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Hazard Communication,Your Right To Know,Safety Data Sheets. formerly MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets,Custodial Training Series. Level 1 Hillyard Inc,Hazard Communication 3,Training Objectives. Understand and be aware of,Chemical hazards,Rules for chemical safety. OSHA s role in protecting workers, The requirements of a written Hazard Communication Program.
Employee information and training,Hazard rating systems. The 2012 Hazard Communication Standard 2012 HCS,Globally Harmonized System GHS and its impact. Labels and Safety Data Sheets,Employee and employer responsibilities. Hazard Communication 4,Chemical Hazards,Inhaling vapors. Accidents happen,Absorbed by skin eyes or mucous membranes.
Temporary or allergic reactions,Permanent tissue damage. Hazard Communication 5,General Rules for Chemical Safety. Avoid contact with skin,Accidents happen, Wear gloves while using utility pail and cleaning cloth. Don t kneel in floor stripper,Wash clothes splashed with chemicals. Hazard Communication 6,General Rules for Chemical Safety.
Avoid contact with eyes Accidents happen,Don t spray over your head. Wear goggles or face shields when necessary,Avoid inhaling vapors. Adjust sprayers to medium coarse spray,Wash your hands before eating. Hazard Communication 7,OSHA Hazard Communication,Hazard Communication 8. OSHA Hazard Communication,Safety Data Sheets SDS,Written Hazard Communication Program.
Hazard Communication 9,Hazard Communication Program. Hazard Communication 10,Hazard Communication Program. List of hazardous chemicals in your workplace,Safety Data Sheets. Employee Training,Labels and other forms of warning. Hazard Communication 11,Effective information and training.
on hazardous chemicals in your work area,At or before the time of your initial assignment. Whenever a new physical or health hazard,is introduced into the work area. Annual training requirements in some states,Hazard Communication 12. Protect yourself with specific procedures,Appropriate work practices. Personal protective equipment,Hazard Communication 13.
Methods and observations that may be used to,detect the presence or release of a. hazardous chemical in the work area,Monitoring conducted by the employer. Continuous monitoring devices,Appearance or odor of hazardous chemicals. Hazard Communication 14,The hazards of non routine tasks. Project work with chemical products,not used in the routine cleaning program.
employer s,Communication,Hazard Communication 15,Hazard Rating Systems. National Fire,HEALTH 2 Protection Association,FLAMMABILITY 3. Welcome to Hillyard Custodial Training Series Your Right To Know amp SDS Hazard Communication 1 Custodial Training Series 1 Level Your Right To Know amp Safety Data Sheets formerly MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets Hazard Communication Hillyard Inc 2 Training Objectives Hazard Communication Understand and be aware of Chemical hazards Rules for chemical safety OSHA s role in

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