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Term 2 Week 1 Friday 24 April 2015,Naplan 2015, Tuesday 12 May 2015 Wednesday 13 May Thursday 14 May 2015. Year 3 Language conventions Reading Numeracy,40 minutes 45 minutes 45 minutes. 40 minutes,Year 5 Language conventions Reading Numeracy. 40 minutes 50 minutes 50 minutes,40 minutes, Year 7 Language conventions Reading Numeracy calculator. 45 minutes 65 minutes 40 minutes,Writing Numeracy non calculator.
40 minutes 40 minutes, Year 9 Language conventions Reading Numeracy calculator. 45 minutes 65 minutes 40 minutes,Writing Numeracy non calculator. 40 minutes 40 minutes,Merit Scheme Alister F Summer 4. To reward our students positive behaviour Tooleybuc Riley H F Emma E 5. Central School runs a strong Merit Scheme Students Jakson F Dallas 5. are awarded Merit Awards during the school year and Sienna 1 Tara 5. an accumulation of these merits equates to levels Felicity 1 Amy 5. Bronze Level 10 Merits Toni Mia 6,Silver Level Bronze plus and extra 20 Merits. Gold Level Silver plus an extra 30 Merits,Primary students are given a Lucky Dip at the.
achievement of each level secondary students are,given a 2 00 voucher to spend at the canteen then. primary and secondary are presented with a certificate Up Coming Events Term 1 2015. at our Whole School Assembly Those students who, achieve Gold Level are invited to attend our End of Year Week 2. Merit Excursion Timetable Week 2,Wed 29 May Breakfast Club. Bronze Merit Awards Thu 30 Apr ATHLETICS CARNIVAL,Name Yr Name Yr. Kayla F Alex W 2 Week 3,Billy F Emily T 2 Timetable Week 1.
Makenna F Jayla 2 Accountancy Week, Alyssa F Ally 2 Tue 5 May Parent Meeting 10 00 am L Bibby. Rebekah F Alex E 2 Wed 6 May Breakfast Club, Alyssa F Ashby 2 Thu 7 May Tooleybuc Cross Country. Campbell F Jed 3 Fri 8 May Primary Boys Football all Trials. Sebastian F Noah 4 Mother s Day Morning Tea,Isabel F Paul 4. Lucy F Saoirse 4,Term 2 Week 1 Friday 24 April 2015. Primary News,David Tallon Assistant Principal,Welcome back to Term 2 I trust everyone enjoyed.
their Easter Break and is refreshed for this term The. Easter Hat parade was a big success and a big thank. you to our Year 6 students for organising the, afternoon activities Well done to everyone who made. an effort to create an Easter Hat they looked,wonderful It was such a great day. Please keep an eye out for notes coming home,regarding more events happening in Term 2. Upcoming events,Thursday 30th April Athletics Carnival. Thursday 7th May Cross Country Carnival,Foundation.
Andrea Hazlett Class Teacher, As part of their Science lessons Foundation students. have been learning about plants and seeds Students. planted seed into moist paper towel which is, enclosed in a ziplock plastic bag Every student has. been eagerly watching and waiting to observe and,record changes the seed has made Today s. photographs show students making careful Isabel shows how her seed is growing. observations of the changes they have seen in their. own sprouting pea seed which is growing inside the. bag making both the roots and the stem clearly,Students are learning about using words and. illustrations to convey information to others and to. keep a record of their own experiences, Lucy has drawn how she thinks her seed will develop.
Campbell has drawn how his seed has grown,Term 2 Week 1 Friday 24 April 2015. Assignment starters A Z, What projects or essays does your child have that are. due by the end of term One of them could be among,the School A Z website s assignment starters. resources designed to point you in the right direction. Find out more,http www schoolatoz nsw edu au homework and. study other subjects and assignments,Reading tips for home.
Asking questions,helps children understand what the story is about. helps children to talk about their insights,enables us to share ideas with children. helps children to clarify their thoughts,Don t ask too many questions two to three will be. sufficient and remember that it is important to accept. all responses,Tough teeth, Protect your child s teeth by encouraging them to eat. Enjoy a wide variety of nutritious foods, Makenna has drawn a lifelike drawing of her seedling.
Enjoy healthy snacks,Avoid snacking on sugary and sticky foods and. sweets between meals,Milk foods help protect your teeth. Chew sugar free gum to help protect your teeth,Looking for a dental health clinic The NSW Centre. for Oral Health recommends calling 02 8821 4300, during business hours and quoting your suburb From. there parents will be given the contact details for. their local oral health service,Label everything, Your child s belongings can get easily misplaced at.
school Please label all of your child s belongings with. their name Don t forget books pencil cases clothing. and school bags,Fresh Tastes Tip,Water is the best drink and also the cheapest. Make an example of drinking water children,copy parents. Rebekah puts the finishing touches to her seedling drawing. Term 2 Week 1 Friday 24 April 2015,Secondary News,Leeta Rutherford Head Teacher. Welcome Back We have hit the ground running in, Term 2 students are already getting into new units of. learning Towards the end of Term 1 we had a, number of students competing in various sports well.
done to everyone for having ago and trying their best. It was wonderful to see so many parents on,Wednesday at the Parent Teacher Interviews If you. ever wish to discuss anything with your child s,teachers please feel free to contact the school. A couple of reminders We are having our Athletics, Carnival on Thursday it would be great to see Jemma Madi Luke and Rachael enjoy their cooking in the pizza. parents guardians family and friends turn out to oven. support the students There is also a BBQ being held. for lunch In a couple of weeks the students in Years. 7 and 9 will be sitting NAPLAN along with students. from Primary in Years 3 5,Janine Nelson HSIE Teacher. Year 8 History, Year 8 have been studying the lives of Vikings and.
their families Students discovered Vikings used,bowls and plates similar to modern day made from. wood rather than pottery They discovered that their. diet consisted of various grains including rye barley. and wheat which would be ground by hand to make Max checking the pizza oven. flour A common dinner might include vegetables,Year 7 History. meat and bread Our students tried their hand, Year 7 History students started the year off looking at. recently at preparing bread baked using a wood fire. Archaeology and the development of historical skills. on a flat stone just like the Vikings, They applied their skills in a field trip around our. Students in Year 8 applied their knowledge gained school during Term One Sieves spades and even a. whilst studying the lives of Egyptian people metal detector were used on the day to allow. students to experience the activities a field,archaeologist may have to experience Students.
began the day by contributing to a hypothesis as to. what artefacts they might find All sorts of items were. recovered and students were required to draw, conclusions on the history attached to each item The. experience gave all students insight into just how. history can be pieced together through identifying. historical evidence assessing primary and secondary. sources and interpreting their findings, Riley Madi and Rachael trying their wood fired meal. Term 2 Week 1 Friday 24 April 2015,to understand the hardships for children and the. expectations of them to work at very young ages,Students applied their knowledge by preparing a. typical wood fired meal including potatoes pumpkin. and bread baked in terracotta pots Through practical. application students have been able to understand,the many challenges faced during this period.
Hay Required,Students will be doing,archery and we require. either round bales or,squares we can stack, Kiara carefully sifts through the sand to find relics behind the target If anyone. has any they can spare can they please contact,Ben Miller at the school. Gauging Educational Merit GEM,Class Description GEM Result. score Average,10 Outstanding,9 High level of 9 10 Maintain average for.
effort a term to receive,canteen voucher,and certificate. 8 Sound effort 8 9 Maintain average for,a term to attend. reward BBQ,7 Satisfactory, Cody Tim Phoebe Kate Phoebe Andrew looking for artifacts. 6 Limited effort Monitoring in the,causing some subjects where your. concern score is below 7,reporting to class,5 Poor effort 5 6 Monitoring in all.
unsatisfactory classes reporting to,Head Teacher daily. Extra curricula,privileges may be,1 Poor effort 1 5 Monitoring in all. behaviour non classes reporting to,submission of Ms Wait daily. tasks Not allowed to,attend excursion,and extra curricula. activities,Tim and Andrew carefully search for treasure.
Stage 5 History,Stage 5 History students have been studying the. Industrial Revolution and immigration trends during. this period Students studied the movie Oliver Twist. Term 2 Week 1 Friday 24 April 2015, VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTIONS 2015 Tooleybuc Central School Uniforms. The New South Wales Government provides much of the TCS dark green bucket school hats 15 are. necessary equipment and materials for the efficient available for purchase from the front office. running of the school However to keep up to date with. the latest textbooks and to supply materials for such Tops. subjects as technics craft and food technology parents Primary Dark green polo shirt TCS. are asked to make a voluntary contribution These are Jumper TCS. reviewed each year and kept to an absolute minimum and Girl s summer culottes green check. are payable at the beginning of each school year dress. These contributions are important in ensuring that we can Secondary Green yellow polo shirt TCS. optimize learning opportunities for students Your Rugby Jumper TCS. cooperation in this regard is greatly appreciated,Primary Grey School Pants Grey Max Dax. Technology Fee All Years F to 12 10 00 Secondary Boys. Primary Girls Green school pants Green Knee,Infants and Length Shorts. Current voluntary 52 00, Primary Secondary Girls Black school pants Green Knee.
contributions,Years 7 8 98 00 Length Shorts,including Technology. Years 9 10 57 00,Years 11 12 57 00,Yellow polo shirt. 52 00 plus, Industrial Technology Year 9 10 Primary Green basketball shorts. Secondary Green tracksuit pants,Design and Year 9 10 Sneakers. Technology Food elective,Primary Industries Year 11 12 75 00.
Primary Black Leather Shoes,Secondary Boys,Excursions. Business Studies Year 11 12 Girls,as required,Sport Lifestyle and. Year 11 12,Excursions Stockists of School Uniform,Recreation Studies as required. Outdoors First, Wanted Garments will need to be ordered so they can be. Second hand uniforms in good condition If your child embroidered however they are a very reasonable price. has outgrown their uniform please consider donating and the turnaround is very quick. it to the school,Clark s Gift Salon, LOST UNIFORMS 183 Campbell Street Swan Hill Phone 50321616.
Please name your uniforms so we can return items, that are misplaced Bootleg Pants Polyester 465 Bottle can be purchased. online at http www psw com au,School Bags, Tooleybuc Central School has school bags which are. ASSISTANCE,available to purchase from the front office. Large 58 00,APPLICATION,FOR SUPPORT,If you would like an. application for,support please,contact the school,Term 2 Week 1 Friday 24 April 2015.
Canteen Menu 2015 CANTEEN ROSTER,Lunch all hot food must be ordered. Pie 3 00 24 04 15 Peta Hickey Paula Pyatt,01 05 15 Tracey Domaille Cassie Andrews. Sausage Roll 2 00 08 05 15 Lauresa Grace Kate Everitt. Party Pie 1 00 15 05 15 Kristy Scalora Lisa Lyons, Mini Pizza 2 00 22 05 15 Peta Hickey Kaylene Gleeson. Ham Pineapple or Ham Cheese 29 05 15 Kellie Edelsten Annette Blachford. Quiche 3 00 05 05 15 Sue Domaille Theresa Wilkins,Dim Sims soy sauce no extra charge 0 50. Chicken Nuggets 0 50 Tooleybuc Preschool News, Tomato Sauce 0 20 Welcome back to Term 2 We hope that everyone.
had a great break over the Easter holidays and are. Snacks do not include in lunch order looking forward to a successful Term 2. students to purchase at lunch time Prior to Easter the 4yo preschool students enjoyed. participating in the School s Easter Bonnet parade. Muffins Double Choc 1 60 and then undertaking activities with the primary. school students,Bulla Frozen Yogurt 1 60, Strawberry and Mango Thank you to everyone who bought Easter raffle. tickets and congratulations to all the raffle winners. Billabong Triple Swirl 1 50 Gretta Benfield is currently in the process of taking. Chips Honey Soy 1 00 individual and class photos, Raspberry Twists 0 20 The preschool also recently underwent assessment. and received overall excellent results Congrats to. Drinks Larissa Leah and Reet on a fantastic job Keep up. Big M 2 00 the good work,Chocolate Strawberry Iced Coffee. Play water 350ml 2 00 Looking forward to a great Term 2. Lucy F Saoirse 4 Alister F Summer 4 Riley H F Emma E 5 Jakson F Dallas 5 Sienna 1 Tara 5 Felicity 1 Amy 5 Sara 6 Toni Mia 6 Up Coming Events Term 1 2015 Week 2 Timetable Week 2 Wed 29 May Breakfast Club Thu 30 Apr ATHLETICS CARNIVAL Week 3 Timetable Week 1 Accountancy Week Tue 5 May Parent Meeting 10 00 am L Bibby Wed 6 May Breakfast Club Thu 7 May Tooleybuc Cross Country Fri 8 May Primary

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