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Ascended Masters Who They Are,Christ Jesus Babaji Afra Lady Nada. The Ascended Masters have worked with mankind throughout the centuries Most of the time in the. past the Ascended Masters have worked in the background There were some Ascended Masters. who have assisted mankind such as Sanat Kumara also known in the Bible as the Ancient of Days. by some He is known as the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara came ages ago to give assistance to the Earth when it would have been dissolved. otherwise He offered His own free will to supply the Light required to sustain the Earth and keep. the Earth in the system until enough so mankind could be raised to a point where they could carry. the responsibility of emitting sufficient Light, Ascended Master Saint Germain s Cosmic Name is Freedom He is the Cosmic Father of the people. of America Saint Germain s work for the freedom of mankind began in that civilization seventy. thousand years ago when a whole civilization could have been raised into the Ascension had they. continued to give obedience instead of becoming rebellious. Saint Germain s most recent work with mankind came forth in the 1930 s He worked with Mr. Mrs Ballard to establish the focus on the I AM Presence Through the Ballards Saint Germain and. other Ascended Masters gave dictation s Some of the other Ascended Masters where Great Divine. Director Mighty Victory Mighty Victory and Ascended Master Jesus. Christ Jesus Jesus Christ Jesus the Christ because of the fullness of manifesting. the Christ Self Only Begotten Son of God Lord and Savior Saviour Incarnation of the Word the. Universal Christ the Word Incarnate Cosmic Christ World Savior Saviour World Teacher. Yeshua the Messiah of Israel Avatar of the Piscean Age the example of the Christ Consciousness. that was to have been out pictured in that two thousand year Dispensation World Teacher since. January 1 1956 Formerly Chohan of the Sixth Ray until December 31 1959 when beloved Lady. Master Nada fully took on the Office of Chohan of the Sixth Ray Holds the Office for this evolution. of the Only Begotten Son and therefore the Representative not only of that Universal Christ but. also of the individual Holy Christ Self Responsible for Ruby Ray Purple and Gold Ray. Resurrection Flame Twelve Legions of Angels from the Heart of the Father Mother God Angels of. Peace Angels of Love Angels of the Ruby Ray Angels of the Purple and Gold Ray Angels of the. http www greatdreams com masters ascended masters htm 2 of 30 6 15 2007 4 46 35 PM. Ascended Masters Who They Are, Resurrection Flame Jesus Christ is known as Sananda in the inner planes He is the Master of the. sixth ray the ray of abstract idealism and devotion which is indigo During His incarnation as Jesus. He was a high priest in the order of Melchizedek and was overshadowed during His life by Lord. Maitreya He also had lives as Adam Enoch Jeshua Joshua Elijah and Joseph of Egypt He works. with Archangel Uriel to bring peace brotherhood service and freedom to people Many. missionaries lawyers public servants social workers blue collar workers farmers and business. people are on this ray,Jesus Sananda, Mother Mary Mother Mary who volunteered before her birth to bring Jesus to the.
world Also called Mother of the World A beautiful powerful ascended master of great love. wisdom and compassion She protects women and children and intercedes in healing One of her. past incarnations was Isis when she instructed initiates in the Mystery. HOW TO WORK WITH THE RAYS,THE RAYS AND THEIR CHAKRAS. INVOCATION OF THE NAMES OF GOD AND ASCENDED MASTERS. COLOR ENERGIES AND HEALING THE COLOR RAYS OF CREATION. ASCENSION ACTIVATION MEDITATION, El Morya Chohan of the First Ray connected to the Temple of the Will of God El. Morya was embodied as Abraham the wise man Melchior Arthur king of the Britons Thomas. Beckett Thomas More both martyred Akbar greatest of Mogul emperors Thomas Moore El Morya. Khan the most renowned of the Tibetan mahatmas El Morya came originally from Mercury and is a. member of the White Brotherhood He works with Archangel Michael and is the chohan or master of. the first ray which is red and governs power and will drive confidence and strength He works. with rulers executives public servants the military sports people and those who are commanders. El Morya Blue Ray Throat Chakra Working to transform the aggressive human from domination. http www greatdreams com masters ascended masters htm 3 of 30 6 15 2007 4 46 35 PM. Ascended Masters Who They Are, to the will to do good Head of all Esoteric Schools. Abraham The patriarch Abraham father of many nations was called the Friend of God The. LORD God called Abraham out of Ur of the Chaldees and promised Him I will make of thee a great. nation Abraham is now the Ascended Master El Morya. Lanto Chohan of the Second Ray Lanto was an ancient Chinese master who lived. about 400 B C He is said to have accomplished more than any other master of earth He developed. the light in his heart to such a degree that it shone like a golden sun through his flesh. Paul the Venetian Chohan of the Third Ray Chohan of the Ray of Love Embodied. as Paolo Veronese Paolo Caliari 1528 1588 Italian Master Renaissance painter He broke away. from the tradition in religious art of making the figures of Christ and his apostles stiff and. unreachable He was a spiritual revolutionary who fought against the forces of anti Life in the arts. and saw Beauty as the most powerful catalyst for enlightenment Egyptian master of esoteric. architecture who worked with El Morya then a master mason at the time of the building of the. pyramids Artist in the Incan empire who used paints that did not fade Head of cultural affairs in. the government of Atlantis who before the sinking of Atlantis established a Focus of the Liberty. Flame in Peru which gave an impetus to the culture beauty and wealth of the Incan civilization. Also known as The Venetian Master The Venetian Lord of the Third Ray Service to Life Chohan of. the Third Ray Love Beauty Art Initiation and balancing of the heart chakra Helps develop. tolerance and love for one another Training of elementals Paul will be the next Maha Chohan. when the current Representative of the Holy Spirit for this earth goes on to another Office in. Hierarchy Ascended April 19 1588 from the Chateau de Liberte in southern France after his. passing at the age of sixty Paul the Venetian Indigo Ray Third Eye Chakra. Serapis Bey Chohan of the Fourth Ray Serapis Bey an ascended master. associated with Luxor in Egypt who holds open the Temple doors on the etheric level and is one of. the great teachers of ascension on the planet Serapis Bey originally came from Venus and is the. Keeper of the White flame He works with Archangel Chamuel on the ray of compassion and is the. http www greatdreams com masters ascended masters htm 4 of 30 6 15 2007 4 46 35 PM. Ascended Masters Who They Are, only Ascended Master who works with the Seraphim He has an ascension seat Luxor In past. incarnations he was a priest in Atlantis and was the Pharaoh Akhenaton V and also Amenophis He. is the master of the third ray the yellow ray of active creative intelligence helping to bring. perfection focus and independence to artists musicians peacemakers philosophers and. metaphysicians He works to balance and activate artistic beauty in all areas of life He helps with. personal initiations Serapis Bey Red Ray Root Chakra. Hilarion Chohan of the Fifth Ray which is orange the ray of concrete science. knowledge and research which is connected to the Temple of Truth He is helping to bring in the. scientific aspect of the New Age He is particularly teaching us to use our mental powers and drops. seed thoughts of the new technology and scientific ideas into receptive minds He works to help us. expand the mind and bring new consciousness and spirituality into all areas of scientific discovery. He stands for accuracy justice common sense and upright attitudes and works particularly with. mathematicians scientists inventors musicians chemists electricians engineers surgeons and. researchers He represents the highest galactic confederation of our solar system in Saturn In a. previous incarnation he was Paul the apostle He works with Archangel Raphael. Hilarion Green Ray Healing Heart Chakra, Lady Master Nada Chohan of the Sixth Ray Nada means nothing which refers.
to her great humility, Lady Nada Sacral Chakra Lady Nada a beautiful ascended master written about in the first two. green books of the St Germain Press Unveiled Mysteries and The Magic Presence She is said to. be the twin flame of Jesus She works on the ray of compassion and is on the Karmic Board where. she represents the third ray Lady Nada works with mental healing and upliftment The thousand. petaled lotus on her forehead symbolizes enlightenment for the feminine as well as the masculine. mental body She teaches that intelligence requires the addition of love to become wisdom. http www greatdreams com masters ascended masters htm 5 of 30 6 15 2007 4 46 35 PM. Ascended Masters Who They Are, Maha Chohan Chohan of the Seventh Ray It was He that enfolded Jesus in His. Cosmic Flame at the time of the baptism by John the Baptist endow ing Jesus with His powers It. was His action when the Holy Spirit descended upon the Disciples ten days after Jesus Ascension. that was the radiation from the Lord Maha Chohan He enfolded them in His Cosmic Flame which. gave to them the assurance courage strength and power to carry on the teaching and works of. Jesus The Comforter referred to is the Lord Maha Chohan The first Maha Chohan Who came with. the first root race in the beginning established the Flame of the Holy Spirit and the Comfort Flame. here on Earth The three Maha Chohans of the first root races have each gone on with Their race. Feminine Beings have held this position The Maha Chohan is at the head of the Elemental. kingdom and is the authority over manifestations in nature He draws and supplies the energy used. in all nature and by mankind He is the magnet to draw that power from the Sun He directs the. various forms of culture and civilizations through the minds of embodied individuals so as to unfold. and develop according to the divine plan The Maha Chohan is the One Who gives the first breath to. every new born child He also takes the last breath of every individual as he passes on It is said. that the great Ascended Being who is now the Lord MAHA CHOHAN was embodied as HOMER the. blind poet Maha Chohan,OTHER ASCENDED MASTERS, Djwhal Khul Djwhal Khul also called The Tibetan was a beautiful master who. achieved liberation under master Kuthumi s guidance He is profoundly learned knowing more. about the seven rays and the spiritual hierarchy than perhaps any of his peers He channeled. wisdom works to Alice Bailey a modern leader of the Theosophical Society With Kuthumi and El. Morya he works diligently for our enlightenment Djwhal Khul is known as The Tibetan who. channeled the mighty esoteric works to Alice Bailey He works under Lord Kuthumi and is a very. learned being working specifically to help us to move forward into the Golden Age He is one of the. most accessible of the Masters of Shamballa Also known as Master of the 2nd Ray of Love and. Wisdom He was known to materialize dematerialize and bi locate He works to balance energies. and make them easily accessible to all Shortly after leaving the earth plane in the late 1800 s he. began working with El Moyra Kuthumi and St Germain to assist them in the research of Helen. http www greatdreams com masters ascended masters htm 6 of 30 6 15 2007 4 46 35 PM. Ascended Masters Who They Are, Kuthumi Yellow Ray Solar Plexus Kuthumi is the chohan or master of the second. ray which is deep blue and governs Divine love wisdom and truth and understand He is a member. of the Brotherhood of Golden Robe those who take on the pain of world He has an etheric retreat. at Machu Picchu In past incarnations he was Pythagoras bringing in sacred geometry and the. music of the spheres He was the wise man Balthazar Shah Jahan and St Francis of Assisi He. works with Archangel Jophiel and helps to touch people with wisdom illumination tact. foresight consideration and friendliness He works particularly with teachers students architect. ambassador and the artistic He comes to those who seek knowledge in this time of change Some. say his previous incarnations are said to be John the Divine Casper one of the three Wise Men. among the others listed, Babaji Message from Babaji Babaji is the immortal master of the Himalayas.
known as the deathless avatar He was initiated into Kriya Yoga and became the greatest Siddha or. Perfected Master ever known After ascension he promised to stay in his physical body to help all. humanity and still appears to groups of disciples Yogananda writes about him in Autobiography of. a Yogi It is said that you only have to say his name with reverence and you directly attract a. blessing from him Babaji History,See Almora Baba below. Melchizedek Melchizedek is an ancient cosmic being in charge of the order of. Melchizedek This brotherhood organizes the Mystery School which holds the secrets of God the. Universe and the true history of the planet and is working to establish heaven on Earth Jesus was. a high priest in the Order of Melchizedek All humans belong at some level to this order. http www greatdreams com masters ascended masters htm 7 of 30 6 15 2007 4 46 35 PM. The Ascended Masters have worked with mankind throughout the centuries Most of the time in the past the Ascended Masters have worked in the background There were some Ascended Masters who have assisted mankind such as Sanat Kumara also known in the Bible as the Ancient of Days by some He is known as the Lord of the World Sanat Kumara came ages ago to give assistance to the Earth when

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