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The Mooney Flyer Volume 8 Number 11 November 2019,Editors Contributors. Phil Corman Jim Price Bruce Jaeger Bob Kromer Tom Rouch Brian Lloyd Linda. Departments Features,From the Editor Nobody Transitioning to Mooneys. Asked just our Humble It can take longer than you think. Appraise Your Mooney s IOS 13 and IPadOS 13,Value M20B thru M20R Good stuff to know. Mooney Mail Feedback from Insurance Rates Going Up. our Flyer readers by Parker Woodruff Mooney owner insurance guy. Ask the Top Gun Tom Rouch Killing Sacred Cows 3, answers your questions Another gem from Brian Lloyd. Product Review Garmin How Mooney Smart Are You,Autonomi A trivia quiz.
Upcoming Fly Ins Fly M20J Market Asking Price Trends. somewhere and have fun, Have You Heard This Adding Jet A to a 100LL aircraft is fatal. month s Relevant GA news Here s how you can check your fuel. IFR Pilot Corner,Improve your IFR Mind,Mooney CFIs The most Time Flies. comprehensive listing in the by Master CFII and Mooney Jedi Bruce Jaegar. If you love The Find all the back issues starting, Mooney Flyer and Subscribe and we ll in 2012 or use our powerful. want to keep it email you when a new issue search engine to find a past. healthy just click on the is published article,Donate button. The Mooney Flyer Volume 8 Number 11 November 2019,Musings on the Future of General Aviation.
I have been flying since 1978 and during that time I have seen significant evolutions. Electronic Glass Avionics,Composite Airframes,Explosion of Kit Planes. Electronic Flight Bags, For me since I am a solid Mooniac converting to glass panels has had the most profound impact. on my flying We now take graphical GPS for granted In fact try selling your Mooney without. one Another is ADS B I personally think ADS B is one of the best innovations from the. government in my flying career I have free weather and free traffic in my cockpit It s another. try selling your Mooney without ADS B It has added significantly to the safety of flight PFDs. and MFDs have spurred on the elimination of ancient vacuum systems. Another innovation is the Electronic Flight Bag EFB such as ForeFlight WingX etc TheseEFBs. have made GA flying safer by providing amazing tools both during flight planning and in flight. The amount of excellent weather graphics AIRMETS SIGMETs and Airport Information is a boon. It surely trumps calling FSS Additional tools such as fuel consumption engine out glide diagrams. and the like are also invaluable, But all of this got me thinking about what s coming in the near future for GA Here are some of my. Electric Airplanes,Head Up Displays,Complete Autopilots from takeoff to landing. Artificial Intelligence,Electric airplanes are already almost upon us The.
first uses may very well be for instruction since, training tends to be shorter in duration and relatively. localized Electric motors are coming down in cost,and simply by comparing them to piston engines. they seem safer Electric motors have no valves fuel. lines pistons internal pressures etc A main, stumbling block is battery power and battery life but. there is an extreme amount of innovation taking,The Mooney Flyer Volume 8 Number 11 November 2019. place since the world is enamored with electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions Batteries. will probably not see a Moore s law of improvements each year but they are steadily improving. Drones are leading the way in a certain sense They are electric and do not have a resident pilot. As they scale up they,start to look like full,scale GA airplanes.
Head Up Displays are,another innovation that,is already used in the. military As the costs,come down it will,certainly show up in GA. Artificial Intelligence,AI will take the form,of seeing issues in your. airplane or its attitude before you do Monitoring all your engine data in real time comparing the. data with recent trends and then,predicting a problem before it occurs. Imagine AI that recognizes your Mooney s,key flight information including angle of.
attack brake horsepower lift skids slips,etc and then taking or recommending. action before the situation becomes,critical When traffic is a conflict the. autopilot could take action or the pilot,could receive heading and or altitude. suggestions in order to maintain,separation There are a lot of items that. we cannot process very well that AI can,monitor detect and resolve recommend.
Of course the biggest innovation may be, the elimination of the need for a PIC at all We recently flew commercially to Houston. International and the aircraft landed in what seemed like 0 0 weather conditions Systems can. often fly better than people It may very well turn out that piloting becomes more of a hobby than. a necessity I m personally glad I will miss this innovation. Send us your thoughts on the next bits of innovation in GA that we might have missed. The Mooney Flyer Volume 8 Number 11 November 2019, Next month s poll I Like to do the Following on my Mooney CLICK HERE to vote. M20C M20E M20F M20G,M20J M20K M20R M20M,The Mooney Flyer Volume 8 Number 11 November 2019. Send your comments to,editor themooneyflyer com,No Mail This Month. Feeling Lonely,The Mooney Flyer Volume 8 Number 11 November 2019.
Mooney Insurance Rates Update,by Parker Woodruff, Most of you are aware by word or by experience at this point of widespread aviation insurance rate increases. across almost all lines of business I ve compiled a list of trends I m noticing in the market. Light Personal Aircraft, o Rates on retractable gear aircraft have gone up Look for increases in the 5 15 range if you are renewing. with the same carrier If you are renewing with a different carrier due to one leaving the aviation market. expect a 20 25 increase, o Rates on Fixed Gear 4 place aircraft have lagged on rate increases I m seeing 5 or so most of the time. Commercially operated piston aircraft flight schools charter operations etc. o Most policyholders with good loss experience are experiencing rate increases in the 10 25 range. o Operators with high loss ratios are experiencing increases greater than 25 if renewing with the same. carrier Operations renewing with a different carrier due to their expiring company leaving the aviation market. are sometimes seeing rates double One carrier has elected to non renew all flight schools. Pro flown turbine aircraft, o 10 rate increase for underwriter deemed desirable risks. o More than 10 for older turbine aircraft,Workers Compensation Insurance.
o Rates for businesses with favorable loss experience are going down There is greater competition in this. segment and some state work comp funds have decreased their rates. Repair and Service Operations, o Large increases in insurance rates 10 25 or more. Avionics shops,o Small increases in rates about 10. The insurance payout related to Boeing 737 MAX losses will far exceed the global aviation insurance premium. written This is hitting the reinsurance companies Most aviation insurance companies will be seeing premium. increases for their reinsurance in 2020 Look for a sustained hard market through 2020 and then some level. off in 2021 The standard Property and Casualty markets are also seeing widespread increases and have been. for quite some time, As always please reach out if you d like a quote for your aircraft or aviation business Airspeed Insurance has. some great developments coming in 2020 As part of a major agency management system upgrade we ll be. introducing a mobile app that will contain all your policy documents and include other great functionality. The Mooney Flyer Volume 8 Number 11 November 2019,by Bruce Jaegar. February 8 2020,marks 50 years since,my first solo in a.
nearly new Mooney,M10 Cadet Narco,tube radios were. state of the art, Loran GPS and digital displays were nowhere to be found The oldest Mooney Executive was. nearly new and the 201 was still seven years away Owning a Mooney was within reach of many. and general aviation was booming, Since that memorable day in 1970 the mechanics of taking off and landing in a crosswind has not. changed Engine monitors have added reliability and comfort to managing our piston engines. Accurate fuel flow gauges and balanced fuel nozzles have improved efficiencies Yet too many. owners continue to be disappointed with low compression cylinders All this new technology has. not changed the fact that engines still have their limits. The most significant and most recent changes may be GPS glass panels and sophisticated. autopilots Of course this new equipment adds margins of safety but does not replace the skills. needed to fly our Mooneys, So why write this article As an instructor for over 40 years I may not know everything about the. latest technology however after fifty years as a pilot landing or taking off in a crosswind. departing into significant weather or the decision to stay on the ground is now easier than ever. Could be age or not flying regularly or maybe it is just common sense but becoming more. conservative seems right, Many pilots have shown why the design of a Mooney is so important The built in strength of the.
wing landing gear trim and tail are tremendous but demonstrating it is not necessary. Recognizing our limitations cannot be overemphasized Even as we rely on technology GPS and. autopilot stick and rudder skills remain as critical today as they were 50 years ago. If there is anything about flying or maintaining your Mooney that raises a question your mechanic. or preferred flight instructor can help Do what it takes to truly enjoy your Mooney You and your. passengers deserve the very best,The Mooney Flyer Volume 8 Number 11 November 2019. Transitioning to Mooneys,It s not as Easy as You May Think. We are frequently asked by new readers about transitioning. to a Mooney True Mooneys are complex retractable, landing gear aircraft and some are high performance. meaning they have greater than 200 HP Therefore it would. seem that most of the issues are from pilots without a. complex or high performance endorsement or those with. little PIC time in complex high performance aircraft It makes sense that fixed gear Cessna and. Piper pilots would have more to learn Those aircraft have forgiving landing gear such as oleo. struts that cushion harder touchdowns The flaps on those aircraft are often more effective than. those on a Mooney Cessnas and Pipers are easier to slow down and more essentially more. However that s not the total picture Recently we had two pilots from the US military indicate. that it took them 25 40 hours to truly feel one with their Mooneys It wasn t that they weren t. flying it wonderfully but rather some phases of flight mostly approaches and landings were. requiring more than usual eye hand coordination,Things Happen Faster in a Mooney. Everything happens faster in a Mooney You depart faster approach an airport faster descend. at a faster airspeed and are over the numbers faster My primary CFI once told me after only a. The Mooney Flyer Volume 8 Number 11 November 2019, few hours of instruction that I need not worry about crashing I asked him Huh He replied.
Because you re about a mile behind this airplane This can happen to new Mooney pilots during. the transition, Here are a few very key things to internalize during your transition. 1 A Mooney will not fly before the proper airspeed Period. 2 A Mooney will not touchdown before you reach the proper airspeed Period. 3 If you break Rule 2 you will bounce and more than likely porpoise. 4 If you bounce during transitioning to your Mooney go around unless you want a new. propeller and a possible engine teardown and inspection. 5 Learn how to slow your Mooney down from cruise and descend early. Note Mooneys require precision while flying,Taking Off. This phase of transition,training is pretty easy and. straightforward Most of,our Mooneys want flaps at,takeoff setting No. problem When you,retract them on departure,expect a nose up.
tendency that pitch up is,not often felt on lesser. This is another relatively,straightforward part of. your transition training A,key thing here is that,Mooneys were built to fly. fast so unless you have a turbocharged Mooney leave your throttle in full Wide Open Throttle. WOT The Lycomings and Continentals were built to run WOT. Once you reach your cruising altitude give your engine 3 to 5 minutes to settle Let the CHTs and. EGTs also settle in After that you can fly ROP or LOP but stay out of the Red Box where Internal. Cylinder Pressure is highest and hardest on your engine. I fly an M20S Eagle now but my first Mooney was an M20C and it routinely cruised in the Yellow. range This is not uncommon Enjoy the speed After all it s why you got a Mooney Just be. prepared to slow down if you hit noticeable turbulence. The Mooney Flyer Volume 8 Number 11 November 2019, During the transition descent seems to be easy You have two choices here 1 descend at an. Indicated airspeed that s faster than cruise speed or 2 descend at the cruise airspeed For the. first one simply point your nose down and trim for that desired descent rate For option 2 simply. pull back on the throttle until your Mooney is descending at the desired descent rate In this. The Mooney Flyer Volume 8 Number 11 November 2019 Page 3 Musings on the Future of General Aviation I have been flying since 1978 and during that time I have seen significant evolutions

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