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What was the Roman Empire,There were two periods of Roman government. Roman Republic,509 BCE 30 BCE,Roman Empire,30 BCE 476 CE. Rome technically had an empire under the,Roman Republic. But the term Roman Empire refers to the time,period beginning with Augustus when Rome was. ruled by emperors,Octavian Becomes Augustus,Octavian was sole ruler of Rome after his forces.
defeated Antony and Cleopatra at the Battle of Actium. The Senate gave him the name Augustus meaning,23 BCE Octavian now referred to as Augustus was. made consul for life by the Senate,Also made Princeps meaning first citizen. Origin of the word prince,Also made Imperator meaning successful general. Origin of the word emperor, Also made Pontifex Maximus or chief religious leader. Origin of the word pontiff used to describe the pope today. Also made a tribune, He had the power to call the Senate veto the Senate s.
laws and make laws himself,Primus inter pares,First among equals. Augustus and later emperors tried to,maintain the fa ade that they were elected. officials rather than dictators,Being first among equals gave the illusion. that an emperor was the most prestigious and,important member of the Roman Senate but. that each senator was simultaneously equally,In reality the Roman emperors ruled with.
little input from anyone else,Rome under Augustus,A Golden Age. Began the practice of, Attempted to reform public declaring emperors gods. Built and maintained the, morals by promoting family and of picking their own. empire s infrastructure,life largely successors He called. unsuccessful Haley s Comet the spirit of, Encouraged the growth of Established fire and police Established a strong money.
business departments for Rome system,Jesus the founder of. Said he found Rome a city Christianity was born in. Extended citizenship to, of bricks and left it a the Roman province of Judea. more and more provincials,city of marble during the reign of. Pax Romana Roman Peace,Rome controlled the entire Mediterranean. region and beyond,Complete control almost no warfare.
This peace lasted nearly 200 years,More and more provincials were granted. official Roman citizenship,Roman Emperors after Augustus. Great variety in the quality of those,emperors who succeeded Augustus. The office of emperor was initially,designed to be hereditary. But from the start there was confusion as to,which family member would inherit the throne.
Some emperors proved to be cutthroats or,insane or both. The military came to play an enormous role in,selecting who would become emperor. Tiberius 14 37 CE,Stepson of Augustus,Abolished the Assembly. Capable general who extended the frontier,in the north. Strengthened the empire,Appeared to dislike ruling and gradually.
retired to the island of Capri,Caligula 37 CE 41 CE. Son of famed military leader Germanicus the,nephew and adopted son of Tiberius. Earned his name Caligula meaning little,boots by the Roman army as a child he was. dressed like a soldier,Two years of good effective rule interrupted by. a severe illness and followed by two years of,horrible rule.
Members of family and perceived enemies, Exiled some killed some and forced others to commit. Assassinated in 41 CE by members of the Praetorian. Claudius 41 54 CE,Brought southern Britannia what later. became Great Britain under Roman control,as well as several kingdoms in the East. Opened the Senate up to provincials,Became emperor because he was the last. adult male of his family brother of,Germanicus and uncle of Caligula.
Conducted a census of the empire in 48 CE,5 984 072 Roman citizens. Nero 54 68 CE,Considered a tyrant,Came to power after his mother allegedly poisoned. his predecessor Claudius,Murdered his mother his stepbrother and two of. Also killed his teacher the famous philosopher,Fire in Rome 64 CE. Nero was accused of setting the fire and of fiddling. while the city burned, Nero blamed the fire on the new religious group known.
as Christians,Forced to commit suicide,Year of the Four Emperors. Brief period of civil war after the death,of Emperor Nero. Four emperors ruled in quick succession,Illustrated the problems of imperial. succession,Vespasian 69 79 CE,Built the Colosseum in Rome. Place where gladiatorial combats were held,First Jewish Revolt 66 70 CE.
Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in the,Roman province of Judea. Carried out by Vespasian s son Titus,This was the Second Temple 516 BCE 70 CE. First Temple built by King Solomon ca 960 BCE had,been destroyed in 586 BCE when the Babylonians. conquered the Jews and embarked on what became known as. the Babylonian Captivity,Succeeded by son Titus then son Domitian. concepts such as imperial divinity Why is ancient Rome so important to world history Administration of a vast empire Christianity Architecture Engineering Historians Jewish Diaspora Literature Roman law Romance languages Transmission of Greek Hellenistic culture The Romans did not necessarily create and invent everything that they are commonly given credit for

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