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THE ROUTLEDGE COMPANION TO,EXPERIMENTAL LITERATURE. What is experimental literature How has experimentation affected the course of liter. ary history and how is it shaping literary expression today Literary experiment has. always been diverse and challenging but never more so than in our age of digital. media and social networking when the very category of the literary is coming under. intense pressure How will literature reconfigure itself in the future. The Routledge Companion to Experimental Literature maps this expansive and multi. faceted field with essays on, the history of literary experiment from the beginning of the twentieth century to. the present, the impact of new media on literature including multimodal literature digital. fiction and code poetry, the development of experimental genres from graphic narratives and found poetry. through to gaming and interactive fiction, experimental movements from Futurism and Surrealism to Postmodernism.
Avant Pop and Flarf, Shedding new light on often critically neglected terrain the contributors introduce this. vibrant area define its current state and offer exciting new perspectives on its future. This volume is the ideal introduction for those approaching the study of experimen. tal literature for the first time or looking to further their knowledge. Contributors Jan Alber Jan Baetens Charles Bernstein R M Berry Joe Bray Hil. lary Chute David Ciccoricco Liam Connell Amy J Elias Astrid Ensslin Andrew. Epstein Ellen G Friedman Joanna Gavins Alison Gibbons Elana Gomel Priya. mvada Gopal N Katherine Hayles Irene Kacandes Benjamin Lee Danielle Marx. Scouras Brian McHale Robert L McLaughlin Philip Mead Tyrus Miller Nick. Montfort Richard Murphy Aldon Lynn Nielsen Henrik Skov Nielsen Lance Olsen. Jessica Prinz Brian Richardson Marie Laure Ryan Peter Stockwell Steve Tomasula. Gregory L Ulmer John White and Laura Winkiel, Joe Bray is Senior Lecturer in Language and Literature at the University of Sheffield. Alison Gibbons is Senior Lecturer in Stylistics English Language and Literature at. De Montfort University Leicester UK, Brian McHale is Distinguished Arts and Humanities Professor of English at the Ohio. State University Columbus OH USA, The editors of The Routledge Companion to Experimental Literature have produced a. marvellously wide ranging informative lucid and often highly original discussion. of experimental writing in the 20th and 21st centuries From the historical avant gardes. to avant pop digital fiction and code poetry this Companion will be an indispensable. guide to new movements and to the intermedia post generic verbal works that now. people our literary landscape,Marjorie Perloff Stanford University USA.
Experimental avant garde innovative the recent history of such terms has been. confusing because they seem to blur into synonyms to share family resemblances. rather than strict definitions and to indicate distinctly different things for different. disciplines and genres With a series of short accessible entries by the go to authorities. in a number of fields this collection sketches the range of critical work performed by. labels that have proven as necessary as they are elusive. Craig Dworkin The University of Utah USA,THE ROUTLEDGE COMPANION. TO EXPERIMENTAL LITERATURE,Joe Bray Alison Gibbons and Brian McHale. First published 2012,by Routledge,2 Park Square Milton Park Abingdon Oxon OX14 4RN. Simultaneously published in the USA and Canada,by Routledge. 711 Third Avenue New York NY 10017, Routledge is an imprint of the Taylor Francis Group an informa business.
2012 Joe Bray Alison Gibbons and Brian McHale for selection and editorial matter. individual chapters the contributors, The right of Joe Bray Alison Gibbons and Brian McHale to be identified. as authors of the editorial material and of the authors for their individual. chapters has been asserted in accordance with sections 77 and 78 of the. Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988, All rights reserved No part of this book may be reprinted or reproduced. or utilised in any form or by any electronic mechanical or other means. now known or hereafter invented including photocopying and recording. or in any information storage or retrieval system without permission in. writing from the publishers, Trademark notice Product or corporate names may be trademarks or. registered trademarks and are used only for identification and. explanation without intent to infringe,British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data. A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data. The Routledge companion to experimental literature edited by. Joe Bray Alison Gibbons and Brian McHale,Includes bibliographical references.
1 Literature Experimental History and criticism,2 Modernism Literature 3 Avant garde Aesthetics. 4 Mass media and literature 5 Discourse analysis Literary. I Bray Joe II Gibbons Alison III McHale Brian,PN56 M54R68 2012. 809 9112 dc23,2011048404,ISBN 978 0 415 57000 8 hbk. ISBN 978 0 203 11696 8 ebk,Typeset in Goudy,by Swales Willis Ltd Exeter Devon. List of figures ix,Notes on contributors xi,Acknowledgements xvi.
1 Introduction 1,JOE BRAY ALISON GIBBONS AND BRIAN McHALE. The historical avant gardes 19,A Modernist era experimentalism. 2 Italian Futurism and Russian Cubo Futurism 21,JOHN WHITE. 3 The poetics of animism 36, Realism and the fantastic in expressionist literature and film. RICHARD MURPHY,4 The surrealist experiments with language 48.
PETER STOCKWELL,5 The literary absurd 62,JOANNA GAVINS. B Postmodernist experimentalism, 6 Spontaneity and improvisation in postwar experimental poetry 75. BENJAMIN LEE,7 The nouveau roman and Tel Quel 89,DANIELLE MARX SCOURAS. 8 Lettrism and situationism 101,TYRUS MILLER,9 OuLiPo and proceduralism 115. JAN BAETENS,10 Metafiction 128,11 Postmodernism and experiment 141.
BRIAN McHALE,C Experiments with identity,12 Sexing the text 154. Women s avant garde writing in the twentieth century. ELLEN G FRIEDMAN,13 Experiments in black 168,African American avant garde poetics. ALDON LYNN NIELSEN,14 The limits of hybridity 182, Language and innovation in Anglophone postcolonial poetry. PRIYAMVADA GOPAL,D The new experimentalism,15 Avant Pop 199. LANCE OLSEN,16 Post postmodernism 212,ROBERT L McLAUGHLIN.
17 Globalization and transnationalism 224,LIAM CONNELL. 18 Altermodernist fiction 238,ALISON GIBBONS,19 Manifestos and Ars Poetica 253. LAURA WINKIEL,20 Post criticism 267,Conceptual takes. GREGORY L ULMER,Experiment now printed matter 279,E Experiments with language. 21 The expanded field of L A N G U A G E 281,CHARLES BERNSTEIN.
22 Concrete poetry and prose 298, 23 Found poetry uncreative writing and the art of appropriation 310. ANDREW EPSTEIN,24 Words in visual art 323,JESSICA PRINZ. 25 Hoax poetry and inauthenticity 338,PHILIP MEAD,F Experiments with narrative and fiction. 26 Unnatural voices minds and narration 351,JAN ALBER HENRIK SKOV NIELSEN AND. BRIAN RICHARDSON,27 Impossible worlds 368,MARIE LAURE RYAN.
28 Experimental life writing 380,IRENE KACANDES,29 Rotting time 393. Genre fiction and the avant garde,ELANA GOMEL,G Experiments with form and design. 30 Graphic narrative 407,HILLARY CHUTE,31 Multimodal literature and experimentation 420. ALISON GIBBONS, 32 Information design emergent culture and experimental. form in the novel 435,STEVE TOMASULA,33 Interactive fiction 452.
N KATHERINE HAYLES AND NICK MONTFORT,Experiment now beyond the page 467. H The digital age,34 Digital fiction 469,Networked narratives. DAVID CICCORICCO,35 Code poetry and new media literature 483. STEVE TOMASULA,36 Computer gaming 497,ASTRID ENSSLIN. 37 Virtual autobiography 512,Autographies interfaces and avatars.
AMY J ELIAS, 13 1 Lorenzo Thomas A signal sine wave from Hurricane Doris 1974 179. 13 2 Lorenzo Thomas Sound Science 1992 cover illustration 180. 17 1 Mark Lombardi World Finance Corporation and Associates. c 1970 84 Miami Ajman Bogota Caracas 7th version 230. 17 2 Two examples of the Chinese logograms in Douglas. Coupland s 2006 Jpod pp 266 7 232, 17 3 Headless mindmap by Kim Einarsson design Johan Hjerpe and. Filip Tyd n for Goldin Senneby 235, 18 1 Example of a line drawing from Erasmus is Late 2000 1995 244. 18 2 Example of illustration and text from Charles Avery The Islanders. 18 3 Triangleland Bourgeoisie studying the head of an Aleph From. Charles Avery The Islanders 2010 251,24 1 Joseph Kosuth One and Three Chairs 327. 24 2 Jenny Holzer Truisms 331, 24 3 Ann Hamilton Verse photo by Fredrik Marsh 335.
30 1 From Alison Bechdel Fun Home A Family Tragicomic 2006 417. 31 1 Phillip Zimmermann High Tensions Montage 93 with. Visual Studies Workshop Press 422,31 2 Jonathan Safran Foer Tree of Codes 2010 429. 31 3 Tom Phillips A Humument 1980 430,32 1 Raymond Federman Double or Nothing 1971 437. 32 2 Ernst Haeckel Tree of Life 1870 438, 32 3 Tree of Life as commonly depicted during the twentieth century 439. 32 4 Tree of Life genetic detail Martin Krzywinski Ciros 2006 440. 32 5 Peter Norvig PowerPoint Presentation of the Gettysburg Address 442. 32 6 Modeling interactions between characters as a process of abstraction. Faust 2009 445, 32 7 Norm White and Rick Rosenfeld Co offenders in St Louis Crime. Records quoted in Faust 2009 446, 33 1 Amount of commentary text for each line of Shade s poem 459.
33 2 Page space occupied by Zampan s narrative footnotes Johnny Truant s. footnotes and the editors footnotes for the first five chapters of House. of Leaves 461, 34 1 The start of episode two Erik Loyer s The Lair of the Marrow Monkey. 34 2 The mnemonic membrane episode six Erik Loyer s The Lair of the. Marrow Monkey 1998 479,35 1 E lit is a cyborg 485,35 2 Lionel Kearns Birth of God uniVerse 1965 486. 36 1 Interior monologues in The Path Robin and Ginger 2009 506. 36 2 The inductive path display in The Path 2009 508. 37 1 Screenshot of YouTube video diaries lonelygirl15 2010 520. 37 2 Screenshot of Recollecting Adams 521, 37 3 Screenshot of Second Life skin store 2010 523. 37 4 Screenshot of Second Life screen and blank profile window 2010 524. CONTRIBUTORS, Jan Alber is Assistant Professor in the English Department at the University of. Freiburg Germany He has published articles in Dickens Studies Annual Journal. of Narrative Theory The Journal of Popular Culture Narrative Storyworlds and. Style and is currently working on a book on the unnatural in fiction and drama. Jan Baetens is Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Leuven Belgium. He has published widely in the field of word and image studies and has co guest. edited in 2009 2010 a double special issue of Poetics Today on constrained writing. 30 4 and 31 1, Charles Bernstein is author of All the Whiskey in Heaven Selected Poems Farrar.
Straus and Giroux 2010 and Attack of the Difficult Poems Essays Inventions. Chicago 2011 He is Regan Professor of English and Comparative Literature at. the University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, R M Berry is author most recently of the novel Frank Chiasmus 2005 and the. story collection Dictionary of Modern Anguish FC2 2000 His literary criticism. has appeared in Soundings Symploke Philosophy and Literature Narrative Rain. Taxi American Book Review and numerous anthologies He is editor with Jeffrey. Di Leo of Fiction s Present Situating Contemporary Narrative Innovation SUNY. 2007 and of the experimental fiction anthology Forms at War University of. Alabama 2009 From 1999 to 2007 Berry was publisher of FC2 He is currently. a Professor and Chair of the Department of English at Florida State University. Tallahassee, Joe Bray is Senior Lecturer in English Language and Literature at the University of. Sheffield UK He is the author of The Epistolary Novel Representations of Con. sciousness Routledge 2003 and The Female Reader in the English Novel From. Burney to Austen Routledge 2009 and co editor of Ma r king The Text The. Presentation of Meaning on the Literary Page Ashgate 2000 and Mark Z Dan. ielewski Manchester University Press 2011, Hillary Chute is Neubauer Family Assistant Professor of English at the University. of Chicago In 2006 she co edited the Mfs Modern Fiction Studies special issue. on Graphic Narrative and in 2008 she wrote Comics as Literature Reading. Graphic Narrative for PMLA She is the author of Graphic Women Life Narra. tive and Contemporary Comics Columbia UP 2010 and Associate Editor of Art. Spiegelman s Meta Maus Pantheon 2011 Her new book project is Disaster is. My Muse Visual Witnessing Comics and Documentary Form. CONTRIBUTORS, David Ciccoricco is a member of the English Department faculty at the University of. Otago in Dunedin New Zealand His research is focused on contemporary nar. rative fiction with a particular emphasis on emergent forms of digital literature. He is the author of Reading Network Fiction a book on narrative theory and digital. Liam Connell teaches English at The University of Winchester UK He co edited. Literature and Globalization a Reader 2010 His work on globalization appears. in Critical Survey Journal of Postcolonial Writing and Social Text and collections. The Routledge Companion to Experimental Literature maps this expansive and multi faceted field with essays on the history of literary experiment from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present the impact of new media on literature including multimodal literature digital fiction and code poetry the development of experimental genres from graphic narratives and found

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