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2 Roland Berger Focus The key to a successful RPA strategy. Management summary, Robotic Process Automation RPA is a mature technol What are the best practices for. ogy that is highly effective in increasing business pro. successfully implementing RPA, ductivity It frees up employees working on high volume. repetitive jobs and allows them to be redeployed on stra How can firms adopt a sustainable. tegic tasks that have greater added value for the firm strategy adapted to different industries. The impact depending on the industry is an increase of. and reflecting their own degree of, several percentage points in operating margin Finan maturity Roland Berger proposes a. cial or accounting services administration and other roadmap to help decision makers. sec tors can expect to see a reduction in personnel costs. of more than five percent through the transformation. The challenges of implementing RPA depend on the, company s particular level of maturity with regard to the. technology Firms that only recently adopted the tech. nology should first and foremost tackle the organiza. tional challenges identifying which activities are suit. able for automation and ensuring adequate governance. during the implementation Early adopters on the other. hand face a new challenge how to manage their human. capital and redeploy employees affected by the technol. ogy strategic workforce planning new jobs mobility. career paths and so on, The key to a successful RPA strategy Roland Berger Focus 3.
1 Evaluate the potential of RPA for the company 4, RPA presents different potentials for different jobs and industries. 2 Choose the right solutions and partners 10, A wide range of options exist each with their own value proposition. 3 Create a body to support the company s ambitions 14. Develop clear ambitions and ensure suitable governance. 4 Anticipate the impact of RPA on employment and skills 18. Manage the social impact of RPA by creating career paths from declining. to growing occupations,Cover photo ktsimage Istock. 4 Roland Berger Focus The key to a successful RPA strategy. Evaluate the potential,of RPA for the company, RPA presents different potentials for different jobs. and industries, The key to a successful RPA strategy Roland Berger Focus 5.
RPA A MATURE TECHNOLOGY HELPING,COMPANIES DIGITALLY TRANSFORM. Robotic Process Automation RPA makes it possible With RPA human. for businesses to automate high volume repetitive, tasks with little added value It also enables them to operators can focus. shorten production cycles through continuous opera. bility 24 hours a day seven days a week The time on analyzing data and. freed up can be redirected toward more challenging. tasks within the firm making RPA a valid alternative to passing it on to. outsourcing Reporting is a classic example RPA makes. it possible to cross reference internal data with exter management. nal data for example accounting figures with market. information Bots as the software robots are com, monly known can extract process and format the data. putting it in the form of tables Human operators can. then focus on analyzing the data and passing it on to. management, RPA is akin to putting a patch on existing IT tools with. out having to modify the entire system Many compa, nies have already adopted it as return on investment.
is just three to six months Indeed the market doubled. in size between 2015 and 2016 reaching a value of USD Algorithms must be deterministic and not probabilis. 600 million and forecasts show steady growth of 40 tic the same input must always produce the same. percent a year through 2021 This rapid growth dynam output. ic is driven by the willingness of large groups to deploy R eturn on investment must be satisfactory This is gen. RPA as part of a global strategy unlike past approaches erally the case where the productivity gain is greater. that focused on automation at a local level than one full time equivalent FTE Industrialized. processes thus have the greatest potential as several. THE RELEVANCE OF RPA DEPENDS ON THE FTEs are dedicated to each task. COMPANY S FUNCTIONS AND INDUSTRY, To deploy RPA a number of technical and economic Back office and support functions therefore demon. conditions must be met namely strate the most potential for the application of RPA A. The data must be digital physical production and pa The impact of RPA also differs depending upon the in. per based activities are thus excluded dustry Financial services for example where the raw. The data must be structured a form with set fields or material is largely digital is one of the biggest beneficia. a standardized table of figures for example not an un ries of RPA and indeed companies in this industry. structured email or phone call have pioneered the adoption of RPA B. 6 Roland Berger Focus The key to a successful RPA strategy. A RPA delivers productivity gains of 5 to 15 percent. Back office jobs are the most suitable for task automation. REDUCTION IN BURDEN THANKS TO RPA,Support functions Front Office Back Office. Particularly Repetitive Processing, Finance and Accountings PC based activities digital files. 5 to 10 5 to 10 10 to 15, Accountings Automatic closing and Utilities Reduced call processing time Retail Real time monitoring of special. reconciliation thanks to 360 view of customer data promotions collecting reporting data. and progressive scripts on purchases customer opinions. Controlling Automatic production of,complaints etc and proposing of.
regulatory reports extracting Healthcare Automated patient. actions price modification inventory, processing and formatting data interactions access to medical history. management etc,invoicing complaint management etc,HR Automatic onboarding offboarding. and appointment management Financial services Reduction in time. management access rights requests for,required to open a bank account from 30. name badges paperwork etc Public sector Partial automation of the. minutes to 5 minutes for an online bank,processing of asylum claims by. Purchasing Automatic creation of new, administrative courts Telecommunications Automation of.
suppliers in the system tenders,numerous activity tracking reports. processing of purchase requests etc Financial services Support for customer. network sales complaints cost,advisors in exchanges with current or. Risk and compliance Partial automation tracking,prospective customers product. of regulatory controls e g KYC and, proposals offers tailored to client Public sector Automatic benefits. fraud detection, profiles etc calculation for residents data retrieval.
calculation preliminary response etc,Source Roland Berger. FAST IMPLEMENTATION AND RETURN 10 000 20 000 so the investment pays for itself in three. ON INVESTMENT to six months Different options are possible depend. RPA can be deployed within existing information sys ing on the particular software company and use case. tem environments and provides a very quick return on. investment Installing a bot calls for a limited invest The agility of the technology also allows companies to. ment somewhere in the order of USD 20 000 40 000 measure return on investment quickly For one financial. and saves the equivalent of between one and three services company automating 20 percent of the tasks in. FTEs depending on the degree of industrialization of one of its accounting services allowed the firm to amor. the process Annual license costs run to around USD tize the initial investment in less than six months. The key to a successful RPA strategy Roland Berger Focus 7. This rapid growth dynamic is driven,by the willingness of large groups. to deploy RPA as part of a global,strategy unlike past approaches. that focused on automation at,a local level, 8 Roland Berger Focus The key to a successful RPA strategy. B Productivity gains from RPA differ by industry, RPA can achieve reductions in personnel costs of up to ten percent.
Number of jobs 10 15 10 15 10 15 5 10 5 10 5 10 5 10 2 5. relative weight,Support functions 17 18 19 19 17,Front office 50 50 50 37. Back Middle office 10,Non automatable,manual production. management R D, Trade Government Industry Education Healthcare Transpor Construc Adminis. retail tation tion tration1,Automation potential,Lower range 2 4 2 2 2 3 1 6. Upper range 4 7 3 4 4 6 3 10, 1 Administration travel agencies reservation services rental services building services etc.
2 Other tertiary sector working from home arts and entertainment real estate etc. 3 Other public sector social services social housing residential nursing care etc. Source Eurostat Insee CEGOS Roland Berger, The key to a successful RPA strategy Roland Berger Focus 9. 2 5 2 5 2 5 2 5 2 5 2 5 2 5 2 5 5 10 5 10,17 17 17 17 19. 47 50 4 50, Hotels Legal services Financial Telecom Temporary Utilities Auto Agri Other Other. restaurants accounting services munications employment motive cul tertiary public. engineering etc agencies industry ture sector 2 sector 3. 3 5 6 3 2 2 2 0 3 2,5 9 10 5 5 3 3 1 5 4, 10 Roland Berger Focus The key to a successful RPA strategy. Choose the right,solutions and partners,A wide range of options exist each with their.
own value proposition, The key to a successful RPA strategy Roland Berger Focus 11. MATURE INTERNATIONAL Attended RPA, SOFTWARE COMPANIES In attended RPA the bots are installed on individual. A wide range of RPA software is available today with dif workstations and interact continuously with the human. ferent software companies positioning themselves dif operators performing actions at their request request. ferently in the market Some of these specialists in RPA ing and displaying information for example and asking. technology have expanded into connected activities for confirmation before proceeding to the next step for. particularly in the field of Artificial Intelligence AI example asking the operator to proofread a document. Their presence on the market since the 2000s has earned before sending it This type of solution is perfect for. them the trust of major international groups alongside front office activities improving the human operator s. investors Most are located in the United States and to a capabilities and at the same time facilitating and speed. lesser extent in Europe In Asia the Indian market is ing up the responses to customer requests The most. growing rapidly and is expected to play a significant role widespread application is providing call center agents. in the coming years C with a 360 view of customers their contracts history. past exchanges and so on by the bot simultaneously. The main way in which software companies differ are accessing all available databases CRM management. as follows accounting and so on, How the bots interact with users Bots can operate on Attended bots do not give rise to prohibitive costs as. the workstation as the user s assistant attended they do not modify the core information system nor do. RPA or autonomously in the background on a server they require the building of an additional data ware. unattended RPA see below house Companies can deploy attended RPA quickly and. Integration capacity How easily the bots can be inte rapidly recoup the amount invested through the savings. grated into the company is fundamental for conduct it makes The main disadvantage of this type of software. ing pilots and a determining factor in the implemen is its sensitivity to modifications of the office environ. tation of the software across a broad network of ment for example operating system updates which. partners necessitate modification of the bot, Local presence Having a local presence ensures prox. imity with internal teams and adequate responsiveness Unattended RPA. In unattended RPA the bots are installed on the server. SUPPORTING OR REPLACING HUMANS and they automate entire sections of the process The. TWO TYPES OF BOTS human operator only intervenes to make adjustments. The solutions offered by the various specialized soft where necessary troubleshooting acting as the con. ware companies in the market for RPA fall into two trol tower for the bots actions so to speak Unattended. types attended RPA and unattended RPA The main bots are mainly used for back office functions such as. difference between the two lies in the relationship be accounting The bots require specific capabilities be. tween the bots and the human operators ing able to interface with the main ERP system for ex. ample but they have the advantage of being more sta. ble than attended RPA bots The payback period is only. very slightly longer at around six months, 12 Roland Berger Focus The key to a successful RPA strategy.
C Overview of the main software companies offering RPA solutions non exhaustive. A large majority of players entered the RPA market in the early 2000s. Company Country 1 Revenues No of Type of bots Distinguishing features. estimated clients, AUTOMATION US n c 700 Flexible pricing large support team. ANYWHERE 2003 20 80 50 people offering extended support. across three continents,BLUEPRISM UK EUR 27 m 500 Global presence. 2001 100 leader in unattended RPA, UIPATH Romania UK EUR 21 m 450 Present on three continents community. 2005 30 70 of 140 000 developers computing,vision for OCR. REDWOOD Netherlands EUR 38 m 3 000 Strong expertis. Management summary Robotic Process Automation RPA is a mature technol ogy that is highly effective in increasing business pro ductivity It frees up employees working on high volume repetitive jobs and allows them to be redeployed on stra tegic tasks that have greater added value for the firm

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