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1, Dear Customer , You are now the proud owner of an AIXAM vehicle and we would like to thank. you for your trust in us , AIXAM vehicles are designed to bring you the greatest satisfaction on board and. our approved distributor network is at your disposal to guarantee you the best. possible service , Please read the maintenance programme the terms of warranty and the explanations contained in. this manual to familiarise yourself with your new vehicle . We would like to remind you of four important safety rules for your safety and that of your. passengers , Never drive under the influence of alcohol medication or drugs . Always adhere to the indicated speed limits and never drive faster than traffic conditions. allow , Always use seat belts and appropriate restraint systems for children .
Always explain to your passengers how to use the safety devices correctly . Have a safe trip , AIXAM, After sales service, 2, INTRODUCTION. This instruction and maintenance manual also referred to as the user manual or instruction book will give you important information advice and. warnings on transporting starting driving and maintaining your AIXAM . Your vehicle offers the best in terms of economics reliability and comfort It is up to you to retain its qualities as long as possible to take full advantage. of its performance , Full and constant compliance with the instructions contained in this technical manual ensure safety of people and of the vehicle the lowest possible. running costs and a longer life as well as environmental protection This is why we ask you to carefully read this manual before using the vehicle for. the first time , Photographs and drawings are provided by way of examples in order to describe the operations to be carried out on the vehicle . This manual was written by AIXAM MEGA and is an integral part of the vehicle It must be stored in the vehicle and be available at all times for all users If. this manual is not inside the vehicle the warranty may be null and void . Follow the warnings and regularly carry out the inspections and services indicated at the periods and mileage stated . We recommend that your vehicle is serviced only by specialised personnel authorised by AIXAM MEGA and that you follow the instructions provided in this. manual at all times We also recommend that you comply with all standards concerning accident prevention at work and the Highway Code . The driver shall be liable for any danger caused by observing other provisions and where applicable may not claim circumstances of fact attributable to the. manufacturer AIXAM MEGA The purpose of this vehicle is to transport goods or passengers These operations must be carried out within the. permissible limits on capacity indicated in this document . AIXAM MEGA declines all liability for the consequences of any modification to the vehicle made without its approval . AIXAM MEGA constantly strives to improve its products We therefore reserve the right to carry out technical modifications with the intention of improving. the product , Even if your vehicle does not correspond to the illustrations contained in this document safety and information concerning the vehicle remain. guaranteed , We shall also update the documentation but the instructions and technical data provided shall not be final and may not be used for.
claims or compensation in general ,3, VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION. I the undersigned hereby declare I have accepted the vehicle the. serial number of which appears opposite in perfect condition . Serial No Customer signature ,Engine No ,Inverter unit No . Registration No ,Date of 1st registration ,Vehicle owner Stamp of establishment selling the. vehicle ,Street and No , ,Postcode ,Town ,Telephone . 4, VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION, The legal plates and registrations are inside the vehicle on the rail under the right hand slider of the passenger seat .
1 The serial number is imprinted and consists of 17 characters and 2 asterisks on each end . VLGXXXXXXY0000001 ,Format of the serial No , VLG manufacturer code We remind you that altering markings. XXXXXX type variant version and identifications may lead to serious. Y assembly unit criminal penalties,0000001 order No . 2 The manufacturer s plate is fitted with two studs next to the serial number . Never remove the ID plate the warnings or instructions fitted on an AIXAM vehicle . Replace them quickly if they are damaged or lost . 5, RISK IDENTIFICATION LABELS, DANGER WARNING SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, DANGER LIVE ELECTRICAL PARTS. NEVER TRY TO ACCESS ANY PART OF THE VEHICLE WHICH REQUIRES THE USE. OF A TOOL, COMPULSORY WEARING OF SEAT BELT, 6, CONTENTS.
GENERAL INFORMATION Windscreen wiper control 44, Welcome 2 Interior lighting 44. Introduction 3 Hazard warning lights 44, Vehicle identification 4 to 6 Reversing 45. Contents 7 Parking brake 45, Safety 8 to 11 Wing mirrors 45. Technical characteristics 12 to 15 Heating ventilation 46. Inspections for the user 16 Air conditioning 47, Revision programme 17 to 20 12V socket cigarette lighter ashtray 49. Lubricant and quantities 21 Multimedia screen 50, Anti theft alarm 50 52.
Fuel 53,USER MANUAL Starting stopping the vehicle 53. Driving advice and bodywork maintenance 54, Locking and unlocking doors 22 Cleaning the vehicle 55. Opening and closing the tailgate 23 24, Opening and closing the bonnet 25 CHECKS AND MAINTENANCE. Window control 26 In the event of a puncture and tyre pressure 55 56. Seats 26 Battery 57, Seat belts 27 to 29 Fuse box and relays 58. Child safety 29 Replacing bulbs 59, Instrument panel 30 to 41 Levels 61 to 63.
ABS braking 42, Indicators and audible warning 43 DOCUMENTS. Light controls 43 44, Log book 66 to 73, Depending on version. 7, SAFETY FIRST,This symbol means refer to the user manual . WARNING, This manual describes only routine maintenance For the recommended servicing AIXAM recommends using an. approved AIXAM distributor who is trained and qualified to work on your vehicle . If you encounter differences in the equipment please contact the after sales service of your approved AIXAM distributor . Please also contact the after sales service of the approved AIXAM distributor in your sector for any problems concerning the AIXAM vehicle you. own or to acquire spare parts , Non original manufacturer spare parts may damage the vehicle Therefore use only original manufacturer spare parts and the.
recommended maintenance products Following this advice is the only way you can retain its characteristics for many years . Prior to delivery your vehicle was inspected to guarantee that your vehicle and fittings comply with your order . Our approved AIXAM distributor is required to carry out checks before delivery and to deliver your vehicle on time Please check that your vehicle. is in perfect condition and fitted with the equipment ordered . Each vehicle has a user manual which explains how the vehicle s different equipment works as well as servicing . SAFETY STANDARDS, It is essential to familiarise yourself with the content of this manual which must be constantly available to persons. authorised to drive the vehicle in order to comply with SAFETY STANDARDS and recommendations concerning vehicle. maintenance , MANUFACTURER S COMMERCIAL WARRANTY, To benefit from the warranty regular maintenance must be justified These procedures must be proven by keeping the log. book up to date as well as by presenting the invoices for these services In order to allow you to get the most out of your. vehicle we recommend you have your vehicle serviced by an approved AIXAM distributor . 8, The safety alert symbol is used in this manual and on the stickers affixed to the vehicle in order to. avoid the possibility of injury , Read these instructions carefully It is essential that you read these instructions and safety rules before. attempting to repair or use this vehicle , DANGER .
indicates an imminent dangerous situation which if not avoided will cause serious or even fatal injuries . WARNING , indicates a potentially dangerous situation which if not avoided may cause serious or even fatal injuries . ATTENTION , indicates a potentially dangerous situation which if not avoided may cause slight or more serious injury . Never compromise the vehicle s integrity Do not modify the vehicle Do not drill stamp heat cut unscrew dismantle or deform. any part of the vehicle , BE PREPARED FOR EMERGENCIES. Keep a first aid kit fire extinguisher triangle and safety vest at hand . Ensure you have doctors ambulance hospital and fire brigade numbers close to your telephone . SAFE START, Before using the vehicle the user must ensure he she is able to drive safely . Any unauthorised modification or use may damage the vehicle s operation and or its safety as well as its life span . 9, YOUR VEHICLE BELONGS TO THE QUADRIMOBILE L6e CATEGORY.
You can only access public roads if your model is approved for road use is registered with a number plate and the driver holds. the required driving permits , It is your responsibility to check that you are authorised to put your car on the road . HERE IS THE LIST OF ROADS WHICH ARE BANNED TO ALL AIXAM VEHICLES . No vehicles , No entry for vehicular traffic , No entry for mopeds or light quadricycles . INSURANCE IS COMPULSORY, FOR YOUR VEHICLE , No entry for motor vehicles . Cycle path or strip forbidden for quadricycles , Bus lane . Road for vehicles forbidden for quadricycles , Motorway access forbidden for quadricycles .
No right turn for mopeds and light quadricycles , Direction forbidden for mopeds and light quadricycles . the signs shown are valid for France only, 10, SAFETY RULES. Do not transport passengers in the part reserved for loading . Do not leave a child alone in the vehicle risk of suffocation. Do not leave objects on the parcel shelf In the event of sharp braking or an accident they may become projectile . Do not leave the keys in the ignition if the driver is not present . In rain fog or snow the driver must use the windscreen wipers lights and light signals as well as the demisting de icing system on the windscreen . In the event of breakdown the driver must park the vehicle as far as possible in a clear zone and warn other users using the hazard and position lights . and also put the parking brake on He she must wear a safety vest and place the triangle on the road The user must also equip their vehicle with as many. safety vests and triangles as required by legislation in the country where the vehicle is being used . The driver and passenger should leave the vehicle and remain in a safe area a good distance away . Use on uneven roads and off roading is prohibited . The vehicle must travel on asphalt roads access routes to residences are only authorised over short distances a few hundred metres and at a speed of. less than 10 kph , If the pavement has to be mounted it must be done at a less than 5 kph . Before going through a ford gauge the depth of the water It must be no more than 10 cm Drive at walking speed In the water do not stop and do not turn. off the engine Do not start to cross if a vehicle is coming the opposite way Once through carefully try the brakes to dry or de ice them Never pass. through salty water , If carrying animals on the vehicle use a safety system suitable for their size and weight . BEFORE SERVICING OR REPAIRING, Carefully read the instructions and safety recommendations in this manual and on the safety stickers affixed to the vehicle .
Clean the work surface and the vehicle , Park the vehicle on a firm and flat surface Mark out and protect the work zone against any unauthorised persons . Let the vehicle cool down before carrying out any work . Take the key out of the ignition , Disconnect the negative cable from the starter battery . Hang up a sign with DO NOT START in the driver s side . RECYCLING BATTERIES AND TYRES, The starter battery and used tyres must be recovered and recycled by specialists in the collection of waste which is hazardous. for nature Never dispose of a battery or tyre in domestic waste and never fly tip At the end of its life your vehicle must be. passed on to a demolition and recycling professional approved by the authorities in the country of the vehicle . 11, TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS, GENERAL CITY COUPE CROSSLINE CROSSOVER CROSSLINE GT. Type L6e BP light quadricycle L7e CP heavy quadricycle. Type and version UV53AF0A UV51AF0A UV52AF0A UV52CF0B UT62AF0B. Guide wheels, Front, Drive wheels, DIMENSIONS mm CITY COUPE CROSSLINE CROSSOVER CROSSLINE GT.
Front track width 1345 except versions with 16 wheels 1335 1345. Rear track width 1345 except versions with 16 wheels 1335 1345. Wheel base 1795 2000, Front overhang 561 569 GTO 560. Rear overhang 406 436 GTO 440, Overall length 2762 2800 GTO 3000. Overall width 1500, Height 25 1480 1465 GTO 1480 1465 GTI 1540 1590 1540. WEIGHT kilograms CITY COUPE CROSSLINE CROSSOVER CROSSLINE GT. Permissible gross weight 675 760, Permissible gross carrying weight None. Permissible maximum load CITY COUPE CROSSLINE CROSSOVER CROSSLINE GT. On the front axle 340 350, On the rear axle 400 470.
This manual was written by AIXAM MEGA If and is an integral part of the vehicle It must be stored in the vehicle and be available at all times for all users It must be stored in the vehicle and be available at all times for all users

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