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IDENTIFICATION NUMBER, Nissan has assigned identification number R0807 to this campaign This number must. appear on all communications and documentation of any nature dealing with this campaign. DEALER RESPONSIBILITY, It is the dealer s responsibility to check Service Comm for the campaign status on each. vehicle falling within the range of this voluntary safety recall which for any reason enters the. service department This includes vehicles purchased from private parties or presented by. transient tourist owners and vehicles in a dealer s inventory Federal law requires that. new vehicles in dealer inventory which are the subject of a safety recall must be. corrected prior to sale Failure to do so can result in civil penalties by the National. Highway Traffic Safety Administration While federal law applies only to new vehicles. Nissan strongly encourages dealers to correct any used vehicles in their inventory before. they are retailed,2 7 NTB09 001,SERVICE PROCEDURE,1 Set the parking brake. 2 Connect C III to the vehicle,3 Use C III to check for Air Bag DTCs. a Navigate C III to Air Bag Direct Diagnostic Mode. b Make sure to check both SELF DIAG RESULTS and SELF DIAG PAST. SELF DIAG PAST is under Special function,Current SELF DIAG RESULTS.
SELF DIAG PAST is under Special function, If there are any DTCs stored for AIR BAG other than B1033 B1034 and or. B1035 perform repairs as needed and then erase DTC before continuing. with this procedure, Diagnosis and repair for DTCs other than B1033 B1034 and or B1035 is not. covered by this bulletin, NOTE All DTCs except B1033 B1034 and B1035 must be repaired and. erased before continuing with this procedure,3 7 NTB09 001. 4 Disconnect C III from the vehicle, 5 Start the engine and let it idle for about 5 seconds.
6 Turn the ignition OFF, 7 WARNING Prep the vehicle for Crash Zone Sensor replacement as follows. The following are VERY IMPORTANT to prevent unexpected air bag deployment. Remove the ignition key Intelligent Key from the cabin of the vehicle and set. aside away from the vehicle this will prevent accidentally turning the ignition. Make sure the ignition remains OFF until after the new sensor is completely. Make sure no one is in the vehicle cabin and no one enters the vehicle cabin. until after the sensor is completely installed, Wait for all control units to power down at least 1 minute before. continuing,8 Locate the Crash Zone Sensor see Figure 2. Crash Zone Sensor,4 7 NTB09 001,Crash Zone, 9 Remove the 2 Crash Zone Sensor nuts Sensor Cover. shown in Figure 3,Discard these nuts They will not be.
10 Remove the Crash Zone Sensor Cover, 11 Disconnect the electrical connector shown in Figure 4. Electrical connector,Crash Zone Sensor,12 Remove the old Crash Zone Sensor. 13 Install the new Crash Zone Sensor in reverse order. Reuse the original cover, Make sure to use the new nuts included with the new sensor. Torque nuts to 10 8 N m 1 1 kg m 96 in lb,5 7 NTB09 001. 14 If DTC B1033 B1034 or B1035 was stored in the Air Bag control unit use C III to erase. Make sure to erase DTCs in current SELF DIAG RESULTS and under Special. function SELF DIAG PAST,15 Check the Air Bag warning light as follows.
a Sit in the driver seat and watch the air bag warning. light as you turn the ignition ON see Figure 5, b The air bag warning light should turn ON for 5 7. seconds and then go OFF, c If the air bag warning light does not turn ON at all. does not turn OFF or blinks refer to the Service,Manual for diagnosis and repair. Diagnosis and repair beyond replacement of the,Crash Zone Sensor is not covered by this. 16 Make the old Crash Zone Sensor unusable by breaking its electrical connector. PARTS INFORMATION,DESCRIPTION PART QUANTITY,Crash Zone Sensor Kit 98581 ZL35C 1.
Includes senor and 2 nuts,CLAIMS INFORMATION, Submit a CM line claim using the following claims coding. CM I D R0807,DESCRIPTION OP CODE FRT,Replace Crash Zone Sensor R08070 0 3 hrs. 6 7 NTB09 001,OWNER S LETTER,Dear Nissan Frontier Xterra Pathfinder owner. This notice is sent to you in accordance with the requirements of the National Traffic and. Motor Vehicle Safety Act Nissan has decided that a defect which relates to motor vehicle. safety exists in some 2005 2009 Frontier Xterra Pathfinder vehicles Our records indicate. that you own the Nissan vehicle identified by the Vehicle Identification Number on the cover. of this notice,Reason for Recall, In those areas of the country which use heavy concentrations of road salt in the winter. Salt States a mixture of snow water and salt can enter into the front crash zone sensor. CZS housing during continuous driving As a result corrosion can occur and the CZS. may internally rust resulting in a signal interruption If this happens the red air bag warning. light will illuminate to alert the vehicle operator This could result in the driver and. passenger front air bags not inflating in a crash, Below are states that regularly use road salt in winter.
Connecticut Maine New Hampshire Vermont,Delaware Maryland New Jersey West Virginia. District of Columbia Massachusetts New York Wisconsin. Illinois Michigan Ohio,Indiana Minnesota Pennsylvania. Iowa Missouri Rhode Island, According to our records your vehicle is currently registered in one of these states. What Nissan Will Do, Your Nissan dealer will replace the CZS with a new more robust sensor This service free. for parts and labor can take up to 1 hour to complete but your Nissan dealer may require. your vehicle for a longer period of time based upon their work schedule or parts. availability,What You Should Do, Contact your Nissan dealer at your earliest convenience in order to arrange an appointment.
to have your CZS replaced Please bring this notice with you to your service appointment. Instructions have been sent to your Nissan dealer, If the red air bag warning light in your vehicle comes on and remains continuously. illuminated please take your vehicle to the dealership as soon as possible If the. dealer fails or is unable to make the necessary repairs free of charge you may contact the. National Consumer Affairs Department Nissan North America Inc P O Box 685003. Franklin TN 37068 5003 The toll free number is 1 800 NISSAN1 1 800 647 7261 You. may also contact the Administrator National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 1200. New Jersey Avenue SE Washington DC 20590 or call the toll free Vehicle Safety. Hotline at 1 888 327 4236 TTY 1 800 424 9153 or go to http www safercar gov. Federal law requires that any vehicle lessor receiving this recall notice must forward a copy. of this notice to the lessee within ten days, Thank you for your cooperation We are indeed sorry for any inconvenience this may. Nissan is conducting a voluntary safety recall on certain model year 2005 2009 Frontier Xterra and Pathfinder vehicles that are in dealer inventory and are currently registered in States that regularly use road salt in the winter Salt States

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