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business with Pleasure,One of the real pleasures of working at. Andrews is the daily interaction I have with,THE ANDREWS UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE. colleagues And working on Focus pushes me,into places I might not otherwise venture. Many of these visits buoy my belief in this, university and what it stands for The prepara Editor. Ivan Davis MA 92,tion for this issue was no exception.
A caveat Academics and those who work AssistAnt Editor. Patricia Spangler BS 04,with them are an interesting group We are. generally a critical bunch Ideas must be, thought and rethought tested and assessed Contributing Editors. Tami Condon BS 91, sometimes run through a committee or twelve Brent Geraty MA 91. Beverly Stout MA 04,and then we ll eventually agree to disagree. And this is just in personal conversation never dEsign ConsultAnt. mind the larger business of the institution Matt Hamel. But even in this culture where some might say that nothing ever gets done PhotogrAPhErs. quickly there are those who push us forward Sometimes they challenge a Jeffery Habenicht. Martin Lee, way of thinking sometimes they just know how to get things moving and Gerald Paul New BT 05.
sometimes they have skills that help us reinvent ourselves So it is with three Sarah Spangler BT 02. Beverly Stout MA 04, individuals who play a prominent role in this issue. In his interview with me Ron Whitehead assistant to the president for WritErs. Elizabeth Lechleitner, spiritual life proved to be charismatic and purpose driven His firm belief in William Richardson BA 59 MA 60. God and what God s leading is doing and can do at Andrews is inspiring MDiv 70 PhD 83. Just as inspiring was the contact I had with Bill Richardson whose philo. sophical and ethical consideration of right to life right to die issues can be. found in this issue As Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Bill s will. ingness to write for Focus at a time when budget meetings and decisions AndrEWs univErsity. President Niels Erik Andreasen MA 65 BD 66, dominated administrators schedules is an indication of his own belief in. what Andrews should be about vice Presidents for,Academic Administration Patricia B Mutch BS 65. Finally in working on this issue Martin Lee the university s web coordina university Advancement David A Faehner MA 72. tor and a colleague I ve worked with over the last couple years at University student services Frances Faehner BSW 76. Financial Administration Edward E Wines, Relations further demonstrated to me his technical wizardry which should Enrollment Management Stephen Payne.
enhance the university s presence on the worldwide web for years to come. Martin s high standards even showed themselves as together we edited and. Editor s office 269 471 3316,re edited the web articles you ll find here. Email focus andrews edu, I m proud of my colleagues but even more importantly I m privileged to office of Alumni services 269 471 3591. work with them and share in our university s mission Email alumni andrews edu. www andrews edu,Spring 2005 Volume 41 No 2,Au s latest Click. 14 Andrews Unveils New Look Web Design, It s been a long time coming but the Andrews University website. www andrews edu has a brand spanking new appearance Elizabeth. Lechleitner writes about the redesign process including a behind the scenes. profile of the man who orchestrated the innovative design Martin Lee. Lechleitner also showcases some of the new design s improvements from eas. ier navigation to more timely content,A Matter of life and death.
18 Lessons From the Schiavo Case, The media circus and political hoopla surrounding the Terri Schiavo case have. finally begun to fade but have we learned anything from the questions her. sad predicament raised Bill Richardson dean of the College of Arts and. Sciences explores how modern medicine is affecting our views of mortality. and morality,it s not All Academic, A Conversation with Ron Whitehead about Spiritual Life at. Andrews University, In a simultaneously frank and encouraging discussion of spiritual life at AU. recently appointed assistant to the president for spiritual life Ron Whitehead. talks about his plans to enhance already successful campus programs through. better communication and empowered student leaders Whitehead also shares Page 22. some ideas about how interested alumni can get involved. Departments,2 In Focus,7 Campus Update,12 Faculty Staff. 27 Alumni News,28 Class Notes,29 Andrews Life,30 Life Stories.
34 Campus Cache,On the cover, Nothing says Michigan like trees blooming in the Spring Dave Sherwin BFA 82. captured these beauties on campus in April,SPRING 2005 l FOCUS 3. enced by such a fine human being,Becker Tribute,whose life as was the music of Johann. Winter 2005 VOLUME 41 NO 1, My memories of C Warren Becker con Sebastian Bach which he treasured. tinue to stimulate my appreciation of was dedicated to the glory of God. the pipe organ even though one of my,THE ANDREWS UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE.
first opportunities to experience his vir Thomas Cathcart BA 69. tuosity was personally embarrassing,One Sabbath evening soon after my. arrival on campus Dr Becker played, the Toccata from Boellmann s Suite The grass is always. Gothique Unfamiliar as I was with that greener,composition and coming from a more. participatory church background I gave I have read the most recent FoCus. a rather vociferous Amen during the While at Andrews taking classes at the. momentary pause before the last four Seminary we were often admonished to. chords I truly wished I could have dis endeavor to feed the sheep and care. appeared at that instant for the flock Perhaps it is with this in. Impolitic Friday evening vespers usually con mind that you included in the Class. cluded with one of those rafter shaking Notes that Doru Tarita is currently pas. Whoever suggested avoiding dis improvisations on a hymn tune for turing both the English and Romanian. cussions of politics in polite com which Dr Becker was well known And speaking churches in Vienna. pany may have been on to some who can forget the way he played the Keep up the good work which. thing Readers continue to react congregation during worship His gift encourages all of us to share Jesus with. to the political content of our Fall for delivering brief talks on certain the world. issue and the subsequent letters hymns illustrated by pointing out the. published in the Winter issue cel icons of specific windows in PMC was Edwin K Gibbons MDiv 70. ebrating Focus 40th anniversary priceless But the two surprises he pre. The reactions were almost always sented to me are treasures I will always. charged and visceral And mostly cherish, polite For better or worse the Even though I sang with the More or less politics. letters in this issue will be the last University Chorale and the University. word on the recent political sea Singers and studied piano and organ Shouldn t it be better for FoCus to cover. son other notes Readers neither with Dr Becker I was not Andrews University and its alumni than. also shared their memories of Dr enrolled as a student of music My sus to try to put an Andrews perspective on. C Warren Becker Life Stories picion is that Dr Becker observed me national events Publishing the liberal. and William Shadel In Focus practicing in the Music building a fact views of current faculty and students. adding to the tributes contained of which I was unaware So when he only reinforces the hinterland s view. in the last issue And as we ve asked me to be one of the student that Andrews is too liberal even ques. recently observed around cam organists during a Week of Spiritual tioning whether you re fulfilling the. pus at least a couple AU staff Emphasis it was something I never church s mission as one of its schools. have framed or displayed our envisioned Later during a summer lay of the prophets. 40th anniversary centerfold com over on campus he invited me to super You don t care how I vote unless I. memorating all the covers in the vise the musical content for Sabbath vote your way Conversely I would just. magazine s history This is a trend School in PMC for the duration as soon not have to read how you voted. we re hoping will catch on One cannot pay tribute to Dr Becker and why you voted that way I ve yet to. without echoing the testimonials of oth see a candidate offering a clear choice of. ers My life has been immeasurably all good Instead we re all forced to. blessed as a result of having been influ choose between candidates with both. 4 FOCUS l SPRING 2005, good and bad hoping we choose the staff your sponsors and your faculty to National Park Service the Forest.
one who will do more good than bad cultivate true Godliness respect authori Service the Federal School Lunch. No one but you cares what you think ty give honor to whom honor is due be Program Food Stamps for low income. about President George W Bush But more responsible and balanced and families the Voting Rights Act Equal. we who take the time to read the FoCus humble yourselves in the sight of a holy Access to Public Accommodations. are interested to know what s happen God Collective Bargaining the graduated. ing at AU with our fellow alumni and income tax the Clean Air Act the Clean. our professors That s your writing Randy Warkentin MDiv 97 Water Act equal rights for women and. assignment for every future edition of one of the greatest accomplishments of. FoCus all time the Civil Rights Act which at, I hope you will add to your priorities last redeemed the promise of our. Rick Nudd BS 69 seeing that FoCus does not publish arti Founding Fathers that all men and. cles that are clearly espousing political women are created equal. party lines as has been the case lately I, I am thoroughly distressed disgusted want to hear from my University with Felix A Lorenz Jr MA 52. and sickened at the ultra liberal bias of out partisan colors. the editorial staff We respect everyone s right to believe. I don t believe that Adventism is to in the party politics they prefer but. consist of president bashing trashing FoCus should not be used to further Memories of Bill. and slashing It would be well if you their leanings. would stick with the principles and I was a student in the 60 s when Bill. instruction found in the Bible and the Daniel A Chaij BS 55 Shadel spoke on campus as part of a. Spirit of Prophecy They are rarely if ever University lecture series I don t remem. quoted mentioned or referred to in your Just received the current FoCus ber what he said but I do remember I. letters section There are volumes on pol Regarding Glenn Saunders letter was impressed with his credentials I m. itics and our relation to it I just see ram Liberal Agenda I know of no liberals even more impressed now by his dis. blings of over inflated egos trying to who ridicule the concept of moral val cernment With regard to idiots deploy. impress those who like to read such ues nor any who are anti Christian ing and dangerously choosing to make. trash If the liberal preachers and churches war the student has become the. I don t know anybody that wants war had not got involved in promoting ethi teacher I could only hope that this dis. God certainly didn t want it in heaven cal and moral values ladies would still cernment was a product of the educa. but it came nonetheless and He dealt be second class citizens unable to vote tional environment at Andrews. with it And guess what He was or hold responsible positions in business Education should create thinkers. charged with some of the same things or politics children would still be work rather than groupthink ers Clearly. you allow your readers to accuse our ing 10 or 12 hour shifts in factories Shadel was on the path early to become. president of When you re a leader no those who are black would still be the former His type of candor will be. one wants to come up to your level slaves those who are poor wouldn t be missed. they always want to pull you down to able to read for lack of education. theirs And when readers compare the George McGovern said I challenge Maynard Lowry BA 68. liberal stand on killing unborn babies my conservative friends to name a sin. with soldiers dying in war well I am gle federal program now approved by. left speechless both of our major parties that was not It was of real interest to me to read your. No one agrees with everything any first pushed by liberals over the opposi Note for Bill It just happened that I. president or administration does but is tion of conservatives was in the Academy at EMC from 1926. FoCus to be a political social review or Those liberal innovations include 1929 in the tenth and eleventh grades. should it be an avenue to bring readers the Securities and Exchange and I was a member of the college band. closer to the Lord and prepare us for His Commission the Federal Reserve the directed by Bill Shadel I was not aware. kingdom May God help you your Food and Drug Administration the at that time that he was only two years. SPRING 2005 l FOCUS 5, older than I He passed away this year I remained at Madison College where which your comment appears to imply. at the age of 96 and I am 94 we had moved in 1929 and was in These lines are from a poem entitled. The band rehearsed in the attic of the charge of the music department for seven High Flight written by John Magee. original ad building The studio for the years During that time we spent a few one of your own very worthy country. Andrews is the daily interaction I have with colleagues And working on Focus pushes me into places I might not otherwise venture Many of these visits buoy my belief in this university and what it stands for The prepara tion for this issue was no exception A caveat Academics and those who work with them are an interesting group We are

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