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Author Ernest Thompson Seton the BSA s first Chief Scout was a naturalist who had penned books. about wildlife and living in the outdoors, He divided the Handbook into three sections Scoutcraft Woodcraft and. Campcraft and filled the pages with adventures he knew would interest. boys He also included lively discussions of the Scout Oath and Law. Motto and Slogan,Second Edition 1914, The Handbook s second edition went through thirteen years of adjustments and printings as the BSA. continued to refine Scouting s message and expand the range of activities A number of subject. experts wrote large sections of the book,Third Edition 1927. Already a nationally known artist Norman Rockwell prepared the cover of this edition the first of four. Handbook covers he would produce Content included improved coverage of first aid camping and. community service,Fourth Edition 1940, The Handbook that carried Scouting through World War Two continued to refine information about. Scouting skills animals and plants and service to the nation. Fifth Edition 1948, Over five million copies of the fifth edition were printed more than any other Handbook Building on.
previous editions the new manual introduced the Outdoor Code alongside terrific ideas for having fun. in the outdoors,Sixth Edition 1959, The Handbook celebrating Scouting s 50th anniversary was the first to feature color in its illustrations. The height and width of the book were greater than of earlier editions and the content was revised for. Scouts of the 1960s,Seventh Edition 1965, Similar to the 6th edition this version of the Handbook reflects numerous changes in BSA s rank. requirements,Eighth Edition 1972, The Handbook s 8th edition printed on recycled paper emphasized urban opportunities for adventure. and service It also introduced advancement requirements that included skill awards Scouts could. wear on their belts,Ninth Edition 1979, A return to a strong emphasis on Scouting s traditional outdoor programs opens with Norman. Rockwell s last Handbook cover Readers found detailed information on how to camp hike provide. first aid and respect wildlife,Tenth Edition 1990, The largest of all Handbooks the 10th edition is the first to include color photographs on its pages.
Seven Keys to Low Impact and No Trace Camping signaled Scouting s ongoing commitment to. protecting the environment,Eleventh Edition 1998, The last edition of the 20th Century and the first of the 21st the book was organized to guide boys. page by page from the day they joined a troop through completion of the First Class badge. Concluding chapters led the rest of the way along the Trail to Eagle. Order your copy of the new 12th Edition Boy Scout Handbook at Scoutstuff org. STAYING DRY ON WATER ADVENTURES, Water routes lead to the heart of exciting Scout adventures With a raft canoe kayak or boat you can. carry the gear and food you need camp ashore for a single night or for a week or more of wilderness. Protect gear and extra clothing with a large waterproof dry bag Roll down the top and snap a couple of. clips to seal out water then lash the bag on board for a day s travel Load a smaller dry bag with your. sunscreen camera a fleece jacket and other items you may want while you re on the move Clip it. within easy reach of your place in the boat and you ll be ready to launch. Expect to get wet no matter how calm the water Tough lightweight clothing that dries quickly and. protects you from the sun is great watercraft wear That s exactly what you ll find with the Boy Scout. Long Sleeve Action Shirt and the BSA XGO Crew Shirt. Boy Scout Long sleeve Action Shirt BSA XGO Crew Shirt. BSA s Watercraft High Adventure Bases, Discover terrific opportunities for watercraft journeys at many local council camps and at two of the. BSA s High Adventure Bases the Florida Sea Base and Northern Tier. Florida Sea Base, Take your place on the crew of a sailboat or another watercraft voyaging. into the open waters of the Bahamas and the Florida Keys Explore beneath. the sea by snorkeling and SCUBA diving and visit a coral reef and remote. islands rich with opportunities to learn about aquatic wildlife and the. environment,Northern Tier, Dip your paddle into the Superior Quetico boundary waters of Minnesota.
Ontario and Manitoba Gear and food stowed in your group s canoes give. you freedom to explore a spectacular wilderness of rivers lakes and. forests little changed through the centuries,Aquatics Safety. The Boy Scouts of America has clear policies for conducting activities in and on the water Find these. Guides to Safe Scouting online at scouting org,GONE FISHING. Lakes and streams far from roads often are prime fishing spots. that are far less crowded than bodies of water accessible by. motor vehicle Wherever you intend to fish take care of a few. preliminary responsibilities before you bait your hook. Licenses and Permits, Check with your state s fish and game department to find out if. you need a fishing licensing Before traveling to other waters. inquire about ay legalities you must follow Search the Internet. for license requirements wherever you are going,Keeping or Releasing. Decide ahead of time whether you will be keeping the fish you. catch or releasing them Catch and release fishing allows you. to enjoy the experience of fishing without depleting the species. population Follow the principles of Leave No Trace while you. are fishing and you can be sure that you are reducing your. impact on the environment too Consider using barbless hooks on your lures to reduce the chances of. injuring the fish you will release,Finding Fish, Fish like to dwell where there is an abundance of food and absence of danger That often means water.
with a current that will keep a fresh supply of potential food flowing past Fish also want shelter of some. sort an eddy the quiet water behind a big rock in a stream the darkness below a submerged log or. a bed of underwater grasses,Fishing Tips, Sunglasses with polarized lenses can enable you to see beneath the surface of the water even. when the sun is bright, Fish swimming in a swift stream usually face into the current They aren t as likely to see you if. you approach from downstream Cast over them and let your lures drift toward them. Reeling in a lure very slowly might bring it through submerged vegetation without snagging. Fish early in the day and at dusk when fish are more likely to be feeding Overcast days also. can be good, For more information consult the BSA Fieldbook Chapter 25 Fishing. The New Boy Scout Handbook and the Scout Handbook History Staying Dry on Water Adventures Gone Fishing THE NEW BOY SCOUT HANDBOOK AND THE SCOUT HANDBOOK HISTORY The New 12th Edition Boy Scout Handbook is here celebrating Scouting s first hundred years and looking ahead toward the exciting decades to come A fresh edition is published about once a decade to reflect changes in the BSA and

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