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Tip Over Hazard,Do not use dishwasher until completely installed. Do not push down on open door,Doing so can result in serious injury or cuts. GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS, For a grounded cord connected dishwasher Check with a qualified electrician or service representative if. The dishwasher must be grounded In the event of a you are in doubt whether the dishwasher is properly. malfunction or breakdown grounding will reduce the risk of grounded Do not modify the plug provided with the. electric shock by providing a path of least resistance for dishwasher if it will not fit the outlet have a proper outlet. electric current The dishwasher is equipped with a cord installed by a qualified electrician. having an equipment grounding conductor and a grounding For a permanently connected dishwasher. plug The plug must be plugged into an appropriate outlet The dishwasher must be connected to a grounded metal. that is installed and grounded in accordance with all local permanent wiring system or an equipment grounding. codes and ordinances conductor must be run with the circuit conductors and. WARNING Improper connection of the equipment connected to the equipment grounding terminal or lead on. grounding conductor can result in a risk of electric shock the dishwasher. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS,KEY USAGE TIPS,Filtration system Drying Rinse aid is essential. Your dishwasher has latest You must use a drying agent such. technology in dishwasher filtration as a rinse aid for good drying. This filtration system minimizes Upper Filter performance Rinse aid along with. sound and optimizes water and the Heat Dry option will provide best. energy conservation while providing drying and avoid excessive moisture. superior cleaning in dishwasher interior,The filter system consists of two.
parts an upper filter assembly Lower Filter,and lower filter. IMPORTANT To avoid damage to dishwasher do not operate your. dishwasher without filters properly installed Be sure lower filter is. securely in place and upper filter assembly is locked into place. If the upper assembly turns freely it is not locked into place Energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is gained by extending cycle time and reducing the. Filter maintenance amount of wattage and water used during your dishwasher s cycle For. exceptional cleaning cycles are longer due to the soak and pauses. The filters may need to be cleaned when, Efficient dishwashers run longer to save water and energy just as. Visible objects or soils are on upper driving a car slower saves on gas. filter assembly,Dishes feel gritty to the touch,Press Start Resume every time. See Filtration System in full User L,you add a dish. Instructions for complete removal and,maintenance schedule.
IMPORTANT If anyone opens the door such as for, IMPORTANT Do not use wire brush adding a dish even during the Delay Hours option. scouring pad etc as they may damage Start Resume must be pressed each time. the filters If Start Resume is located on top of door. Rinse filter under running water until soils are Push door firmly closed within 4 seconds of. removed If you have hard to remove soils or pressing Start Resume If door is not closed. calcium deposits from hard water a soft within 4 seconds the Start Resume button LED. brush may be required will flash an audible tone will be heard and cycle. will not start,Recommended detergent, The United States and Canada have passed a restriction limiting the amount of phosphorus phosphates. in household dishwasher detergents Major manufacturers have reformulated their dishwasher detergent. for this change in detergents as another step in eco conscious awareness With these recent changes. it is recommended to use high quality tablets or packs for convenience and improved performance. OPERATING YOUR DISHWASHER, 1 Prepare and Load the Dishwasher 2 Check That All Arms Spin Freely. Upper rack Lower rack, IMPORTANT Remove leftover food bones toothpicks and other hard. items from dishes Remove labels from containers before washing. Make sure when dishwasher door is closed no items are blocking. detergent dispenser, Items should be loaded with soiled surfaces facing down and.
inward to the spray as shown in the graphics above This will 3 Add Detergent. improve cleaning and drying results Angle dirtiest dish surface. downward allowing space for water to flow up through rack and Use automatic dishwasher detergent only Add powder liquid. between dishes or tablet detergent just before starting a cycle. Avoid overlapping items like bowls or plates that may trap food Fresh automatic dishwasher. detergent results in better, Place plastics small plates and glasses in upper rack cleaning Store tightly closed. Wash only items marked dishwasher safe detergent container in a cool. To avoid thumping clattering noises during operation Load dishes dry place. so they do not touch one another Make sure lightweight load items Premeasured Detergents. are secured in racks,Many detergents now come in,premeasured forms gel packs. tablets or powder packs These forms are suitable for all hardness and. When loading silverware always place sharp soil levels Always place premeasured detergents in main compartment. items pointing down and avoid nesting as and close lid. shown If your silverware does not fit into the Dishwasher detergent tablets and packs have been proven better than. designated slots flip covers up and mix powder liquid or gel detergents at reducing filming on dishes Using. silverware types to keep them separated tablets or packs will start to reduce or eliminate white film over time. Also by using a rinse aid you can minimize repeat buildup of white film. Use slots in the covers if provided and suggested loading patterns. to keep your silverware separated for optimum wash. NOTE Silverware basket may vary by model, Powder and Gels NOTE For most water conditions the factory setting will give. good results,The amount of detergent to use depends on. Check water hardness level to ensure no rings or, How much soil remains on the items Heavily soiled loads require.
spots on your dishware before adding rinse aid or,more detergent adjusting the factory setting. The hardness of the water If you use too little detergent in hard. If you are experiencing poor drying performance, water dishes won t be clean If you use too much in soft water. you may want to try a higher setting,glassware will etch. Soft to Medium Water 0 6 grains per U S gallon typical water Turn the arrow adjuster inside the dispenser to change rinse aid setting. softener water and some city water, Medium to Hard Water 7 12 grains per U S gallon well water. and some city water,5 Select a Cycle cycles vary by model.
Depending on your water hardness fill the Main Wash section Efficient dishwashers run longer to save water and energy just as. of the dispenser as shown Fill the Pre Wash section to the level driving a car slower saves on gas Typical cycle time is approximately. shown if needed 2 hours but can take less or more time to complete depending. NOTE Follow instructions on the package when using other on selections. dishwasher detergent types,6 Select Options options vary by model. 4 Add Rinse Aid You can customize your cycles by pressing the options desired If you. Your dishwasher is designed to use rinse aid for good drying change your mind press the option again to turn off the option Not all. performance Without rinse aid your dishes and dishwasher interior options are available for every cycle If an invalid option is selected for. will have excessive moisture The Heat Dry option will not perform a given cycle the lights will flash. as well without rinse aid, Rinse aid keeps water from forming droplets that can dry Full. as spots or streaks It also improves drying by allowing. water to drain off of dishes after final rinse,7 Start or Resume a Cycle. NOTE Run hot water at the sink nearest your dishwasher until the. water is hot Turn off water, To add rinse aid turn the If the Start Resume button is located on top of door push door. dispenser cap 1 4 turn to the left firmly closed within 4 seconds of pressing Start Resume If door. and lift off Pour rinse aid into the is not closed within 4 seconds the Start Resume button LED will. opening until indicator level is at flash an audible tone will be heard and cycle will not start. Full Replace dispenser cap and IMPORTANT If anyone opens the door such as for adding a dish. turn to Lock Make sure cap is even during the Delay Hours option the Start Resume button must. fully locked be pressed each time, If your Start Resume button is located on front of door push door.
firmly closed The door latches automatically Select the wash. cycle options and press START RESUME or press START. RESUME to repeat the same cycle and options as in previous. wash cycle,CYCLE GUIDE, This information covers several different models Your dishwasher may not have all of the cycles and options described. CYCLES SOIL LEVEL WASH TIME MINS WATER,W O OPTIONS USAGE. TYPICAL MAX LITERS, Use for hard to clean heavily soiled pots pans casseroles All soil levels 150 210 7 5 28 3. and tableware, This cycle with only the Heat Dry option selected and without Light to Medium 120 180 3 0 11 4. other options selected is recommended to completely wash. Heavy 150 210 7 5 28 1, and dry a full load of normally soiled dishes The energy usage.
label is based on this cycle and option combination. For fast results 1 Hr Wash will clean dishes using slightly more All soil levels 60 65 5 8 21 9. water and energy Select the Heat Dry option to provide best. drying performance, OPTIONS CAN BE WHAT IT DOES ADDED TIME TO CYCLE ADDED. SELECTED WATER,WITH GALLONS,TYPICAL MAX LITERS, Raises main wash temperature to improve Heavy Raises main wash 35 45 0 to 3 7. cleaning for loads containing tough Normal temperature from 0 to 14 0. baked on food 105 F 41 C to,135 F 54 C, Dries dishes with heat This option with the Available with Uses heating 52 52 0. use of rinse aid will provide the best drying any cycle element and vents. performance Plastic items are less likely to to speed drying. deform when loaded in the top rack Use times Heat Dry. Heat Dry for optimum drying performance option defaults to On. or turn the Heat Dry option off for air dry when any cycle is. selected except for, Runs dishwasher at a later time Select a Available with Delays start of a 240 240 0. wash cycle and options Press 4 HR DELAY any cycle cycle up to 4 hours. Press START RESUME Close door firmly,NOTE Anytime door is opened such as to.
add a dish Start Resume must be pressed,again to resume delay countdown. Control Avoids unintended use of dishwasher between cycles or cycle and option changes during a cycle. Lock To turn on Control Lock press and hold 4 HR DELAY for 3 seconds The Control Lock light will stay on for a short time indicating. that it is activated and all buttons are disabled If you press any button while your dishwasher is locked the light flashes 3 times. The dishwasher door can still be opened closed while the controls are locked. To turn off Control Lock press and hold 4 HR DELAY for 3 seconds The light turns off. NOTE If your model requires you to press and hold 4 HR DELAY to lock controls the control locked LED will be on or off to indicate. whether the Control Lock is active or not,Control Purpose Comments. Press to start or If the door is opened during a cycle or the power is interrupted the Start Resume button LED flashes Cycle. resume a wash will not resume until door is closed and Start Resume is pressed. cycle NOTE If Start Resume button is located on top of door push door firmly closed within 4 seconds of pressing. Start Resume If door is not closed within 4 seconds the Start Resume button LED will flash an audible tone. will be heard on some top control models and the cycle will not start. Press to cancel Close the door firmly The dishwasher starts a 2 minute drain if needed Let dishwasher drain completely. wash cycle, To follow progress The Clean indicator glows when a cycle is finished. of your dishwasher,NOTE Indicators,shown are not,available on all. DISHWASHER CARE, Cleaning the Exterior If you have a drain air gap check.
Clean the exterior of dishwasher with a soft damp cloth and and clean it if the dishwasher isn t. mild detergent If your dishwasher has a stainless steel exterior draining well. a stainless steel cleaner such as affresh Stainless Steel Cleaner. is recommended Avoid using abrasive cleaning products on the. exterior of the dishwasher,Cleaning and Maintaining the Interior. Many detergents may leave white spots or a white residue on dishware. and on the interior of the dishwasher Over time this residue can To Reduce Risk of Property Damage During Vacation or Extended. become unsightly and could affect dishwasher performance Use of Time Without Use. a dishwasher cleaning product such as affresh Dishwasher Cleaner When you will not be using the dishwasher during the summer. can help to remove the residue Monthly use of affresh Dishwasher months turn off the water and power supply to the dishwasher. Cleaner is recommended to help maintain the dishwasher Follow. package directions Make sure the water supply lines are protected against freezing. conditions Ice formations in the supply lines can increase water. NOTE Whirlpool recommends the use of high quality premeasured pressure and cause damage to your dishwasher or home. Start Resume must be pressed each time If Start Resume is located on top of door Push door firmly closed within 4 seconds of pressing Start Resume If door is not closed within 4 seconds the Start Resume button LED will flash an audible tone will be heard and cycle will not start

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