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CHOOSING THE RIGHT TRANSDUCER, There are several types of sonar available each with special capabilities And each requires a different transducer to work most. effectively For optimum performance it is very important to match the transducer to your device s sonar. To start make sure the transducer you are buying pairs with your unit and what type of sonar technology you would like to add Read. through each section to learn more about the sonar technologies and transducers recommended by Garmin. SONAR TECHNOLOGY PAGE 3,Standard Sonar,Garmin CHIRP Sonar. CHIRP Transducer,ClearV SideV Scanning Sonar,TRANSDUCER MOUNTING OPTIONS PAGE 4. In hull Mount,Kayak In hull,Trolling Motor Mount,Transom Mount. Thru hull Mount,GARMIN TRANSDUCERS PAGE 8,CHIRP Traditional.
CHIRP ClearV CHIRP SideV,Panoptix All seeing Sonar. ADDITIONAL TRANSDUCERS BY MOUNTING STYLE PAGE 16,Transom Mount. Thru hull Traditional,Thru hull CHIRP Traditional,Pocket Mount. ACCESSORIES AND SENSORS PAGE 24,Accessories,Smart Sensors. PANOPTIX LIVESCOPE, Our award winning Panoptix LiveScope sonar brings real time.
scanning sonar to life It shows highly detailed easy to interpret. live scanning sonar images of structure bait and fish swimming. below and around your boat in real time even when your boat. is stationary, Full capabilities are available with the Panoptix LiveScope. System see below The Panoptix LiveScope LVS12 transducer. provides an economical solution for your GPSMAP 8600xsv. chartplotter without the need for a black box with 30 degree. 2018 forward and 30 degree down real time scanning sonar views. Part no 010 02143 00 LVS12,TWO MODES IN ONE TRANSDUCER. PANOPTIX LIVESCOPE DOWN, Live easy to interpret scanning sonar images of structure and swimming fish in incredible detail below your Panoptix LiveScope LVS12 Down. boat up to 200,PANOPTIX LIVESCOPE FORWARD, An excellent tool for scouting and fishing out ahead of your cast it can show real time scanning sonar images of Panoptix LiveScope LVS12 Forward. structure and fish swimming all around your boat up to 200. PANOPTIX LIVESCOPE SCANNING SONAR SYSTEM, Part no 010 01864 00 Includes Trolling Transom Mounts Part no 010 02233 00 Includes Thru hull Mount.
Includes a compact GLS 10 sonar black box with LVS32 transducer and simple plug and. play Garmin Marine Network connector to install easily and integrate seamlessly with your. compatible Garmin chartplotter1 Use the transducer as a supplemental traditional and. ClearV sonar source to see a historical representation of structure and fish below your boat. Available with trolling motor transom and thru hull mount transducer options. Compatible with GPSMAP 8400 8600 GPSMAP 7400 7600 1002 1202 GPSMAP 1202 1202xsv Touch and 702 902 series chartplotters. and ECHOMAP Plus 70cv 70sv and 90sv chartplotter sonar combo series. GARMIN COM 03,PANOPTIX ALL SEEING SONAR, Panoptix sonar is opening up a new world for serious fishermen It makes it possible to see fish and bait swimming in real time around. or under your boat even when the boat is not moving. PANOPTIX FORWARD, Includes 3 forward views LiveV Forward RealV 3 D Forward and FrontV. LIVEV FORWARD REALV 3 D FORWARD FRONTV, Provides a live sonar look at fish swimming and Scans the area in front of your boat creating a forward To help give you time to avoid collisions with. moving toward or away from the boat Cast right at looking 3 D view of the bottom structure and fish submerged obstacles FrontV shows underwater. fish See your lure See fish react to your lure See and obstructions within a 300 range as you approach. feel the strike them in real time1,PANOPTIX DOWN, Includes 3 downward views LiveV Down RealV 3 D Historical and RealV 3 D Down. LIVEV DOWN REALV 3 D HISTORICAL REALV 3 D DOWN, Shows real time moving sonar images of small baitfish Scrolls through sonar data as the boat moves to show Scans below the boat front to back and side to.
and large target fish swimming below your boat and the history of the entire water column from the bottom side to construct a full 3 D view of the area under. pinpoints their distance left or right and their depths to the surface and all of the fish in between the boat letting you see contour changes fish and. structure even while stationary, The ability to effectively avoid running aground with FrontV sonar decreases as speed rises above 8 knots. 04 GARMIN COM,PANOPTIX ALL SEEING SONAR,PANOPTIX FRONTV SONAR. Multibeam thru hull transducer with premium FrontV forward looking sonar helps you. avoid running aground by displaying the bottom ahead of your boat in real time on your. chartplotter It also includes LiveV Forward sonar to give you the unique ability to see. fish even divers swimming in real time under and ahead of your boat with. a 300 forward range,THE LINEUP PS21 TM PS22 TR PS30 PS31 PS51 TH PS60. 010 01588 01 010 01945 00 010 01284 00 010 01284 01 010 01753 00 010 01406 00. RealV 3 D Down,RealV 3 D Historical,LiveV Down,RealV 3 D Forward. LiveV Forward,FrontV Forward,Garmin Marine Network Compatible.
Independent Power Connection,Transom Mount Included 2. Trolling Motor Mount Included,Thru hull Mount and Fairing Block. The ability to effectively avoid running aground with FrontV sonar decreases as speed rises above 8 knots. The forward facing transom mount should be mounted in a location that is out of the warer as speeds over 17 knots. if located below the water line cruising speeds over 21 knots should be avoided. GARMIN COM 05,SCANNING SONAR SYSTEM,ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION. The Ultra High Definition scanning sonar system redefines. scanning sonar See everything below and off to the sides. of your boat in amazingly sharp crisp detail Share Ultra High. Definition scanning sonar images seamlessly across multiple. networked chartplotters You can also add optional Panoptix. all seeing sonar to your networked sonars The system includes. an easy to install networking GCV 20 sonar black box with an. included three array GT34UHD transducer to provide scanning. sonar images in ultra high definition, 010 02055 00 Ultra High Definition scanning sonar system. Also available are all in one Ultra High Definition transducers. for use with GPSMAP 8600xsv chartplotter sonar combos. 010 12908 00 GT24 Ultra High Definition ClearV stand alone transducer. 010 12909 00 GT54 Ultra High Definition ClearV and SideV stand alone transducer. ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION CLEARV, This sonar system provides brilliant image clarity of structure and fish below your boat at greater depths than other high frequency scanning.
sonars by utilizing a downward facing element to put more power on targets. ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION SIDEV, See stunningly clear images of structure and fish off to the sides of your boat This makes it easy to scout a fishing area quickly. because you can see everything the first time with clarity. 06 GARMIN COM,CHIRP SONAR,TRADITIONAL CHIRP SONAR, Garmin CHIRP traditional sonar sends a continuous sweep of frequencies ranging from low to high providing a wide range of data to. create an amazingly clear high resolution image,CHIRP CLEARV. ClearV with CHIRP technology is high frequency sonar that delivers an amazingly clear picture of what s under your boat ClearV produces. an ultra clear image for a more detailed representation of objects structure and fish. CHIRP SIDEV, SideV with CHIRP technology provides a highly detailed high resolution image of structure and fish off to either side. of your boat It s excellent for scouting finding fish and the right structures for successful fishing. GARMIN COM 07,THE RIGHT MOUNTING, In hull An in hull transducer is installed inside a boat hull against the bottom and sends its signal through the hull.
No need to drill through the vessel no drag N,ot recommended for metal wood. and cored fiberglass hulls,Boat can be trailered without damaging transducer. Loss of signal by transmitting through hull,No exposure to marine growth. Can be installed and serviced with vessel in the water. reat high speed performance as long as water flow,below the transducer is clean no turbulence. orks with any engine type inboard outboard and,I O when installed over solid fiberglass.
Performs well on both power and sailboats, Kayak In hull This mount attaches to the inside of a kayak against the bottom and sends its signal through the hull. No need to drill into the vessel N,ot recommended for metal or wooden. o drag protects transducer from rocks when,launching S. light loss of signal by transmitting through,Will not catch on weeds or marine vegetation. ecommended flat section for best sealing,Easily removable.
against the boat, Trolling Motor Attaches either to the shaft or below the body of a trolling motor. Provides sonar images from the bow right below Sonar image corresponds to position of. where you are fishing instead of further astern on the trolling motor may not be optimum direction. hull or at the transom in currents or windy conditions. Easy to install and remove no need to drill into hull Hangs low in the water if you don t pay. attention to depth it s vulnerable to hitting, Stores with trolling motor when lifted out of water. submerged objects, Transom Mount These are attached to the back transom of a boat hull. Good for trailered boats out of the way of the Will not work on vessels with an inboard. rollers engine, Easy to install and remove especially if a kick up Not recommended for sailboats because of. bracket is used excessive heeling, Good performance at boat speeds below 30 knots Will not work on stepped hull.
Can be used with any hull material,08 GARMIN COM, Thru hull Thru hull transducers as their name implies are installed in a hole drilled through the hull. Works with any engine type inboard outboard or I O. Works for power and sailboats, There are thru hull transducers for every hull material. THRU HULL TRANSDUCERS COME IN TWO STYLES FLUSH AND EXTERNAL. Flush thru hull transducers sit flush or nearly flush with the boat hull These are recommended for smaller boats with a minimum. deadrise angle They are often installed on sailing vessels because they produce minimum drag. External thru hull transducers extend beyond the hull s surface and usually require a fairing to aim the sound beam vertically These. are designed for larger untrailered vessels Installed with a high performance fairing the transducer face is flush with the surface of. the fairing and parallel to the waterline resulting in a truly vertical beam putting maximum energy on the target Mounted in clean. water forward of propellers and running gear this installation produces the most effective signal return because nothing on the vessel. interferes with the transducer s active face,WHEN TO USE A THRU HULL PAIR. A Thru hull pair is recommended when mounting a SideV transducer in a location that has a deadrise greater than 5 degrees. To obtain the best possible performance install all transducers according to the included installation instructions If you experience. difficulty during the installation contact Garmin Product Support or seek the advice of a professional installer. GARMIN COM 09,GARMIN TRANSDUCERS,Beam Width Depth Cable. Transducer Frequency Power of Supported Deadrise, Picture Description Garmin P N Price LF HF Max Depth Speed Length.
Name kHz rms Pins Transom Angles,3dB Temp ft,High wide beam CHIRP perfect for. displaying large clear crisp fish arches CHIRP High. GT8HW TM that the inland nearshore fishermen 010 12401 00 149 99 Wide 250 W 24 16 D T 8 20 0 70 transom. freshwater,is looking for Contains fast response 145 230 kHz. water temperature sensor,Ideal for boats traveling at high speeds. CHIRP TRADITIONAL,that want to install the transducer CHIRP High. GT8HW IH inside a the hull and not on the 010 12401 10 119 99 Wide 250 W 24 16 D 8 20 0 5 deadrise. freshwater,transom where 145 230 kHz,cavitation could cause issues.
Variable beamwidth CHIRP transducer, perfect for the precision ice fisherman CHIRP High. GT8HW IF desire Wide beam angles provide ice 010 12401 20 119 99 Wide 250 W 24 16 D 4 8 NA. freshwater,fisherman the coverage they need 145 230 kHz. under the ice,Variable beamwidth CHIRP transducer, perfect for the precision ice fisherman CHIRP High. GT10HN IF desire Narrow beam angles provide 010 12677 00 169 99 Narrow 500 W 7 16 D 8 8 NA. freshwater,clear definition under the ice with 130 200 kHz. excellent target separation,Perfect for fishermen who want clear.
bottom definition under the boat as well as CHIRP Mid. GT15M TM crisp clear fish arches with excellent target 010 12402 10 199 99 band 600 W 24 13 D T 8 30 0 70 transom. freshwater,separation Features mid band CHIRP and 85 165 kHz. can be mounted on the transom,Mid band CHIRP in hull mounting for. high speed boats Maximum fiberglass 1 900 ft, GT15M IH 010 12402 00 199 99 band 600 W 24 13 D 8 20 0 25 deadrise. thickness should be no more than freshwater,85 165 kHz. Beam Width Depth Cable,Transducer Frequency of Supported Deadrise.
Picture Description Garmin P N Price Power LF HF Max Depth Speed Length. Name kHz Pins Transom Angles,3dB Temp ft,Trad 77 200. ClearV CHIRP Trad,CHIRP CLEARV TRADITIONAL,45 15 1 900 ft. 455 kHz 500 W, 010 01960 00 99 99 ClearV ClearV D T 4 20 0 70 transom. GPSMAP XS SERIES GCV 20 GT8HW TM High wide beam CHIRP perfect for displaying large clear crisp fish arches that the inland nearshore fishermen is looking for Contains fast response water temperature sensor 010 12401 00 149 99 CHIRP High Wide 145 230 kHz 250 W 24 16 800 ft freshwater D T 8 20 0 70 transom C that want to install the

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