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Backgound Information,Tupac Amaur Shakur,June 19 1971 September 13 1996. Birth Name Lesane Parish Crooks,Nick Names 2Pac Makaveli Pac. Tupac Amaru Shakur, Tupac Amaru Shakur was born on June 16 1971 and was named after an Inca Chief As. a child his nickname was the Black Prince He grew up in the Bronx New York where. his mother Afeni Shakur was a member of the Black Panther Party The Black Panther. Party was an organization dedicated to education and civil rights Tupac Shakur had a. sister Sekyiwa who was two years younger than he He did not have contact with his. father and his sister s father Mutulu was jailed for sixty years for armed robbery The. family fell on hard times and moved frequently This created some insecurity in Tupac as. he never had an opportunity to make lasting friends He found solace in writing poetry. and love songs He kept a diary in which he noted that he would one day be famous. At the age of fifteen Shakur attended the Baltimore School for the Arts where he studied. acting and surprisingly ballet It was there that he began to feel as if he fit in He loved. school and planned to become a musical artist, In the late 1980s he formed a group called Digital Underground They released several. records that met with success In 1992 he broke away from Digital Underground and. began a solo career His solo debut 2Pacalypse Now propelled him to stardom He also. began acting in films Between rapping and acting Tupac began a five year period of. rapid success in the music business After being shot on September 13 1996 Tupac. Shakur died He was only twenty five He had often said he would die before he was. thirty As of 2005 no one has been charged with the crime There are numerous theories. about the murder but nothing has been proven,Where He Grew Up.
Grew up primarily in Harlem,Moved to Baltimore in 1984. And moved again in 1988 to Oakland California,Harlem Baltimore Oakland. Literary Terms, A narration or description usually restricted to a. single meaning because its events actions, characters settings and objects represent specific. abstractions or ideas Although the elements in an,allegory may be interesting in themselves the.
emphasis tends to be on what they ultimately mean,Characters may be given names such as Hope Pride. Youth and Charity they have few if any personal,qualities beyond their abstract meanings These. personifications are not symbols because for,instance the meaning of a character named Charity. is precisely that virtue,Two consecutive lines of poetry that usually. rhyme and have the same meter A heroic,couplet is a couplet written in rhymed iambic.
pentameter,If There Be Pain,A type of informational diction Dialects are. spoken by definable groups of people from a,particular geographic region economic group or. social class Writers use dialect to contrast and,express differences in educational class social. and regional backgrounds of their characters,A mournful contemplative lyric poem written to. commemorate someone who is dead often,ending in a consolation Tennyson s In.
Memoriam written on the death of Arthur,Hallam is an elegy Elegy may also refer to a. serious meditative poem produced to express the,speaker s melancholy thoughts. Starry Night,Starry Night Vincent Van Gogh,most common form of rhyme in poetry the. rhyme comes at the end of the lines,It runs through the reeds. And away it proceeds,Through meadow and glade,In sun and in shade.
Rhyme scheme,describes the pattern of end rhymes Rhyme. schemes are mapped out by noting patterns of,rhyme with small letters the first rhyme sound. is designated a the second becomes b the third,c and so on Thus the rhyme scheme of the. stanza above is aabb,Internal rhyme, places at least one of the rhymed words within the line. as in Dividing and gliding and sliding or In mist or. cloud on mast or shroud Masculine rhyme describes, the rhyming of single syllable words such as grade or.
shade Masculine rhyme also occurs where rhyming, words of more than one syllable when the same sound. occurs in a final stressed syllable as in defend and. contend betray and away Feminine rhyme consists of a. rhymed stressed syllable followed by one or more, identical unstressed syllables as in butter clutter. gratitude attitude quivering shivering All the examples. so far have illustrated exact rhymes because they share. the same stressed vowel sounds as well as sharing,sounds that follow the vowel. Backgound Information amp Terms Necessary to Understanding The Rose That Grew From Concrete Use these definitions taken from the Meyer Literature Site for your Literary Terms Handout Packet also known as McKemie Gold Backgound Information Tupac Amaur Shakur June 19 1971 September 13 1996 Birth Name Lesane Parish Crooks Nick Names 2Pac Makaveli Pac Tupac Amaru

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