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Praise for The Truthful Art, Alberto Cairo is widely acknowledged as journalism s preeminent visualization wiz. He is also journalism s preeminent data scholar As newsrooms rush to embrace. data journalism as a new tool and toy Cairo sets the standard for how data. should be understood analyzed and presented The Truthful Art is both a manifesto. and a manual for how to use data to accurately clearly engagingly imaginatively. beautifully and reliably inform the public, Jeff Jarvis professor at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and author of. Geeks Bearing Gifts Imagining New Futures for News. A feast for both the eyes and mind Alberto Cairo s The Truthful Art deftly explores. the science and art of data visualization The book is a must read for scientists. educators journalists and just about anyone who cares about how to communicate. effectively in the information age, Michael E Mann Distinguished Professor Penn State University and author of. The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars, A lberto Cairo is a great educator and an engaging storyteller In The Truthful Art he. takes us on a rich informed and well visualized journey that depicts the process. by which one scrutinizes data and represents information The book synthesizes. a lot of knowledge and carefully explains how to create effective visualizations. with a focus on statistical principles The Truthful Art will be incredibly useful to. both practitioners and students especially within the arts and humanities such. as those involved in data journalism and information design. Isabel Meirelles professor at OCAD University Canada and author of. Design for Information, As soon as I started immersing myself in The Truthful Art I was horrified and.
somewhat ashamed to realize how much I didn t know about data visualization. I ve spent most of my career pursuing a more illustrative way to present data but. Alberto Cairo s clarifying prose superbly explained the finer points of data viz Since. Alberto warns us that data is always noisy dirty and uncertain everyone in this. business had better read his book to find out how to properly construct visualizations. that not only tell the truth but also allow us to interact meaningfully with them. Nigel Holmes founder of Explanation Graphics, To communicate data clearly you have to think about it clearly The Truthful Art. dives deep and provides an enlightened introduction to the power tools of data. experts science statistics and visualization,Fernanda Vi gas and Martin Wattenberg Google. The Truthful Art is essential reading for my visual communication students and for. anyone at any level who cares about telling a story visually Get this book read. it act on it If you re looking for help to put your data visualization on the right. track this is it, John Grimwade School of Visual Communication Ohio University. If I were smarter had more patience with academia and was more focused I. might turn out to be more like Alberto closer to the brilliance that he applies to. the nature of information architecture His title explains a lot truth represents a. most fundamental of attitudes in questions asked answers given and journeys. taken This book is a must on your thoughtful shelf of understanding. Richard Saul Wurman founder of the TED Conference,art data charts and maps. for communication,alberto cairo, Cairo sets the standard for how data should be understood.
analyzed and presented The Truthful Art is both a manifesto and. a manual for how to use data to accurately clearly engagingly. imaginatively beautifully and reliably inform the public. Jeff Jarvis professor CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. and author of Geeks Bearing Gifts Imagining New Futures for News. The Truthful Art,Data Charts and Maps for Communication. Alberto Cairo,New Riders,Find us on the Web at www newriders com. New Riders is an imprint of Peachpit a division of Pearson Education. To report errors please send a note to errata peachpit com. Copyright 2016 by Alberto Cairo,Acquisitions Editor Nikki Echler McDonald. Production Editor Tracey Croom,Development Editor Cathy Lane. Copy Editor Cathy Lane,Proofers Patricia Pane Kim Wimpsett.
Compositor Kim Scott Bumpy Design,Indexer James Minkin. Cover and Interior Designer Mimi Heft,Cover Illustration Moritz Stefaner. Notice of Rights, All rights reserved No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any. means electronic mechanical photocopying recording or otherwise without the prior writ. ten permission of the publisher For information on getting permission for reprints and excerpts. contact permissions peachpit com,Notice of Liability. The information in this book is distributed on an As Is basis without warranty While every. precaution has been taken in the preparation of the book neither the author nor Peachpit shall. have any liability to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to. be caused directly or indirectly by the instructions contained in this book or by the computer. software and hardware products described in it,Trademarks.
Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are. claimed as trademarks Where those designations appear in this book and Peachpit was aware of. a trademark claim the designations appear as requested by the owner of the trademark All other. product names and services identified throughout this book are used in editorial fashion only and. for the benefit of such companies with no intention of infringement of the trademark No such use. or the use of any trade name is intended to convey endorsement or other affiliation with this book. ISBN 13 9780321934079,ISBN 10 0321934075,Printed and bound in the United States of America. To my father,Acknowledgments, I always chuckle when someone calls me an expert on visualization or info. graphics As a journalist I ve made a profession of being an amateur in the two. senses of the word someone who doesn t have a deep understanding of anything. but also someone who does what he does due to unabashed love for the craft. This book is a tribute to that second kind of amateur folks who bring good data. to the world in a time when society is drowning in tsunamis of spin and misin. formation They know that it is possible to change the world for the better if we. repeat the truth often and loud enough, I d like to first thank my University of Miami UM colleague Rich Beckman. It s not an exaggeration to say that I wouldn t be where I am today without his. help advice and mentorship, Seth Hamblin a friend at The Wall Street Journal passed away while I was writ. ing this book Seth was in love with infographics and visualization When I told. him about The Truthful Art he got as excited as a kid He was a beautiful human. being and he ll be missed, To Greg Shepherd dean of UM s School of Communication Nick Tsinoremas.
director of UM s Center for Computational Science CCS Sawsan Khuri also. from CCS a great colleague and better friend Sam Terilli head of our department. of journalism and Kim Grinfeder who leads our Interactive Media program. Also at UM I d like to thank my colleagues in the departments of Journalism and. Interactive Media and at the Center for Communication Culture and Change. To Phil Meyer whose book Precision Journalism inspired me many years ago In. fact I wrote The Truthful Art with the goal of being a Precision Journalism for the. new century, To my past colleagues at La Voz de Galicia Diario16 DPI Comunicaci n El Mundo. and Editora Globo Among them Helio Gurovitz the former managing editor at. Globo s poca magazine who combines a deep knowledge of journalism with an. unusual sensibility of how to use numbers and graphics. Also to my clients and partners worldwide particularly Jim Friedland for all. his support in the past two years, Many people read this book while it was in the works My editor Nikki McDonald. and my copyeditor Cathy Lane kept an eye on me at all times and did their best. to make me meet deadlines they failed, Stephen Few sent me detailed notes about each chapter Steve is both a friend. and arguably my most severe critic I ve done my best to incorporate as much. from his feedback as possible but not all I know that Steve will still disagree. with some of my musings but those disagreements can be great topics to ponder. while enjoying some fine wine and cheese, Erik Jacobsen also provided detailed feedback His notes have been invaluable. Three statisticians Diego Kuonen Heather Krause and Jerzy Wieczorek read. the most technical chapters and made sure that I was not writing anything par. ticularly silly Others who commented on the book are Andy Cotgreage K enneth. Field Jeff Jarvis Scott Klein Michael E Mann Isabel Meirelles F. ernanda Vi gas,Martin Wattenberg and Sisi Wei Thank you all.
Thanks also to all the individuals and organizations who let me showcase their. work in The Truthful Art You re too numerous to mention but you ll see your. names in pages to come, Some of my followers on Twitter volunteered for the last round of proofreading. They are Mohit Chawla Fernando Cucchietti Stijn Debrouwere Alex Lea Neil. Richards Fr d ric Sch tz and Tom Shanley, Special thanks to Moritz Stefaner for giving me permission to use one of his. amazing graphics on the cover of this book,Finally and above all thanks to my family. About the Author, Alberto Cairo is the Knight Chair in Visual Journalism at the School of Com. munication of the University of Miami UM where he heads specializations. in infographics and data visualization He s also director of the visualization. program at UM s Center for Computational Science and Visualization Innovator. in Residence at Univisi n, He is the author of the books Infograf a 2 0 Visualizaci n interactiva de informaci n.
en prensa published just in Spain in 2008 and The Functional Art An Introduction. to Information Graphics and Visualization New Riders 2012. In the past two decades Cairo has been director of infographics and visualization. at news organizations in Spain and Brazil besides consulting with companies. and educational institutions in more than 20 countries He also was a professor. at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill between 2005 and 2009. Cairo s personal weblog is www thefunctionalart com His corporate website. is www albertocairo com,His Twitter handle is albertocairo. Additional Materials, I designed many of the charts and maps you re about to see in The Truthful Art but. I haven t written much about the software I used to create them If you re inter. ested in learning about tools please visit my weblog www thefunctionalart com. and go to the Tutorials and Resources section on the upper menu. There you will find several articles and video lessons I recorded about programs. and languages like R iNzight and Yeeron among others. Preface xiii,Introduction 1,PART I foundations, 1 What We Talk About When We Talk About Visualization 27. To Learn More 40,2 The Five Qualities of Great Visualizations 41. The Hockey Stick Chart 43,Truthful 45,Functional 50.
Beautiful 53,Insightful 59,Enlightening 60,To Learn More 65. PART II truthful,3 The Truth Continuum 69,Dubious Models 71. The Mind That Clumsy Modeler 76,Why Are We So Often Mistaken 79. Mind Bug 1 Patternicity 81,Mind Bug 2 Storytelling 82. Mind Bug 3 Confirmation 84,Truth Is Neither Absolute Nor Relative 86.
The Skills of the Educated Person 97,To Learn More 97. 4 Of Conjectures and Uncertainty 99,The Scientific Stance 100. From Curiosity to Conjectures 101,Hypothesizing 105. An Aside on Variables 105,x the truthful art,On Studies 107. Doing Experiments 110,About Uncertainty 112,To Learn More 116.
PART III functional,5 Basic Principles of Visualization 121. Visually Encoding Data 123,Choosing Graphic Forms 125. A Grain of Salt 129,Practical Tips About those Tricky Scales 135. Organizing the Display 138,Put Your Work to the Test 141. To Learn More 148,6 Exploring Data with Simple Charts 151.
The Norm and the Exceptions 152,The Mode the Median and the Mean 153. Weighting Means 155,Some Fun with Ranges 160,To Learn More 166. 7 Visualizing Distributions 167,The Variance and the Standard Deviation 171. Standard Deviation and Standard Scores 173,Presenting Stories with Frequency Charts 178. How Standardized Scores Mislead Us 183,Peculiarities of the Normal Distribution 188.
Percentiles Quartiles and the Box Plot 191,Manipulating Data 194. Frequency Over Time 195,To Learn More 197,8 Revealing Change 199. Trend Seasonality and Noise 201,Decomposing a Time Series 201. Visualizing Indexes 210,contents xi,From Ratios to Logs 214. How Time Series Charts Mislead 217,Communicating Change 220.
To Learn More 231,9 Seeing Relationships 233,From Association to Correlation 236. Smoothers 240,Matrices and Parallel Coordinate Plots 242. Correlation for Communication 248,Regression 257,From Correlation to Causation 259. Data Transformation 261,To Learn More 262,10 Mapping Data 263. Projection 265,Data on Maps 271,Point Data Maps 271.
Line Maps 277,The Basics of Choropleth Maps 280,Classifying Data 282. Using Choropleth Maps 287,Other Kinds of Data Maps 293. him about The Truthful Art he got as excited as a kid He was a beautiful human being and he ll be missed To Greg Shepherd dean of UM s School of Communication Nick Tsinoremas director of UM s Center for Computational Science CCS Sawsan Khuri also from CCS a great colleague and better friend Sam Terilli head of our department of journalism and Kim Grinfeder who leads our

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