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Ballifeary House 14 Ness Walk Inverness IV3 5SQ tel 01463 234679. Leverburgh Residential Care Home Ferry Road Leverburgh Isle of Harris HS5 3UA tel 01859 520296. Website of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland www fpchurch org uk. The Free Presbyterian Magazine, Published by The Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland Scottish Charity Number SC003545 Subscriptions and. changes of address to be sent to the General Treasurer Mr W Campbell 133 Woodlands Road Glasgow G3 6LE. tel 0141 332 9283 The subscription year begins in January Prices are on back cover One month s notice is required. for change of address Queries about delivery of the magazines should be sent to the General Treasurer not the printer. Editor Rev K D Macleod BSc 11 Auldcastle Road Inverness IV2 3PZ Tel 01463 712872 e mail kdmacleod gmail. com Unsigned articles are by the Editor, Editorial Board The Editor Rev A W MacColl Mr K H Munro Rev D W B Somerset. Deadline for sending material to the Editor The beginning of the month previous to publication. The Gaelic Supplement quarterly Editor Rev A W MacColl MA PhD F P Manse Swainbost Isle of Lewis HS2 0TA. Available free on request, Youth Magazine The Young People s Magazine Editor Rev K D Macleod BSc. Communions, January First Sabbath Nkayi Fourth Auckland Inverness New Canaan. February Second Sabbath Dingwall Third Stornoway Carterton Fourth Larne Zenka. March First Sabbath Sydney Tarbert Second Ness Portree Third Halkirk Kyle of Lochalsh Fourth Barnoldswick. Fifth Ingwenya North Tolsta, April First Sabbath Laide Second Chesley Maware Staffin Third Gisborne Fourth Glasgow Fifth Mbuma.
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December Third Sabbath Bulawayo Santa Fe Tauranga,Free Presbyterian Magazine. Volume 124 January 2019 Number 1,Reality in Religion. T homas Halyburton was born in 1674 His father George had been a minis. ter in Perthshire until he was ejected from his charge in 1662 along with. hundreds of others who refused to submit to the new ecclesiastical regime. under Charles II Thomas Halyburton followed his father s principles and. became minister of Ceres in Fife in 1700 Ten years later he was appointed. a professor of divinity in St Andrews Throughout his ministry he faced a. struggle with ill health and died in 1712 He was buried in St Andrews beside. another worthy minister and divinity professor Samuel Rutherford In the. words of Rev Hugh Cartwright Halyburton has been regarded as one of the. most distinguished Scottish theologians Hugh Martin described Halyburton. and William Cunningham as the two greatest theologians that Scotland has. ever produced John Duncan regarded Halyburton as a minor John Owen. in the same category as Herman Witsius and classed his Memoirs with. Augustine s Confessions and Bunyan s Grace Abounding 1. High praise indeed for Halyburton as a theologian Yet a man s godliness. is not necessarily on the same level as his theological ability In this case. however there is no question about the standard of Halyburton s godliness. Let us listen to him on his deathbed as he welcomed a visitor Come and. see your friend in the best case that you ever saw him in longing for a. deliverance and hastening to the coming of the day of God waiting for the. salvation of God on a bed of roses though nature and skin may not say so. a bed perfumed And man I sent for you I longed to see you that I might. give you encouragement in an ill world to preach the gospel and stand by. Christ that has been so good to me This is the best pulpit that ever I was in. I am now laid on this bed for this end that I may commend my Lord. All these soft clothes are like sacking about me and yet I have perfect. ease of spirit My breast is drawing together as sorely as if it were with. cords and still the Lord keeps composure What is in this I would have. scarcely believed though I had been told it that I would have kept in the. right exercise of my judgement under this racking pain Whatever come of. Introduction to Thomas Halyburton Works vol 1 James Begg Society 2000 p v. 2 The Free Presbyterian Magazine, it I am sure I am a demonstration that there is a reality in religion and I. rejoice in this that God has honoured a sinful worm to be a demonstration. of His grace Worthy is the Lamb to receive glory 2. There was clearly a reality in Halyburton s religion Still relatively a young. man not yet 40 suffering in his chest and from a skin complaint and ex. periencing extreme pain he confronts death and eternity with a God given. confidence He can commend God who has redeemed his soul and has pre. pared him for eternity so he can look forward to spending eternity in the. presence of the God who saved him, This issue of The Free Presbyterian Magazine is due to appear about the. time when the year 2018 passes into 2019 This is a time when we would all. do well to consider our own position in view of death No one can deny that. death will come to everyone sooner or later yet no one is justified in presum. ing that he or she will be spared for many years or even days before having. to leave this world And if a time comes when we recognise a serious failure. of health for instance that leaves us with little prospect of continuing much. longer in this life could we like Haliburton feel a legitimate degree of con. fidence that death will bring us into a better world. Many when experiencing serious illness have observed that it is not a. good time to seek the Lord This surely means that we ought to feel a real. sense of urgency when we read or hear the call Seek ye the Lord while He. may be found call ye upon Him while He is near Is 55 6 This verse re. minds us that a time is coming when if we do not make use of our present. opportunity to seek the Lord we will not be able to find Him it will be too. late For those who have passed away from this world unprepared it will. then be too late to seek the Lord so their final destination must be hell with. its endless punishment, One would imagine that most if not all readers of this Magazine accept.
the teachings of the Bible about eternity but one cannot believe that they all. take seriously the implications of these teachings Do you take seriously the. words of Jesus about wailing and gnashing of teeth Mt 13 42 They. point us 1 to a tremendous unending sadness a complete absence of happi. ness exacerbated by a total lack of hope for the future and 2 to a persistent. rebellion of spirit, All this emphasises the danger of refusing to follow the directions God. gives in Isaiah 55 6 Yet it is a thoroughly selfish attitude that lies behind. many people s refusal to serve God now while promising themselves that. they will seek Him before the end comes expecting to enter the blessedness. of heaven thereafter Now we know that one of the thieves suffering on a. Quoted in John Macleod Some Favourite Books Banner of Truth 1988 pp 17 18. Reality in Religion 3, cross beside Jesus found mercy when he sought the Lord almost at the last. moment of his life But we also know that the other thief continued in. rebellion and hardness of heart to the very end There is great sin involved. in a continuing refusal to give up one s sins and forsake worldliness and. carelessness Correspondingly there is great sin in the lack of desire to serve. God however limited the way that is open to us for all the rest of the time. we are spared in this world, When we are within reach of at least some of the means of grace we should. ensure that we make good use of them Even if we are not able to attend. public worship where the Scriptures are expounded and applied we may. read the Bible and come to the throne of grace to call upon the Lord for. mercy for in all these means of grace the Lord is not far from us. At the end of a sermon entitled Abundant Pardon on Isaiah 55 7 C H. Spurgeon addressed his hearers earnestly What if that mercy should be. slighted What if there should be such abundant mercy and it should be. rejected What if we do despite to the mercy of God and to the blood of His. dear Son Those that are unwilling to be forgiven doubly deserve to be left. to their own deserts If God speaks you fair and you will not have Him you. must not wonder if by and by He changes His note, The lamp holds out to burn and while it burns you may have mercy. It will soon burn out remember The longest life is short and after that there. will be no further mercy no terms of grace The mercy seat will be gone and. the judgement throne will fill its place O if God only gave us five minutes. to find mercy in surely if we were not fools we should avail ourselves of. it but while He has lingered with some of you for 50 years and still lingers. do not provoke Him but today if ye will hear His voice harden not your. hearts but turn unto Him 3, A new year reminds us that time is passing and apparently with increas.
ing swiftness Our time to seek the Lord and to call on Him for mercy is. becoming steadily shorter and we do not know how long is left It should be. obvious that in spite of his pain and discomfort Thomas Halyburton s. position was eminently desirable he was safe on the verge of a blessed. eternity He had not left seeking salvation until the last possible moment. early in life he had recognised that there is a reality in religion in true. Christianity for those who come to God through Jesus Christ May we also. recognise this and seek the Lord while He may be found and call upon Him. while He is near Let us remember that now is the accepted time now. is the day of salvation 2 Cor 6 2 Tomorrow may be too late. C H Spurgeon The Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit vol 20 London 1875 p 552 The. sermon was preached in 1874,4 The Free Presbyterian Magazine. Help of the Needy Hope of the Poor 1 1,A Sermon by John Kennedy. Psalm 9 18 For the needy shall not alway be forgotten the expectation of. the poor shall not perish for ever, T hese words are in a strange connection with the preceding verse They. seem to give the reason why the wicked shall be turned into hell and. all the nations that forget God Turned into hell the wicked shall all be. whoever they may be and wherever they may be whatever form they may. assume before men however deftly they may disguise themselves be they. in the church or in the world in the palace or in the cottage in the pulpit. or in the pew if they do not have the fear of God in their hearts These are. swayed by a principle of enmity to God though by ignoring Him they. preserve an utter unconsciousness of this state of feeling These form part of. the army engaged in conflict with the Almighty and whither can they turn. away from the thick bosses of His buckler when He arises to execute. judgement but towards the only opening that has been allowed to remain for. them the gate of an eternal hell, Thus too it shall fare with all the nations that forget God all those. nations that do not acknowledge Him as their supreme Governor that do not. care to have His worship observed His laws respected and His Church main. tained and whose whole influence is exerted without any regard to His glory. From this sweeping sentence no wicked person no God forgetting nation. can escape unless divine grace grants deliverance in a way which secures. the claims of divine justice, But how is this related to the text Is it because grace is secured to the.
2 The Free Presbyterian Magazine it I am sure I am a demonstration that there is a reality in religion and I rejoice in this that God has honoured a sinful worm to be a demonstration of His grace Worthy is the Lamb to receive glory 2 There was clearly a reality in Halyburton s religion Still relatively a young

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