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Homework and Reading Guide,All assignments must be handwritten. All assignments are due in class on the date listed. Due Assignment,12 11 Classwork Introduction to The Odyssey. 12 12 Classwork Introduction to The Odyssey continued. Classwork Read and highlight the introductory context notes. 12 14 Book I Mini Quiz 10 points,Homework Workbook questions 15 points. 12 15 Book II Mini Quiz 10 points,Homework Workbook questions 10 points. Classwork Read and highlight the summaries of Books III and IV. 12 18 Book V Mini Quiz 10 points,Homework Workbook questions 10 points.
12 19 Book VI Mini Quiz 10 points,Homework Workbook questions 5 points. Classwork Read and highlight the summaries of Books VII and VIII. 12 20 Book IX Mini Quiz 10 points,Homework Workbook questions 10 points. 12 21 Book X Mini Quiz 10 points,Homework Workbook pages 10 points. 12 22 Film Study Classwork,Happy Holidays,1 2 Film Study Classwork. 1 3 Book XI Mini Quiz 10 points,Homework Workbook pages 10 points.
1 4 Book XII Mini Quiz 10 points,Homework Workbook pages 15 points. 1 5 Classwork Read and highlight the summaries of Books XIII XVIII. 1 8 and 10 points, Classwork Characterization of Odysseus Critical Analysis of. Character Is Odysseus a Good Leader,Planning Sheets 10 points. Final Draft 40 points,1 10 Book XIX Mini Quiz 10 points. Homework Workbook page 5 points, Classwork Read and highlight the summary of Book XX 5 points.
1 11 Books XXI XXII Mini Quiz 10 points,Homework Workbook pages 10 points. Classwork Read and highlight the summaries of Books XXIII. XXIV 5 points,1 12 Film Study Classwork,1 16 Vocabulary Quiz 25 points. Vocabulary Assignment Due 51 points,and Review for Midterm Exam Classwork. 1 19 Completed Workbook Collected 150 points total does not include. Odysseus Mini Essay,The Odyssey,INTRODUCTION, Welcome to one of the greatest journeys of all time. Some three thousand years ago there came into being two great poems The Iliad and The. Odyssey They tell of the history mythology and adventures of the Trojan War and its. aftermath They weave historical fact with mythology. We call their author Homer but we don t know if the poet was one man or several men. Perhaps one supreme poet brought together all the tales of Odysseus and his adventures. Homer may in fact have been a wandering blind minstrel His poems were sung to the. accompaniment of the lyre, In these years poetry was not written it was recited and performed passed down from.
generation to generation It was eventually written in the Greek language and then translated. into every language in the world These epic poems have influenced all of civilization. The Odyssey is a great poem Its greatness lies partly in its beauty of verse and in its imagery. But perhaps its greatest merit lies in its creative imagination and beauty and nobility of. While The Odyssey is a great poem it is also the first great novel We follow the adventures of. Odysseus his wife Penelope and his son Telemachus just as we would follow the characters of. a modern novel The plot moves along steadily and ends with peace and good fortune. The Odyssey is a sequel to The Iliad which tells of one great crisis in the Trojan War the quarrel. between Agamemnon and the greatest Greek warrior Achilles Achilles was angry because. Agamemnon had taken one of his captives so he shut himself up in a tent leaving the Greeks. to fight without him Later on Achilles was slain when an arrow struck his only vulnerable spot. his ankle The war dragged on At last shrewd Odysseus thought of a plan He told the Greeks. to build a great wooden horse, In this they hid armed men and then sailed off leaving the horse as a token of surrender The. Trojans rejoiced and thinking the horse was an offering to Athena they brought it into their. city That night while the Trojans lay drunk and sleeping the armed Greeks climbed out of the. horse and opened the gates of the city to their comrades Together the Greek warriors. plundered the city and left it in ruin Odysseus became a hero. When Troy was taken the war was over and the Greeks sailed away They were met with. various fortunes Many were welcomed as kings and heroes But Odysseus was not so lucky. The sea god Poseidon was angry with Odysseus for blinding and tricking his son Polyphemus. the Cyclops To punish Odysseus Poseidon tossed his ship and crew all over the sea in winds. and storms It was many years before Odysseus returned home to Ithaca The Odyssey is the. story of these years Odysseus lost at sea and Penelope and Telemachus waiting for his return. In his absence various suitors have been hanging about Odysseus palace hoping to wed. Penelope They linger around because they hope the beautiful and wealthy Penelope will. choose one of them to be her new husband Meanwhile they gamble drink eat dance make. a mess and cause trouble These rude suitors are not kicked out of the house because the. ancient Greeks had a strict code of hospitality Strangers and guests were expected to be fed. and entertained, No one in Ithaca knows if Odysseus is still alive or whether he will ever return Book One opens. prior to his return when Odysseus is with the nymph Calypso on her island where he has been. trapped for many years, The Gods and Goddesses of ancient Greece were fond of meeting at Zeus table on Mount. Olympus to gossip They often interacted with humans and interfered in the course of events. The Gods discuss the tabloid stories of humans including the tale of Orestes the only son of. Agamemnon and Clytemnestra Agamemnon is a hero of the Trojan War When he returns to. his home of Argos his wife Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus kill him Orestes avenges his. father s murder by killing his mother and her lover As you read The Odyssey think about what. this story foreshadows and how this story acts as a mirror and a foil for the story of. Telemachus Penelope and Odysseus, It is at this meeting that the tale of The Odyssey begins. STRUCTURE of THE ODYSSEY, Books 1 4 Present Time Mt Olympus Ithaca and Telemachus journey to.
discover news of his father, Books 5 8 Present Time Odysseus travels to the land of the Phaeacians. Books 9 12 Flashback Odysseus tells of his journeys and adventures. Books 13 16 Present Time Odysseus returns to Ithaca and is reunited with. Telemachus, Books 17 20 Present Time Disguised as a beggar Odysseus meets the suitors and. Books 21 24 Present Time Odysseus wins the bow contest kills the suitors and. reveals himself to Penelope, The Odyssey is an epic a long narrative poem about the deeds of gods or heroes who. embody the values of the culture of which they are a part The oldest epics were. transmitted orally and The Odyssey has traits that suggest that it has roots in this. An epic focuses on the adventures and conflicts of an epic hero. o The epic hero is an extraordinary man noble strong intelligent and skillful in. war He has larger than life powers He often has a divine mission to accomplish. and is protected by the gods He usually visits the underworld. o Achilles fulfills this role in The Iliad Odysseus in The Odyssey Epic heroes are not. perfect Achilles is stubbornly proud over a long period of time Odysseus has. lapses in judgment Nevertheless epic heroes always seem to have an. abundance of courage a fighting spirit that endears them both to the reader or. listener and the gods, An epic usually begins in medias res a Latin term meaning in the middle The story. begins at a critical point in the middle of the action the events that happened before. the opening are introduced later in a flashback, The narrator of an epic traditionally calls an invocation to the Muses Nine goddesses.
inspired men to create their arts Calliope is the Muse of epic poetry Homer calls upon. the Muses at the very beginning of the story to help inspire him to tell the tale. An epic includes epic similes They similes use like or as for comparison but are. much longer than an ordinary simile in fact they make last for pages. IDEAS and VALUES of ANCIENT GREEK CULTURE, Reading the Odyssey can provide a window into the lifestyles of the ancient Greeks. Hospitality to Strangers and the Exchange of Gifts. o Known by the Greek term Xenia guest friendship is shown by the exchange of. gifts goods and services between individuals from different places It involves. the correct treatment of strangers and the duties of hospitality. Reputation, o Known by the Greek term Kleos the ancient Greeks were concerned with how. people will be remembered after death A noble kleos is the hero s consolation. for dying The value system of the Ancient Greeks put more emphasis on. successful performance and reputation in the eyes of others than on an inner. consciousness of right and wrong,Reverence for the Gods. o Notice the many examples of rituals and prayer to respect the many gods and. Love of Family and Home,Success of Cleverness over Brute Force. Obedience to Orders,Anthropomorphism,o assigning human characteristics to the gods.
Direct Influence of Gods in the Lives of Humans,The Calling of Assemblies. o Gods and humans were fond of meetings at which important decisions are made. Remember that ancient Greece is the beginning of democracy. Homer repeatedly describes many of his characters or objects in his story with the same. phrase This phrase is called an epithet Epithets are common epic elements which allow the. reader to easily identify the character or object Epithets stress a quality of what they are. describing The same character often is given several different epithets The epithet was used. by oral poets to help them catch their breath whenever they mentioned a major figure or. described something familiar and recurring The epithets were not used to illustrate a specific. aspect of the figure at the moment he she was being spoken of but were chosen to fit the. meter of the line Many translators however like to fit the epithet to an aspect of the. character that is relevant to the moment, Examples of epithets used in the Odyssey include the following. The great tactician This term creates the image of Odysseus as being intelligent and. probably comes from his being the initiator of the idea for the Trojan horse. The clear eyed goddess This helps the reader imagine that Athena is alert wise and. Here are some more epithets,the man of twists and turns Odysseus. wine dark sea,the bewitching nymph Calypso,son of Cronos Zeus. who marshals the thunderheads Zeus,cool headed Telemachus.
lord of the war cry Menelaus,INTERNET CONNECTIONS, Want to know more about a certain aspect of the tale. Having trouble understanding what you read, Would images help you to better contextualize the stories. The Internet offers an amazing array of websites just waiting to be explored. Feel free to explore on your own but here are a few recommended sites. http www pbs org newshour bb entertainment jan june97 odyssey 3 3 html. An interview on PBS NewsHour with Fagles discussing the text and his translation. http www leasttern com HighSchool odyssey Odyssey2 html. An excellent site to enhance your reading it offers helpful hints questions and vocabulary. http jc schools net tutorials Eng9 homer html, A great source for PowerPoint presentations worksheets quizzes interactive games and. introductory notes, http www umich edu homeros Representations 20of 20Homer s 20Ideas Paintings Pain. This website is titled A Visual Odyssey and presents the tales of the epic through famous. paintings An ideal way for the visual learner to absorb the story. A FINAL NOTE, These guided reading worksheets are meant to help you interact with this beautiful but.
complicated text Try reading through a few pages on your own before answering the. questions It s okay if you get lost or don t understand this is challenging material Be. patient and stay focused and try to gather as much information as you can You may have to. re read stanzas for clarity This does require a commitment on your part You must commit time. and energy to fully appreciate this incredible tale But here s the good news It gets easier You. will probably find yourself reading easier and more fluently as you go along And don t forget. that this is an exciting epic full of love conflict and adventure Make sure you take the time to. daydream a little and spark your imagination as you enjoy this classic story. The Odyssey by Homer translated by Robert Fagles, All numbers indicate line numbers in the poem refer to them when answering the questions. Book One Athena Inspires the Prince, Sing to me of the man Muse the man of twists and turns. Driven time and again off course once he had plundered. The hallowed heights of Troy 1 3, The Muses are goddesses of inspiration They are daughters of 11. Who is the man of twists and turns, 5 10 Although Odysseus travels for many years on the open sea fighting to save his life and. bring his comrades home he ultimately can t save his crew Why not. 16 18 Who holds Odysseus back from going home Why,22 23 Which god does not take pity on Odysseus.
34 52 The story of Aegisthus was summarized earlier in this workbook What point does Zeus. hope to make by sharing the story with the assembly of gods. 53 76 What does Athena ask of Zeus,77 80 How does Zeus feel about Odysseus. ancient Greeks had a strict code of hospitality Strangers and guests were expected to be fed and entertained No one in Ithaca knows if Odysseus is still alive or whether he will ever return Book One opens prior to his return when Odysseus is with the nymph Calypso on her island where he has been trapped for many years

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