown,Weiler Corporation.
PAST WEMCO CHAIRS,Rusty Franklin 1996 1998,Phil Winslow 1999 2001. John Postle 2002 2004,Dean Wilson 2005,Frederick Luening 2006. Robert Roth 2007,WEMCO SUB COMMITTEES,GAWDA Liaison Committee. The GAWDA Liaison Committee works to ensure synchronicity and. harmonization between GAWDA WEMCO and other organizations. and committees in the industry,Global Trade Show Committee. The Global Trade Show Committee provides information regarding. market places that the committee feels would be the most beneficial. for international exhibition This committee helps promote the pavilion. concept within the membership of WEMCO and for prospects of. Information Technology Committee, The Information Technology Committee evaluates various electronic.
issues that relate to business and commerce within our industry This. will include but not be limited to web site issues VMI EDI and. International Standards Committee, The International Standards Committee provides input to WEMCO. members regarding opportunities within the international standards. market place This committee promotes the value of participation on. the various international codes and other standards committees and. helps achieve a more level business playing field for United States. manufacturers,Image of Welding Committee, The Image of Welding Committee develops methods of. disseminating information and informing potentially new candidates. of the high levels of opportunities within the welding industry This. could begin at the secondary school level and continue into the. schools of higher education Various means of this dissemination of. information should be considered such as but not limited to video. posters etc,Program Committee, The Program Committee is responsible for determining the program. speakers the program format and the meeting locations for the. Annual Meeting,Membership Committee, The Membership Committee evaluates explores and solicits. membership for WEMCO This committee is responsible for. membership growth membership criteria and membership voting. IMAGE OF WELDING AWARDS,Individual Category Awards.
Barbara Henon,Lisa Legohn,Clyde Shetler,Ray Wilsdorf. James Owens,Richard Bryant,Section AWS Local Chapter Category Award. Tulsa Section,Western Carolina,Large Business Category Award. A B Process Systems,Small Business Category Award,The Advanced Science and Automation Corporation. Westfield Steel Co,Distributor Welding Products Category Award.
Rywal RHC Ltd,Educator Category Award,Roy Lanier,Lisa Legohn. James Owens,James Burnett,Ralph Young,Educational Facility Category Award. Bucks County Technical High School,We Mo Co Welding. Odessa College Welding Training Center,Indian Hills Community College. Pima Community College,DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD.
Uwe Aschemeier,ALPHABETICAL INDEX,3M Speedglas 9,ABICOR Binzel Corporation 9. American Torch Tip Co 9,AMET Inc 9,Arc Machines Inc 10. Astaras Inc 11,Atlas Welding Accessories Inc 11,Auburn Manufacturing Inc 11. BLUCO Corporation 12,Bohler Welding Group USA Inc 13. Bosch Tool Corporation 13,Cantesco Corporation 13,CenterLine Windsor Ltd 14.
Cerbaco Ltd 14,CK Worldwide Inc 15,CM Industries Inc 15. CMW Inc 15,Coleman Cable Inc 16,Computers Unlimited 16. COR MET Inc 17,Dengensha America Corporation 17,Direct Wire Cable 18. Electron Beam Technologies Inc 20,ESAB Welding and Cutting Products 20. F W Winter Inc Co 20,Flex Cable 20,G A L Gage Company 21.
Gasflux Company 21,Goss Inc 21,Gullco International Ltd 22. H M Pipe Beveling Machine Co Inc 23,Huys Industries Limited 24. Hypertherm Inc 25,Ibeda Superflash Compressed Gas Equipment 25. J P Nissen Co 25,Jackson Safety 25,Jetline Engineering 26. John Tillman Co 26,KCI Inc 26,Kobelco Welding of America Inc 27.
LA CO Industries Inc Markal 27,Liburdi Dimetrics Corporation 27. Lincoln Electric Co Harris Products Group 28,Luvata Ohio Inc 28. Magnatech Limited Partnership 29,Magswitch Technology Inc 29. Mathey Dearman Inc 29,Midalloy 30,Miller Electric Mfg Co 30. MK Products 30,Motoman Inc 30,National Standard LLC 31.
Nederman Inc 31,Nelson Stud Welding Inc 31,OKI Bering 31. ORS Nasco 32,OTC DAIHEN 34,Oxford Alloys Inc 34,Panasonic Factory Solutions Co 35. Pandjiris Inc 35,Penton Media Welding Magazine 35,Gases Welding Distributor. PFERD INC 36,Phoenix International Inc 36,Postle Industries Inc 37. Preston Eastin Inc 37,Prodomax Automation Inc 37,Revco Industries Inc 38.
RoMan Manufacturing Inc 38,Saf T Cart 39,Select Arc Inc 39. Sellstrom Manufacturing Inc 39,Servo Robot Inc 40,Superior Products Inc 41. Thermacut Inc 41,Thermadyne Industries 41,Tien Tai Electrode Co Ltd 43. Tregaskiss Ltd 43,Tri Tool Inc 44,Uniweld Products Inc 44. Weiler Corp 44,Weld Aid Products 46,Weld Engineering Co Inc 46.
Weldcoa 46,Western Enterprises 46,Wolf Robotics 47. COMPANY LISTINGS,3M SPEEDGLAS,612 Grist Run Road,Westerville OH 43082. Phone 614 286 2860,Office Fax 614 890 3138,Voicemail 800 953 0276. Tri 575 2556,DAVID S SULLIVAN,E Mail dssullivan1 mmm com. COMPANY DESCRIPTION, 3M Speedglas manufactures auto darkening welding shields comprised of.
products such as 9002x SL Super Light utility and flexview Also 3M. Speedglas manufactures Adflo a combination ADF welding shield with a. powered air respirator PAPR providing excellent protection from welding. fumes exposure 3M also manufactures respiratory protection hearing. products and eye protection for the welding market. ABICOR BINZEL CORPORATION,650 Medimunne Ct,Frederick MD 21703. Phone 301 846 4196,Fax 301 846 4497,URL www abicorusa com. TOM WESTERHOLD President,E Mail marketing abicorusa com. MARY M WESTERHOLD Dir Of Marketing Comm,E Mail marketing abicorusa com. PAUL PFINGSTON National Sales Manager,E Mail pfingston abicorusa com.
COMPANY DESCRIPTION, ABICOR Binzel is the world leader and one of the largest U S providers of. automatic semi automatic and robotic MIG and TIG air and water cooled. welding equipment and accessories available through national distribution. channels for metal fabrication in industries such as automotive shipbuilding. railroad aircraft orr road equipment and construction. AMERICAN TORCH TIP CO,6212 29th Street East,Bradenton FL 34203. Phone 800 342 8477,941 753 7557,Fax 941 753 6917,Email sales attcusa com. customerservice attcusa com,URL www americantorchtip com. JACK WALTERS,E Mail sales attcusa com,355 Dividend.
Rexburg ID 83440,Phone 208 356 7274,Fax 208 356 8932. E Mail amet ametinc com,URL www ametinc com,AMET INC cont d. DON SCHWEMMER President,E Mail amet ametinc com,ART BECK Sales. E Mail art beck ametinc com,AMET Beijing,No 4 East Avenue Nankou. Chanping District,Beijing CHINA PC102202,Phone 86 10 8979 7799.
AMET Europe,DAVID COASTER,5 Cambridge Westpoint,Papworth Business Park. Stirling Way,Papworth Everard,UNITED KINGDOM,Phone 44 1480 831 222. Fax 44 8703 362 118,COMPANY DESCRIPTION, AMET is a leading provider of precision turn key automated welding. systems offering 3 lines of advanced welding controls as well as a line of. precision weld fixturing Our XM Advent and Qll controllers as well as our. stand alone AVC s wire feeders and oscillators utilize the latest Digital. Signal Processor technology Our fixturing includes precision lathes. seamers manipulators and rotating positioners AMET provides advanced. systems for complex hot wire bore cladding multiple head subarc GMA and. coordinated motion applications,ARC MACHINES INC,10500 Orbital Way. Pacoima CA 91331,Phone 818 896 9556,Fax 818 890 3724.
URL www arcmachines com,SUE GILBERT,E Mail sueg arcmachines com. 85 Independence Drive,Taunton MA 02780,Phone 508 884 9600. Fax 508 884 9666,E Mail lferland aceintl com,URL www arc1weldsafe com. EDWARD MARTIN President,E mail emartin aceintl com. MARY ANN SULLIVAN Inside Sales Manager,E mail msullivan aceinlt com.
ARCONE cont d,COMPANY DESCRIPTION, ArcOne a leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial welding and. safety products offers performance auto darkening welding helmets. powered air purifying and supplied air respiratory systems designer safety. goggles fashion and standard safety eyewear brow guards and visors and. faceshields and hard hats,ASTARAS INC,6901 Bryan Dairy Road. Largo FL 33777,Phone 727 546 9600,Fax 727 546 9699. Email astaras att net,STEVE FYFFE President,E Mail steve astaras net. ATLAS WELDING ACCESSORIES INC,501 Stephenson Hwy,TROY MI 48083.
Phone 248 588 4666,Fax 248 588 2706,Email esales atlaswelding com. URL www atlaswelding com,KEITH HONHART Vice President. E mail khonhart atlaswelding com,RON JOHANSSON Sales Manager. E mail rjohansson atlaswelding com,4013 State Street. Schenectady NY 12304,Phone 518 374 0235,COMPANY DESCRIPTION.
Atlas Welding Accessories manufactures a wide selection of weld cleaning. hammers bench top welding positioners powered pipe rollers and. companion idler rolls pipe dollies and cylinder wrenches Atlas is also a. wholesaler of top brand welding and safety accessories and sells exclusively. to welding safety and industrial distributors,AUBURN MANUFACTURING INC. PO Box 220,Mechanic Falls ME 04256,Phone 207 345 8771. Fax 207 345 3380,Email sales auburnmfg com,URL www auburnmfg com. KATHIE LEONARD President CEO,E Mail kleonard auburnmfg com. MATT LAMPRON Business Development Manager,E Mail mlampron auburnmfg com.
MICHAEL O BRIEN Technical Director,E mail mfobrien auburnmfg com. AUBURN MANUFACTURING INC cont d,COMPANY DESCRIPTION. Auburn Manufacturing designs and makes heat resistant textiles for MRO. applications throughout the industry welding safety fire blankets pads cur. tains pipe insulation cloth tape heat seals ropes and customized heat. and fire barriers for indoor and outdoor use AMI products are used by al. most every industry worldwide primary metals petroleum chemicals glass. paper power generating construction and transportation Our fabrics are. third party certified and adopted into NFPA 51B,BLUCO CORPORATION. 3500 Thayer Ct,Aurora IL 60504,Phone 630 637 1820,Fax 630 637 1847. E Mail info bluco com,URL www bluco com,ROBERT ELLIG President.
E Mail bellig bluco com,SCOTT ELLIG,E Mail sellig bluco com. COMPANY DESCRIPTION, Bluco supplies the Demmeler modular fixturing system for welding The sys. tem features welding tables and a complete family of modular fixturing weld. ments that enable a user to build accurate welding fixtures in minutes The. 5 sided design of the welding table allows for easy extension of the welding. table surface for fixturing larger weldments Multiple welding tables can be. joined together where very large parts require a welding fixture Consider. using modular fixturing for short run production on a welding robot tool. Rental options are also offered,BOHLER WELDING GROUP USA INC. 10401 Greenbough Drive,Stafford TX 77477,Phone 281 499 1212. benefit their understanding of welding equipment market trends and needs channels for metal fabrication in heat resistant welding alloys Aluminium

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