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The Nightingale,Philippe Muyl 100 Mins China France 2013. Education Resource,About this resource 2,THE SAPPHIRES 3. Some Background Filling in the Gaps 3,History and Stories of the Past 3. Aboriginal History after Colonisation 4,Australian and International History 6. The Sapphires Exploring the Film 7,Initial Response to the Film 7.
The Message 7,Narrative 8,Character 11,The Production Context 13. Film Analysis in the Classroom 17,Reading the Film 17. Characterisation 17,Narrative 20,Close Analysis Production Elements 21. About this resource, This resource has been written by ACMI educator Susan Bye to accompany the screening. program The Sapphires It includes a final section Film Analysis in the Classroom. THE SAPPHIRES, The Sapphires has been described as a feel good movie about bad things Adapted.
from Tony Briggs play inspired by his mother s experience as an entertainer in war. torn Vietnam The Sapphires tells the story of four women from an Aboriginal mission. community who achieve success entertaining American troops. Some Background Filling in the Gaps,History and Stories of the Past. The Sapphires is a wonderful mix of personal family Aboriginal national and international. Personal and Family History, Writer Tony Briggs used his mother s personal history of entertaining troops in Vietnam as. the launching place for The Sapphires story, I really started writing the story of the Sapphires when I was having. conversations with mum probably in I d say 2000 I noticed that she would. be mentioning Vietnam a lot And I knew about it of course but I d never. really asked her about it It occurred to me that there was a lot of history. that I ve been missing out on simply because I haven t been asking. Watch the ABC interview with Laurel and Tony Briggs. http www abc net au 7 30 content 2012 s3558633 htm. Read the interview with the Sapphires about their, experience http www australiangeographic com au topics history. culture 2012 09 the sapphires where are they now, This article in The Australian offers an excellent overview of the creation of The.
Sapphires http www theaustralian com au arts review tony briggss film the. sapphires is as good as gold story fn9n8gph 1226434996504. Tony Briggs was 33 before he really started to think about the extraordinary experience his. mother a shy Aboriginal teenager had had in Vietnam Sometimes people don t want to talk. about the past and it is important to respect that However often people are pleased to have. the opportunity to share their stories, What are some of the memorable events that members of your family or some of your. older friends have experienced in their lives, Are there stories that you are missing out on because you have not asked the right. questions Explain, How might you go about finding out more about the experiences of people close to. you Why is this important, Think about and describe something you have done or experienced that has had a. lasting impact Explain why,Watch Jade Colgan n s digital story about fa.
amily stories their sign,nificance an, easily they can be lost http generator accmi net au eeducation thhemes power. why do we ccreate stories my drea,stories w aming,original History. after Colo, s of The e Sapphiress is set in Cummeragun nja a mission settleme. ent on the banks,the Murray,M In faact as Laurrel Briggs exxplains in th. he ABC inteerview she grew up in, Sheppparton Ne evertheless Cummerag gunja plays an importa ant but compplex role in the.
ural identity of the Yorta,cultu a Yorta people,Imagee from the Musseum Victoria collection http. p museumvic,ctoria com au collections ite,ems 794983 photograph. by a j campbell ech,huca victoria 1,earch the History. H of Cummerag, This is a good place e to start htttp www yyynac com a au history ph. Nancy Merle,M and Valda, V describe their connection to Cummerag gunja and to.
Sapphirees https o,open abc ne et au explore e 20826. Why werre the Yorta a Yorta people moved to t Cummerragunja. What are e the detailss of the Cummmeragunja a Walkoff Why is this considered d such an. importannt event in Aboriginal,history in the,e post colon. nisation perriod,Freedom Ride, Ever since the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. have been engaged in a struggle to assert their rights to the land that they inhabited for. generations prior to European settlement, In the 1960s Indigenous Australians connected with the African American civil rights. movement in the United States and staged a freedom ride inspired by the Freedom Riders. who travelled through US southern states to highlight ongoing issues of segregation and. racist violence, Find out more about the Australian Freedom Ride You might like to begin here.
http indigenousrights net au civil rights freedom ride 1965. What were the significant events in the United States that inspired it. Why did Indigenous Australians identify so deeply with the African American people. even though they have such a different history and experience Which experiences. did do they share,Civil Rights, Find out more about Martin Luther King and his deep significance to the civil rights. movement The horror with which the news of his murder was met is portrayed with. great impact in The Sapphires, Why is the 1967 referendum such a significant moment in the long and continuing. process of reconciliation between Indigenous and non Indigenous Australians This. is a useful place to begin http www reconciliation qut edu au issues referendum jsp. The 1967 referendum did not give Aboriginal people the right to vote However this. history of the Indigenous vote gives some useful contextual information. http www aec gov au indigenous history htm,The Stolen Generations. The women who were the real life Sapphires have described the experience of having. children removed from their family, Our aunties our mother s sisters were taken away from Cummeragunja. Our grandmother would follow them around There was a kind man who. worked at the Aboriginal Protection Board who would let Nanny know. where Aunty Margaret or Aunty May were and she d travel to see them. When they were taken away it nearly killed her It broke her heart. http www australiangeographic com au topics history culture 2012 09 the. sapphires where are they now, Find out more about the Stolen Generations by exploring ACMI Generator.
http generator acmi net au Australian Screen http aso gov au Creative Spirits. http www creativespirits info aboriginalculture politics a guide to australias stolen. generations and the National Sorry Day Committee http www nsdc org au stolen. generations history of the stolen generations the history of the stolen generations. An important narrative element of The Sapphires is the removal of the fair skinned Kay and. the impact this has on her connection to her family and its shared history. Find out more about the personal experiences of people who were removed from. their family by, o Listening to Mick Edwards story From the Beginning to the Resistances. http generator acmi net au education themes snapshots australian. history stolen generation beginning resistances, o Watching the clips from Darlene Johnson s documentary Stolen Generations. http aso gov au titles documentaries stolen generations. Family and the Formation of Identity, For a number of reasons family and heritage are particularly vital to the identity of Aboriginal. and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia,Why do you think this is the case. What is the effect of having both family and cultural history taken away. Many Aboriginal Australians can no longer speak the language of their country How. does the loss of language affect a group s sense of identity and belonging. Australian and International History, The main action of The Sapphires narrative is set in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.
Find out more about this war and Australia s involvement. https www awm gov au atwar vietnam, The Vietnam War has left a terrible legacy with many returned soldiers suffering from. ongoing trauma, Watch The Sleeping Dragon http generator acmi net au education themes conflict. australians war vietnam war sleeping dragon, In this digital story Graham Atkinson describes how the trauma of the Vietnam War was. exacerbated by the negative reception given to Vietnam veterans on their return Attitudes. have changed and it is interesting to speculate if these changing attitudes might have. prompted Laurel Robinson to talk more confidently about her own brief but intense. experience in Vietnam and Tony s increased interest in her stories. What do you think,Initiial Respo,onse to the,What wa as your initia. al response,e to the film, What wa as your respponse to thee subject matter of the film.
Which asspects of th he film do yo,ou considerr most distin. nctive Which scene was w the,most me emorable,The film is a surprissing mix of music. m humour romance and war How did th his affect,your viewwing experience. What did m Explain,d you learn from the film,What did d you think about the ending. Compare e your response with your,y mates reactions to the ffilm Discuss.
similarities and diffe, erences Suupport your opinion with h evidence from the filmm while. also connsidering oth her studentss opinions and observvations. How wou uld you desscribe the main,m messag ge of the film. m Jot yourr description, Compile the respon nses on the whiteboard d and then as a class see if you can. on a desscription of the,t film messsage that youy all agre ee with. Don t woorry if you can t Most in,nteresting and,a complexx texts are ffar from.
straightfo,orward and not easily summed,upp in a few words. wever as yo ou discuss,the aspeects of the story,ou consider the most immportant yo. ou will learnn more,a about your own interpretation. about the film text and, The Sapphires is a very rich narrative featuring a number of characters many different. locations and a range of events and issues, Map the events that take place in the story identifying the events that are purely to do.
with the personal stories of the fictional characters and those that are connected to. actual historical events, Choose a scene that refers to an actual historical event the Stolen Generations. racism in rural Australia the Vietnam War and explain how it connects with and adds. to the main story of The Sapphires, Newsreel footage is used to communicate the layers of history behind the story of The. Work together as a group to identify the source of each of these pieces of footage. and their significance to the story being told, When watching The Sapphires viewers need to process a lot of information very quickly. without losing interest in the story The filmmakers use our identification with the characters. and their journey from innocence to experience to drive the story and our connection to it. What are some of the ways that we are encouraged to identify with the five main. characters, Many stories focus on outsider characters as there are few viewers who have not at some. time in their lives felt like an outsider, Explain how each of the five characters is represented as an outsider.
How does this contribute to the way the story is told. Often film narratives focus on the journey of one particular character Sometimes in films like. The Hunger Games or Holes the audience shares this character s point of view in other. films this character is the one who shows us what the themes of the story are and that the. viewers particularly identify with In The Sapphires we are connected to all of the five main. characters but we particularly identify with the character of Gail. What is Gail s role in the story, Describe Gail s journey and what she learns What do we learn from her experience. How would you describe Gail s relationship with the other characters. How does this grow and change Explain with reference to Dave Kay Cynthia and. The Beginning, Because feature films need to tell a story efficiently usually in less than two hours the. opening scene is very important in setting up the story. What happens in the opening scene of The Sapphires. When is it set,Which characters does it feature, What kind of world does it introduce us to Explain. The brief opening scene is followed by a montage of black and white newsreel footage. Try to identify each of the historic events and people depicted in this rapid fire. sequence that takes us from 1958 to 1968, Why do you think director Wayne Blair has chosen to include each of these pieces of. newsreel footage How do they connect with each other. How effective is this montage sequence in laying the ground for the story that. The Ending, Many feature films use a process called bookending where the ending refers back to the.
beginning This process is usually used to highlight the changes that have taken place in the. characters lives and the knowledge they have gained and also the changes that have taken. place in the viewers own understanding The Sapphires ends as it began in. Cummeragunja, Why do storytellers often use the narrative device of the return home. How effective is it as a conclusion to The Sapphires What has changed What has. 3 THE SAPPHIRES The Sapphires has been described as a feel good movie about bad things Adapted from Tony Briggs play inspired by his mother s experience as an entertainer in war torn Vietnam The Sapphires tells the story of four women from an Aboriginal mission community who achieve success entertaining American troops

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