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COE Insider Biomed COE, 2016 Independent Research and Development Strategic 2015 IRAD SI Outcomes and Summaries. Initiative Projects Quantitative Ultrasound Analysis of Exact Imaging Data. The 2016 project selection process was one of the most competitive in years Several high value proposals from across the enterprise Imaging of prostate cancer PCa cannot be done reliably by any current clinical. totaling over 10M in potential investment opportunities were received This led the Investment Review Board to evaluate each method Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI methods provide the best imaging of. respective proposal very carefully The Board determined that the three following projects would best align with Riverside Research s PCa but it is still prone to error very expensive time consuming and is often poorly. tolerated by patients The methods of tissue typing Riverside Research has developed. corporate strategies and the high probability of scientific engineering impact. using quantitative ultrasound QUS for analyzing ultrasound echo signals offer. promise for providing great improvements in imaging PCa and it can be performed. Riverside Research is pleased to offer these new capabilities as they will have an immediate impact on current development efforts and. at a low cost in brief non invasive examinations that are well tolerated by patients. will foster future advancements and collaborations. Combined with the ground breaking high frequency ultrasonic prostate imaging. technology developed by Exact Imaging a significant breakthrough in prostate. Owning the Technical Baseline imaging seems possible. Prototype and development of tools to minimize the total cost of ownership and maximize performance of legacy sensors. This IRAD SI project utilized high frequency ultrasound data and matching. Advanced Plasma Research, Development and experimentation of plasma based propellants thrusters and metamaterials histologically determined tissue type data acquired from trans rectal needle biopsies. performed to detect and grade PCa These biopsies are being performed in clinical. Neuromorphic Computing for Energy Efficient Agile Air Force Platforms trials seeking FDA approval for marketing and selling the Exact Imaging prostate. Research methods to enable on platform intelligent decision making sensor perception through multi sensor Multi INT data and scanner in the US This project is specific to PCa and will benefit the approximately. information fusion one million men in the US who are candidates for prostate biopsies each year. To learn more about this project contact Dr Ernest Feleppa Director Biomed. 2015 IRAD SI Project Outcomes and Summaries and Biomed COE Chair efeleppa riversideresearch org. In the next few Wavelengths issues we will be including brief summaries of the 2015 IRAD SI projects Each issue will focus on an. IRAD SI project and its respective COE,2015 IRAD SI Projects COE Wavelengths Issue. Quantitative Ultrasound QUS analysis of Exact,Biomed March. Imaging Data, QUS and Quantitative Photoacoustics QPA in Dense QUS and Quantitative Photoacoustics in Dense Stochastic Media and.
Stochastic Media and Self normalizing Hybrid QUS QPA in Biomed March Self normalizing Hybrid QUS QPA in Soft Tissues. Soft Tissues, Advanced Defense Optical Systems ADOS Initiative EM April QUS in dense media is a new research field and scientists are beginning to understand the theoretical implications as well as the. clinical implications A better understanding of QUS in dense tissue could pave the way toward better tissue typing tools using. Adaptive laser Systems for Medical and Defense, EM April non invasive ultrasound and could therefore advance diagnostics ultrasound significantly QPA in dense media has never been. Applications, studied or modeled This IRAD SI project permitted the Biomed COE to begin researching this theoretical investigation. Plasma Lab Strategic Initiative EM April, Computer Network Monitoring Advanced Concept Development of forward and inverse theoretical QUS models were completed and successfully applied to experimental and. Technology Demonstrator ACTD simulated data QPA and hybrid QUS QPA theoretical models were developed The first step is to test the dense QUS models on. Critical Infrastructure Protection ACTD Cyber May experimental human data such as those we collect from dissected human lymph nodes Current lymph node methods use classical. i e sparse scatterer models and may prove to be inaccurate compared to our new models for dense media Therefore our new. Cyber Effects on UAVs ACTD Cyber May, dense QUS models potentially can improve our ability to detect small but clinically important cancerous regions in lymph.
Adaptation of Neurosynaptic Cognitive Computing nodes The next step which could be performed simultaneously with the first step would be to test the QPA and hybrid QUS. Technology for ISR Applications QPA approaches in appropriate dense tissue mimicking phantoms. iMMERSE NP Next Phase ISR June, Sustainment Forecast Modeler ISR June To learn more about this project contact Dr Jonathan Mamou Biomed jmamou riversideresearch org. eVision ISR June,wavelengths March 2016 Riverside Research. ISR COE EM COE, Technical Workshop Featuring Hewlett Packard s CogX Cognitive Plasma Research Team Conducts Successful Performance. Computing Platform Acceptance Test on Plasma Vacuum Chamber. The ISR COE hosted a technical workshop featuring Hewlett Packard s HP CogX Sense making Research Initiative on 26 February The plasma research team performed acceptance testing on the large plasma vacuum chamber recently installed in the Riverside. at the Dayton Research Center DRC CogX is a research effort at HP Laboratories to create a generalized framework for running Research Open Innovation Center OIC. machine learning algorithms as well as convolutional deep neural networks in multiple GPU environments without substantial. developer involvement The research platform enables sophisticated reasoning learning and adaptation inspired by the principles of The operational vacuum test was conducted over the course of eight hours and the chamber ultimately achieved a base pressure. human cognition of 3 1 x 10 7 Torr which is one billion times lower than the standard atmospheric pressure that surrounds us on a typical day. This pressure corresponds to an altitude of approximately 200 miles above sea level which is midway between the 100 300 mile. Attendees from the National Air and Space Intelligence Center NASIC Air Force Institute of Technology AFIT altitudes low earth orbit satellites typically fly The graph below provides details of the successful vacuum test. Air Force Research Lab AFRL and the University of Dayton UD learned why CogX research matters to the. Intelligence Community IC and how this research is undergoing proof of concept demonstrations in Advanced Sciences. and Technologies AS T offices throughout the IC,9th Annual Military Radar Summit. On 29 February 2 March Director of Technology Development R D Peter Beer and Farhaan. Razi RAD attended and presented at the 9th Annual Military Radar Summit in Arlington VA. The annual summit brought together industry and government agencies to collaborate and discuss. recent advances and challenges in the radar field, Peter and Farhaan presented Minimizing Total Cost of Ownership and Maximizing Systems.
Performance in Legacy Systems a topic that led into one of the 2016 Riverside Research. IRAD SI projects Owning the Technical Baseline The problem is quite significant and there. Plasma Chamber, are several obstacles to overcome when resolving it Riverside Research s IRAD SI initiative is. First Pumpdown,Peter Beer, providing a solution by using big data architectures and frameworks The big data framework is 770. Pressure at Roughing Pump, used to reduce processing times and extract additional insights from the various data sources not Pressure at Chamber Capacitance Gauge. Pressure at Chamber Ion Gauge, previously apparent The IRAD SI team developed tools to assess the functional design and. Turbopumps,Pressure Torr, performance baselines of a system to determine the understanding of the technical baseline In 10 1 Turned On.
addition the team combined the relationships between the areas to provide predictive analytics 10 3. of key performance parameters important to the sensor stakeholders Name the 2016 IRAD SI Turbopumps. 10 5 Turned Off,Base Pressure,10 7 3 x 10 7 Torr,0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. Time hours,Pressure Log of the Test,Farhaan Razi, This new capability enables Riverside Research to perform advanced research and development in. plasma physics and space applications It will support ionospheric and space plasma environments. The ability to understand and own the technical baseline is critical to solving this problem It will. hypersonic plasma environments space propulsion plasma magnetic field interactions dusty plasmas. provide the necessary tools and data to the stakeholders to minimize total cost of ownership while. and plasma based material processing applications,maximizing system performance. Dr Jeffrey Pursel Director Open Innovation Center Electromagnetics Research. Farhaan Razi RAD,wavelengths March 2016 Riverside Research. Employee News Honors Awards,February New Hires, ARS Mike Nelson Director IDS presented Mike Gauder IDS with a Quarterly.
Performance Award for his expert services as a project manager and technical SME. in support of the Remote Data Review Station RDRS project and outstanding. support of GSM s Global Sensor Integration on Networks GSIN initiative. Mr Gauder s relentless focus impeccable composure and ability to communicate. effectively with both technical analysts and leadership are instrumental to the. L to R Mike Gauder and Mike Nelson success of these initiatives. Stacey Davis Jeff Dixon Pat Lichtenberger Kelly Skinner. Dayton OH Dayton OH Colorado Springs CO Dayton OH, Project Support Data Researcher Senior Systems Information Systems. AFIT LS Administrator Engineer Mike Nelson also presented Ben Gnau IDS with a Quarterly Performance Award. for his excellent technical leadership of the delivery of the OPIR exploitation tool. suite Palette 9 4 1 With Mr Gnau s guidance total team attitude and interactive. IDS MAD PGM communication the project was delivered with zero defects as well as an improved. process for tracking and managing product features and needs. L to R Ben Gnau and Mike Nelson, On 1 February Jerry Do Vale Director RAD awarded Brian O Connor Contracts Amy Karnehm Finance and. Brian Bacher Kaushal Dhar Julia Stadel Bob Decker, Dayton OH Centreville VA Centreville VA Dayton OH Tim Ramsey HR with Quarterly Performance Awards for their commitment to the Radar Assessment and Development. Software Engineer Remote Sensing Analyst Software Developer Facility Manager team in expanding and retaining all of their programs for 2015. Brian was recognized for his outstanding contracts and proposal support and commitment. Amy was recognized for her outstanding finance and proposal support and commitment. Tim was recognized for his outstanding accomplishments in recruiting and commitment. Employment Tenure Milestones,John Mitchell Klaes Wandland. Patrick AFB FL Dayton OH,Member of the Member of the.
Research Staff Research Staff,Start Date 02 01 2006 Start Date 02 22 2006. L to R Irene Smith Director of Contracts L to R Jerry Do Vale Amy Karnehm and L to R Jerry Do Vale and Tim Ramsey. Brian O Connor and VP for R D Sumit Patel Finance,Dr Frank Falco. Tiffany Flannery Rusty Hammer Steve Yantko,Dayton OH Dayton OH Dayton OH. Program Manager MASINT Systems Member of the You can submit content for. ESS Engineer Research Staff,Start Date 02 03 2011 IDS BD. the newsletter to,Start Date 02 28 2011 Start Date 02 14 2011.
wavelengths riversideresearch org,wavelengths March 2016 Riverside Research. Honors Awards Continued, Deb Montanaro IDS Marilyn Camacho Contracts AFRL s MESA Team Receives the 2015 Air Force Research. Mallory Jahn Finance Chandra Singh Contracts and, Rita Kalsi Finance were awarded Impact Awards on 29 February for Laboratory Classified Program Management Team of the Year Award. their contributions as part of the NASIC Contract Closeout Team They. worked diligently for more than two years to eliminate the backlog in Mark Brant Scott McLaughlin Dr Stephen. NASIC Task Order closeouts and established a robust process to assure Wrazien Robert Groves Michael Rettig and. prompt future Task Order closeouts The Team s efforts have resulted in a Kevin Jones Evans AFRL Microelectronics and. system that routinely closes out Task Orders in less than 60 days a model Embedded Systems Assurance MESA were presented with. for DOD Intelligence Community acquisition the 2015 Air Force Research Laboratory Classified Program. L to R Mike Nelson Director IDS Deb Montanaro VP for Management Team of the Year Award for their expertise. Programs Joel Rieman, enthusiasm dedication and contribution to making AFRL. an outstanding organization, L to R Mark Brant Scott McLaughlin Stephen Wraizen.
Robert Groves Michael Rettig and Kevin Jones Evans. Professional Achievement, Sam Bolling EMG was selected for promotion to Gunnery Sergeant in the United States. Marine Corps USMC Reserves While serving in the USMC Reserves Sam is a. L to R Mike Nelson Marilyn Camacho and Joel Rieman L to R Irene Smith Director of Contracts Chandra Singh Mike Cade CFO. Rita Kalsi and Nancy Kenney Corporate Controller Staff Non Commissioned Officer in charge of the Production Analysis Detachment of. wave lengths Honors amp Awards Stay up to date with the latest news by joining Riverside Research on social media Like us of Facebook Connect with us on LinkedIn Follow us on Twitter Subscribe to our YouTube Channel March 2016 Issue 3 COE Insider Employee News Honors amp Awards Family News Celebrations Travel Information Technology Enterprise

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