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lnstructions for the Lanouaqe Arts Test, There aTQJHREE sections in this test with a totar of 50 test items you have. 75 minut6 lor this test,SECTION J ttas 22 questions euestions 1 22. SECTION ll has 13 questions Questions 23 35,SECTION lll has 15 questions euestions 36. For each p6ft of the test there will be a difierent set of instructions. Read the lnttructions carefufly before attempting to ans ver the questions. Read each question carefully before attempting to answer it. Answer all questions, Work carelully but do not spend too much time on any one question. DO NOT BEGIN UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO,04 18 r 1 rtiT sEA 2010 GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE.
SECTION t GRAMMAR SKILLS, Underline ONE abstract noun ih EACH sentence below. EXAMPLE B6lt s strccess was the result of hard work and practice. Now do these, 1 The athletes raced at full speed towards the finish linL. 2 The child s mother expressed concern when she saw the seriousness. of the injury, complete the sentences berow by changing thehouns in brackets. to the ptural foim, EXAMPLE Alex found the missing kevs key on the floor. Noir do these, 3 The old seaman told many exciting stor J of their lives.
4 Many of the busy passer by stopped tq admlre the artist s. GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE,A4 A i 1il 8 T SEA 2010, 4 Complete the following sentences by writing a sultable pronoun in EAGH space. EX A MPLE We saw Mohan who told us the good news,Ndw do these. 5 Shari house was destroyed in the floods is now stayihg with friends. 6 The lady we greeted at the door is the new librarian. 7 Mr Brown s dd shop has become an eyeso e will soon be demolished. Wrlte the correct form of the verb in brackets to complete EACH sentence. EXAMPLE She visited her dentist every six months when she was wearing braces. Justin and his brothers to lessons last Saturday,leither of those players has anv qods this seaebn. Not one of my friends seems classical music,GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE. 1 T T SEA 2O1O, Rewrite the following senterices using reported indirect speech.
EXAMPLE Marisa have you seen my bluo pen asked Leah. l eah asked Marisa if she had seen her blue pen,Now do these. 11 l am the wortd s greatest dancer boasts the girl. 12 Teacher the children asked can we play outside, 13 The teacher replied lt looks as if it will rain today. Underline ONE adjectiye in EACH sentence betow, EXAMPLE A heavy dorrwtpour drenched the excited spectators. Now do these, 14 My mother baked a chocolate cake for the class party. 15 The annUal netball championship begins in April every year. 16 Three motorists were seniously injured in the car accident. GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE,04218A21ff T sEA 2010,Underline ONE adverb in EACH sentence below.
EXAMPLE She put the bag there and left hurriedly,Now do these. 17 Ravindra has already spoken to me about the poetry competition. 18 Darig was very certain that he would finish his work before lunch. t9 The new student answered all the teacher s questions politely. Underline oNE preposition in EACH of the following sentences. EXAMPLE Do not stand under a tree when it is raining. Nour do these, 20 She strolled slowly into the room five minutes late as usual. 21 The teabher war d us repeatedly not to talk during the examination. 22 Before the race bgan all the athletes aflxiously paced the track. GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE,o421AO21rf T SEA 2010,SECTION II VOCABULARY SPELLING PUNCTUATION. In meanlng to the word underlinod,Write a word in EACH bracket that is OPPoSITE. Reqember to spell correctly,see our team s victory defea.
EXAMPLE There were very few spectators preserlt to. Now do these,there is a Parents Meeting,23 Eatingis pfqh iled in the classroom when. the show but we did not know them,24 Many focal soca artistes performed at. ln the spaces below write theAPPROPRIATE,foqlittre word writteninCAPffAL. eaiii Remember to spetl correctly,to correctty complete. kind ss to others,EXAMPLE KIND He was known for,Now do these.
the school s Jfroundings,25 BEAUW There are Plans to. the of the,26 GENEROUS A large donation was raised through. students and Parents,confibutbn,27 VALUE These retired workers have made a. to the business,GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE, Underline the word that is incorrectly spelt ir r EACH scntence below and write the correct. spelling on the line provided, EXAMPLE Mika tried to oursuade Aliyah to go to the library on Wednesday.
Now do these, 2A The teacher interviewed all the children about the incident which occured yesterday. 29 Ruby my mischeivous puppy chewed my favourite batfier sandals. 30 The contestants r rrere beautifuly outfitted in their national colours. GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE,0 218021rf T S EA 2010,lnsert rwo missing punctuation marks to correc y. comptete EACH of the fol,sentences you oo NoT NEED To REWRITEirisenreltCe. E AMPLE Wheres the store you told me about,W h e r e s t h e store you told. Now do these,31 That s a wonderful idea responded,excitedly Ashas Munl.
32 After tourino the, having luncti they museum visiting the exhibition and. lef t for home,fl r i i L oooronJ these snacks at the fair nuts. 34 Did you watch the film Slum,Dog Millionalre,35 Haresh enquired Has anyone. seen my wristwatch,o421bo21ft T SEA 2010 GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE. SECTION III COMPREHENSION, Read the passage below carefully then answer thc quosflons that are based on it use l.
senterlces and correct grammar and spelling, It seems that children have always played the game of. marbles but no one is absolutely certain when it began ltis. believed to have begun during the Stone Age ln Europe it. was played in the Middle Ages and in ancient Egypt and Rorne. 5 children played with marbles long before modem times. ln some Caribbean islands the game is referred to as. pitching Boys are the main players Although girls play the. numbers are very small This may be as a result of the playing. conditions which involve a great deal of stooping with the fingers. 10 and hands coming into regular contact with the gr qund. Some of the regular niarhle games played in the Caribbean. are tens and twenties and killa ln the latte the players try. to get a marble into a hole or holes which are prepared for the. game The ptayer then kills or hits all of the oth6r marbles. 15 which are near the hole, Those who are unable to make it into the hole feel the pain. of losing as well as that left after they have been hit on the. knuckles by the winner This is a game that only the brave. dare to play, 36 a How do we know that the game of marbles has been around for a lcing time. b Name ONE place mentioned in the passage other than the Caribbean where the. gameof marbles has been played,GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE I. 04218O 1rT T SEA2010 I,37 Give THREE reasons why many girts nray nol.
l lay marbles, 38 a To what do the lioilds the lattef line 12 refer. b Describe fully how the game of ftilla is played, 39 Why might a player cry at the end of a game of ki a. 40 Suggest a reason why the game of rnarbres continues. to aftract chiriren,o421BO21tT T SEA 2010 GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE. Read the poem below carefully then answor,ftro questions which are based on. sentences and correct grammar and spelling it Us,A Child s Life.
Chores are no favourites of mine,Because I just can t find the time. To study Maths English and Scirence too,And complete the list of tasks demanded by you. 5 My computer games beckon me,And my cell phone needs me constanfly. Chatting with friends online is a must,What time is leff for dishes and dust. My life is as busy as a bee s,l0 lt q unfair to plan before consultino me.
I must first check my cdlendir,To see if time for chores is left after. I try to survive this pace so hectic,es you guessed chores are not a part of it. At the mall with my friends I must lime,But for housework there s just no time. 41 a stanza l sussesrs that someone has spoken,ff i lGmtv to the chitd. b to the poem what are THREE activities that prevent. doing chores the child from,04218021tT T SEA 2010 GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE.
42 a which line in stanza 3 suggests that filo chird feers he orshe is not being treated. b Explain tle child s complaint in stanza 3 in your own words. 43 Why does the child need to check hib or her calendar line 11. 44 Does the poem cause you to feer any sympathy for the chiid Give a reason to. your answer, 45 What advice would you give to the child that might solve the problem. GO ON TO THE NEXTPAGE,o421AO21rf T sEA2010, Study the notice berow carefu y then answer tho questions which are. seritences and cbrrect grammar and spelling,based on it use. Sunday March 17tr,in the area of the SANDS MALL,A MEDIUM IZED WHTTE AND TAN. AKITA PUPPY,child s pet very approachable,answers to the name CAESAR.
walks with a limp,for the safe return of CAESAR,NO QUESTIONSASKED. Please contact Laura 233 2222 elll,477 8934 horne,Emait laura hotmail com. 46 a What is the purpose of this notice,GO CN TO T i tE N EXT PAGE. o421BA21rT T SEA 2010, b Why is the information ab ut re Sitrtls Mall lncluded. 47 write TWQ detairs which wourd make it easy to identifu. the puppy as soon as it is spotled, 48 What word in the notice suggests that the puppy t ftLnOiVZ.
49 write TWO detairs in the notice which might encoffage persons. to respond, 50 a According to ttfe notce how can Gura be contacted. b Suggest where this notice might be plaped for,the best results GXVe a reason for. your answer,END OF TEST,IF YOU FTNISH BEFORE TIME IS CALLED YOU. I ANDING lTiI YOUR PAPER MAY CHECK YOUR WORK BEFORE. The Counc has tnade every e d to,n g copyrtght hotderc. inadveftentrv overtooked or anv materiat na i oezi. Howeveti lf any have ieen,be pteased to conect this at n6 eaaiest cxc n.
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