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October 2015,THE MONTHLY SCOOP,The DOT Doctor Newsletter. Do You Want To,Build A Snowman,Do you want to build a snowman Re. member even if you don t children do,Watch the roads for children playing with. the snow and having snowball fights,They are probably not paying attention to. cars trucks or traffic Instead they are,more worried about defending their snow.
With the change of the seasons animals,are looking for shelter from the harsh. weather Make sure with your Pre trip to,check your tires for stray animals Sad to. say with the hard times we are going,though anymore also check for young. children toddlers or smaller shape people,hiding in the wheels for warmth from the. hard winds of the winter,The changing of the weather and sea.
sons means that food becomes scares for,animals in the wild Be on the look out. You never know when animals are going,to dash in front of the truck chasing their. The Dot Doctor 2,October 2015,THE MONTHLY SCOOP,The DOT Doctor Newsletter. Before starting remove any ice and snow from the windshield window mir. rors hand holds steps deck plates and also radiator shatters. Make sure the cooling system is full and there is enough antifreeze in the sys. tem to protect against freezing, Make sure the defrosters and heaters are working and that you know how to. operate them, Drain your air lines and add air line anti freeze into the lines.
Keep your tanks full to decrease condensation Use Howes or another good. anti gel Carry spare anti gel and a fuel filter with wrench. Make sure the windshield wiper blades are in good working condition and can. sweep off the snow properly Make sure the windshield washers work Use. water antifreeze to prevent freezing of the washer liquid. Make sure you have enough tread on your tires It is especially important in. winter conditions The drive tires must provide tractions to push the rig over. wet pavement and though snow Lug tires work best, You may find yourself in conditions where you cannot drive without chains. Carry the right number of tire chains and extra cross links that fit your drive. tires Make sure they are in good condition and you know how to put them on. Make sure the lights and reflectors are clean and working properly. Start gently and slowly When first starting get the feel of the road Do not. Drive slowly and smoothly Keep a steady speed If the road is very slippery. you should not drive at all Stop at the first safe place. Make turns as gently as possible Do not brake any harder than necessary. and do not use the engine brake or speed retarder They can cause the driv. ing wheels to skid on slippery surfaces Do not engage the cruise control. Be Aware that as the temperatures rises to the point where ice begins to melt. the road becomes even more slippery Slow down more. Avoid driving through deep puddles or flowing water if possible If not you. should slow down place transmission in low gear and gently put on the. brakes while driving though water When out of the water maintain light pres. sure on the brakes for a short distances to heat them up and dry them out. Make a test stop when it is safe to do so,The DOT Doctor. The Dot Doctor 3,October 2015,THE MONTHLY SCOOP,The DOT Doctor Newsletter. Top Questions of the Month, Q How do I gain traction after I am empty especially if. I am unloading product from a tanker, A Tanker drivers are at the greatest risk when unloading You pull or back into a.
location Your wheels are hot from driving While you sit there unloading you melt the. snow and ice under your vehicle and sink, A little preplanning goes a long way Before pulling into the final unloading point stop just. short Place some kitty litter or similar substance on the ground where your wheels will. rest Pull or back into location Do not pull your trailer brakes but only set your tractor. brakes Go tip for when parking at night as well You may wish to carry a wheel chock. or block for added safety This will help to prevent freezing as the snow melts The kitty. litter will create traction for you when you exit, Taking these 2 simple steps when preparing to unloading in an uncleared area will save. you hours of digging or a tow bill,I don t know of any truck driving jobs that are. worth giving your life for,If you put your rig trailer and load in the ditch. chances are you ll find yourself standing alone,without support from anyone The finger will be.
pointed at you Don t expect anyone to step forward. and say they had insisted on a scheduled delivery,appointment Just on time drivers and bad winter. weather just don t mix,Do what you need to in order to stay safe. Use Common Sense and remember,SAFETY ALWAYS RULES, Q Do I really have to drain my air tanks every day. A When the temperature is below 40F 7C it is a best practice to take a minute during. your post trip and drain the air tanks If this is the first time you have done so make sure. you drain them until all the junk has exited the lines You will have to wait for the air to. build back up in your tanks when you start your next shift but that is easily accomplished. while you are preforming your pre trip, A good preventive measure is to fill your lines with air brake anti freeze at the beginning. of the season This will also melt ice already in the lines Do not use alcohol It will it will. damage the seals, Test your air brake knowledge http www truckercountry com cdl practice tests air brakes classic ab1.
Remember only a qualified mechanic may perform brake adjustments. heard there is a law saying I have to clean the, snow off the top of my truck or pay a fine of over. 1000 Is this true, A Snow removal laws are set by the state CT NY NJ and PA are known for having. some of the strictest of these laws Fines can exceed 1000 per occurrence Snow. removal stations are said to be available in these states NJ has stated that they will not. access a fine on a driver that is heading to a station. This is a tough one If you wake up in a truck stop or rest area and it snowed overnight. what do you do There is no way you can climb up on top of a dry van and clean off the. snow A truck wash will ice your vehicle causing other issues You are in catch 22 unless. there is a snow removal station at your sleep location Terminals in these states need. to have a provision in place to clean the trucks prior to them leaving the yard In the. name of safety all yards should have a means of cleaning snow and ice from the vehicles. prior to them entering the highway Drivers must always clear all windows and mirrors. prior to driving,The Dot Doctor 4,October 2015,THE MONTHLY SCOOP. The DOT Doctor Newsletter,CHAIN LAWS, Chain Law Guide This guide is organized by state with laws contact information and other. relevant information A link of where to purchase chains is each state is also includ. ed Remember chain laws begin in Sept and run through May in some states. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance CVSA announced that its 2015 Operation. Safe Driver Week would be during October 18 through October 24 During that week. law enforcement agencies in the United States Canada and Mexico will increase. traffic safety enforcement and offer safety education programs with the goal of. increasing commercial and non commercial vehicle traffic safety awareness. The event which was initially launched in 2007 is sponsored by CVSA in partner. ship with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration FMCSA It was created to reduce the number of fatalities. and injuries resulting from crashes involving trucks buses and cars. During last year s event 59 080 commercial vehicle drivers and non commercial vehicle drivers were cited for un. safe driving behaviors The top five warnings or citations for commercial vehicle drivers were. 1 Speeding,2 Failure to use a safety belt,3 Failure to obey traffic control devices.
4 Improper lane change,5 Following too closely, The top five warnings or citations for non commercial vehicle drivers were. 1 Speeding,2 Failure to use a safety belt,3 Failure to obey a traffic control device. 4 Possession use under the influence of alcohol,5 Improper lane change. Prepare your drivers and yourself Ask us about our Driver Awareness Training Available in 3 formats. instructor lead ppt in house professional trainer and in our office training sessions Protect the CSA. scores Investment begins at 250,The Dot Doctor 5,Copyright by The DOT Doctor All rights reserved. to have a provision in place to clean the trucks prior to them leaving the yard In the name of safety all yards should have a means of cleaning snow and ice from the vehicles prior to them entering the highway Drivers must always clear all windows and mirrors prior to driving October 2015 The DOT Doctor Newsletter

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