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Vettius Valens Anthologies Book I, degrees in the zodiac Venus causes men to be gold spinners gold workers barbers and people fond of. cleanliness and toys It bestows the office of supervisor of weights and measures the standards of weights. and measures markets factories the giving and receiving of gifts laughter good cheer ornamentation. and hunting in moist places Venus gives benefits from royal women or from one s own and it brings. very high rank when it operates in such affairs Of the parts of the body it rules the neck the face the lips. the sense of smell the front parts from the feet to the head the parts of intercourse of the inner parts 4P it. rules the lungs It is a recipient of support from others and of pleasure Of materials 4K it rules precious. stones and fancy jewelry Of fruits it rules the olive It is of the night sect white in color very greasy in. Mercury indicates education letters disputation reasoning brotherhood interpretation embassies. number accounts geometry markets youth games theft association communication service gain. discoveries obedience sport wrestling declamation certification supervision weighing and measuring. the testing of coinage hearing versatility It is the bestower of forethought and intelligence the lord of. brothers and of younger children and the creator of all marketing and banking In its own character it. makes temple builders modelers sculptors doctors secretaries legal advisors orators philosophers. architects musicians prophets diviners augurs dream interpreters braiders weavers systematic. physicians those in charge of war and strategy and those undertaking any unusual systematic work in. accounting or with reasoning Mercury makes weight lifters and mimes those making their livelihood. with displays of skill deception gambling or sleight of hand It also rules those skilled interpreters of the. heavens those who by using pleasure or winning charm earn fame for their amazing feats all for the sake. of gain This star s effects go in many directions depending on the changes of the zodiac and the. interactions of the stars and yields quite varied results knowledge for some selling for others service for. others trade or teaching for others farming or temple service or public employment for still others To. some it grants authority rentals labor contracting rhythmical performance the display of public service. the acquisition of personal attendants or the right of wearing temple linen robed in the luxury appropriate. to gods or rulers As for the end result Mercury will make everything capricious in outcome and quite. disturbed Even more it causes those having this star in malefic signs or degrees to become even worse. Of the parts of the body it rules the hands the shoulders the fingers the joints the belly the sense of. hearing the arteries 5P the intestines the tongue Of materials it rules 5K copper and all coins used. in buying and selling for the god makes exchanges It is blue in color sharp in taste. The benefic stars which are appropriately and favorably situated bring about their proper effects. according to their own nature and the nature of their sign with the aspects and conjunctions of each star. being blended If however they are unfavorably situated they are indicative of reversals In the same way. even the malefic stars when they are operative in appropriate places in their own sect are bestowers of good. and indicative of the greatest positions and success when they are inoperative they bring about disasters. and accusations, Each star is the ruler of its own element in the universe with reference to the stars sympathy or. antipathy or mutual influence Their aspects are blended according the their applications or. separations their superior aspects or blockages their attendance their ray shooting or the. approach of their masters The moon becomes the ruler of foresight the sun the ruler of light Saturn the. ruler of ignorance and necessity Jupiter the ruler of rank crowns and zeal Mars becomes the ruler of action. and effort Venus the ruler of love desire and beauty Mercury the ruler of law friendship and trust These. stars have their own effects, Now that these matters have been settled the nature of the twelve signs must be mentioned. 2 The Nature of the Twelve Zodiacal Signs, Aries is the house of Mars a masculine sign tropic terrestrial governing fiery free upward trending. semi vocal noble changeable procuratorial public civic with few offspring servile the Midheaven of the. universe and the cause of rank two toned since the sun and the moon make white lichen It is also. unaspected and ecliptic Depending on its relationship with the houseruler men born under this sign will. be brilliant distinguished authoritarian just hard on offenders free governing bold in thought boastful. great hearted restless unstable haughty inflated intimidating 6K quickly changing wealthy When. the houserulers are favorably situated and have benefics in aspect kings and powerful men are born those. having the say over life and death, 6P Aries is by nature watery with thunder and hail From its first degree to the equinox it is.
stormy full of hail windy destructive The middle degrees up to 15 are mild and fruitful the following. degrees are hot and cause plagues of animals This sign has 19 bright stars On the belt are 14 bright. Vettius Valens Anthologies Book I, stars 27 dim 28 somewhat bright and 48 faint The constellations that rise at the same time as Aries are. in the north the first part of Perseus and the rear and the left parts of Auriga and in the south the fin and. tail of Cetus When Aries is rising the feet of Bootes in the north and the hind parts of Lupus in the. south are setting, The following zones are subject to Aries to the front parts Babylon to the head Elymais to the right. side Persis to the left Palestine and the neighboring areas to the turn of its head Babylonia to its breast. Armenia to its shoulders Thrace to its belly Cappadocia Susa the Red Sea and the Dead Sea to its. hind parts Egypt and the Indian Ocean, Taurus is feminine solid lying in the sun s spring tropic full of bones with some limbs missing. rising backwards setting straight down This sign lies for the most part in the invisible sky It is calm. From its first degree to 6 the section of the Pleiades it is worthless even destructive disease producing. thundering causing earthquakes and lightning flashes The next two degrees are fiery and smokey The. right part toward Auriga is temperate and cool The left parts are worthless and changeable sometimes. chilling at other times heating The head to 23 is in a temperate atmosphere but it causes disease and. death for living things The rest is destructive worthless disease ridden. It has 27 stars 7K The constellations that rise with it are in the north the rear of Auriga and in the. south the rear of Cetus and the first section of Eridanus Venus the moon Ceres Vesta Mars and. Mercury The constellations that set when Taurus is rising are in the north Bootes up to the belt and. the leg of Ophiouchus up to the knees In the south Orion rises with Taurus he is belted around the waist. extends his sword in his right hand 7P and holds in his left hand the so called caduceus. This sign is productive of order earthy rustic related to farming a freedman downward trending. with few offspring semi vocal and mute noble invariable energetic unfinished indicative of estates and. possessions The ecliptic lies to the north rising in line with its Taurus highest point Men born. under this sign are noble energetic toilsome good at keeping things pleasure loving music loving. generous Some are laborers propagators planters If benefics incline toward this place or if the houseruler. is favorably situated men become priests and school superintendants as well as those judged worthy of. crowns and of the purple of monuments and statues also supervisors of temples and distinguished and. brilliant individuals, The following zones are subject to Taurus to its head Media and the adjoining areas to its breast. Babylon to the right side toward Auriga Scythia to the Pleiades Cyprus to the left side Arabia and. the surrounding areas to its shoulders Persis and the Caucasus mountains to its truncated portion. Sarmatia to its loin Africa to its torso Elymais to its horns Carthage to its midparts Armenia. India Germany, Gemini is male bicorporeal articulate the house of Mercury upward trending celestial feminizing a.
freedman sterile public Under it are born scholars those working in education and letters poets music. lovers declaimers stewards those who receive trusts also translators merchants judges of good and evil. sensible people practicioners of the curious arts and seekers after mystic lore In general whatever the. houseruler usually produces according to its own nature whether good or bad greater or lesser this it. produces in each of the signs according to the operative or inoperative 8K configuration of the houseruler. I mention this so that we will not seem to be constantly writing the same thing. This sign is calm Its first 3 are worthless and destructive from 3 to 7 it is well watered good. weather from 7 to 15 The southern parts are well watered The last degrees are a combination of traits. It has 21 stars It lies toward the west wind According to the Sphaerica 8P the tail of Cetus lies. touching Gemini at one of its southern points also at its southern point on the due south line is the Satyr. Orion touching it with its club and it rises after the north part of Satyr where the spear is Lyra lies. to the south it lies on the due south line being midway between north and south Under Gemini s feet on. the due south line in the hemisphere visible to us is the so called Canis in front of its right foot Canis is. cut by a line running from the south pole through Gemini s head straight to the north pole Gemini rises. with the rest of Eridanus and Orion in the south The gods Apollo Hercules Vulcan Juno Saturn are. associated with it To the north Bootes Ophiouchus except the head and half of the Crown set when. Gemini rises The following zones are subject to Gemini to the front part India and the adjoining areas. and Celtica to the breast Cilicia Galatia Thrace and Boeotia to the midparts Egypt Libya Rome. Arabia Syria, Cancer is calm The parts are as follows under the two initial stars to the southeast it is worthless. destructive stifling productive of earthquakes From that point to 10 it makes the air damp and hot. having heavy rains and constant thunderstorms The right parts are worthless and destructive In the north. the Hare the front part of Canis Major and Procyon rise with Cancer It has 4 stars Mars Mercury. Vettius Valens Anthologies Book I, Jupiter Neptune Venus To the north the head of Bootes sets as Cancer rises as well as Hercules. Aquila and half of the Crown, It is the house of the moon feminine solstitial the Ascendant to the universe slavish downward. trending mute watery noble 9K changeable public popular civic prolific amphibious Men born. under this sign are ambitious popular constantly changing theatrical cheerful easily downcast pleasure. loving party giving public Unsteady of mind they say one thing but think another and not sticking to. one activity or at the most two they become wanderers and travelers. The following zones are subject to Cancer to the front Bactria 9P to the left Zakynthus and. Acarnania to the back Ethiopia and Schina under the head are the Crimean Gulf and the tribes. surrounding it the Red Sea the Caspian Sea the Hellespont the Libyan Sea Britain and Thule Under. the feet are Armenia Cappadocia Rhodes Kos Under the tip of Cancer i e at the mouth are. Troglodytia Lydia Ionia and the Hellespont, Leo is masculine the house of the sun free fiery temperate intellectual kingly stable noble. upward trending changeable solid governing civic imperious irascible Men born under this sign are. distinguished noble steady just haters of evil independent haters of flattery beneficent inflated with. their lofty thoughts If the houseruler is at an angle or in aspect with benefics then brilliant glorious. individuals are born tyrants and kings, Leo is hot the bright star in its breast Regulus is fiery and stifling The parts are as follows to 20.
it is stifling causing diseases of animals in the zones and places subject to it The right side is moveable. fiery the south part is wet the lower parts are destructive to everything the middle and the left are. Leo has stars According to the Sphaerica in the north the left arm of Bootes rises with Leo in. the south the prow of Argo the rest of the Dog and Hydra whose tail stretches to the claws of Scorpio. Libra and its head to the claws of Cancer as far as the Crater Above Leo lies the Little Bear and on. line with it lies the head of Draco 10K which Ophiouchus touches On the north are the Dolphin Lyra. Zeugma Cygnus except for the bright star in its tail and the head of Pegasus. The following zones are subject to Leo to the head Gaul and the adjoining areas to the fore parts. Bithynia to the right side Macedonia and the neighboring areas to the left side Propontus to the feet. Galatia to the belly Gaul to the shoulders Thrace to the flanks Phoenicia the Adriatic and Lybia to. the midparts Phrygia and Syria to the tail Pessinus. 10P Virgo is the house of Mercury feminine winged anthropomorphic luxurious standing like the. figure of Justice bicorporeal barren a freedman with no offspring downward trending earthy common. Vettius Valens Anthologies Book I 1 1 The Nature of the Stars In a nativity the all seeing sun nature s fire and intellectual light the organ of mental perception indicates kingship rule intellect intelligence beauty motion loftiness of fortune the ordinance of the gods judgement public reputation action authority over the masses the father the master friendship noble

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