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saying Have no fear Zacharias for thy prayer has been heard and answered for surely thy wife Elizabeth. shall bear thee a son even John shalt thou call his name And thou shalt have much gladness and rejoicing for. many shall welcome his birth for John shall be great in the eyes of the Lord and he shall eat no animal flesh. nor drink strong drink at any time he being filled with the Holy Spirit even from his very beginning from his. mother s womb And for a certainty many of the children of Israel shall he turn back to the True God of Love. for he shall be sent by HIM in the same spirit and power of Elias To make ready a holy people prepared for the. Lord And Zacharias said unto the archangel Gabriel I am old man and my wife is old also tell me how. is this to take place And Gabriel one of the seven glories of the True God Eternal spake unto Zacharias. informing him of his son to come And it came to pass after a time that Elizabeth conceived Even a son as. the angel foretold to be named John Now John in his coming manhood would be educated in the Holy Law of. God he being the promised forerunner and announcer of the holy Christ. And it was in the sixth month that the holy Gabriel was again sent by God unto a certain place of Galilee to a. virgin named Mary espoused to a man of the royal line of David whose name was Joseph Now Joseph was. holy and pure minded skilled in the trade of woodworking and stone masonry And Mary was gentle and kind. with a discerning mind and humble spirit before the Lord Both were pronounced good and holy before God. and of them was Yeshua who is called later the Christ or Messiah. Thus Gabriel came unto Mary and said Behold Mary thou art highly favored of God for the Motherhood. of God is surely with thee blessed art thou among women for blessed will be the fruit of thy womb And. when Mary beheld the glorious angel of God she was confused at his saying and wondered what manner of. salutation this should mean for her But Gabriel understanding her mind spake unto her saying Fear not. Mary and be not troubled with your thinking for thou hast found favour with God For behold thou shalt. conceive in thy womb and bring forth a holy child of the Most High and He shall be great and shall be called a. Son of the Highest Order For a certainty the All Eternal One shall give unto Him alone the very throne of his. father David And he shall rule over all the house of Jacob forever and of His Kingdom there shall be no end. but it shall reign in peace eternal, And Gabriel spake further unto her The Holy Spirit even the Mother of Wisdom shall come upon Joseph. and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee O Mary therefore also is that holy which shall be born of. thee even Christ the Child of God and his name on earth shall be called Yeshua for it is he that shall save the. people from bondage to sin even all those repenting and obeying His Holy Laws. Therefore O Mary ye shall eat no animal flesh nor drink strong drink for the holy child shall be. consecrated unto the All Eternal from its mother s womb and neither animal flesh nor strong drink shall he eat. or drink in any form nor shall ever a razor touch his head And the angel Gabriel spake further And behold. thy cousin Elizabeth she hath also conceived a son in her womb even of old age will she bring forth this being. the sixth month with her she who was called barren For I say unto you with God no thing shall ever be. impossible At that Mary said Behold the handmaid of the Lord be it unto me according to thy holy words. And in the same day the angel Gabriel appeared unto Joseph while he was asleep and said unto him Hail. Joseph thou art highly favored by God for the Fatherhood of God is with thee this day Blessed art thou among. men and blessed be the fruit of thy loins Joseph his mind confused wondered at these words but Gabriel said. unto him Fear not Joseph thou son of David For thou shalt beget a child and thou shalt call his name. Yeshua for he alone shall save his people from bondage to sin. Now for a certainty all this was said and done that it might be fulfilled which was written in the prophets. saying Behold a Maiden shall conceive and be with child and shall bring forth a son and shall call his name. Emmanuel which means With us is God s Son Thus Joseph being raised from his sleep did as Gabriel had. told him and went in unto Mary his espoused bride and she conceived in her womb the holy one of God. Later at the home of Elizabeth Mary said unto God My soul doth rejoice greatly in God s Son my. Savior For thou hast regarded the humility of thy handmaiden and behold from henceforth all generations. shall call me blessed For Thou that art mighty and powerful hast indeed done to me great things for Holy is. Thy Name and purpose and Thy mercy is on them that respect Thee from generation to generation even to. eternity Thou hast exalted the humble and the meek and hast remembered Abraham and thy seed forever. And Mary lived on with Elizabeth for three months and then returned to her own home. The Prophecy Of Earth Being Transformed,Into An Edenic Paradise. And Joseph spake these words Blessed be the True God of our fathers and our mothers in Israel for in the. acceptable time Thou hast surely heard my voice and in the day of salvation hast Thou always helped me For. did not Thou saith I will preserve thy holy seed and make with thee a covenant of the people to renew the face. of the earth and return every thing back to its root and to cause the desolate places to be rescued from the very. hands of those doing the spoiling For Thou hast promised to restore Eden over the face of the earth and give. peace and joy unto all the creatures That Thou mayest say to the captives Go ye forth and be set free even as. ye were born free and to them that live in darkness because of fear Thou sayest Show yourselves in the light. of day and be ye not afraid any more for they one and all shall again feed in the ways of pleasantness only. For Thy people at that time shall no more hunt nor worry the creatures with fear of hungerness for all shall be. fed and satisfied which I have made to rejoice before my eyes Nay nor shall any hunger or thirst any more. neither shall the heat of day smite them nor the cold of night destroy them and none shall be weary or restless. for all shall be at peace with one another under the Father Mother God of Eternity Therefore Sing ye Holy. Angels in the heavens and rejoice thou earthly man O ye deserts break forth with righteous song for truly. Thou O God dost comfort Thy people and all Thy creatures and surely console them that have suffered. Now it came to pass that Elizabeth s full time came And she brought forth a son And all rejoiced with. her And on the eighth day the child was consecrated according to the Holy Law And a wondrous thing. took place For the child asked for a writing table and did write his own name John And they all marveled. for the Lord and he opened his mouth spake and praised God. And all they that heard about John were amazed and exclaimed What manner of child shall this be Surely the. hand of the eternal One is upon him And the child s father Zacharias was filled with the Holy Spirit and. prophesied saying Blessed be thou O True God of Israel for Thou hast surely visited and reclaimed Thy. people For Thou hast raised up Thy horn of salvation for us in the midst of David s household Even as Thou. spakest by the mouth of Thy holy prophets which have been with us since the world s beginning even Adam. Thy first prophet and now my son John which Thou hast given us In that we should be saved from our. enemies In order to perform the mercy promised to our ancestors always thoughtful of Thy holy covenant of. old And because of all these things O Lord Thy child shall be called the Prophet of the Highest the Prophet. of the Eternal All For he shall truly go before Thy face O God to prepare Thy ways for the people to grant. knowledge of salvation unto all nations by the remission of their sins For it is through the tender mercy and. justice of our God even Thee our eternal Father whereby the very waters of truth from above hath visited us. this day to give true light to them that sit in darkness and in the very shadow of death itself and to guide our. feet as a lamp before us into the ways of peace and mercy And he became strong in spirit and truth. And the child John grew and became strong in the spirit and truth of the Holy Law but his mission was. hidden until the day of his appointed time to appear unto Israel For it was this John that would one day baptize. Yeshua and witness to the Christ in the form of a dove descending upon him thus proclaiming Yeshua identity. to the world,The Birth of Yeshua In A Cave, And Joseph and Mary went into Bethlehem the city of David And Mary heavy with child brought forth. her firstborn babe in a cave and wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger within the cave. for there was no room to be found for them in the town And behold the cave was filled with bright light as of. the sun and it reflected the glory of many holy angels. And there proved to be in the cave also an ox and a horse and an ass and a sheep and beneath the manger. was a cat with her little ones and there were doves also overhead and each had its mate after its kind the male. with the female Thus it came to pass that Yeshua was born in the midst of the animals which through the. redemption of man from ignorance and sin he came to redeem from their sufferings by the manifestation of the. sons and daughters of God all those whosoever liveth according to the Holy Law. And in the fields shepherds were keeping watch over their flocks by night and lo the angel of God came. upon them and the glory of the Highest shone round about them and they were much afraid But the angel said. unto them Fear not kind shepherds for behold I bring you good tidings of great joy and peace For unto. you is born this day in Bethleherm the city of David a Savior which is Yeshua the coming Christ and Holy. One of God And suddenly there was heard great singing and rejoicing yea even a multitude of the heavenly. host praising God and saying Glory be to God in the heights of the highest heaven and on earth below the. seven fold peace toward all men and women of good will The Shepherds now said Let us go even unto. David s city and see the holiness which is come to pass which our God hath made known unto us this hour. And they journeyed with haste and found Mary and Joseph in the cave close to Bethlehem and the Holy Child. lying in a manger with many animals about And when the child Yeshua came to be eight days old he was. consecrated to the Lord according to the Holy Law and named Yeshua even as was spoken by the angel Gabriel. before he was conceived in Mary s womb And it came to pass that certain wise men heard of this Yeshua. being born in the cave near Bethlehem of Judea Being from far away these wise men of the East had purified. themselves and tasted not of flesh food nor of strong drink in order to find the Christ whom they sought For. they had seen his star in the heavens and the sign of his presence and had come to worship and honor him as the. Holy Child of God even as it was written beforehand by the holy prophets that gifts would be given unto him at. his birth and that out of Judah shall come forth a Teacher of Righteousness who should renew the Holy Law. unto all the nations of the earth, And when the wise men saw the babe with Mary his mother they fell upon their knees and did obeisance. unto him And when they had opened their treasure chest they presented unto the Holy Child gifts of gold. frankincense and myrrh even as Adam was given such things from Eden after he took residence in the cave of. treasures And after a time the wise men being warned of God in a vision that they should not return to Herod. to report the whereabouts of the babe for Herod sought after the babe to slay him they departed into their own. country with Herod not ever knowing again of them, Later behold an angel of God appeared unto Joseph in a dream saying Arise and take the young child.
and the mother and flee quickly into Egypt and there remain safely until I bid thee to return for wicked Herod. seeks to destroy Yeshua And by night they departed into Egypt unto the safety of the holy brotherhood With. them their brothers and sisters of the Holy Way remained for seven years until word came that Herod was. dead Thus was the prophecy fulfilled which was spoken of God saying Out of Egypt have I called my. Elizabeth also when she heard of Herod s insane plan took her infant son John up into the mountains and. hid him And when Zacharias would not reveal the whereabouts of John or Yeshua they slew him in the. Temple Between the holy place and the altar Then when Herod saw that he was fooled by the wise men who. returneth not unto him his anger was exceedingly great and he sent forth a decree whereby all the children in. Bethlehem and in every nearby coastal town were slain with the sword from two years old and under did he. slay them Then came to pass the words spoken by Jeremy the prophet saying In Rama was there a voice. heard much lamentation and loud weeping for the mourning was great Rachel weeping for her children but. would not be comforted because they are slain, But when Herod was dead and all was safe in Israel behold an angel of God appeared unto Joseph in Egypt. saying Arise in safety and return your household into the land of Israel for the wicked . The Essene Humane Gospel Of Christ The Salvation Of The World Part I The Essene Humane Gospel It is recorded in the homilies of St Chrysostom that Yeshua told his disciples if they wanted to learn the

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