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1 Introduction 3,2 Arabic math document 4,2 1 Mathematical document 4. 2 2 Mathematical language 5,2 3 Arabic mathematical language 6. 3 RyDArab 11,3 1 Fonts 11,3 2 Options 15,3 3 Elements and processing 16. 3 4 Features 25,4 Conclusion 27,4 1 Conclusions 27. Arabic scientific document composition p 2 29,4 2 Applications.
1 Introduction,Goal Multilingual scientific document composition. mathematical expressions in an Arabic presentation. composed with specific symbols flowing from right to left. There is no system for typesetting such documents,Importance e document. standardization diffusion production evolution updating. Difficulties direction of writing, big amount of symbols in different forms and sizes that can. Arabic scientific document composition p 3 29,vary dynamically processing. 2 Arabic math document,2 1 Mathematical document,Consists on three different components consisting.
textual component texts link words,symbolic component symbols expressions. graphic component arrays graphs,Arabic scientific document composition p 4 29. 2 2 Mathematical language,Special features,high precision of the expressions composition. integration of the expressions into the text,any change in the position of a symbol in. the streamline has a meaning,size of the symbol will have to change.
according to its position,change of the shape of the symbol according. to the size and the need,size variation of the symbols according to the. use of a significant number of features of writing. types text symbols extensible symbols,attributes bold italic. Arabic scientific document composition p 5 29,2 3 Arabic mathematical language. Arabic writing,direction of writing from right to left.
Arabic alphabet,cursivity of the writing,consonants are marked as letters while vowels. are diacritics,certain letters differ from each other only by. certain letters differ from each other only by,parts of glyphs. shape of letter depends on its position in the, word Arabic scientific document composition p 6 29. superposition of the letters of a word through,stretching of letters in a curvilinear way.
through kashida,punctuation marks in Arabic,orientation glyph. superposition of the words, several calligraphic styles are in use but not yet. formalized distinguish in shape ligature,calligraphic rules. Farisi Koufi Maghribi Naskh Thuluth,Rouq a DywAni,Arabic scientific document composition p 7 29. Arabic notation system,letters are with or without dots as i or as.
another order for classifying alphabetic symbols,no cursivity of alphabetic symbols. several glyphs for digits and 210,superscript and subscript on the left 2. abbreviations use connected letters with,ligatures but without vowels with or without. dots as sin or as s n,two punctuation systems 3 14 3 14. Arabic scientific document composition p 8 29,some symbols are extensible 3.
kashida is curvilinear,instead of,Arabic scientific document composition p 9 29. Sources of the standards,conventions such as the Amman s convention. standards of the AMS and the ISO,practice of T X and MathML. Existing systems,free T X LAT X ArabT X NTS,Scientific Work LyX. high quality normative open source,evolutionary format text free scientific.
owner MathType Equation Editor T Xaide,Arabic scientific document composition p 10 29. Mathematical font with features,a significant number of symbols. a significant number of features of the writing, change of the symbols size according to the position. extension of the symbols size according to the,a significant number of typographical didactic. and aesthetic constraints,Family fonts static dynamic.
Arabic scientific document composition p 11 29,Family fonts amxnsh adapted from Naskh used in. ArabTEX and developped by K Lagally,symbols without dots neither cursivity neither. ligature nor vowels,changing automatically the size of the letters. according to their positions,symbols in several forms isolated initial and. Used for alphabetic symbols digits and punctuation. New font NasX built independently, Used for multiple alphabetic symbols in isolated ini.
tial tail and stretched forms in simple or double,Arabic scientific document composition p 12 29. family fonts amcm amcmr amcmsy amcmex,adapted from Computer Modern used in TEX and. developped by D E Knuth,glyph inversion becomes,semantics inversion becomes. command inversion becomes 3,macro commands change becomes. interpretation inversion becomes,composed glyph and macro inversion.
Used for Latin and Greek alphabetic symbols basic,symbols and linear extensible symbols A. Arabic scientific document composition p 13 29,Dynamic font through CurExt. Used for curvilinear extensible symbols,instead of. 5 2 1 5 2 1,1 8 3 1 8 3,instead of 1 3,Arabic scientific document composition p 14 29. 3 2 Options,arabmath expressions in an Arabic presentation.
latinmath expressions in a Latin presentation,warabnum standard western Arabic digits. oldstylenum old style western Arabic digits,earabnum eastern Arabic digits. alpwithoutdots alphabetic symbols without dots,alpwithdots alphabetic symbols with dots. funwithdots abbreviation representing,elementary functions with dots. funwithoutdots abbreviation representing,elementary functions without dots.
1 In tro duction Goal Multilingual scien ti c do cumen t comp osition mathematical expressions in an Arabic presen tation comp osed with sp eci c sym b ols amp o wing from

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