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1 Letter from Our Chairman CEO 26 Investing in,2 Our Company Our Workforce. 3 Corporate Profile 27 Employee Learning Development. 5 Our Approach to Corporate 28 Employee Engagement. Responsibility Sustainability 28 Employee Safety, 10 Supporting the United Nations 29 Employee Benefits. Sustainable Development Goals 30 Diversity Inclusion. 12 Empowering People 32 Operating Sustainably,Economies Responsibly. 13 Financial Empowerment 33 Environmental Sustainability. 17 Community Support 39 Corporate Governance,43 Ethics Compliance. 20 Securing Commerce 46 Engaging with Governments,Protecting Customers 48 Human Rights.
21 Payments Security 50 Responsible Sourcing,23 Cybersecurity at Visa. 24 Consumer Privacy 52 GRI Content Index,25 Transaction Integrity. Securing Commerce and Protecting Customers Operating. through an evolving and multi layered approach Committed to transition to 100 renewable electricity. that enables reliable trustworthy and frictionless by 2020 reduced our greenhouse gas emissions year. digital payment experiences over year for the second consecutive year implemented. Investing in Our Workforce by developing our the Visa Supplier Code of Conduct expanded our. world class talent fostering a diverse and inclusive Supplier Diversity program and became a founding. culture and offering training and benefits that supporter of the Centre for Sport and Human Rights. support our employees success, I am particularly proud of the growing third party. Operating Sustainably and Responsibly recognition we continue to receive for our. through advancing environmental sustainability environmental social and governance performance. and upholding the highest standards for integrity Visa was once again named to the Dow Jones. compliance and corporate governance Sustainability North American Index and the. FTSE4Good Index in 2018 We also were listed as one. As Visa celebrated our 60th anniversary and 10 years of Ethisphere s World s Most Ethical Companies for the. as a publicly traded company we also marked a year seventh consecutive year and included as members. of continued progress toward our goals across these of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens and 100 Most JUST. four areas including the following highlights Companies rankings among other recognitions. Letter from Our Empowering, Expanded our financial empowerment focus on micro I invite you to read our latest Corporate Responsibility. Chairman CEO and small businesses implemented programs including Sustainability report and hope you enjoy exploring. She s Next Money Is Changing and Visa Everywhere how Visa is helping create thriving economies strong. Women s Edition and helped unbanked individuals communities and a healthy planet. At Visa we work every day to connect the world to,access electronic payments accounts now reaching.
enable individuals businesses and economies to, 396 million toward our goal of 500 million by 2020 Sincerely. thrive and we are committed to doing so in a way, that supports both inclusive and sustainable growth Securing. to improve people s lives and drive economic and Evolved our industry leading security capabilities. societal progress expanded Visa Token Service and opened a new. Cyber Fusion Center in London to strengthen our, I am pleased to share with you Visa s annual Corporate global capability to rapidly collect analyze and. leverage cyber threat intelligence information Alfred F Kelly Jr. Responsibility Sustainability Report which details. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, our commitments and progress as an inclusive Investing. responsible ethical and sustainable corporate citizen Expanded Visa University our signature global. across four key areas learning platform launched a world class online and. Empowering People and Economies by supporting in person inclusion training program and created a. micro and small businesses expanding financial access Gender Inclusion Council of 20 Visa leaders to create. to the unbanked and underserved building financial a more inclusive working environment. capability and strengthening our communities,Our Company.
Visa Inc NYSE V is a global,payments technology,company that connects. consumers businesses,financial institutions and,governments in more. than 200 countries and,territories to fast secure and. reliable electronic payments,Corporate Profile Connecting the. World At a Glance, In the 60 years since the BankAmericard credit card was launched in Fresno California Visa has established itself.
as a leading global payments technology company Today we provide transaction processing services fraud and Headquarters. risk management solutions and digital payments technology that power commerce in more than 200 countries. and territories,San Francisco,Key Hubs Foster City Miami. Each day we work toward our vision to be the best way to pay and be paid for everyone everywhere Through our Singapore Dubai London. strategic focus we implement our mission to connect the world through the most innovative reliable and secure. digital payments network enabling individuals businesses and economies to thrive Global Offices and Data Centers. Vision To be the best way to pay and be paid for everyone everywhere. Mission To connect the world through the most innovative reliable. and secure payment network enabling individuals businesses and. economies to thrive Visa Network,160 currencies transacted. Strategic Framework as of September 30 2018,15 500 financial institution clients. Growth as of March 31 2019,Pillars 5 3 9 million merchant locations. as of June 30 2018,Drive Digital Deepen Partnerships Expand Access.
3 4 billion Visa cards,as of December 31 2018,1 24 3 billion total transactions. Develop Best Talent,processed by Visa in fiscal 2018. Foundational S 11 4 trillion total,Pillars payments and cash volume. Transform 12 months ending March 31 2019,Champion Leverage. Technology Security World Class Brand,Through our Visa branded payment products our.
financial institution clients develop and offer business. solutions credit debit prepaid and cash access,programs Other value added services we provide. to our clients include fraud and risk management,debit issuer processing loyalty services dispute. management security services such as tokenization, as well as consulting and analytics We also partner. with and invest in fintech companies to extend our. reach and enable rapid innovation, Behind these products lies VisaNet one of the world s. most advanced processing networks VisaNet is a,secure scalable and reliable system capable of.
processing more than 65 000 transaction messages,per second while providing fraud protection for. consumers and assured payment for merchants In,fiscal 2018 we saw 182 billion payments and cash. transactions with Visa s brand averaging to 500,million transactions per day. 2016 2018 Financial Results GAAP in millions except for per share data. Fiscal Year Ended September 30,2016 2017 2018,Operating revenues 15 082 18 358 20 609. Operating expenses 7 199 6 214 7 655,Operating income 7 883 12 144 12 954.
Net income 5 991 6 699 10 301,Shareholders equity 32 912 32 760 34 006. Diluted class A common stock earning per share 2 48 2 80 4 42. Our Approach to Corporate,Responsibility Sustainability. As a global leader in payments we have an opportunity and responsibility to join with our clients partners and. other stakeholders to connect the world helping to empower people businesses and communities to thrive. Our corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy focuses on priority issues in four groupings. Empowering People Securing Commerce Investing in Operating Sustainably. Economies Protecting Customers Our Workforce Responsibly. Micro Small Enterprise Payments Security Employee Learning Environmental Sustainability. Unbanked Underserved Cybersecurity Development Corporate Governance. Consumers Consumer Privacy Employee Engagement Ethics Compliance. Financial Capability Transaction Integrity Employee Benefits Responsible Sourcing. Literacy Employee Safety Engaging with Governments. Community Support Diversity Inclusion Human Rights. Relevant Memberships, Visa takes part in several membership organizations. and peer networks focused on corporate responsibility. and sustainability topics Key memberships include, Business for Social Responsibility Centre for Sport and. Human Rights Corporate Eco Forum Chief Executives, for Corporate Purpose CECP Corporate Responsibility.
Association Conference Board Corporate Responsibility. Council and Sustainable Brands,Materiality, To inform our corporate responsibility and sustainability. strategy Visa maintains ongoing engagement with,various stakeholder groups including shareholders. clients third party environmental social and,governance ESG organizations and interest groups. In addition we conduct formal ESG materiality, assessments on a biennial basis to identify the topics. most relevant to Visa and our external stakeholders. We organize and calibrate our corporate responsibility. and sustainability strategy around these topics In. 2019 we will conduct our next materiality assessment. to ensure our strategy continues to align with our. stakeholders evolving priorities and expectations and. Visa s long term success Read more about our most, recent materiality assessments in our 2016 Corporate.
Responsibility Report, In this report our use of the terms material materiality and other similar. terms refers to topics that reflect Visa s significant economic social and. environmental impacts or that substantially influence the assessments and. decisions of a diverse set of stakeholders We are not using these terms as. they are used under the securities or other laws of the United States or any. other jurisdiction or as these terms are used in the context of financial. statements and financial reporting,Stakeholder Engagement. At Visa we regularly engage with our stakeholders to inform our corporate responsibility and sustainability priorities. In 2018 we engaged key stakeholder groups in a variety of ways including. Stakeholder Group Engagement Approach Priorities Discussed. Employees Employee surveys Community Support Employee Learning Ethics Compliance. All staff meetings Consumer Privacy Development Financial Capability Literacy. Manager employee dialogue Diversity Inclusion Employee Engagement Human Rights. Simplify Work Tools Initiative Employee Benefits Environmental Sustainability IT Security. Intranet communications,Digital signage,Office events. Clients Client councils Community Support Ethics Compliance Responsible Marketing. including financial Payments forums Consumer Privacy Financial Capability Literacy Responsible Sourcing. non financial institutions Surveys Diversity Inclusion Human Rights Transaction Integrity. and merchants Briefing center visits Engaging with Governments IT Security Unbanked Underserved. Direct engagement Environmental Sustainability Micro Small Enterprise Consumers. Visa School of Business, Shareholders Earnings calls Consumer Privacy Employee Engagement Human Rights. SEC filings Corporate Governance Engaging with Governments IT Security. Investor conferences Diversity Inclusion Environmental Sustainability Tax Strategy. Direct investor engagement Employee Learning Ethics Compliance Transaction Integrity. ESG research firm profiles Development, Policymakers Visa hosted events Community Support Environmental Sustainability Micro Small Enterprise.
Regulators Participation as panelists at Consumer Privacy Engaging with Governments Responsible Sourcing. policy gatherings Corporate Governance Ethics Compliance Tax Strategy. Testimony before government bodies Diversity Inclusion Financial Capability Literacy Transaction Integrity. Direct engagement Employee Benefits Human Rights Unbanked Underserved. Visa School of Public Policy IT Security Consumers. Third Party Organizations Visa hosted events Community Support Environmental Sustainability Micro Small Enterprises. Conference participation Consumer Privacy Ethics Compliance Responsible Marketing. Memberships Diversity Inclusion Financial Capability Literacy Responsible Sourcing. Correspondence Employee Learning Human Rights Unbanked Underserved. Direct engagement Development Consumers,Engaging with Governments. Governance of Corporate Audit Risk Committee, Responsibility Sustainability Risk management including risk from ESG issues. At Visa ongoing corporate responsibility and Ethics and compliance. sustainability activities are managed at a functional. level across our strategic and operational areas Code of Business Ethics and Conduct. with executive and Board oversight Cybersecurity information security. Visa s Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability. Compensation Committee, Leadership Council serves as the central coordinating. body facilitating our corporate responsibility Executive compensation. and sustainability strategy and reporting efforts,Diversity and inclusion. The Leadership Council is co chaired by our Vice, Corporate Recognition President Head of Corporate Responsibility and.
Sustainability and our Chief Counsel Corporate Nominating Corporate Governance Committee. Dow Jones Sustainability North America with cross functional representation from more. as of March 31 2019 53 9 million merchant locations as of June 30 2018 3 4 billion Visa cards as of December 31 2018 124 3 billion total transactions processed by Visa in fiscal 2018 U S 11 4 trillion total payments and cash volume 12 months ending March 31 2019 3

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