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Announcements,Homework 2 3 due this Fri 5p,Projects In progress. Intro to Proteomics II Mass spec,Harvard MIT,Division of Health. Science Technology,Organization Levels of Abstraction. Part I Sequence,Part II Expression,Part III Proteomics. Part IV Systems Misc,Harvard MIT,Division of Health.
Science Technology,Computer Science Algorithms,Perspective. 6 096 Algorithms for Computational Biology,Spring Prof Manolis Kellis. This new course covers the algorithmic,foundations of computational biology. combining theory with practice We study the,principles of algorithm design for biological. datasets analyze influential algorithms and,apply these to real datasets.
Topics include,Strings biological sequence analysis gene. finding motif discovery RNA folding global and,local sequence alignment. Genomes genome assembly comparative,genomics genome duplication genome. rearrangements evolutionary theory,Networks gene expression clustering. algorithms scale free networks machine,learning applications to genomics.
Harvard MIT,Division of Health,Science Technology,Evolution Perspective. 6 891 Computational Evolutionary Biology,Fall Prof Robert C Berwick. Course Description,Evolution from a computational modeling. and engineering perspective Why has it been,easier to develop a vaccine to eliminate polio. than to control influenza or AIDS Has there,been natural selection for a language gene.
Why are there no animals with wheels When,does maximizing fitness lead to evolutionary. extinction How are sex and parasites,related Why don t snakes eat grass Why. don t we have eyes in the back of our,heads How does modern genomics. illustrate and challenge the field Extensive,hands on laboratory exercises in model. building and analyzing evolutionary data,Harvard MIT.
Division of Health,Science Technology,HST Perspective. HST 512 HST 513 Genomic Medicine, Subject studies the use of industrialized methods of. data acquisition and analysis to improve medical,care Questions addressed are What new benefits. of genomics can be anticipated in the near future in. terms of new drugs and treatments How can,diagnosis and the diagnostic process be changed. today How do our prognostic abilities change,How does one manage the deluge of clinically.
relevant genomic data What constitutes a, genomic clinical trial What are the useful features. of alternative genomic technologies today and for,the near future What are the different kinds of. genomic informational resources and databases,Are they useful and how What are the ethical. individual and corporate challenges ahead What, are the key limitations we face Enrollment limited. I Kohane A Butte J Drazen T Golub S,Greenberg J Hirschorn S Lory P Park M.
Ramoni A Riva Z Szallasi S Weiss Harvard MIT,Division of Health. Science Technology,Mass Spec Lab Techniques, Harvard Chemistry 165 Experimental Physical Chemistry. Catalog Number 0667,Frank N Keutsch, Half course spring term Lectures F 1 2 30 laboratories M or Tu. 1 5 EXAM GROUP 6 7, Introduction to methods and techniques used in physical. chemistry chemical physics research laboratories Nine of eleven. laboratory assignments involve experiments conducted in current CCB. Research Groups molecular beams mass spectrometry Fourier. transform infrared and NMR spectroscopies laser ablation laser. spectroscopy cavity ring down spectroscopy scanning tunneling and. atomic force microscopy kinetics Computer based methods of data. acquisition and analysis are used throughout, Note Recommended as an efficient preparation for research in.
experimental physical chemistry chemical physics and related sciences. Prerequisite Chemistry 160 or Physics 143a,Harvard MIT. Division of Health,Science Technology,Proteomics Mass Spec. Harvard BCMP 301 formerly Genetics,327 High Throughput Functional. Proteomics,Catalog Number 1535,Edward E Harlow Medical School 2863. BCMP Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology. Harvard Cell Biology 332 Mass,Spectrometry and Proteomics.
Catalog Number 1568,Steven P Gygi Medical School 3939. Harvard MIT,Division of Health,Science Technology,Proteomics and Mass Spec. Gil Alterovitz,HST 480 6 092,Harvard MIT,Division of Health. Science Technology,Paradigm Shifts in Bioinformatics. Sequencing 1980 s to early 1990 s, DNA RNA Protein Sequence Analysis sequence storage.
3 D Protein Structure Prediction Mid 1980 s late,Databases of Protein structures. DNA RNA Microarray Expression Experiments Mid,1990 s to 2000 s. Databases of expression data,Protein interaction experiments Early 2000 s to. Databases with pairwise interactions,Mass Spec proteomic pattern experiments Early. 2000 s to Present, Databases with mass spec protein identifications proteomic.
Integration of multiple modalities Ongoing,Harvard MIT. Division of Health,Science Technology,New Flexibility with SELDI TOF. CHEMICAL SURFACES,Hydrophobic Ionic IMAC Mixed,BIOCHEMICAL SURFACES. Antibody DNA Enzyme Receptor Phage,Figure by MIT OCW Harvard MIT. Division of Health,Science Technology,Fractionation.
Harvard Medical University of,School USA Dusseldorf Germany. 74 Disease 39,Control 24 Normal,Separate by different Samples. properties of proteins,pH5 pH9 Whole Serum Organic. Figure by MIT OCW Harvard MIT, Alterovitz G et al Analysis and Robot Pipelined Automation for SELDI TOF Mass Spectrometry. DivisionProceedings, of the International Conference of IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology San Francisco CA USA.
Science 2004,Technology,SELDI TOF Mass Spec,Add Matrix. Harvard MIT,Division of Health,Science Technology,Computational Proteomics Bioinformatics for. MDKSELVQKAKLAEQAERYDDMAAMKAVTEQGHELSNEERNLLSVAYFNYGWRR. Relative Abundance,393 944 1598,200 400 600 800 1000 m z 1200 1400. of Figure by MIT OCW, Protein Identification by Best Fit to Database Sequences. Harvard MIT,Division of Health, MDKSELVQKAKLAEQAERYDDMAAMKAVTEQGHELSNEERNLLSVAYFNYGWRR.
Science Technology,SELDI TOF Mass Spec Schematic,Laser attenuator. Sample plate electrostatic mirror,Prism Laser,Main source Ion focusing lens. Variable voltage,grid Video camera Flight tube, Ground grid Aperture grounded Timed ion selector Linear detector. Collision cell optional,Sample loading,chamber Ion path in reflector mode. Laser path,a t t 0 2 b Figure by MIT OCW,t time of flight s.
z charge Harvard MIT,U 20 000 Volts,a 0 272 b 0 t0 0 0038 are constants. Science amp Technology HST Perspective HST 512 HST 513 Genomic Medicine Subject studies the use of industrialized methods of data acquisition and analysis to improve medical care Questions addressed are What new benefits of genomics can be anticipated in the near future in terms of new drugs and treatments How can

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