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Cambridge University Press,978 0 521 74137 8 Complete Pet Teacher s Book. Emma Heyderman and peter May,More information, 3 Play the recording twice Remind them always to Lucas So do people in the south of Europe get up. give an answer to every question even if they are not later the next morning. sure Zoe Well school starts just as early as in the north. Answers of Europe so I don t think they stay in bed any. 1 No 2 Yes 3 Yes 4 No 5 Yes later And the school day is normally about the. same as here, Extension idea Photocopy the recording script on Lucas And when there s no school. page 139 for students who then match the underlined. expressions with the exact words in the text Zoe They have lunch later perhaps at two or three. A proper meal that is not just a sandwich, Recording script CD1 Track 3 After that people sometimes have a quick. Lucas When you re travelling abroad Zoe do you sleep. nd that people do things at different times Lucas I think that s sensible if it s just for a few. of the day minutes I d like to do that every day,Zoe Well I guess the rst thing you notice is how.
Zoe It s certainly a good idea when it s hot Maybe. early people have dinner here in the UK,the different routines in different parts of the. maybe at 6 o clock And often in the USA and,world are because of the weather there. Canada too But in Spain or South America, for instance they don t usually have their main Lucas That s possible yes. meal until late in the evening and they often,go out after that By then in a town like this. Prepositions of time, everything s closing isn t it 4 Explain that 1 5 are actual mistakes made by.
Lucas Well I don t think that s always true students taking the PET exam and are particularly. Some places stay open very late these days common ones. particularly in the town centre Answers 2 in 3 on 4 at 5 in. Zoe But how do you get home here The buses, and trains all stop running around eleven 5 Elicit more such as on my birthday but point out. that other prepositions may be possible e g during. the holidays 2009 the winter etc or around, Lucas There are usually taxis around after that There two o clock etc Note also on the weekend in US. always seem to be people getting into them or English now sometimes used in the UK too. waiting for them, Zoe Well even if you can get one they cost far too. AT half past two bedtime IN the morning, much in my opinion anyway summer 2010 the holidays ON April 24 Saturdays. Lucas You re right about that That s why I never take. them But I suppose you could walk home 6 Ask whether there are any regional differences within. their own country and if so why,Zoe All the way from the town centre You must.
be joking And that s another thing At night, in places like Italy or Greece or the Middle Grammar. East there are always lots of people around Frequency adverbs question forms. Families I mean So you don t worry about 1 Explain that main verb excludes modals and. anything bad happening there but when I m auxiliaries such as don t in the second sentence. here in your town there are times when I feel Elicit as many frequency adverbs and expressions as. well not as safe I know it seems silly but it s possible perhaps writing them on the board prior to. true the next activity Adverbs always frequently hardly. Lucas You may be right that older people go to bed ever never normally often occasionally rarely. early most nights But doesn t that make it regularly seldom sometimes usually adverbial. expressions every day from time to time now and,more fun when you re out Everyone you see. then once a week twice a month most weekends etc,Zoe That s true Answers. 1 before 2 they go after it 3 at the end,Homes and habits 7. in this web service Cambridge University Press www cambridge org. Cambridge University Press,978 0 521 74137 8 Complete Pet Teacher s Book.
Emma Heyderman and peter May,More information, 2 Before they begin point out that hardly ever 7 3 Explain that Part 5 mainly focuses on vocabulary. means almost never but may also test prepositions determiners phrasal. verbs linking words frequently confused words,Suggested answers pronouns etc. 2 I check my email every two hours, 3 I m never late for school Background information Students may be interested. 4 I sometimes write letters to friends to know that since this text was written the Wraysbury. 5 I don t always have lunch at home Windmill has become a hotel complete with four poster. 6 I m sleepy in the morning almost every day bed Further information from http www riverthames. 7 I hardly ever go out on Monday nights co uk accommodation 2718 htm. 8 I stay in bed late most weekends Answers,2 ground 3 third 4 like 5 few 6 corners. 3 Students work individually Point out that in most 7 as 8 in 9 job 10 electricity. cases they can use longer expressions like once a day. instead of words such as often or vice versa but if 4 Background information Cappadocia is an inland. they do so they will have to change the word order region of western Turkey famous for the strangely. shaped pillars and caves formed by the erosion of, Extension idea Each student rewrites 1 8 so that the soft volcanic deposits there For many centuries.
it is true in their opinion for their partner Then they the local inhabitants have built underground houses. compare sentences to see whether they were right about churches and monasteries to avoid the extremes of. each other temperatures there and also as hiding places. 4 If necessary refer the class back to prepositions. of time in Listening Part 4 Answers,News report modern cave homes. 5 Point out the negative answers No I never chat Suggested points As the climate becomes hotter. online send text messages cave homes are becoming more popular it s never. 6 You may want them to work with different partners very hot or cold in caves modern cave homes are. for this pleasant places to live,5 Revise prepositions of time if weaknesses are. Reading Part 5 apparent but leave a few a little a lot etc until the. 1 The third picture shows the windmill described in the next section. text on the next page but the class should not be told. 1D 2A 3B 4A 5C 6B 7B 8D,Background information The rst recorded uses of. windmills were in the Middle East and China and they Extension idea Focus on any points that cause. are still in use in many parts of the world most famously particular dif culty such as rise raise all every since. in Holland central Spain and the Cyclades islands of although and re exive pronouns. Greece The basic design is a number of rotating sails 6. powered by the wind The energy these generate is, traditionally used to grind grain or pump water Their Suggested answers. present day successors called wind turbines generate Reasons the lack of natural light the possibility. electricity of damp claustrophobia etc,Other places tree houses converted lighthouses.
2 Suggest that in Reading Part 5 they begin by quickly aeroplanes boats etc. reading through the text for gist ignoring the gaps. Make sure that everyone understands 1 8 and set a, time limit of 2 or 3 minutes for the reading Grammar. Point out that this windmill is in the village of Present simple and present continuous state. Wraysbury pronounced re zbri verbs, Answers 1 Point out that English regularly uses two different. Article A windmill built to be a home C On one verb tenses for the present this may not be the. side near the top of the windmill sails around case in the students rst language Elicit the form. the lower part of the windmill balcony Points in of the present continuous correct form of be ing. text 1 3 4 6 7 form of main verb the negative and interrogative. and the contracted forms of both tenses including, in this web service Cambridge University Press www cambridge org. Cambridge University Press,978 0 521 74137 8 Complete Pet Teacher s Book. Emma Heyderman and peter May,More information, negatives The use of the present continuous for future 5 Pairs compare completed sentences.
arrangements could be introduced now or left until. Unit 7 Answers,2 Do you prefer to get up early or late. Answers 3 Is anybody at your house watching TV at the. 1b 2d 3a 4c moment 4 What colour clothes are you wearing. today 5 Which things in your house belong to, Extension idea Put some more examples on the board you 6 What do you sometimes forget to do in the. and ask the class which they illustrate for example morning. 1 I usually sleep about eight hours except at weekends. 2 Paul is watching the match on the TV in his room Suggested answers. 3 This week I m staying at my grandparents house 2 I prefer to get up late 3 No nobody at my house. 4 Our apartment has three bedrooms and two bathrooms is watching TV at the moment 4 I m wearing. blue and black clothes today 5 The small bed the, 2 Begin with some gist reading practice e g Where is computer and the desk belong to me. she What does she want to do How does she feel 6 I sometimes forget to brush my teeth in the. Go through each answer asking why the continuous morning. simple is needed, 6 Encourage the use of both tenses and if necessary. Answers refer students back to the verbs they have practised in. 2 am m sitting 3 is 4 am m looking 5 love earlier activities. 6 stay 7 go 8 is getting s getting 9 leave 10 is, Alternative treatment Each writes six sentences about.
themselves based on the prompts in Exercise 5 but two. 11 am m having 12 don t think, contain false information Their partner has to guess. which two are false Examples I prefer to get up late. 3 Explain that many of these verbs describe thoughts true My dad is watching TV at the moment false. possession and existence Go through the answers, possibly eliciting more e g appear imagine recognise. suspect wish,Vocabulary,House and home countable and uncountable. Answers nouns,All state verbs except change dream ll improve. paint relax 1 Elicit other rooms or parts of homes e g patio study. basement cloakroom cellar conservatory attic spare. Extension idea 1 With a strong class point out that room storeroom shed lift. certain verbs particularly of senses and feelings, e g think see are sometimes considered to be state 2 Explain that some of these e g cupboards could be.
verbs but can be used in the continuous when they found in a number of rooms Elicit more common. relate to actions What are you thinking I m seeing the items freezer wardrobe bedside table dining table. doctor etc Elicit examples of both uses with more verbs desk etc. such as feel taste smell be weigh,Suggested answers. Extension idea 2 For the next lesson students go Living room sofa cushions armchair. back through their recent written work and note down Bathroom bath cupboards mirror taps toilet. the verbs they most often use incorrectly in the present towels washbasin Kitchen cooker cupboards. simple or continuous They report back to groups dishwasher microwave sink taps washing. who draw up a list of the top ten common errors machine fridge Bedroom blankets cupboards. involving these forms Draw up a class hit list of mirror chest of drawers pillow Hall bell. frequently misused present tense verbs that can be. pinned up or photocopied and handed out 3 Remind the class that countable nouns usually. 4 This is a useful ice breaking activity Encourage use have singular and plural forms and are preceded by. of state verbs and explain they will need the answers a an or the in the singular Uncountable nouns tend. for the next part when their answers will be given to to be things like qualities topics and substances that. others only have one form and are not normally used with. a an or the Get the class to circle the correct answer. furniture and then check with the dictionary entry. Homes and habits 9, in this web service Cambridge University Press www cambridge org. Cambridge University Press,978 0 521 74137 8 Complete Pet Teacher s Book. Emma Heyderman and peter May,More information, 4 U tells you the noun is uncountable C is the Speaking Part 1. symbol for a countable noun Tell them to look for, the C or U symbol whenever they want to check 1 This activity provides practice using actual.
whether a word is countable or uncountable questions used in PET Speaking Part 1 Learners. will need to use these forms accurately to role play. examiner candidate The answers extend the uses of, Grammar prepositions of place from the Vocabulary section. A few a little many much a lot of and lots of,prepositions of place Answers. 2 How do you spell it d, 1 Pairs study the examples in the text Point out that 3 Where do you live a. we can use much many in af rmative sentences but 4 What do you do e. usually only in more formal situations e g There is 5 Do you enjoy studying English c. much work to be done, 2 Elicit more expressions with each e g at the station. in a village on a mountain,1 a few a few 2 a little a little.
3 many many many 4 much much much Answers, 5 a lot of lots of a lot of lots of a lot a lot at school etc in a town etc on the coast etc. 2 Remind the class to decide whether the noun 3 Pairs role play examiner candidate Stress the. if there is one that follows the gap is countable or importance of keeping to the exact wording of the. uncountable This is also good practice for exam questions though the candidates may answer as. Unit 1 Homes and habits Unit objectives Extension idea Get groups to study an intermediate level text and think of parallel expressions for as many

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