The 15 International Symposium of Veterinary Epidemiology

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Opening Remark,H E MR LUCK WAJANANAWAT, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Thailand. At the 15th International Symposium on Veterinary Epidemiology. 12 16 November 2018,Chiang Mai Thailand and Economics ISVEE 15. 12 November Chiangmai Thailand,Opening Remark 1,Welcome Messages 3 Excellency. Committees Director General, ISVEE International Management Committee IMC 6 President of Thai Veterinary Medical Association. ISVEE Organizing Committee 7 Distinguished Delegates. Scientific Committee 9 ISVEE participants,Keynote Speakers 10 Ladies and Gentlemen.
Special Panelists 12, Acknowledgements 15 First let me thank the Thai Veterinary Medical Association under Royal. Programme at a Glance 16 Patronage the Department of Livestock Development and the International. ISVEE Public Award for Oral and Poster Presentations 40 Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics for hosting this global. ISVEE 15 Bursary Awards 41 forum in Chiagmai Thailand In the coming days you will be building on the. Programme ILRI Special Session 42 momentum for veterinary epidemiology and economics research and giving. Programme ASF Special Session 43 this momentum new direction and innovation for animal production animal. Programme FAO Special Session 45 health public health ecosystem and livestock integration related issues. Programme OIE Special Session 46, Poster Presentations 47 Let me acknowledge the tremendous amount of work undertaken to prepare. ISVEE Pre and Post Conference Workshops 66 for this forum including work done in collaboration with other international. Social Program 67 organizations such as Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. General Information 68 FAO Animal Production and Health Commission for Asia and the Pacific. Instructions for Speakers Oral Presenters 70, APHCA World Organisation for Animal Health OIE and International. Livestock Research Institute ILRI,Instructions for Poster Presenters 72. ISVEE Business Meeting Tentative Agenda 73, Decision makers are now dealing with animal production animal health public.
Venue Floorplan 74, health impacts of climate change on livestock and ecosystem problems rural. Sponsors Exhibitors 75, development poverty eradication and food security at the national regional. and global level which are increasingly faced with new challenges In the face. of growing world human and animal populations and rapid environmental. change the linkages between human animal and environmental health are. becoming more evident Furthermore human health animal production and. health professionals must overcome specific barriers to inter professional. collaboration to implement needed multidisciplinary strategies. Opening Remark, As transboundary animal diseases and emerging zoonotic infectious diseases WELCOME MESSAGE FROM THE. are our important concern and priority We need to join hands among animal THAI VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. health sector public health sector academia and other stakeholders to UNDER ROYAL PATRONAGE. reinforce the urgent need for globally operationalizing a One Health approach. Dear colleagues and participants, Currently in Asia transboundary animal diseases and emerging zoonotic. diseases such as Avian influenza Rabies Foot and Mouth disease and new Welcome all of you at ISVEE the 15th International Symposium on. introduction of African Swine Fever are our threat causing animal health Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics Welcome you to Chiangmai. public health and socio economic consequences at the national regional Thailand. and global level The Royal Thai Government has worked closely with all Decision makers dealing with animal health human health and the. relevant sectors including Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry ecosystem problems at the herd national regional or global level are. of Public Health producer association private sector and international increasingly faced with new challenges In the face of growing world. organizations to implement and reinforce the stringent measures to prevent human and animal populations and rapid environmental change the. linkages between human animal and environmental health are becoming. and control those contagious diseases We must introduce and reinforce early more evident Furthermore human and animal health professionals must. detection and rapid reporting systems increase surveillance efforts strengthen overcome specific barriers to interprofessional collaboration to implement. the capacity of veterinary epidemiology and laboratory diagnosis and ensure needed multidisciplinary strategies. transparency and safe trade with other countries Additionally we also need. The five day conference programme focuses on a broad range of issues. technical support and innovation from you as scientist and researcher who are and challenges in the field of Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics. gathering here today in Chiangmai which will be weaved through the keynote speakers plenary speakers. distinguished session speakers epidemiologists scientists practitioners. Ladies and gentlemen and researchers, As the host country of ISVEE 15 I believe that the success of the.
We have many urgent reasons for taking the veterinary epidemiology and conference depends heavily on the people who have worked hard in. economics research agenda forward with great haste as this issue is related to planning and organizing the conference program It has been our greatest. animal production animal and public health and food security policies at the hope that this conference will serve as an international platform for the. exchange of knowledge and expertise in Veterinary Epidemiology and. national regional and global level Economics researches and practices at the same time to explore the. potential collaborations in future research We hope that the conference will. Finally I wish you an inspiring conference I wish you a most productive be a stimulating engaging and fulfilling experience to all the participants. meeting and I wish you have a pleasant stay in Thailand Now I would like. We thank the organizing committee and the scientific committee for their. to declare the 15th International Symposium on Veterinary Epidemiology and invaluable assistance in designing a very interesting program Moreover. Economics open we wish to thank our sponsors for making this conference possible Most. of all we thank you participants of ISVEE for your contributions and your. Thank you presence at ISVEE 2018 We wish you an inspiring conference. Somchuan Ratanamungklanon, The Thai Veterinary Medical Association under Royal Patronage TVMA. WELCOME MESSAGE FROM THE DEPARTMENT WELCOME MESSAGE FROM THE LOCAL. OF LIVESTOCK DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZING COMMITTEE OF ISVEE 15. Dear ISVEE participants and colleagues Dear Colleagues. It is a great honour and pleasure for me to welcome you to Chiangmai On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee of the 15th International. Thailand at the 15th International Symposium on Veterinary Epidemiology Symposium on Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics ISVEE we are. and Economics ISVEE 15 truly honored and delighted to take this opportunity to welcome delegates. from all around the world to this conference It gives us great pleasure and. This international conference will focus special attention on the privilege to host this event in Chiangmai Thailand. epidemiologic studies animal health economics animal and public health. policy One Health disease surveillance capacity building and etc The ISVEE 15 scientific program will foster discussions and hopes to. inspire participants from a wide array of themes to initiate collaborations. These issues of animal health human health and ecosystem have a within and across disciplines for the advancement of our field on veterinary. significant societal dimension Efforts towards ensuring that the population epidemiology and economics. is in good health must be a result of dynamic and mutually complementary. collaboration among all the parties involved We thank the organizing committee scientific committee reviewers. participants session chairs keynote speakers plenary speakers session. In the field of Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics it is absolutely guest speakers and all staff for the great contributions and helping us to. essential that we focus on the quality of animal health human health and build this very exciting conference program You will hear state of the art. food safety related issues The Department of Livestock Development presentations and view posters with top of the bill science originating from. Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives of Thailand is greatly supportive over 70 different countries Different special sessions and breaks will give. of this conference and is working hard to ensure food security and food you good opportunities to discuss with your colleagues for expanding your. safety standards across all branches of veterinary medicine collaboration and strengthening your network. I believe that this conference will be of benefit to one and all and that you We encourage you to look listen and discuss and to build new scientific. will exchange with one another the useful experience that you have gained and personal networks and bridges so that veterinary epidemiology and. in your work with policy makers practitioners epidemiologists scientists economics can further flourish in a multi disciplinary scientific world. and researchers, The Local Organizing and Scientific Committees will make any possible. I thank the organizing committee the scientific committee the keynote effort to make sure that your participation will be scientifically rewarding. speakers the plenary speakers the distinguished session speakers and all and a pleasurable experience. participants for their invaluable contribution and support to ISVEE 15 in. Chiangmai Thailand Finally I wish you all fruitful deliberations I wish On behalf of the organizing committee. the meeting all success and I wish you all an enjoyable stay in Thailand. Sudson Sirivaidyapong,Sorravis Thaneto President,Director General ISVEE 15 Organizing Committee. Department of Livestock Development Thailand,Organizing Committee. ISVEE International,Management Committee IMC,Alfredo Dajer Thanawat Tiensin President.
Chair ISVEE15 Vice President Thailand Sudson Sirivaidyapong. Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan Mexico Permanent Representation of Thailand to Chulalongkorn University Thailand. UN Rome Based Agencies Italy, Vice President General Administration Vice President and Chair of Scientific Committee. Sorravis Thaneto Theera Rukkwamsuk, Lesley Van Helden Takuto Watanabe Department of Livestock Development Thailand Kasetsart University Thailand. Africa Asia, Vice President International Coordination Vice President Symposium Administration. Thanawat Tiensin Nuvee Prapasarakul, Evan Sargeant Arjan Stegeman Permanent Representative of Thailand to UN Rome Based Agencies Chulalongkorn University Thailand. Pacific Europe Office of Agricultural Affairs Royal Thai Embassy Italy. Utrecht University The Netherlands, Chair of Secretariat Chair of Pre and Post Symposium Workshops.
Thanida Harintharanon Terdsak Yano, Theresa Bernardo Gustavo Monti Department of Livestock Development Thailand Chiangmai University Thailand. North America South America, University of Guelph Canada Universidad Austral de Chile Chile. Organizing Committee,Scientific Committee,Theera Rukkwamsuk Kasetsart University Thailand. Pipat Arunvipas Kasetsart University Thailand,Arjan Stegemen Utrecht University The Netherlands. Jorge Hernandez University of Florida United State of America. Dirk Pfeiffer City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong SAR. Tim Carpenter Massey University New Zealand,Michael Ward The University of Sydney Australia.
Jeroen Dewulf Ghent University Belgium,Chair of Sponsor Management Chair of Finance. Karsidete Teeranittayatarn Thammawat Sangchart Peter Thompson University of Pretoria South Africa. The Thai Veterinary Medical Association under The Thai Veterinary Medical Association under. Royal Patronage Thailand Royal Patronage Thailand Katharina Staerk SAFOSO AG Switzerland Royal Veterinary College UK. Karin Orsel University of Calgary Canada,Kazuhiko Ohashi Hokkaido University Japan. Chaithep Poolkhet Kasetsart University Thailand,Suppada Kananub Kasetsart University Thailand. Suwicha Kasemsuwan Kasetsart University Thailand, Chaidate Inchaisri Chulalongkorn University Thailand. Chair of Public Relations Chair of Registration Karoon Chanachai Department of Livestock Development Thailand. Wacharapon Chotiyaputta Pattrarat Chanchaithong, Department of Livestock Development Thailand Chulalongkorn University Thailand.
Sith Premasthien Department of Livestock Development Thailand. Chair of Symposium Organization Chair of Social and Special Activities. Sroisuda Chotomanukul Nicole Sirisopit Mehl, Chulalongkorn University Thailand Chulalongkorn University Thailand. Keynote Speakers, PROF DR DIRK PFEIFFER DR WANTANEE KALPRAVIDH DR EDMUND PEELER DR MATTHEW STONE PROF DR KATHARINA D C ST ERK. Chair Professor of One Health at City Regional Manager Emergency Center Group Manager Aquatic Pests and Deputy Director General World SAFOSO AG Switzerland. University s College of Veterinary for Transboundary Animal Disease for Pathogens Organisation for Animal Health OIE Royal Veterinary College Department of. Medicine and Life Sciences Hong Kong Asia and the Pacific for the Food and Center for Environment Fisheries and France Pathobiology and Population Sciences. Aquaculture Science CEFAS United Kingdom Vice President of OIE Aquatic Health Code Edmund graduated from Cambridge University in 1989 with a degree in veterinary medicine After two years in farm animal practice he gained a master in Veterinary Epidemiology from the University of Reading and worked for the UK Department for International

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