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REGIONAL SURPRISES,Clockwise from far,left Maleny Botanic. Gardens Qld Clare,Valley SA Garma,Festival NT Recherche. Archipelago WA, Some of our best attractions lie off the beaten track From uninhabited islands and. country towns turned gourmet getaways to an outback museum where you can dig. MALENY PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY SUNSHINE COAST DESTINATION CLARE VALLEY LACHLAN. SWAN SOUTH AUSTRALIAN TOURISM COMMISSION GARMA COURTESY GARMA RECHERCHE. 3 BEST ISLANDS, up dinosaurs there are some unsung gems tucked away in regional Australia We Recherche Archipelago Western Australia. have picked a dozen destinations that should be on your bucket list But you ll It has seal colonies a mighty shipwreck and was once home to pirates. want to see them soon before the rest of the country wises up so how has the Recherche Archipelago stayed under the radar for so. long This group of 100 uninhabited islands off the coast near. Esperance was mapped by Dutch navigators in the 17th century but. has seen little action since pirate captain Black Jack Anderson used. 1 BEST WINE TRAIL 2 BEST GARDEN the islands as a base for plundering passing supply ships in the 1830s. ARCHIPELAGO JIRI LOCKMAN AUSTRALIAN GEOGRAPHIC, Clare Valley Riesling Trail South Australia Maleny Botanic Gardens Queensland Take a cruise from Esperance to check out the local wildlife including.
A tree lined walking running or cycling route following an old railway The cows are the only ones that might have a beef with this lovely fur seals Cape Barren geese and sea lions before bushwalking on. track the Riesling Trail links seven villages in South Australia s most garden located atop an escarpment in the Sunshine Coast hinterland Woody Island Divers will want to head straight for the wreck of the. idyllic wine region the Clare Valley Each stretch is a comfortable Before businessman Frank Shipp snapped up this property and turned bulk carrier Sanko Harvest The 174m tanker which sank in 1991 is. length 5 8km with loops that make it easy to return to your starting it into a magni cent 3ha garden the land was used as cow paddocks the second largest wreck dive in the world known for its groper and. point Which one to try rst The Clare to Sevenhill route allows Shipp pulled up privet moulded and stonewalled a cascading series red snapper westernaustralia com St Clair which has now been reinvented as Tasmania s latest luxury. stocking up on treats at one of Clare s gourmet stores and a picnic at of terraces and turned swamps into lily ponds The result is an wilderness retreat Blanketed by pristine rainforest Lake St Clair is a. the area s oldest winery the picturesque Sevenhill Cellars Alternatively enchanting landscape that moves from orchid lled rainforest to 4 BEST WILDERNESS ACCOMMODATION paradise for hikers mountain bikers and fishermen Guests at. you can spend the morning cycling from Leasingham to Auburn with cascading waterfalls and Oriental style lakes offering Instagram Pumphouse Point Tasmania Pumphouse Point can choose from rooms in the intimate Pumphouse. lunch at Terroir the best restaurant in the valley Make sure to leave worthy opportunities at every turn along with panoramic views of the We owe a vote of thanks to the anonymous public works architect who with its spectacular all round views or the Shorehouse Particularly. room in your bicycle basket for a bottle or two of the area s superb Glasshouse Mountains Rest up in one of the pagodas before heading back in the 1930s was tasked with designing a pumping station in the impressive is the in room larder stocked with treats such as wood. wines standouts include the internationally acclaimed Grosset Wines up to the huge aviary another of Shipp s passions to meet the wilds of Tasmania Choosing whimsy over functionalism he created roasted salmon and Stefano Lubiano riesling perfect grazing for lazy. in Auburn and Jim Barry Wines at Clare rieslingtrail com au macaws and parrots malenybotanicgardens com a pretty neoclassical building set on a long pier stretching out into Lake afternoons gazing out at that view pumphousepoint com au. 54 QANTAS JUNE 2015 JUNE 2015 QANTAS 55,REGIONAL SURPRISES. Squeaky Beach Victoria,5 BEST INDIGENOUS SITE,Cave Hill South Australia. From the outside it s a rocky cave with a low slung entrance just. another outcrop in the undulating desert landscape Step inside. however and you nd yourself in one of Central Australia s most. remarkable rock art sites a place depicting one of the key creation. stories of the desert mob Here at Cave Hill several hours drive. south of Uluru the cave ceiling is covered with images depicting. the tale of seven sisters chased by the wicked Wati Nyiru Eventually. the sisters ed into the sky where they became the Pleiades star. cluster while Wati Nyiru forever in pursuit was immortalised as Cave Hill South Australia. Orion A local elder recounts the legend while leading visitors past. key sites of the action finishing with a visit to the cave itself. seitoutbackaustralia com au 7 BEST DINOSAUR EXCAVATION. The Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum,6 BEST DESERTED BEACH Queensland. SQUEAKY BEACH PHOTOGRAPHY GETTY IMAGES,CAVE HILL COURTESY SEIT OUTBACK AUSTRALIA. Squeaky Beach Victoria Few of us completely outgrow our childhood dreams of discovering a. Tens of thousands of beaches fringe our coastline but few come as dinosaur Now Australia s most unusual museum lets visitors do just. close to perfection as Squeaky Beach in Wilson s Promontory National that Near Winton in far western Queensland the Australian Age of. Park A gentle curve of white sand lapped by wonderfully translucent Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History is the only place in the country. water sheltered by surrounding bushland it ticks all the boxes Even where you can literally dig up a piece of the past The museum was. the location is just right about three hours from Melbourne it is born after local farmer David Elliott stumbled across a dinosaur bone. accessible without ever getting overcrowded Laze away an afternoon while mustering his sheep The nd turned out to belong to the largest. with a picnic while the children play in the maze like paths between dino ever discovered in Australia triggering further excavations of the. the rocks The more energetic should follow the tracks in either fossil rich soil Visitors are given a set of tools and assigned a particular. direction to Norman Beach or Whisky Bay And yes just in case you re fossil waiting to be prised out of the rock a hands on approach that is. wondering the sand really does squeak visitvictoria com a hit with families australianageofdinosaurs com. 56 QANTAS JUNE 2015,REGIONAL SURPRISES,8 BEST TOWN FOR FOODIES 9 BEST NATIONAL PARK.
Kyneton Victoria Border Ranges New South Wales, Booms have a way of sweeping through the tiny central Victorian Is that a triceratops peeking through the dense undergrowth. town of Kyneton 80km north of Melbourne The rst courtesy of It is no wonder that the winding trails of the Border Ranges. the Gold Rush left a legacy of elegant bluestone buildings The National Park inspire Jurassic Park fantasies the stands of. second a culinary explosion spearheaded by Melbourne chef Annie Antarctic beeches and Araucarian conifers in this rainforest are. Smithers who relocated here a decade ago has seen those buildings among the oldest surviving tree species in the world Although. lled with one of the best collections of restaurants in regional dinosaurs are thin on the ground you are more likely to spot. Australia Ten years on Source Dining formerly called Annie pademelons bandicoots sooty owls and honeyeaters there is. Smithers Bistrot still pulls them in with creative desserts such as still plenty to see Highlights include the Booyong Walking. doughnuts served with calvados custard caramelised apple and Track and the Pinnacle Walk best undertaken early in the. gingerbread ice cream Other popular options include the Little morning when you can see the sunrise illuminating the extinct. Swallow Caf Midnight Starling a sleek wine bar serving quality bistro volcano Wollumbin. food and Mr Carsisi where the Turkish in uenced menu ranges from Other trails take you past rushing waterfalls fringed by bird s. mezze king sh carpaccio with sumac and lime dressing and walnut nest ferns or lilies or through dappled clearings where lyrebirds. and herb salad to roast ocean trout with lemon labneh and shredded sing Perhaps the most startling thing about this slice of ancient. beetroot sumac and barberry salad For a post prandial stroll browse wilderness is how accessible it is an easy drive from Lismore. the Piper Street shops from the Persian Room s rugs to intriguing near the NSW Queensland border nationalparks nsw gov au. odds and ends at Stockroom and Kabinett kyneton org au Border Ranges National Park. Pinnacle Lookout Border,Ranges New South Wales,PHOTOGRAPHY. PIC CREDITS HAMILTON LUND DESTINATION NSW,58 QANTAS JUNE 2015. REGIONAL SURPRISES,10 BEST FESTIVAL,Garma Northern Territory. Anyone who has ever attended a Garma Festival will tell. you that you can learn a lot in four days How to dig for. Echidna Chasm, shell sh what a smoking ceremony looks like Indigenous Bungle Bungles WA.
songs perhaps even a new perspective on the economics Bells Milk Bar Broken. of remote communities It s all on the menu at this four Hill NSW above left. day festival Hosted in August every year by the Yolngu. people of Arnhem Land this gathering is a great, opportunity to gain a better insight into Indigenous culture and have 12 BEST GORGE. a lot of fun Camping on an escarpment high above the coast Echidna Chasm Purnululu National Park WA. BELLS PHOTOGRAPHY SIMON BAYLISS OUTBACK NSW TOURISM. participants attend workshops learn cultural activities including Usually photographed from the air this collection of beehive shaped. bushcraft skills and watch nightly ceremonies featuring song and domes looms unexpectedly out of the outback To see the Bungle. dance performances garmafestival com au Bungles at their best however you have to get your feet dirty Up close. you discover the deep gorges that divide the domes carved by the. 11 BEST MILK BAR waters that surge through every wet season Among the most. Bells Milk Bar Broken Hill New South Wales spectacular is Echidna Chasm a narrow high sided gorge that would. Heritage is heaped high in Broken Hill This is after all the only town make a tting backdrop for the climax of an Indiana Jones movie The. in Australia to be included on the National Heritage List However going is tricky across the stone covered oor of the palm lled gorge. ECHIDNA CHASM GETTY IMAGES, the town s best trip back in time experience has nothing to do with The walls narrow to little more than a crack in the rock creating a. its rich mining heritage It is the humble Bells Milk Bar a true blue claustrophobic yet compelling experience This isn t the only. slice of the 1950s that has never been renovated or refreshed It is all remarkable gorge in the Bungle Bungles At the southern end of the. here just as you remember it from life or the movies formica tables formation is the circular Cathedral Gorge a natural amphitheatre with. cosy booths lime spiders and malted milk For a real retro experience impressive acoustics Early in the season a shallow pool shaded by. make like Sandra Dee and order a milkshake served in a tall anodised overhanging rock ledges provides shade from the glaring sun making. aluminium container bellsmilkbar com au it the perfect place for a picnic westernaustralia com A. the surface of the best of regional Australia JUNE 2015 QANTAS 53 Take a cruise from Esperance to check out the local wildlife including Step inside

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