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USER S GUIDE 2471, The COMP indicator flashes on the display while a measurement is in Note that if there are sudden changes in weather or. progress temperature the graph line of past measurements may run. The direction value that appears on the display represents the clockwise off the top or bottom of the display The entire graph will. angle formed between magnetic north which is 0 degrees and the become visible once barometric conditions stabilize Not visible on. displayed direction The following conditions cause the barometric pressure the display. measurement to be skipped with the corresponding point on. Note the barometric pressure graph being left blank. Note that taking a measurement while the watch is not horizontal in Barometric reading that is out of range 260 hPa mb to 1 100 hPa mb or. relation to the horizon can result in large measurement error 7 65 inHg to 32 45 inHg. The margin of error for the direction value is 11 degrees If the indicated Sensor malfunction. direction is northwest NW and 315 degrees for example the actual Dead batteries. direction can be anywhere from 304 to 326 degrees, Digital Compass operation is automatically interrupted whenever an alarm About Barometric and Temperature Measurements. Daily Alarm or Hourly Time Signal sounds If this happens start the Digital Barometric pressure and temperature measurement operations are. Compass operation again from the beginning performed as soon as you enter the Barometer Thermometer Mode After. The following table shows the meanings of each of the direction that barometric pressure and temperature measurements are taken every. abbreviations that appear on the display five seconds for the first three minutes. The BARO indicator flashes on the display while a measurement is in. Direction Meaning Direction Meaning Direction Meaning Direction Meaning. North East,N North NNE,NE Northeast ENE, northeast The barometer automatically takes measurements every two hours starting. East South from midnight regardless of what mode you are in The results of these. E East ESE SE Southeast SSE measurements are used for the barometric pressure graph. southeast southeast, South West You can also perform a barometric pressure and temperature measurement. S South SSW SW Southwest WSW, southwest southwest at any time by pressing C in the Barometer Thermometer Mode.
W West WNW West NW Northwest NNW North, northwest northwest Barometer and Thermometer Precautions. See Digital Compass Precautions for other important information about The pressure sensor built into this watch measures changes in air. taking direction readings pressure which you can then apply to your own weather predictions It is. not intended for use as a precision instrument in official weather prediction. or reporting applications, Barometer Thermometer Sudden temperature changes can affect pressure sensor readings. Temperature measurements are affected by your body temperature while. This watch uses a pressure sensor to measure air pressure barometric you are wearing the watch direct sunlight and moisture To achieve a. pressure and a temperature sensor to measure temperature more accurate temperature measurement remove the watch from your. You can calibrate the temperature sensor and the pressure sensor if you wrist place it in a well ventilated location out of direct sunlight and wipe off. suspect that readings are incorrect all moisture from the case It takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes for the. case of the watch to reach the actual surrounding temperature. To take Barometric Pressure and Temperature Readings. You can change the measured barometric pressure unit between hecto. Barometric pressure graph Pressing C in the Timekeeping Mode or in any pascals millibars hPa mb and inchesHg inHg See Changing the. unit 1hPa mb 0 05 inHg of the other sensor modes enters the Barometer Barometric Pressure and Temperature Units for details. Thermometer Mode The watch automatically You can change the measured temperature value displayed by this watch. starts barometric pressure and temperature between Celsius C and Fahrenheit F See Changing the Barometric. measurement and displays the results Pressure and Temperature Units. Barometric pressure is displayed in units of,1hPa mb or 0 05 inHg. Temperature is displayed in units of 0 1 C or Altimeter. Temperature A built in altimeter uses a pressure sensor to detect the current air pressure. Barometric pressure which is then used to estimate the current altitude The watch is pre. programmed with ISA International Standard Atmosphere preset values. The displayed barometric pressure value changes toxxxx hPa mb or which are used to convert air pressure readings to altitude values If you. inHg if a measured barometric pressure falls outside the range of 260 hPa preset a reference altitude the watch will also calculate the current relative. mb to 1100 hPa mb 7 65 inHg to 32 45 inHg The barometric pressure altitude based on your preset value Altimeter functions also include data. value will be displayed again as soon as the measured barometric pressure storage memory and an altitude alarm. is within the allowable range, The displayed temperature value changes to xx x C or F if a Important. measured temperature falls outside the range of 10 0 C to 60 0 C 14 0 F This watch estimates altitude based on air pressure This means that. to 140 0 F The temperature value will be displayed again as soon as the altitude readings for the same location may vary if air pressure changes. measured temperature is within the allowable range This watch employs a semiconductor pressure sensor which is affected by. Some countries refer to the barometric pressure unit hecto pascal hPa as temperature changes When taking altitude measurements be sure to do. millibars mb It really makes no difference because 1hPa 1mb In this so while ensuring that the watch is not exposed to temperature changes. manual we use hPa mb or hPa mb To avoid the effect of sudden temperature changes on measurement wear. See About Barometric and Temperature Measurements for important the watch so it is in direct contact with your wrist during measurement. precautions Do not rely upon this watch for altitude measurements or perform button. operations while engaging in sports where there are sudden altitude. Barometric Pressure Graph changes while sky diving hang gliding or paragliding or while riding a. Barometric pressure indicates changes in the atmosphere By monitoring gyrocopter glider or any other aircraft. these changes you can predict the weather with reasonable accuracy The Do not use this watch for measuring altitude in applications that demand. barometric pressure graph shows the barometric readings for the past 26 professional or industrial level precision. hours The flashing point on the right of the display is the point for the newest Remember that the air inside of a commercial aircraft is pressurized. measurement Note that pressure graph readings are relative to the newest Because of this the readings produced by this watch will not match the. measurement point One dot above the newest point is plus 1hPa mb altitude readings announced or indicated the flight crew. 0 05 inHg while one dot below is minus 1hPa mb 0 05 inHg The following. shows how to interpret the data that appears on the barometric pressure How the Altimeter Works. With the Preset Values No Reference Altitude, The watch measures the air pressure at your current location and uses the.
built in ISA values to convert it to the equivalent altitude. A rising graph generally means improving weather, A falling graph generally means deteriorating weather. USER S GUIDE 2471, With a Reference Altitude Starting a new measurement automatically clears relative altitude. If you set a reference altitude the watch measurement time maximum altitude and total ascent values currently in. uses that value when calculating altitude memory, based on air pressure Starting a new measurement does not clear cumulative total ascent This. To determine the height of a tall building value continues to increase until it reaches 99 995 meters 327 983 feet. set the reference altitude to 0 on the After that it reverts to 0 and starts again. ground floor Note however that you may The interval between memory measurements depends on whether the. not be able to get a good reading if the Short Mode or the Long Mode is selected. building is pressurized or air conditioned Short Mode 5 minute interval. When mountain climbing you can set the B,Long Mode 15 minute interval. reference value in accordance with a Relative altitude cumulative total ascent and maximum altitude data is. marker along the way or altitude calculated at regular intervals depending on the Long Mode Short Mode. information from a map After you do this 400, setting In both modes calculations are performed every five seconds for the.
the altitude readings produced by the first three minutes After that calculations are performed every minute in the. watch will be more accurate than they Short Mode and every two minutes in the Long Mode. would without a reference altitude,To select the Short Mode or Long Mode. To take an altitude reading,1 In the Altimeter Mode hold down A until the. Pressing E in the Timekeeping Mode or in any of the other sensor modes display clears After four or five seconds. enters the Altimeter Mode The watch automatically starts altitude lll either OFF or the current reference altitude. measurement and displays the results, lllllll value if set starts to flash which indicates. Altitude graph current altitude flashing unit 10m 40 ft the setting screen. OFF indicates no reference altitude, Altitude Note that you will not be able to change the. Short Long Mode setting if a memory,About one measurement operation is in progress.
second later,2 Press D twice,This causes either 0 05 Short Mode or. ll l l l lll 0 15 Long Mode to appear which, Timekeeping Mode time lllll indicates the current mode setting. 3 Each press of E toggles between the Short, See About Altitude Measurements for important information Mode and Long Mode. Altitude is displayed in units of 5 meters 20 feet 4 Press A to exit the setting screen. The measurement range for altitude is 700 to 10 000 meters 2 300 to. 32 800 feet To perform memory measurement, The measured altitude may be a negative value in cases where there is a Hold down E for about one second until REC. reference altitude value set or because of certain atmospheric conditions flashes which indicates that memory. The displayed altitude value changes to xxxxx meters or feet if a measurement has started. measured altitude falls outside the measurement range The altitude value Memory measurement stops automatically. will be displayed again as soon as the measured altitude is within the after there are 41 records accumulated in. allowable range ll ll memory When you want to stop a memory. You can change the unit of measurement for the displayed altitude values llll measurement operation manually hold down. between meters m and feet ft See To change the Altitude Units E for about one second until REC disappears. About Altitude Measurements While a memory measurement operation is in progress press A to toggle. There are two types of altitude measurements those for displayed data between the Standard Altitude screen and the Relative Altitude screen. Altimeter Mode measurements and those for memory data Memory Standard Altitude Relative Altitude. measurements Screen Screen,Relative altitude,Altimeter Mode measurement.
You can perform Altimeter Mode measurements in the Altimeter Mode only. and an altimeter measurement operation starts whenever you enter the. Altimeter Mode, During the first three minutes after entering the Altimeter Mode ALTI flashes. on the display and measurements are taken every five seconds After that REL indicator Measurement time. Timekeeping Mode time, the interval between measurements depends on whether you are using the. Short Mode 1 minute intervals or the Long Mode 2 minute intervals Note. Long Mode is the default setting See Memory measurement for REC flashes on the display while a memory measurement operation is in. information about the Short Mode and Long Mode progress. If you do not perform any operation while in the Altimeter Mode the watch Starting the memory measurement operation deletes any altimeter data. automatically returns to the Timekeeping Mode after four or five hours in except for cumulative total ascent data currently in memory and its graph. the Short Mode or after nine or 10 hours in the Long Mode and replaces it with the new data Note that you cannot delete memory. contents manually, Memory measurement You can recall data in memory using the Data Recall Mode. The memory measurement operation stores the following data in watch. memory Note that each time you perform a memory measurement operation Setting a Reference Altitude. it creates a new set of records replacing the set of records currently in After you set a reference altitude the watch adjusts its air pressure to altitude. memory Memory measurement continues to be performed indicated by the conversion calculation accordingly The altitude measurements produced by. REC indicator flashing on the display even if you change to another mode this watch are subject to error caused by changes in air pressure Because of. Measurement start time date and altitude 1 record this we recommend that you update the reference altitude whenever one is. USER S GUIDE 2471 1 Getting Acquainted Congratulations upon your selection of this CASIO watch To get the most out of your purchase be sure to carefully read this manual and keep it on hand for later reference when necessary Expose the watch to bright light to charge its battery before using it You can use this watch even as its battery is being charged by exposure to bright light

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