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Tonight s Agenda,5 30 pm Meeting called to order,Public Comment up to 30 minutes. Stadium Updates,Doug Wilson Project Manager ICON Venue Group. Construction Updates, Fred Haberecht CSU Assistant Director of Facilities Management and Campus Planner. Cass Beitler CSU Assistant Director of Construction and Project Management. Proposed Shields Underpass Presentation,Fred Haberecht CSU. Tim Kemp City of Fort Collins Capital Projects Engineer. Joe Olson City of Fort Collins Head of Traffic Operations. SAG Post Presentation Discussion, Creating a More Accessible Multi Modal Campus Time Permitting.
Discussion and Agenda Items for Next Meeting,7 30 pm Meeting Adjournment. Public Comments,SAG Process Procedures for,Discussion Consensus and. Recommendations,Stadium Updates,Stadium Construction Updates. Progress To Date,Anticipated Progress to Next SAG Meeting. Current Challenges,Stadium Construction Updates,Construction Updates.
Campus Construction Updates June July 2016, Prospect Center Ave Underpass New Chemistry Research Building. Aug 2016 Completion 2nd floor deck completed, Sidewalk to be installed end of June to early July. New Biology Building, Aggie Village Redevelopment Aug Approved completion of 4th floor interior work on. 2016 Completion, Substantial completion for South Bldg was week of New CSU Health Medical Center. Substantial completion for West Bldg week of June, 13 North Bldg week of June 28 Building 1st floor structure steel started being erected.
Furniture and appliance deliveries have started as Planning intersection work on Prospect and College. early as 3 30 p m offload by 9 00 p m everyone The CSU portion NW corner right turn lane. gone from site by 10 00 p m Goes on for 3 weeks southbound on college will begin end of. Anticipate move in starting Aug 8 July beginning of August 2016 One west bound lane. on Prospect will be blocked Completed in November,New S College Ave Parking Garage 2016. Aug 2016 Completion,Main part of garage should be open in July. Proposed Shields Street,Bike Pedestrian Underpass,City s Past Efforts. West Central Neighborhoods Plan,Elizabeth Improvements. Constructed 2004,Transportation Master Plan 2011,Pedestrian Plan 2011.
Arterial Intersection Prioritization,Study 2012,City s Student Housing Action Plan. City of Fort Collins Bicycle Plan,West Central Area Plan 2015 11. Recurring Themes for This Area, Keep through traffic on arterials minimize cut through. Enhance safety for all travel modes,Improve function and operations to minimize. congestion emissions, Better accommodate crossings of arterials to and from.
Support bikes and pedestrians and separate modes,where possible. Enhance the intersection to allow better accessibility to. the surrounding businesses,Recent Studies at Shields Elizabeth. Top Tier Project,Congestion Safety Multi Modal Conflicts. Bicycle Master Plan,Second Ranked Priority Intersection on 2020. West Central Area Plan,Identified as Short Mid Term Intersection Project.
Reviewed potential for grade separation,Student Housing Action Plan. Recommends grade separation at Shields Elizabeth,West Elizabeth Enhanced Travel Corridor. At Shields West Elizabeth,Vehicle congestion,Challenging for pedestrians bikes to. cross Shields,Long delays for bikes pedestrians,More crashes than expected. Study of Crossings along Shields Street, Location Bike Ped Entering Cost Feasibility Comments.
Demand Vehicles, Laurel Street 31 60 3 229 Existing crossing accommodates. Plum Street 259 311 2 950 High demand Not feasible as removal. of structures is required, Elizabeth Street 310 323 3 846 Underpass feasible Highest existing. and future demand Highest conflict,area Major Gateway to Campus. Between University 20 30 2 775 Low demand,Ave and South. Between 42 2 775 At grade signalized crossing,Springfield Dr and already funded.
Pitkin Street, Lake Street 45 28 2 937 Existing crossing accommodates. Bike ped demand from original West Central Area Plan most current counts. Update to the Stadium Advisory Group SAG for the CSU Multi Purpose Stadium Tonight s Agenda 5 30 pm Meeting called to order Public Comment up to 30 minutes Stadium Updates Doug Wilson Project Manager ICON Venue Group Construction Updates Fred Haberecht CSU Assistant Director of Facilities Management and Campus Planner Cass Beitler CSU Assistant Director of

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