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ThePerfectSiteGuide com,Table of Contents, Click the titles to jump to the desired sections of the book. What Skills Do I Need,Domains Hosting First Step,Site Build It. Free Web Hosts,Creating a Blog,Making Money Online. Google AdSense,Affiliate Marketing,Ecommerce Website. Digital or e Goods,Social Networking Sites,Forums Message Boards.
Building Traffic to Your Site or Blog,SEO Search Engine Optimization. Social Networking Sites,Pay Par Click Marketing,Article Marketing. Writing Guest Articles Blog Posts,Squidoo and Hubpages. Topic Choice is Everything, Quick Start Guide to Setting Up a Website For those in a hurry. Lisa s Favorite Tools Sites and Resources,Feeling Overwhelmed.
About Lisa,ThePerfectSiteGuide com,What Skills Do I Need. If you re thinking about creating a website especially if it s for. business money making you may be curious or even intimidated. by what you have to learn Here are some skills and attributes that. will come in handy,A Basic Understanding of Web Programming. As I will emphasize several times throughout this book you do not need to. become an expert programmer to have a successful website but you should. learn the basics of HTML and CSS more advice on that later. Creativity, People underestimate the importance of this attribute Anyone can throw up. content and call it a website or a blog but when it comes to effective marketing and building. traffic you have to dig deep and get in touch with your creative side. Some will argue creativeness cannot be learned because it is a talent That s true to an. extent but I believe you can improve your creativity especially if you study other successful. Webmasters and Bloggers, Thinking outside the box will take you far and is often the difference between success and. failure There is going to be competition no matter what topic you choose so you have to fine. tune your approach and develop a fresh perspective on your topic. Dare to be different,Good Writing Skills, This skill is especially important if you want to make money the way I do affiliate marketing.
My writing has improved tremendously over the years Let s take writing headlines for. example Ten years ago I may have titled a blog post about Twitter mistakes something. simple like Top Twitter Mistakes Yawn, Today I would take more time with that title and maybe craft something more attention. grabbing like 12 Twitter Crimes Almost Every Newbie Commits. See how the 2nd title is much more interesting and eye catching This is something I learned. over time by studying other successful Webmasters whose writing I admired One headline. can be the difference between hundreds and thousands of visits. I highly recommend downloading Ken Evoy s free e book called Make Your Words Sell It s a. great read and provides very useful tips to improve your writing. ThePerfectSiteGuide com, I would love to be able to tell you exactly how long it will take to make X amount of dollars. But due to the many variables involved your topic your speed of learning traffic conversion. rates etc it s absolutely impossible to estimate how long it will take to make a profit or how. much money you will make, You will need a great deal of patience and realistic expectations Just like I could never. estimate how long it would take a local music store owner to earn a profit from his offline. store I could never estimate such a thing for someone looking to make money online. And if you are desperate to make money now I have some very Monopoly like advice for you. STOP Do not pass go Do not collect your 200, This book is definitely not for you If making a lot of money in a short time was realistic and. common you d hear stories every night on the evening news and read countless articles in. newspapers and magazines everyday People would be leaving their 9 to 5 jobs left and right. because they struck it rich online, Of course you may read stories about online success every now and then But I bet most of.
you don t know anyone personally who is making a full time living online That s largely. because it s hard work just like any offline business and it takes time And unfortunately a lot. of people are impatient, We live in a digital world where we are used to getting everything now And because the. Internet is so accessible it often gives people false assurance that making money online is. easy and fast, Don t get me wrong It s much more convenient to make money online than offline but it is. not easy for most people and it takes time, I ve even had friends and family tell me Lisa I had no idea how much I had to learn about. marketing and building my site You make it look so easy. Sure I may make it look easy because I love what I do and it s never felt like a job. Nevertheless I still didn t become successful overnight It s unlikely that you will either. So there you have it If you are not willing to learn basic programming to manage maintain. your site tap into your creative side perfect your writing skills and have patience then you. might as well close this book now Making money online is probably not for you. ThePerfectSiteGuide com,Domains Hosting First Step. Before we get started you should understand that EVERY website. must have two things,1 A domain name,2 A web host,Domain Names.
The domain name is the address of your website yoursite com and. the web host is the company that allows you to publish your pages to. the Internet create e mail addresses name yoursite com and develop additional features. like chat rooms forums shopping carts feedback forms etc. I recommend getting your domain name and web hosting from WebsitePalace com This is my. reseller store I offer free tutorials free e book creation software and videos to help you get. started with your site The links to the freebies are on the THANK YOU page after you. order so don t miss them, However if you have a company in mind feel free to use whatever registrar you wish for. registering your domain and getting a web host Registrars typically provide the same. Web Hosting, A web host is the company that provides the server space for your web pages and whatever. files you need for your website You will be uploading your website files to your host This is. how a website becomes visible on the Internet, They also provide you with e mail addresses name yourdomain com scripts for forums. blogs chat rooms feedback forms etc A website cannot exist without a host. When you go to WebsitePalace com you will see two kinds of hosting plans. Option 1 Regular Hosting, The first one is located under the Hosting tab This is the most common type of host that. most people use for their websites and blogs It s the most economical and you can do. whatever you want with your site in terms of adding forums chat rooms user uploads video. Most people especially beginners who use this type of host opt to buy website building. software see below You don t have to but if you don t you ll have to code your web pages. ThePerfectSiteGuide com, If this interests you there are some great tutorials at W3Schools com and HTMLDog com If.
you take this route no software is needed You can just use Notepad or any text editor to. create your pages Then you can upload your pages to the Web via your web host s control. panel or an FTP program Watch my video that shows you how to use FTP software. The other option with this host is to buy your own web editing software like Dreamweaver or. CoffeeCup You can create and manage your site in the program and then upload your pages. directly to the web via your hosting account,Option 2 Website Tonight. The other hosting option is called Website Tonight It is a template builder and you do not. need any software to create your pages In fact you can build your pages right from the. Web and use any computer as long as it has Internet access. All you do is select your design template choose from hundreds add your text and pictures. and your site is live in minutes This is a great option for very simple sites that will only. involve text and pictures Vacation resume and about me sites are great for this kind of. I would NOT suggest using Website Tonight for any websites that will involve user uploads. networking blogs interactivity etc Choose option 1 for this kind of site. Creating Your Site Pages, Once you have your domain name and web host then you need to decide how you are going. to build your pages You can either use software like Dreamweaver or build your pages from. scratch learn HTML and CSS, Note As I mentioned above if you choose Website Tonight you do not need any software. because it comes with its own template builder, I use Dreamweaver to create and manage my websites Basically I create my pages in the. program and save my work directly to my domain name and my changes are live instantly. You don t have to use Dreamweaver There are more economical options like Kompozer free. and CoffeeCup but Dreamweaver is by far the best and most respected when it comes to. website creation and management programs, Don t forget if you want to learn how to code from scratch you can always go to sites like.
W3Schools or HTMLDog,ThePerfectSiteGuide com,Coupon for WebsitePalace com. Surprise Because I appreciate you supporting my site and downloading my book here is a. coupon you can use if you choose WebsitePalace com as your domain registrar or host for. In case you didn t know you do not have to host your site at the same company you buy. your domains from unless you choose Site Build It See below So if you were planning to. register or host your domain somewhere else you can still host or register you domain at. WebsitePalace com and take advantage of the discount. As long as you purchase something from Website Palace you ll get the discount. All products on the site are eligible for the promotion You just have to meet the spending. requirements outlined in the coupon below Simply enter the appropriate coupon code during. the checkout process to take advantage of the savings. ThePerfectSiteGuide com,Site Build It Another Option. instead of Website Palace, This option is best for people who want to make money online If you. buy Site Build It SBI then you do not need to register a domain. name or select a hosting company as I mentioned above. SBI has all the tools you need in one place including your domain. hosting a website builder template designs brainstorming tools to. help you choose a profitable topic a newsletter manager tracking. tools site statistics and most importantly help with marketing and making money from. your website, You will also have access to their forums where you can chat and get help from other SBI. customers and the SiteSell staff, If you d like to learn more about how it works you can watch their video tour I would also.
encourage you to check out some successful sites created with SBI Nothing like seeing. examples of successful customers to give you an idea of what s possible. What Type of Site is SBI Best For, Site Build It is really best for affiliate marketing and ecommerce websites What do I mean. by affiliate marketing, An affiliate site is one that provides content information on a specific topic and makes money. by recommending related products The companies that own the products pay you a. commission for any sale your site generates, You are the middleman You don t actually take the orders yourself The companies you. affiliate with provide you with special tracking links so when you send people to their site they. can track any orders your site generates As a result you earn a commission of the sale. Most affiliate programs are completely free to join and the companies pay you by either check. or direct deposit To find out if a website has an affiliate program you simply visit their. homepage and look near the header or footer for something like Affiliate Program or. Partner Program, For example I used Site Build It to create Flat Stomach Exercises com and I make most of. my money from displaying Google ads will discuss this later and recommending books and. videos on fitness through various affiliate programs related to the site s topic. ThePerfectSiteGuide com,What SBI is NOT For, Site Build It is NOT best for interactive or social networking sites So if you are trying to.
create a social networking site or a site that will involve visitor feedback uploads downloads. etc then SBI is not the best solution because they do not support the languages that you. need to create these kinds of sites, If you want to create a site that involves any kind of user interactivity then you should. consider Website Palace or another regular host of your choice. Why I Bought Site Build It, A lot of people wonder why I use and recommend Site Build It when I created. 2 Create a Website without it, To be honest I bought SBI in 2005 because I kept hearing people rave about it For a long. time I was promoting their product on my site as an affiliate but didn t own it shame so I. started feeling a little hypocritical and decided to buy the product to see if it was all everyone. made it out to be, Turns out it was Flat Stomach Exercises com started receiving quite a bit of search engine. traffic after my 3rd month and I began making money from various affiliations and Google ads. Want to create a website great read and provides very useful tips to improve your writing Dreamweaver or build your pages from scratch learn HTML and CSS

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