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BECKERMAN ACCOUNTING,TAX RETURNS DONE RIGHT,Aaron D Beckerman. 1024 59th Street,West Des Moines IA 50266 6364,Home Phone 515 223 1442. Cell Phone 515 778 6661,E mail aaronbe netins com,20 years of giving you our best. 917 East First Street 964 5584,We Go All Out,Saluting the Ankeny Community Theatre. Visit our three convenient Ankeny locations,1025 E 1st Street.
1825 N Ankeny Blvd,1910 SW White Birch,www kumandgo com. Announcing ACT s,2007 2008 Season,The Phantom Tollbooth. Susan Nanus,September 21 October 7,Murder Takes the Stage. James Reach,November 2 18,Plaza Suite,Neil Simon,January 11 27. The Money in Uncle George s Suitcase,February 29 March 16.
Heaven Can Wait,Harry Segall,April 25 May 11,BOARD OF DIRECTORS. President Monica Green,President Elect John Claes,Past President Monte Engh. Kyle Chizek Dawn Hockemeyer Keith Pederson,Troy DeStigter Susan Jacobson Paul Ruby. Bev Heldt Al Ites Polly Taylor,DIRECTOR S NOTES, Welcome to The Phantom Tollbooth Everyone always asks if they have never read. the book Kyle what is the show about I respond by telling them its like Alice. in Wonderland sprinkled with learning, Yet there has been more than just learning in the world of the play For the cast.
and crew it has been a great learning experience learning lines learning charac. terization learning the role of director learning movement learning to adapt. learning to make something out of nothing and learning what our limits are I. don t know how many times I have said to the crew Next time it would be so. technical I PROMISE I will NEVER be able to show the technical team. how much I appreciate them and how much they have given to the show from. altering a dress making headgear or building a book Without them we would. just be a bunch of people standing in the dark THANK YOU TECH TEAM. Your work has been amazing, I think that the cast has done its share of learning just like Milo I have seen. growth and changes in each and every actor on this stage I could not have asked. for a better group To them go many thanks as well because without them I am. just a person who has ideas THANKS TO MY CAST You have made me. Now sit back and see what all of our learning has done to help Milo learn that. you never stop learning Thanks for coming and enjoy Ankeny Community. Theatre s production of Norton Juster s The Phantom Tollbooth. Kyle Chizek,Denotes ACT Debut,The Clock Tock the Watchdog Michael Banks. Milo Act 1 Kevin Hyler,Milo Act 2 Sam Hausler,The Whether Man Azaz the Unabridged Scott Nielsen. Gatekeeper Senses Taker Jo Anne Ware,The Mathmagician Dr Kakafonous Monte Engh. Humbug Steve Hickle,Duke of Definition Trish Richards.
Minister of Meaning Rachel Braak,Earl of Essence Gillian Randall. Count of Connotation Emily Polson,Undersecretary of Understanding Hayley Blok. The Everpresent Wordsnatcher Anne Hyler, The Demon of Insincerity Dodecahedron Jolene Schwarz. Spelling Bee Wendi Taylor,Princess Sweet Rhyme Darby Rourick. Princess Pure Reason Kylie McGill,Lethargian Amanda Banks.
Lethargian The Terrible Trivium Word Merchant Jeff Hyler. Lethargian Word Merchant Number Miner Aaron Primrose. Lethargian Letterman Rebekah Boyd,Lethargian Dynne Page Lisa DeWaard. Lethargian Alex Spenceri,Lethargian Hannah Braak,Page Turner Sophie Burke. Page Turner Matthew McGill,Act I Scene 1 Milo s Room. Act I Scene 2 Dictionopolis,15 minute intermission. Act II Scene 1 Digitopolis,Act II Scene 2 The Land of Ignorance.
PRODUCTION CREW,Director Kyle Chizek, Assistant Director Fight Choreographer Susan Gulbranson. Rehearsal Assistant Courtney Alfaro,Acting Coach Debi Garner. Stage Manager Props Shelley Blok,Set Designer Keith Pederson. Book Page Designers Jo Anne Ware Leanne,Light Designer Harold Mosier. Sound Designer Polly Taylor,Costumes Shelley Blok Kyle Chizek.
Lynn Arterburn Cast,Hair Make Up Designer Maggie Siwinski. House Manager Doug Arterburn,Refreshments Bev Heldt Christy Primrose. Playbill Lynn Arterburn,Playbill Covers Jeff Hyler Lisa DeWaard. Posters Sophie Burke Emily Polson,Marketing Dawn Hockemeyer Lynn. SPECIAL APPRECIATION, The directors would like to thank Plato s Closet the cast and crew along.
with their families our family and friends and ACT for giving us the ability. to do this Kyle would also like to thank Gretta Berghammer Cynthia Goat. ley and Gil Kyker, Out of consideration to the actors and your fellow patrons please turn off. all cellular telephones pagers or other audible electronic devices before the. show begins, No recording devices or flash photography are allowed during any of our. productions, Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French Inc. Amanda Banks Hannah Braak Lethargian, Lethargian made her ACT moved to Ankeny from Bluff. debut last spring in Godspell ton South Carolina this sum. Other theater experiences mer She is a 6th grader at. include Dog Sees God Confes Parkview Middle School. sions of a Teenage Blockhead at Hannah enjoys camping read. Rabid Dog Theatre Cell ing biking and playing the,Block Sirens of 1953 at Theatre for a Change oboe.
and Jungalbook at Grand View College,Amanda is a junior at Grand View College. Rachel Braak Minister of,majoring in Theater Arts Acting. Meaning is also newcomer to,Ankeny and ACT She is an. Michael Banks The 8th grader at Northview Mid, Clock Tock the Watchdog dle School Rachel enjoys dog. is making his second appear agility training reading bik. ance of the ACT stage hav ing and horseback riding. ing been in Godspell last,spring He has also appeared.
Sophie G Burke Page,in Treasure Island and Charlie. Turner is appearing on the,the Chocolate Factory at the Kate Goldman. ACT stage for her first time,Theatre Michael enjoys photography and. She performed at Harold,classic cars He also enjoys sharing the stage. Martin Elementary School in,with his daughter Amanda He works at.
Hopkinton New Hampshire,KDSM TV Fox 17 in Des Moines. in Anansi and the Moss Covered,Rock Sophie s hobbies include knitting. Hayley Blok softball basketball swimming and com, Undersecretary of Under puters She enjoys watching plays and learn. standing Numbers Miner ing about Asia Sophie is a 5th grader at. made her debut last fall at Northwest Elementary,ACT for Our Town and has. been hooked on theater ever,Lisa DeWaard,since She appeared in The.
Lethargian The Awful,Wizard of Oz and participated in the Chil. Dynne Page has a list of,dren s Summer Drama Camps Hayley loves. theatrical experiences which,to dance work on her websites play the. includes ACT s Godspell,tenor saxophone shop and act She is a 6th. Drama Workshop s Song of,grader at Parkview Middle School.
Survival and Cowgirls Theater,For a Change s The Taming of the Shrew and. Rebekah Boyd Tallgrass Theatre s production of Wiley and. Lethargian Letterman has the Hairy Man She enjoys Broadway live. been interested in acting theater musicals New York City karaoke. from an early age She was in and spending time with her 3 fur children. the movie Traffic Jam and her kitties She is a customer service repre. did a staged script reading of sentative at Metlife Investors. the play Treesitters She was,in Tallgrass Theater s production of News. room Rebekah is currently studying acting,technique at AriesWorks Entertainment. Monte Engh The Math Anne Hyler The Everpre, magician Dr Kakafonous sent Wordsnatcher is sharing. was the Scarecrow in the the stage with two of her. ACT s Wizard of Oz last sea sons Kevin and Jeff This is. son In just a few months he her first time on stage at. went from a scarecrow with ACT Anne had the role of. out brains to getting brains to Liesl in Sound of Music Her. getting use to his new brains and now being hobbies include watching baseball and scrap. a mathmagician What was Kyle thinking booking Anne is employed with Principal. Other ACT productions include Arsenic and Financial. Old Lace Funny Money Dearly Departed and,Bedfull of Foreigners He is a biking enthusiast.
Jeff Hyler Lethargian,Monte is married to St Vicki and has 3. Word Merchant The Terri,grown children He is employed at Kum. ble Trivium is also making,Go 13 15 14 20 5 5 14 7 8. his theatrical debut He enjoys,baseball scouts and camping. Sam Hausler Milo Act 2 Jeff is a 5th grader at West. is making his ACT debut He wood Elementary,enjoys sports video games.
and acting He has appeared,Kevin Hyler Milo Act 1 is. in Angel Alert and The Lion,the 3rd Hyler making his ACT. The Witch and The Wardrobe at,debut He enjoys soccer and. church Sam is 13 years old,scouts Kevin is an 8th grader. at Northview Middle School,Steve Hickle Humbug was.
busy at ACT last year as assis,tant director for Our Town and. And Then There Were None, Onstage ACT credits include Kylie McGill Princess Pure. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Reason appeared on ACT s. Don t Drink the Water and stage in It s A Wonderful Life. Schoolhouse Rock Live He has also appeared She has also performed in. in productions at Pella Prairie City Theater church plays and musicals and. For a Change and the Ingersoll Dinner at school Her hobbies in. Theater Steve s hobby is live theater who clude piano cheerleading. has time for anything else He also enjoys show choir hanging with friends and Tae. movies concerts and surfing the net He is Kwon Do She LOVES acting Kylie is a 9th. employed with Marsh Steve wants to thank grader at Northview Middle School. his wife Cyndi for her love and continued,Matthew McGill Page Gillian Randall Earl of Es. Turner appeared in ACT s sence is making her debut at. productions of It s a Wonderful ACT She has performed at. Life and The Wizard of Oz He the Ingersoll Children s Thea. also has performed in church ter in Santa s Toyland Peter Pan. and school plays Matthew s and Winnie the Pooh s Christmas. hobbies include Tae Kwon Tale in Lockers at Goodrell. Do reading music and legos He is a 6th Middle School and in The Wicked Queen at. grader at Parkview Middle School Phillips Drama Club She loves figure staking. and belongs to Capitol Ice Academy Gillian,is an 8th grader at May Goodrell Middle. Scott Nielsen The Whether,man King Azaz is no,stranger to the world of thea.
Trish Richards Duke of,ter While living in Nebraska. Definition appeared at ACT,Scott either performed in or. for the first time in Schoolhouse,helped with Godspell Barefoot. Rock Live She has been in,in the Park The Miracle Worker. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever,Women and Wallace and Blythe Spirit He en.
at the Des Moines Playhouse,joys spending time with his wife Brandi and. and in various church and,their daughters Deven and Denae One of. school plays Trish enjoys acting singing,his favorite activities is watching college. show choir dancing writing and running,football He is employed with Lincoln Bene. websites She is an 8th grader at Urbandale,fit Life which is a member of Allstate Insur.
Middle School,Darby Rourick Princess,Emily Polson Count of. Sweet Rhyme Darby is also a,Connotation has performed. newcomer to ACT She has,many church musicals and,appeared in two school plays. was in the ballet Peter and the,Hospital and Cactus Pass. Wolf This is her first show at,Darby s hobbies include read.
ACT Emily enjoys dancing,ing computer hanging out,reading cooking and acting. with friends and cross country She is inter,Her favorite book just happens to be The. ested in European history and is learning,Phantom Tollbooth She is in 7th grade. French Darby is an 8th grader at Northview,Middle School. Aaron Primrose,Lethargian Merchant was a,Alex Spenceri.
member of ACT s Schoolhouse,Lethargian Word Merchant. Rock Live He has appeared at,had the role of Mr Arable in. the Des Moines Playhouse in,Charlotte s Web at CAP Thea. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever,tre in Altoona This is his first. at Westwood Elementary in,show at ACT He is interested.
The Year Santa Forgot Christmas and at Park,in football piano cub scouts. view Middle School in Cactus Pass His hob,reading and soccer He is a 5th grader at Holy. bies include BMX biking reading and hang,ing out with friends He is a 7th grader at. Parkview Middle School,Jolene Schwarz The De Kyle Chizek Director This. mon of Insincerity Dodeca is Kyle s first directional pro. hedron enjoys performing in ject EVER You might re. and attending live theater member him on ACT s stage. She had appeared in Winnie in And Then There Were None. the Pooh and High School Reun in Cell Block Sirens of 1953 for. ion at the Des Moines Play Theatre for a Change or at. house Newsroom at Tallgrass Theatre and Fringe Festival with Rabid Dog Theatre in. Petticoat Junction with Reruns at Theatre for a Dog Sees God Confessions of a Teenage Block. Change Jolene first appeared at ACT in head He works as a consultant in West Des. Don t Drink the Water Jolene enjoys spending Moines He is getting ready to be in Jerry. time with her cute cuddly canine child Springer The Opera for StageWest in Janu. Welcome to The Phantom Tollbooth Everyone always asks if they have never read the book Kyle what is the show about I respond by telling them its like Alice in Wonderland sprinkled with learning Yet there has been more than just learning in the world of the play For the cast

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