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Table of Contents,Section 1 First Steps,Chapter 1 Forget What You Think You Know. Chapter 2 Fear Setting,Chapter 3 Overcome Approach Anxiety. Chapter 4 Harness the power of social momentum,Chapter 5 Learn from Failure. Chapter 6 Develop Self Awareness,Section 2 The Psychology of Seduction. Chapter 7 Reciprocation,Chapter 8 Scarcity,Chapter 9 Liking.
Chapter 10 Commitment and Consistency,Chapter 11 Social Proof. Section 3 The Seductive Mindset,Chapter 12 Play the Numbers Game. Chapter 13 How to Mindfuck Yourself to Become More Attractive. Chapter 14 Eliminate Shame,Section 4 Be Unforgettable. Chapter 15 Be Dominant,Chapter 16 Lead the Conversation. Chapter 17 Create Momentum Always Be Leading, Chapter 18 Never Land in The Friend Zone Again Be Man to Woman.
Chapter 19 Make Her Feel Strong Emotions,Chapter 20 Create Rapport. Chapter 21 Elicit Vulnerability, Chapter 22 Develop A Killer Instinct Overcome Objections. Chapter 23 Use Strategic Analysis,Chapter 24 Systematize Growth. Introduction The Seduction Blueprint, Several great books have been written teaching men s dating advice Models by Mark Manson. clarifies the mindset an attractive man has in a visceral easy to understand way The Art of. Seduction by Robert Greene uses powerful historical examples to help you understand the. psychology of what makes people fall in love The Game by Neil Strauss is a brilliant work that. has introduced millions of men to the idea that they can learn success with women like any. other skill although it is certainly not a useful guide for how to do so. Although these books have offered tremendous value to men across the world they are all. missing something Something that I believe is necessary for anyone who wants to learn success. with women, These books tell you what to do and even why you should do it Yet they don t address the.
reality that learning the skillset necessary for success with women is a messy process. Knowing what to do and why it works isn t enough there is a wide gap between information. and the successful real life implementation of that information The principles values and. strategies in the aforementioned books are useful but knowing what to do isn t the same as. having the tools to systematically implement that knowledge in your real life. Everyone knows that they should cut fast food out of their diet to lose weight yet few people. do Everyone knows they shouldn t binge watch Netflix for five hours a day yet the average. American watches 5 hours of television per day We ve all tried to change our lives for the. better and whether we were aiming to improve our career relationships fitness or anything. else the fact that we knew what we wanted and how to accomplish our goal wasn t always. enough In fact most people rarely successfully accomplish their goals Why though. We don t fail to accomplish our goals because of a weak willpower inherent laziness or even. because we lack understanding of how to accomplish our goals We fail to accomplish goals. because we don t have systems that create the necessary self awareness consistency and. repeated course correction that are all necessary, I learned this the hard way I ve failed to accomplish my goals hundreds of times Through my. countless failures and years of psychological research I have learned what it takes to transform. knowledge of how to do something into real life results. I wrote this book because I ve known dozens of guys who ve dipped their toes in the water. hoping for success with women Yet I ve known only a couple who accomplished their dating. goals Most guys either give up or continuously made the same mistakes month after month. I know anyone can have the success with women they want but I also know that most guys. who try don t get the results they were hoping for They didn t have a system that taught them. how to reliably improve over time, This book will give you just that a system for consistently improving your dating life Most men. don t need more knowledge on how to attract beautiful women they need to learn how to. convert their knowledge into real life results The Seduction Blueprint will help bridge the. information action gap for you you won t just learn what to do and why it works you ll learn a. system for implementing that knowledge into your real life This book is designed to trigger. long term self improvement for anyone who reads it. However you should know that this is a pragmatic approach based on the reality that change. takes significant effort If you re looking for cheerleading or a quick fix you re reading the. wrong book, Real change isn t measured in days but in months Don t expect to walk up to your dream girl. tomorrow and to sweep her off her feet just because you read some book Change takes time. and effort anyone who tells you otherwise is more interested in selling to you than helping. Before we begin know this my intention for The Seduction Blueprint is bold I want this to be. the next book on the list of great books teaching success with women Not necessarily because. the ideas here are cleverer than the competition but because people who read this book are. given the tools they need to translate concepts and strategies into real life results. First Steps,Chapter 1 Forget What You Think You Know. The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing Socrates. If you want an abundant dating life full of exciting experiences with women of the highest. quality the first essential step is something you probably wouldn t have guessed Develop. intellectual humility, Seriously We all have beliefs about ourselves women and society that we have developed and.
reinforced over the course of our upbringing Many of these beliefs are flat out wrong and they. can subtly prevent us from getting what we want and we won t even know this is happening. If you re not prepared to change your beliefs about yourself and about what women respond. to you will find yourself swimming against the current because more than anything it s our. beliefs that prevent us from getting the success with women we want. For example imagine that you believe that you aren t attractive to women because you re not. in particularly good shape Regardless you ve decided to read some dating advice content. because you found it interesting and at this point you re willing to do anything to get a. girlfriend, Okay you ve read some dating advice and feel inspired to take some action Let s say you. approach five women a day for two weeks, Your interactions for these two weeks don t really go anywhere For the most part you have. polite conversations with girls that last a few minutes you don t get any girls numbers and you. certainly don t sleep with any attractive women, This is to be expected you re new to this Unfortunately because you re convinced that. physical fitness is what attracts women you filter your results through this belief You tell. yourself that if you were ripped you wouldn t have gotten rejected by all the women you. approached You tell yourself that you re wasting your time approaching a bunch of women. while out of shape and that you need to focus on getting your fitness handled before you. approach more women, What you don t know is that your brain is extremely clever and it will do anything it can to help. you avoid painful experiences Going out and approaching women is anxiety provoking and. uncomfortable for you at this point especially because you don t have any results to show for. the effort you ve expended Your brain doesn t want you to go through this pain anymore. So your brain convinces you that you need to be ripped before you do more approaches This. rationalization allows you to avoid the painful experience of approaching women while still. allowing you to feel like you re making progress by going to the gym to become more. attractive, When dissected from a third person perspective it s easy to see that this kind of thinking is.
delusional but it s not so easy to do the same with your own delusional beliefs We all have. delusions about ourselves and about human psychology It s inevitable that we pick up some. misguided beliefs over the years it would be arrogant to think you have a perfectly accurate. view of reality, Because of our vulnerability to delusion the key to self improvement is to be open minded to. the possibility that your beliefs are inaccurate and to be prepared to let go of many of your. current beliefs,Why Our Beliefs About Women are so Inaccurate. In the first world and especially in America we live in a narcissistic culture This is neither. good nor bad but being raised in such a culture will inevitably affect the filter through which. you view reality, In this narcissistic culture we give extreme value to appearances We associate beauty and. wealth with success and happiness You ve been taught throughout your life that women want. men with money status and good looks, To a degree this is true especially in a culture where women are taught they should want. these things money status and good looks are all attractive But it s not all women respond. Even if you aren t good looking or wealthy with enough confidence you can attract plenty of. beautiful women Unfortunately it can be difficult to believe this is possible when you ve been. through a lifetime of conditioning that has taught you to focus on external factors like money. Yes being good looking helps grease the wheels but self confidence is more viscerally powerful. than any individual external factor even good looks. Furthermore good looking people tend to be more self confident than their less attractive. counterparts We assume good looking people get more results with women because of their. looks but what if it s actually because of the self confidence that is associated with those. Think about it It s easier to feel entitled to attractive women if you ve been told that you re. good looking your whole life We instinctively assume it s the good looks that leads to success. but maybe it s mostly the entitlement good looking people have from years of positive. reinforcement, Good looking guys expect women to like them so they aren t afraid to ask the hot girls out or.
make bold moves Maybe this is the main reason it seems easy for them to get the results they. want Obviously this isn t black and white there are a lot of good looking guys who aren t. confident and who don t get results with women, This isn t to say that good looks don t help but that our perception of how attraction works is. based on a lot of assumptions Some may be accurate some may be flat out wrong But if you. don t question and challenge these assumptions they can hold you back forever. If you tie an animal in captivity to a rope for its entire life it will become accustomed to the. boundaries the rope limits it to If after years of captivity you take off the rope but leave the. animal in the same physical space the animal won t leave the area that the rope used to. constrain it to, Our beliefs about women and sexual attraction work similarly to that rope They act as an. invisible prison that keeps us from taking the risks that we believe are pointless to take We. learn that we are not attractive enough for the highest quality women by some societal. standard so we stay in our lane and avoid asking those high quality women out For the most. part we don t even consider that it might be our limiting beliefs that are preventing us from. dating those high quality women, Of course you shouldn t assume that I m right in saying that confidence is more powerful than. looks or money and that you can build confidence through approaching women but don t. assume that I m wrong either, If you want to improve your dating life you must adopt an attitude of optimistic skepticism. Doubt everything you read and everything you think you already know and with an optimistic. attitude try new things challenge your beliefs through real life experiences. For example if you think women just don t find you sexually attractive you could challenge this. belief by approaching many women and asking them on dates Through risking rejection again. and again you will get an experience based idea of how attractive you are to women. You will also learn what causes women to respond to you in different ways You ll notice how. your emotional state affects interactions you ll notice what you do that makes women. uncomfortable and what makes women respond positively As you learn more and more from. experience you will focus more on things that are under your control You will learn to focus on. getting into a positive emotional state when interacting with women on taking risks on. offering value on creating sexual tension etc, The beliefs you ve picked up through years of secondhand cultural learning will matter less.
and less because you will have more visceral experience based knowledge to work with You. will start to understand what women respond to on a gut level instead of on a purely. intellectual level Baron de Montesquieu said it best A really intelligent man feels what other. men only know,Is Pickup Weird, Approaching tons of women to improve your dating life is not a societally acceptable pattern of. behavior In fact it s pretty strange, There s a certain resistance we all have to cold approaching women because it s not a normal. Introduction The Seduction Blueprint Several great books have been written teaching mens dating advice Models by Mark Manson clarifies the mindset an attractive man has in a visceral easy to understand way

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