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Table of Contents,Understand the Transfer Evaluation Process 2. Commitment Deposit 2,Submit Required Documents 2,Take Your Placement Tests 3. Apply for Financial Aid 3,Advisement Registration 4. Pay Your Tuition 5,First day of classes Monday September 10 2012. If you have questions email callcenter lagcc cuny edu. or call the Admissions Office at 718 482 7206, LaGuardia Community College is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all.
College community members Information regarding campus security and personal safety including. topics such as crime prevention public safety authority crime reporting policies and crime statistics. for the most recent three year period and disciplinary procedures is available from the Public Safety. Department at 31 10 Thomson Avenue Long Island City NY 11101 718 482 5559. ENROLLMENT INFORMATION FOR TRANSFER STUDENTS level English course taken at another CUNY unit If the writing. CAT has not been passed a grade of D or better will only be. Now That I ve Applied What s Next accepted for a college level English course taken at another. CUNY unit after the student completes developmental writing. Read the information carefully and follow all eight steps. courses English credits are not awarded for college level English. for successful enrollment courses taken at postsecondary institutions in non English. speaking countries, STEP 1 Understand the Transfer Transfer Credits in Foreign Languages You must. Evaluation Process complete an intermediate level course before transfer. credit will be awarded for an elementary level foreign. The Transfer Evaluation Process determines how many credits. language course from another institution, you have earned at other accredited institutions either in the. U S or in another country are eligible for transfer toward your. Transfer Credits in Health Education and Science, degree or certificate at LaGuardia The maximum number of. Transfer credit may be granted for coursework in health. credits granted toward a degree is 30 and 10 toward a certificate. education and science taken at other institutions of higher. The Transfer Credit Office evaluates all credits submitted. education The Natural and Applied Sciences Department. for transfer Visit the office in M 147 for more information on. is responsible for approving transfer credits in health. the Transfer Evaluation Process, education and science Transfer credits for clinical phase. Transfer Evaluation Results Once official transcripts are courses in Nursing Practical Nursing Occupational. received the transfer credit evaluation will be posted on your Therapy Assistant and Physical Therapy Assistant courses. VIP page In most cases the evaluation will also be available at will not be awarded Students who transfer science credit. registration For most courses to be transferred a grade of C or for sequential courses must transfer both parts to receive. better must have been earned or if taken at another unit of the science credit This applies to the following science. CUNY a grade of D or better must have been earned Students courses. admitted into Nursing Practical Nursing Veterinary. Technology Physical Therapy Assistant or Occupational SCB201 SCB202 Fundamentals of Biology I II. Therapy Assistant programs will be awarded credit for SCB203 SCB204 Human Anatomy Physiology I II. transferable courses with earned grades of A B C or D from SCC201 SCC202 Fundamentals of Chemistry I II. any accredited college as long as they appear on that major s SCC251 SCC252 Organic Chemistry I II. approved courses list SCP201 SCP202 Fundamentals of Physics I II. SCP231 SCP232 General Physics I II,Transfer and the New Student Seminar The New.
Student Seminar provides an orientation to LaGuardia a Transfer Credits in Math Transfer credit will be. forum for academic planning and advisement and teaches awarded for the equivalent of statistics pre calculus or. you the skills you need to succeed academically All better provided the student has met LaGuardia s passing. students are required to complete the New Student standard on the math CAT Minimum passing score for the. Seminar during their first semester at LaGuardia Transfer math placement test is 35 on part one and 40 on part two. credit will not be awarded for another school s orientation Transfer credit will not be granted for any developmental. course level or ESL courses previously taken at another college. Transfer Credits in Cooperative Education Up to three Transfer Credits in Non Collegiate Education. transfer credits may be granted for cooperative education For information on transfer credit for the College Board. courses completed at another college The Cooperative Advanced Placement and College Level Examination. Education Department will determine which credits are Program please refer to the online College catalog. eligible for transfer Transfer students without cooperative http www laguardia edu catalog. education credit must satisfy the cooperative education. requirement, Transfer Credits in English Transfer credits are awarded. for college level English courses taken at post secondary. institutions in the U S and English speaking countries if you. earned a grade of C or better even if you did not pass the. writing portion of the CAT These students will not be required. to register for remedial writing courses If the writing CAT has. been passed a grade of D or better will be accepted for a college. STEP 2 Commitment Deposit In order to verify the required documents you have not submitted. you may view the missing documents letter that is posted onto. CUNY requires new undergraduate students to pay a non refund your VIP page. able commitment deposit of 100 This commitment deposit will. be applied towards your tuition upon enrollment for exemptions. http www laguardia edu Admissions Commitment Deposit STEP 4 Take Your Placement Tests. The commitment deposit allows you to register for classes and is. due fifteen 15 days after the date on your acceptance letter All students are required to provide test results or prove. ou may pay this fee by cash check or money order at the Bursar s exemptions from placement in developmental courses Placement. Office in room MB 55 of our Main Building located at tests and other proficiency exams are used to place you in the. 31 10 Thomson Avenue Long Island City NY 11101 appropriate courses for your major You can demonstrate that. you meet the University s skills requirement based on your. SAT ACT or NY State Regents test scores,STEP 3 Submit Required Documents. Reading and Writing Transfer applicants may satisfy the. All students must submit proof of immunization and demonstrate University s requirements in reading and writing by earning. successful completion of a high school education with transcripts a grade of C or better in freshman composition its equivalent. and a high school diploma and or a GED There are no exemptions or a higher level English course These applicants will not be. from these requirements required to take the CUNY assessment tests in reading and. Immunization Policy New York Public Health Law, requires all students born on or after January 1 1957 to Mathematics Transfer applicants may satisfy the University s. present proof of immunity against Measles Mumps and requirements in mathematics by earning a grade of C or better. Rubella You must present proof that you have had two in a credit bearing mathematics course worth three or more. doses of Measles and one each for Mumps and Rubella credits These applicants will not be required to take the CUNY. Vaccination against Meningococcal Meningitis disease is assessment tests in mathematics. not mandatory but you must sign a declaration form Students who hold a bachelor s degree are exempt from skills. Meningitis Response Form this applies to all students testing however bachelor degree holders who have been educated. regardless of date of birth in a language other than English will be required to test in reading. Students can call 311 to find out the location of NYC and writing only For more information on testing read the section. Department of Health clinics that provide vaccines free on University Testing Policies and Procedures in the online. of charge Call LaGuardia s Health Services Center at College catalog http www laguardia edu catalog. 718 482 5280 for more information on immunizations and. vaccines Hand in or mail your Immunization Records to CUNY transfer students who present test scores that are. more than two years old and do not show proficiency in. LaGuardia Community College the areas of reading writing or math are given the option. Health Services Center to retest Students who decide not to test will be placed. 31 10 Thomson Avenue based on existing scores If testing is needed you will. Room MB 40 receive a testing appointment in the mail or in person. Long Island City NY 11101 depending on how you are admitted Notification that a. Or fax them to 718 609 2016 student needs to test is indicated on your LaGuardia VIP. page Rescheduling your testing appointment will delay your. Final Transcripts and Diplomas You must submit registration Instructions and options for rescheduling a test. your final official transcripts and your original high school appointment are also accessible through your LaGuardia. diploma or GED to the Office of Admission Services VIP page. College Now participants and or students who have, taken college level courses must send an official transcript Ability to Benefit from Testing ATB New York State Law. of those courses to the Office of Admission Services so requires minimum test scores in reading pre algebra and. that an evaluation of transfer credit can be completed writing objective tests from all students who earned a high. LaGuardia Community College school diploma or its equivalent outside the U S and who. Office of Admissions Services plan to apply for financial aid through the Tuition Assistance. 31 10 Thomson Avenue Room M147 Program TAP Review test preparation materials for reading. Long Island City NY 11101 and pre algebra on the web www cuny edu testing. For additional information about the writing objective exam. Contact Admissions Services for more information and to learn more about who is required to test please email. 718 482 7206 or visit them on the web the Testing Office at testing lagcc cuny edu. http www laguardia edu admission before apply aspx. Step 5 Apply for Financial Aid,Tuition Assistance Program TAP.
LaGuardia offers a variety of federal state city and institutional Aid for Part Time Study APTS. financial assistance programs to help qualified students meet their Part Time TAP PTAP. educational costs You should apply for financial aid at least four Child of Veteran Award. Child of Deceased Police Officer Firefighter, weeks before you register for classes For more information visit. College Discovery,http www laguardia edu sfs,Vietnam Veterans Tuition Award. Federal Programs You must complete the Free Application For more information about New York State aid programs please. for Federal Student Aid FAFSA to be eligible for federal visit http www hesc com. student aid including programs such as Pell Grants. Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants Federal Work Scholarships The College offers several scholarships which. Study and Federal Perkins and Direct Loans a low interest require you to demonstrate excellent academic progress. rate loan program Complete the form online at community service and or financial need. www fafsa ed gov Use LaGuardia Community College School. Code 010051 Stop by our Student Financial Services Resource At http web laguardia edu sfs inst scholar aspx. Center located in C 109 for help with filling out the FAFSA you can read about and apply to. New York State Programs Eligible students are advised to LaGuardia Foundation Scholarships. apply for the programs listed below using the Tuition National Science Foundation Scholarships. Assistance Program TAP and Aid for Part Time Study Faculty Council Scholarships. APTS applications When you complete the FAFSA, online you may also link to the TAP application online You can also research external scholarships at. The LaGuardia School Code for TAP is 1403 When you http web laguardia edu sfs scholarship aspx. file the TAP application you will be considered for the or visit the Student Financial Services Resources Center C 109. following or the Career and Transfer Center B 215 to conduct your search. Step 6 Advisement and Registration Veterans Services As a veteran you are entitled from 6 to 16. college credits based on the length of your active service. Once your placement test results are available and you have military training employment or life experience For more. submitted the commitment deposit you will receive an invitation information on the Credit for Learning Program call. to attend orientation where you will meet with an Advisor to 718 482 5232 check the website www laguardia cuny edu epl. discuss your major and select and register for your classes for the or send an email to cpl lagcc cuny edu Through the College. semester This is a critical step in the enrollment process so make Level Examination Program CLEP you may earn from 3 to 12. sure to carefully follow the instructions you receive Your Advisor college credits toward a college degree for each CLEP exam. can tell you about LaGuardia s many special program. LaGuardia Community College is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all College community members Information regarding campus security and personal safety including topics such as crime prevention public safety authority crime reporting policies and crime statistics

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