This Owner Handbook describes all the Fiat 600 versions

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001 069 Seicento GB 22 11 2007 10 49 Pagina 1,Dear New Car Owner. Thank you for selecting Fiat and congratulations on your choice of a Fiat 600. We have written this handbook to help you get to know all your new Fiat 600 features and use it in the best pos. You should read it right through before taking the road for the first time You will find information tips and im. portant warnings regarding the driving of your car to help you derive the maximum from your Fiat 600 s techno. logical features, You are recommended to read carefully the warnings and indications marked with the respective symbols. personal safety,the car s wellbeing,environmental protection. The enclosed Fiat Warranty Booklet list the services that Fiat offers its Customers. the Warranty Certificate with terms and conditions for maintaining its validity. the range of additional services available to Fiat Customers. Best regards and good motoring, This Owner Handbook describes all the Fiat 600 versions As a consequence you should consider only. the information which is related to the engine and bodywork version of the car you purchased. 001 069 Seicento GB 22 11 2007 10 49 Pagina 2,MUST BE READ.
REFUELLING, Refuel petrol engine vehicles with unleaded petrol octane rating RON no lower than 95. K The use of other products or mixtures may irreparably damage the engine with invalidation of the warranty due. to the damage caused,ENGINE START UP, Make sure the handbrake is pulled up put the gear lever into neutral press the clutch pedal down to the floor. without touching the accelerator turn the ignition key to AVV and release it as soon as the engine starts. PARKING OVER INFLAMMABLE MATERIAL, When functioning normally the catalytic converter reaches high temperatures For this reason do not park. the vehicle over inflammable material grass dry leaves pine needles etc fire hazard. PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT, A system for continuously monitoring emission system components to ensure greater environmental protec. tion is fitted in your vehicle,001 069 Seicento GB 22 11 2007 10 49 Pagina 3.
ELECTRICAL ACCESSORIES, If after buying the vehicle you decide to add electrical accessories that will gradually drain the battery visit. a Fiat Dealership They can calculate the overall electrical requirement and check that the vehicle s electric. system can support the required load, Keep the code card in a safe place not in the vehicle You should always keep the electronic code written on. the CODE card with you in case you need to carry out an emergency start up procedure. SCHEDULED SERVICING, Correct maintenance of the vehicle is essential for ensuring it stays in tip top condition and safeguards its safe. ty features its environmental friendliness and low running costs for a long time to come. THE OWNER HANDBOOK CONTAINS, information tips and important warnings regarding the safe correct driving of your vehicle and its mainte. nance Pay particular attention to the symbols personal safety environmental protection vehicle. well being,001 069 Seicento GB 22 11 2007 10 49 Pagina 4.
GETTING TO KNOW YOUR CAR,SYMBOLS THE FIAT CODE The keys fig 1. Special coloured labels have been at,SYSTEM With the car the following keys A. are provided, tached near or actually on some of To further protect your car from at. the components of your Fiat 600 The key with a blue grip is used for. tempted theft it has been fitted with, These labels bear symbols that remind an electronic engine immobiliser sys starting. you of the precautions to be taken as tem called Fiat CODE which is au unlocking and locking the doors. regards that particular component tomatically activated when the ignition boot tailgate VAN versions only. key is removed The ignition keys in deactivating the passenger side. fact are fitted with an electronic de airbag,vice that transmits a coded signal to.
the Fiat CODE control unit only if,this signal is recognised can the engine. be started,The modulated signal is a password,Only if the control unit recognises the. key can the engine be started,4 GETTING TO KNOW YOUR CAR. 001 069 Seicento GB 22 11 2007 10 49 Pagina 5, The CODE card optional for ver DUPLICATING KEYS The Fiat Dealership may ask you. sions markets where applicable fig to demonstrate that you own the car. 2 is also supplied with the keys and When you ask for extra keys re. bears the following member that all the keys both the The codes of any keys that are not. new ones and those you already pos available when the new storage proce. front side sess must be stored in the memory dure is carried out will be deleted from. up to a maximum of 7 Go to your the memory to prevent any lost or. A the electronic code optional Fiat Dealership taking all the keys stolen keys being used to start the car. for versions markets where in your possession and the CODE. applicable card with you,B the mechanical key code.
reverse side,C the spaces for any remote,control stickers. Keep the CODE card in a safe place P4Q01085,GETTING TO KNOW YOUR CAR 5. 001 069 Seicento GB 22 11 2007 10 49 Pagina 6, OPERATION If you are still unable to start the en IMPORTANT Each key provided. gine use the emergency starting pro with the car has its own code differ. Each time the ignition key is turned cedure see IN AN EMERGENCY and ent from all the others which must be. to STOP or PARK the protection take your car to the nearest Fiat stored in the memory of the system. system will automatically immobilise Dealership as soon as possible control unit. the engine,When the car is travelling and the,When the key is turned to MAR to key is at MAR. start the engine, 1 if the warning light comes on All the keys originals and.
1 if the code is recognised the while the car is moving this means duplicates and the. warning light on the instrument panel that the system is running a self test CODE card must be. will flash briefly this means the pro e g due to a voltage drop handed over to the new owner. tection system has recognised the key when selling the car. code and deactivates the immobiliser 2 if the warning light flashes. turn the key to AVV and the engine when the key is in MAR the car is not. will start protected by the Immobiliser Contact,your Fiat Dealership and get them. 2 if the warning light stays on to store the codes of all the keys in. the code has not been recognised In the memory,this case turn the key to STOP po. sition and then turn it back to MAR IMPORTANT The electronic. if the engine remains immobilised try components inside the key may be. with the other keys provided damaged if the key is subjected to. sharp knocks,6 GETTING TO KNOW YOUR CAR,001 069 Seicento GB 22 11 2007 10 49 Pagina 7. SEAT BELTS To unfasten the seat belts press but When the car is parked on a steep. ton D Guide the seat belt with your slope the reel mechanism may block. hand while it is rewinding to prevent this is normal The reel mechanism. USING THE SEAT BELTS it from twisting prevents the webbing coming out. The belt should be worn keeping the when it is jerked or if the car brakes. chest straight and rested against the sharply as in a collision or when cor. seat back nering at high speed,Do not press button D. Take hold the tongue B fig 3 and when running The rear seat is fitted with inertial. insert it into the buckle C until hear seat belts with three anchor points. ing the locking click and reel,If it jams let it rewind for a short.
stretch then pull it out again without Through the reel the belt automat. jerking ically adapts to the body of the pas,senger wearing it allowing freedom of. P4Q01060 movement,GETTING TO KNOW YOUR CAR 7,001 069 Seicento GB 22 11 2007 10 49 Pagina 8. CENTRAL REAR SEAT In order to ensure that the correct The rear seat belts shall. tabs are fitted into the corresponding be worn as shown in. For versions markets where ap buckle the tabs of the side belt and the fig 4 Fig 5 shows wrong. plicable the centre seat if any is buckle of the centre seat only ab seat belt fastening not to be fol. fitted with lap belt with two an dominal are incompatible lowed. chor points,Remember that in the,case of violent collision. back seat passengers not,wearing seat belts also represent. a serious danger to the front pas,fig 4 fig 5,8 GETTING TO KNOW YOUR CAR.
001 069 Seicento GB 22 11 2007 10 49 Pagina 9, ADJUSTING THE SEAT BELT IMPORTANT Have this operation USING THE CENTRAL REAR. HEIGHT performed at a Fiat Dealership only SEAT BELT. as it involves passenger safety For versions markets. There are two anchoring positions, A and B fig 6 for front seat belts on To fasten the seat belt push the. the door post fastener tongue A fig 7 into slot B of. Before driving off for the first time the buckle until you hear it click. adjust the position of the seat belt an To unfasten the seat belt press. choring point according to your height button C,and favourite driving position If re. quired have the anchoring point of To adjust the belt slide the web. the seat belt adjusted bing through D pulling length E to. tighten and length F to loosen,IMPORTANT The belt is adjusted. properly when it fits closely across the,fig 6 fig 7.
GETTING TO KNOW YOUR CAR 9,001 069 Seicento GB 22 11 2007 10 49 Pagina 10. PRETENSIONERS A small amount of smoke may be Operations which lead. produced This smoke is in no way to knocks vibrations or. In order to make the safety belt pro toxic and presents no fire hazard localised heating over. tective action even more efficient ve 100 C for a maximum of 6. hicle is equipped with pretensioners The pretensioner does not require hours in the area around the. on driver side and on front passenger any maintenance or greasing Anything pretensioners may cause damage. side if car is equipped with passen that modifies its original conditions in or trigger them These devices. ger side air bag option that in case validates its efficiency If due to unusual are not affected by vibrations. of a violent front crash recall the safe natural events floods sea storms caused by irregularities of the. ty belt by a few cm thus ensuring etc the device has been affected by road surface or low obstacles. proper adherence of safety belt to pas water and mud it must necessarily be such as kerbs etc Contact a Fiat. senger body before the retaining ac replaced Dealership for any assistance. tion starts,The seat belt locks to indicate that,the device has intervened the seat belt. cannot be drawn back up even when,guiding it manually The pretensioner can. only be used once, IMPORTANT To obtain the high After a collision that has. est degree of protection from the ac triggered it have it replaced at. tion of the pretensioning device wear a Fiat Dealership The validity of. the seat belt keeping it firmly close to the device is written on the plate. the chest and pelvis,located on the front left door.
01 02 03 04 05 06,07 08 09 10 11 12,07 08 09 10 11 12. 2017 2018 2019,01 02 03 04 05 06,2013 2014 2015,PRETENSIONERS. post The pretensioners should AIRBAG AND,be replaced at a Fiat Dealership CLOCK SPRING. as this date approaches,ATTENZIONE,10 GETTING TO KNOW YOUR CAR. 001 069 Seicento GB 22 11 2007 10 49 Pagina 11, GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS The belt should not be Under no circumstances.
FOR USING THE SEAT BELTS twisted make sure that it should the components. is taut and adheres to the of the pretensioner be, The driver must comply with and passenger s body The upper part tampered with or removed Any. have the vehicle occupants follow all should pass over the shoulder operation should be carried out. the local legal regulations concerning and cross the chest diagonally by qualified and authorised per. the use of seat belts The lower part should adhere to sonnel Always contact a Fiat. Always fasten the seat belts before the pelvis and to the abdomen of Dealership. starting driving the passenger to prevent the,risk of slipping forwards fig 8. Do not use any objects pegs,stoppers etc to keep the belts. For maximum safety away from the body If the belt has been sub. keep the back of your jected to heavy stress for,seat upright lean back example after an acci. into it and make sure the seat dent it should be changed com. belt fits closely across your chest pletely together with the an. and hips chors anchor fastening screws, Make sure that the seat belts of and the pretensioners In fact.
the front and rear passengers are even if the belt has no visible de. fastened at all times You in fects it could have lost its re. crease the risk of serious injury silience,or death in a collision if you. travel with the belts unfastened,GETTING TO KNOW YOUR CAR 11. 001 069 Seicento GB 22 11 2007 10 49 Pagina 12, Never travel with a child Seat belts are also to be worn by ex HOW TO KEEP THE SEAT. sitting on the passenger s pectant mothers the risk of injury in BELTS ALWAYS IN. lap with a single belt to the case of accident is greatly reduced EFFICIENT CONDITIONS. protect them both fig 9 and do for them and the unborn child if they. not fasten other objects are wearing a seat belt 1 Always use the belt with the tape. taut and never twisted make sure that, Of course they must position the it is free to run without impediments. lower part of the belt very low down, so that it passes under the abdomen 2 After a serious accident replace.
This Owner Handbook describes all the Fiat 600 versions As a consequence you should consider only the information which is related to the engine and bodywork version of the car you purchased 001 069 Seicento GB 22 11 2007 10 49 Pagina 1 2 MUST BE READ REFUELLING Refuel petrol engine vehicles with unleaded petrol octane rating RON no lower than 95 The use of other products or mixtures

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