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Direction to take at next guidance point,Type of junction. Intermediate destination,Name of next street or road. Next guidance point,Stored location,Symbol for a Point of Interest POI Gas station. Remaining time to destination,Remaining distance to destination. Current road,Final destination,Famous landmarks, Types of roads Color The vehicle s current location.
Freeways Green Completed section of the route,Main roads Red Starting point. Secondary main roads Brown Traffic information, Normal roads Dark gray Outer ring of compass direction to destination. Local roads Dark green Compass,Text and symbols on the screen. Area to be avoided,Distance to the next guidance point. VOLVO NAVIGATION SYSTEM VNS WITH RTT, VNS is a navigation system developed by Volvo which is.
designed to help guide you to the destination of your choice. and provide information along the way, RTT1 Real Time Traffic is an information system developed by. Volvo which can detect roads streets with traffic disruptions. and make it possible to select an alternative route past the. problem area, The system includes features that enable you to set itineraries. search for certain types of points of interest along your route. store special destinations obtain traffic informaton en route. The system indicates the vehicle s current location and shows. part or all of the route to your destination depending on the. settings you have made If at any time you should decide to. deviate from the route originally set by the system a new route. to the destination will automatically be calculated. By enabling you to reach your destination quickly and by the. most direct route Volvo s navigation system also helps con. tribute to improving the environment,NAVTEQ DATABASE End User License Agreement. See the information on page see page 82,1 Option Not available in all markets. 01 Getting to know the 02 Easy user mode 03 Advanced user mode. navigation system Main menu Shortcut menu Scroll menu 34 Main menu Shortcut menu 44. This manual 10 Menu selections 35 Map scroll menu 47. Before you start 11 Setting a destination 36 Menu selections 48. Navigation system updating and care 13 Show Remove destination 39 Setting a destination 50. C30 system overview 14 Settings 40 Itinerary 55,S40 system overview 16 Next destination 57.
V50 system overview 18 Current position 58, C70 system overview 20 Traffic information option 59. XC90 system overview 22 Settings 60, Navigation system controls 24 System simulation 64. On screen keypad 25,Display and voice guidance 26,Unverified roads and Compass 28. Menu selections 29, 04 Traffic information 05 Symbols on the map 06 Questions answers. Introduction 68 Road numbers and Points of interest 76 Frequently asked questions 82. Avoiding traffic problems 69 EULA End User License Agreement 84. Selecting information 71,Reading information 72,This manual 10.
Before you start 11,Navigation system updating and care 13. C30 system overview 14,S40 system overview 16,V50 system overview 18. C70 system overview 20,XC90 system overview 22,Navigation system controls 24. On screen keypad 25,Display and voice guidance 26,Unverified roads and Compass 28. Menu selections 29,GETTING TO KNOW THE NAVIGATION SYSTEM.
01 Getting to know the navigation system,01 This manual. Using this manual,The manual is divided into chapters describing. the various features and functions of the navi,gation system. A section dealing with common questions and,answers and an index can be found at the end. of the manual,Menu selections Paths,Menu selections are shown in gray text in this.
manual for example,Set destination Address City,Changes in the manual. The specifications design features and illus,trations in this manual are not binding We. reserve the right to make modifications without,prior notice. 2009 Volvo Car Corporation,01 Getting to know the navigation system. Before you start 01,Introduction Map mode Off, The VNS system can be used even if a desti When the system has started the screen will 1 Use the navigation control to go to Shut.
nation has not been selected display the main menu briefly before entering down. Map mode A map of the vehicle s current loca 2 Press ENTER press BACK to go to the. The vehicle s current route will be shown on the, tion will then be displayed main menu before shutting down. screen and the vehicle s position will be indi, cated by a blue arrow on the map Press BACK to display the main menu The screen will retract automatically into the. The system s contents may vary from state to Press ENTER to activate the shortcut dashboard. state and not all menu selections may be avail menu. able for technical reasons Press the navigation control to activate NOTE. Map scroll mode for example to see parts,The system can be used even if the engine. of the map that are outside of the screen, Start up is not running It should be turned off when. area not in use to help avoid battery drain,Pressing ENTER in this mode activates the.
Map scroll menu see page 34, On Off The system is provided with default settings. but it will start with the settings that were most. ON recently used, The ignition must be in position I or II in order If a setting is changed and you wish to return. to operate the system refer to the vehicle s to the default setting only the currently. owner s manual selected function will be affected, The system starts up by displaying text on the Press ENTER or BACK There is no global reset function to return all. screen that must be confirmed by pressing The screen will slide up from the dashboard settings to default. ENTER after you have selected to use either automatically It may take several seconds for. Easy mode or Advanced mode the system to determine the vehicle s location. and direction,01 Getting to know the navigation system. 01 Before you start,Easy Advanced modes,When the navigation system is started the.
desired user mode can be selected,Only the primary menus are available in this. mode and can be used to simply get directions,from point A to B. This mode makes all settings and functions,Switching between modes. Switching between modes can be done in,Settings made in Easy mode are not used if. the system is switched to Advanced mode,and vice versa Settings are stored in the.
mode in which they were made,Demo simulated guidance. The navigation system contains a function that,demonstrates guidance to a destination How. ever please be aware that the demo can only,be run when the vehicle is at a standstill. This function is only available when VNS is in,Advanced mode see Demo on page 64. 01 Getting to know the navigation system,Navigation system updating and care 01.
Contents of the main unit If a DVD contains new system software in addi The VNS start screen will be displayed when. All map information is stored on the main unit s tion to map information the system will begin updating is completed. hard drive There is no DVD in the unit when it by running the software installation. is delivered The DVDs are used for any The vehicle can be driven while the navigation DVD care. updates to system or map information see the system is being updated but VNS cannot be When changing discs make sure that they. instructions of the DVD s cover used while the update is in progress are kept free of oil grease and other impur. New DVDs are issued on a regular basis with To perform an update ities. updated and new information The latest DVDs The discs must not be exposed to mois. can be purchased from a Volvo retailer 1 Switch on the navigation system ture. Volvo cannot be responsible for the accuracy 2 Remove a DVD if one is already inserted in The discs must be kept in their packaging. or completeness of data maps or routing the system s DVD player when not in use Avoid storing discs in. guidance presented by your navigation sys 3 Insert the DVD containing the updated excessive heat direct sunlight or in a dusty. tem Please contact the map developer Nav information If there is more than one disc environment. Teq at www navteq com insert them in the numbered order. 4 The system will now be automatically Screen care. NOTE updated Information will be displayed to Clean the display screen with a soft non static. The main unit s DVD player is intended for show update progress cloth or a moist paper towel and a mild window. Volvo DVDs only cleaning agent,5 After the update the DVD containing the. most recent update must remain in the Never use petroleum based solvents or abra. system s DVD player If more than one disc sive substances when cleaning the screen. Updating with a DVD,has been used insert disc 1 If the disc is. removed from the player the navigation,system will stop functioning. Please note that an update may take up to, 90 minutes Be sure the vehicle s battery is If the system is switched off while an update is. adequately charged before beginning in progress the update will be resumed the. next time the system is switched on,In certain cases updating map information will.
add new system functions,01 Getting to know the navigation system. 01 C30 system overview,01 Getting to know the navigation system. C30 system overview 01, Main unit The area covered by the system is being stead IR port for the remote control. The main unit contains a hard drive a DVD ily expanded which makes occasional See page 24. player for navigation system map discs only updates necessary see page 13. and an integrated GPS Global Positioning Regardless of whether the navigation system. System receiver and a TMC Traffic Message is in Easy or Advanced mode broadcast traf. Channel receiver fic information is always received and presen. The main unit has the following functions ted see page 68 for additional information. Calculates the vehicle s current position,Calculates the route to the selected desti. nation Sound from the navigation system comes,through the audio system s front speakers.
Processes traffic information,Provides voice guidance. Navigation control,Stores map data,See page 24,Uses the DVD player to update map data. and system software, GPS receiver The screen displays the maps and provides. The navigation system uses GPS signals the detailed information on intersections dis. vehicle s speedometer and a gyroscope to tances etc See page 13 for information on. determine the vehicle s current location and caring for the screen. Traffic information TMC option 1,TMC is a standardized code system for trans. mitting traffic information The receiver auto,matically tunes to the correct frequency and.
reception is handled by the audio system s FM,1 Not available in all markets. OPERATING MANUAL VOLVO C30 S40 V50 C70 amp XC90 VOLVO NAVIGATION SYSTEM VNS Web Edition G033441 Types of roads Color Freeways Green Main roads Red Secondary main roads Brown Normal roads Dark gray Local roads Dark green Text and symbols on the screen Area to be avoided Distance to the next guidance point Direction to take at next guidance point Type of junction Intermediate destination

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