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This Manual is a technical aid and does not represent a binding offer for McQuay. McQuay has drawn up this Manual to the best of its knowledge The content cannot be held as explicitly. or implicitly guaranteed as complete precise or reliable. All data and specifications contained herein may be modified without notice The data communicated at. the moment of the order shall hold firm, McQuay shall assume no liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect damage in the widest sense of the. term ensuing from or connected with the use and or interpretation of this Manual. The entire content is protected by McQuay copyright. Before starting the installation of the unit please read this manual carefully Starting up the unit is. absolutely forbidden if all instructions contained in this manual are not clear. Key to symbols, Important note failure to respect the instruction can damage the unit or compromise operation. Note regarding safety in general or respect of laws and regulations. Note regarding electrical safety, Description of the labels applied to the electrical panel. Single compressor unit,Label Identification,1 Unit nameplate data 6 Manufacturer s logo. 2 Lifting instructions 7 Non flammable gas symbol,3 Emergency stop 8 Hazardous Voltage warning.
4 Electrical hazard symbol 9 Cable tightening warning. 5 Gas type,D KIMWC00311 09EN 2 32,Two compressors unit. Label Identification,1 Unit nameplate data 6 Electrical hazard symbol. 2 Lifting instructions 7 Emergency stop, 3 Non flammable gas symbol 8 Hazardous Voltage warning. 4 Manufacturer s logo 9 Cable tightening warning,5 Gas type. D D D KIMWC00311 09EN 3 32,General information, The units described in the present manual represent a high value investment maximum care should be.
taken to ensure correct installation and appropriate working conditions. Installation and maintenance must be performed by qualified and specifically trained personnel only. Correct maintenance of the unit is indispensable for its safety and reliability Manufacturer s service. centres are the only having adequate technical skill for maintenance. This manual provides information about the features and standard procedure for the complete series. All units are delivered from the factory complete with wiring diagrams and dimensional drawings including size and. weight for each model, WIRING DIAGRAMS AND DIMENSIONAL DRAWINGS MUST BE CONSIDERED. ESSENTIAL DOCUMENTS OF THIS MANUAL, In case of any discrepancy between this manual and the equipment s document please refer to the wiring diagram. and dimensional drawings,General description, The chillers are completely assembled and factory tested before shipment. Each unit with 1 circuit has one compressor connected to one evaporator and one condenser The units with. 2 circuits are equipped with 2 compressors operating in parallel on a single evaporator and condenser. The chillers use refrigerant R 134a to reduce the size and weight of the package compared to negative. pressure refrigerants and since R 134a operates at a positive pressure over the entire operation range no. purge system is required, The controls are pre wired adjusted and tested Only normal field connections such as piping electrical and. interlocks etc are required thereby simplifying installation and increasing reliability. Most necessary equipment protection and operating controls are factory installed in the control panel. The manual contents are applicable to all models of the series unless specifically referenced otherwise. Application, Units must be initially started at the job site by a factory trained Daikin service technician Failure to follow.
this start up procedure can affect the equipment warranty. The standard limited warranty on this equipment covers parts that prove defective in material or. workmanship Warranty does not cover materials that are subject to natural consumption. Cooling towers used with the chillers have to be selected according to 24 C 32 C as maximum condenser. inlet water temperature values,Installation, If the chillers have to be stored prior to installation the following warnings have to be observed. Store the chillers inside at ambient temperatures lower than 50 C. Keep the chillers far from heat sources,Do not expose the chillers to direct sun light. Receiving and handling, The unit should be inspected immediately after receipt for possible damage. The chillers are shipped ex factory and all claims for handling and shipping damage are the responsibility of. the consignee, Neoprene vibration pads are shipped loose Check that these items have been delivered with the unit. Extreme care must be used when rigging the equipment to prevent damage to the control panels or. refrigerant piping,D KIMWC00311 09EN 4 32, The unit can be lifted by fastening the rigging hooks to the four corners of the unit where the rigging eyes are.
located Spreader bars must be used between the rigging lines to prevent damage to the control panels. piping and motor terminal boxes,D D D KIMWC00311 09EN 5 32. Figure 1 Main components,Expansion valve Refrigerant level sensors. For unit water connections and wiring refer to dimensional drawing and wiring diagram. Location and mounting, The unit must be mounted on a level concrete or steel base and must be located to provide service. clearance 3200 mm at one end of the unit for possible removal of evaporator tubes and or condenser tubes. Evaporator and condenser tubes are rolled into the tube sheets to permit replacement if necessary. Clearance at all other points including the top is 1 meter. Make sure that the floor or structural support is adequate to support the full operating weight of the complete. Vibration pads, The shipped loose neoprene vibration pads should be located under the corners of the unit unless the job. specifications state otherwise They are installed to be flush with the sides and outside edge of the feet For. vibration damping installation refer to dimensional drawing of the unit If no screws are used for fixing the. unit to the floor install anti slip rubber between the floor and the vibration pads. Before to deliver the units refrigerant and oil valves are closed to insulate the two fluids during the. transport The valves have to be kept closed till start up that has to be performed by Daikin. technicians,Water piping,Evaporator and condenser water piping.
All evaporators and condensers come standard with groove type nozzles for Victaulic couplings also. suitable for welding or optional flange connections The installing contractor must provide matching. mechanical connections of the size and type required. Important notes on welding, If welding is to be performed on the mechanical or flange connections. 1 Remove the solid state temperature sensor and thermostat bulbs from the wells to prevent damage to. those components, 2 Properly ground the unit or severe damage to the unit controller can occur. Water pressure gauge connection taps and gauges could be provided in the field piping at the inlet and. outlet connections of both vessels for measuring the water pressure drops The pressure drops and flow. rates for the various evaporators and condensers are job specific and the original job documentation can be. consulted for this information Refer to the nameplate on the vessel shell for identification. Be sure that water inlet and outlet connections match certified drawings and stenciled nozzle markings The. condenser is connected with the coolest water entering at the bottom to maximize subcooling. Note When common piping is used for both heating and cooling modes care must be taken to. provide that water flowing through the evaporator cannot exceed the maximum value which can. cause the discharge of refrigerant through the relief valve or damage to controls. D KIMWC00311 09EN 6 32, The piping must be supported to eliminate weight and strain on the fittings and connections Piping must also. be adequately insulated A cleanable water strainer must be installed in both water inlet lines Sufficient. shutoff valves must be installed to permit draining the water from the evaporator or condenser without. draining the complete system, To avoid tubes damages on heat exchangers tubes cleanable water strainer must be installed in. both water inlet lines Strainer mesh size has to be 1mm. Flow switch, A water flow switch must be mounted in the evaporator inlet water line to signal the presence of adequate.
water flow to the vessel before the unit can start It also serves to shut down the unit in the event that water. flow is interrupted thus preventing the evaporator from freeze up but the flow switch operation cannot be. used as unit control, A flow switch is available as standard It is a paddle type switch and adaptable to any pipe size from 1 inch. to 8 inches,Installation should be as shown in figure 2. Figure 2 Flow switch mounting,1 Flow direction marked on switch. 2 1 inch 25mm NPT flow switch connection, Electrical connections must be made to terminals 5 and 23 of M1 terminal board for the evaporator to. terminals 5 and 8 for the condenser Flow switch contact quality must be suitable for 24 VAC low current. 16mA Flow switch wire must be in separate conduit from any high voltage conductors 115 VAC and. Freeze notice neither the evaporator nor the condenser is self draining. both must be blown out to help avoid damage from freezing. The piping should also include thermometers at the inlet and outlet connections and air vents at the high. The water heads can be interchanged end for end so that the water connections can be made at either end. of the unit If this is done new head gaskets must be used and control sensors relocated. In cases where the water pump noise can be objectionable vibration isolation sections are recommended at. both the inlet and outlet of the pump In most cases it will not be necessary to provide vibration eliminator. sections in the condenser inlet and outlet water lines But they can be required where noise and vibration are. Cooling tower, If cooling tower is used a balancing valve is recommended Some form of temperature control is also.
required if cooling tower water should be very cold Unit microprocessor includes the control for cooling tower. fans Therefore it is suggested to make the relevant wiring connections. D D D KIMWC00311 09EN 7 32,Water treatment, Before every start up clean and flush the cooling water circuit Make sure tower blow down or bleed off is. operating It should be recognized that atmospheric air contains many contaminants that increase the need. for proper water treatment The use of untreated water can result in corrosion erosion sliming scaling or. algae formation Daikin assumes no responsibility for the results of untreated or improperly treated water. Glycol solution, Use exclusively glycol for industrial applications Do not use antifreeze for automotive applications. this kind of antifreeze contains inhibitors that cause the evaporator tubes plating Type and. managing of the glycol have to be according to rules in force. Temperature and water flow limits,Operating Range,Condenser leaving temperature C. See the note,10 5 0 5 10 15 20,Evaporator leaving temperature C. Operating range Operating range, Condenser leaving temperature C Condenser outlet temperature C.
Evaporator leaving temperature C Evaporator outlet temperature C. See the note See the note, Note The use of glycol is necessary for evaporator outlet water temperature below 3 C. Flow rates below the minimum values shown in the evaporator and condenser pressure drop curves may. cause freeze up problems scaling and poor control Flow rates above the maximum values shown in the. evaporator and condenser pressure drop curves will result in unacceptable pressure drops excessive. erosion and tube vibrations potential cause of tubes failure. D KIMWC00311 09EN 8 32,Evaporator freeze protection. 1 If the unit will not operate during the winter drain and flush the evaporator and chilled water piping with. glycol Drain and vent connections are provided on the evaporator. 2 Insulate the water pipes especially the chilled water side. Note Freeze damages are not considered warranty failures Daikin declines any liability. Condenser protection and design considerations, When the unit is not operating the condenser temperature and the liquid refrigerant line can go down the. room temperature if the cooling fluid comes from lake river or bed water and the water valves have a blow. by This problem occurs when cold water circulates inside the condenser and the unit is off waiting to be. loaded Under these conditions, 3 Shut off the condenser water pump when the compressor is off. 4 Verify the liquid line solenoid valve is operating properly. Chilled water temperature sensor, The chiller is equipped with a microprocessor Be careful when working around the unit to avoid damaging.
cables and sensors Check the cables before running the unit Avoid rubbing the cables on the frame or. other components Verify the cables are firmly anchored If the temperature sensor is removed from the well. for servicing do not wipe off the heat conducting compound supplied in the well and place the sensor. Safety valves, Each system will be equipped with a safety valve on condenser and evaporator in order to release the. refrigerant charge in case of faulty operation Most . McQuay shall assume no liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect damage in the widest sense of the term ensuing from or connected with the use and or interpretation of this Manual The entire content is protected by McQuay copyright WARNING Before starting the installation of the unit please read this manual carefully Starting up the

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