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About Peterson s, To succeed on your lifelong educational journey you will need accurate dependable and practical tools and resources. That is why Peterson s is everywhere education happens Because whenever and however you need education content. delivered you can rely on Peterson s to provide the information know how and guidance to help you reach your goals. Tools to match the right students with the right school It s here Personalized resources and expert guidance It s here. Comprehensive and dependable education content delivered whenever and however you need it It s all here. Editorial Development Sonya Kapoor Turner, For more information contact Peterson s 2000 Lenox Drive Lawrenceville NJ 08648. 800 338 3282 or find us on the World Wide Web at www petersons com about. COPYRIGHT 2002 Peterson s,Previous edition 2001, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED No part of this work covered by the copyright herein may be. reproduced or used in any form or by any means graphic electronic or mechanical. including photocopying recording taping Web distribution or information storage and. retrieval systems without the prior written permission of the publisher. For permission to use material from this text or product complete the Permission. Request Form at http www petersons com permissions. ISBN 0 7689 0959 7,Printed in the United States of America. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 04 03 02,ACKNOWLEDGMENTS, Address to the Graduating Class from ESSAYS SPEECHES AND.
PUBLIC LETTERS by William Faulkner edited by James B Meriwether. Copyright 1965 by Random House Inc Used by permission of. Random House Inc and The Random House Group Ltd, The Soul selects her own Society reprinted by permission of the. publishers and the Trustees of Amherst College from THE POEMS OF. EMILY DICKINSON Thomas H Johnson ed Cambridge Mass The. Belknap Press of Harvard University Press Copyright 1951 1955. 1979 by The President and Fellows of Harvard College. July Storm from DOWN HALF THE WORLD by Elizabeth Coat. sworth Copyright 1968 by Elizabeth Coatsworth Beston Reprinted. by permission of Simon Schuster, Night Clouds from THE COMPLETE POETICAL WORKS OF AMY. LOWELL Copyright 1955 by Houghton Mifflin Co Renewed 1983 by. Houghton Mifflin Co Brinton P Roberts and G D Andelot Belin Esq. Reprinted by permission of Houghton Mifflin Co All rights reserved. There s a certain slant of light reprinted by permission of the. publishers and the Trustees of Amherst College from THE POEMS OF. EMILY DICKINSON Thomas H Johnson ed Cambridge Mass The. Belknap Press of Harvard University Press Copyright 1951 1955. 1979 by The President and Fellows of Harvard College. Peterson s www petersons com iii,Quick Reference Guide vii. Table of Literary Works ix,Top 10 Strategies for Acing the Test 1. 10 Facts About the SAT II Literature Test 2,Scoring High on the SAT II Literature Test 6.
Practice Plan for Studying for the SAT II Literature Test 9. The Panic Plan 13,Why Take the Diagnostic Test 15,Diagnostic Test 17. Answers and Explanations 37,Chapter 1 Strategies for the SAT II. Literature Test 53,Chapter 2 Elements of Prose 63,Practice Set 86. Answers and Explanations 90,Chapter 3 Elements of Poetry 93. Practice Set 112,Answers and Explanations 114,Chapter 4 A Quick Review of Literary Terms 117.
Chapter 5 A Quick Review of Usage 129,Practice Test 1 137. Answers and Explanations 158,Practice Test 2 171,Answers and Explanations 193. Practice Test 3 209,Answers and Explanations 221,Practice Test 4 245. Answers and Explanations 268,Practice Test 5 281,Answers and Explanations 305. Peterson s www petersons com v,QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE.
Analyzing Poetry Chart 106,Analyzing Prose Chart 84. Analyzing the Questions Strategies for Determining. Answers 60,Attacking the Questions Practical Advice 59. Basic Information About the SAT II Literature Test 54. Character and Characterization in Poetry 103,Character and Characterization in Prose 79. Elements of Style The Poet s Techniques 100,Elements of Style Language Use in Prose 77. Form in Poetry 95,Form in Prose 69,Meaning in Context 104.
Meaning and Message in Poetry 94,Meaning and Message in Prose 65. Organizational Patterns in Prose 72, Reading Effectively Techniques for the SAT II Poetry. Selections 108,6 IMPORTANT STRATEGIES, 1 Highlight the key words in the question so you will know what you are looking for in the. answer choices, 2 With a not except question ask yourself if an answer choice is true about the subject of the. question If it is true cross it off and keep checking answers. 3 If you aren t sure about an answer but you know something about the question eliminate what. you know is wrong and make an educated guess, 4 All parts of an answer choice must be correct for the answer to be correct.
5 Don t rely on your memory refer to the passage For poetry read a line or two above and. below the reference, 6 Read all the choices before you choose your answer A snap judgment could cost you a quarter. Peterson s www petersons com vii,QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE. Reading Effectively Techniques for the SAT II Prose. Selections 81,Tone in Poetry 97,Tone in Prose 73,Voice in Poetry 98. Voice in Prose 75, For additional review material be sure to read the. Answers and Explanations,Diagnostic Test 17,Practice Test 1 137.
Practice Test 2 171,Practice Test 3 209,Practice Test 4 245. Practice Test 5 281,viii Peterson s SAT II Success Literature. TABLE OF LITERARY WORKS, The following list represents all the works of literature discussed in. DIAGNOSTIC TEST Robert Burns My Heart s in the Highlands 20. William Faulkner Address to the Graduating Class University. High School Oxford Mississippi 23,Alfred Lord Tennyson The Splendor Falls 26. Henry David Thoreau from Civil Disobedience 28, Emily Dickinson The Soul selects her own Society 31.
William Shakespeare from A Midsummer Night s Dream 33. CHAPTER 2 Thomas Paine from The Crisis 86,CHAPTER 3 William Shakespeare Sonnet 29 112. PRACTICE TEST 1 William Shakespeare Sonnet 18 140,Ralph Waldo Emerson from Self Reliance 142. Elizabeth Coatsworth July Storm 145,Amy Lowell Night Clouds 145. Charles Dickens from Great Expectations 148,Gerard Manley Hopkins Spring 151. Abigail Adams Letter to Her Daughter from the New White. William Blake Holy Thursday 156, PRACTICE TEST 2 Hector St John de Cr vecoeur from the third essay of Letters.
from an American Farmer 174,Robert Browning My Last Duchess 177. Paul Laurence Dunbar Douglass 181, James Boswell from Feelings in The Life of Samuel Johnson 183. William Cullen Bryant To a Waterfowl 186,George Herbert Easter Wings 188. Charlotte Bront from Jane Eyre 190,Peterson s www petersons com ix. TABLE OF LITERARY WORKS, PRACTICE TEST 3 Oliver Wendell Holmes Old Ironsides 212.
John Bunyan from Vanity Fair in Pilgrim s Progress 215. Edgar Allan Poe Eldorado 218,William Blake London 220. William Wordsworth London 1802 220,Mark Twain Advice to Little Girls 223. Christina Rossetti A Birthday 226,Charles Dickens from Hard Times 228. PRACTICE TEST 4 George Gordon Lord Byron The Destruction of Sennacherib 248. Mark Twain from Roughing It 250,William Shakespeare Sonnet 55 253. Mary Shelley from Introduction to Frankenstein 255. Paul Laurence Dunbar We Wear the Mask 260, Walt Whitman from Preface to the 1855 Edition of Leaves of.
Oliver Wendell Holmes The Chambered Nautilus 265, PRACTICE TEST 5 Emil Brugsch Bey from Finding the Pharaoh 284. Emily Dickinson There s a certain Slant of light 287. Mary Wollstonecraft from A Vindication of the Rights of. William Blake The Lamb 293,William Blake The Tiger 293. H D Heat 296, Benjamin Franklin from Dialogue Between Gout and Mr. Franklin 298,James Russell Lowell The First Snowfall 302. x Peterson s SAT II Success Literature,RED A LERT,TOP 10 STRATEGIES FOR ACING THE TEST.
PREPARING FOR THE TEST, 1 Read the 10 Facts About the SAT II Literature Test on pages. 2 5 in this book, 2 Choose your Practice Plan from pages 9 13 in this book. 3 Choose a place and time to study every day and stick to your. routine and your plan, 4 Even though they are time consuming complete the Diagnostic. and Practice Tests in this book They will give you just what they. promise practice practice in reading and following the direc. tions practice in pacing yourself and practice in understanding. and answering multiple choice questions,THE NIGHT BEFORE THE TEST. 5 Assemble what you will need for the test your admission. materials four number 2 pencils two pens and a watch with. out an alarm Put these items in a place where you will not. forget them in the morning, 6 Don t cram Relax Go to a movie visit a friend but not one.
who is taking the test with you Get a good night s sleep. THE DAY OF THE TEST, 7 Wear comfortable clothes If you have a lucky color or a lucky. piece of clothing or jewelry wear it so long as you won t. distract anyone else Take along a lucky charm if you have one. 8 If you do not usually eat a big breakfast this is not the morning. to change your routine but it is probably a good idea to eat. something nutritious if you can, 9 Remember to pace yourself Write down your pacing schedule. on the test booklet page if you need to, 10 If you feel yourself getting anxious concentrate on taking a. couple of deep breaths,Peterson s www petersons com RED 1 ALERT. 10 FACTS ABOUT THE SAT II LITERATURE TEST, 1 UNLIKE THE SAT I TEST WHICH ASSESSES CRITICAL READING AND THINKING.
THE SAT II TESTS ASSESS SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE, The twenty two SAT II tests formerly known as the College Board. Achievement Tests assess student knowledge in specific subject. areas The tests are one hour each and except for the Writing Test. use a multiple choice format to test knowledge of subjects such as. biology mathematics world history and modern Hebrew Some of. the foreign language tests have a listening component The SAT II. Writing Test has both a 20 minute essay section and a 40 minute. multiple choice section, 2 THE SAT II LITERATURE TEST ASSESSES YOUR SKILL AND ABILITY IN READING. LITERARY WORKS, Study Strategy The College Board descriptive information about the SAT II Literature. Learn about the different Test states that it assesses how well a student has learned to read. types of multiple choice literary works You are expected to have a working knowledge of. questions in Chapter 1 basic literary terms and be able to answer questions about a work of. literature related to its,narrative voice,characters and characterization. meaning in context, You will probably find that most passages have questions about.
meaning and form These will ask you about the theme of the piece. its major points arguments and its overall effect on the reader as. well as the structure genre and method of organization of the work. Questions about tone may ask you about the emotion or attitude. of the author toward the characters subject and audience You may. also find questions about the speaker such as the speaker s attitude to. ward the other characters or the audience and whether the author and. the speaker are one and the same Characters in selections present op. portunities for questions about their traits actions attitudes and emo. tions as well as how the author develops his or her characters Ques. tions about the use of language by the author assess your familiarity and. understanding of figures of speech and the use of imagery and diction. You will also find some questions that ask you for word meanings and. the meaning of phrases and lines within the context of the selection. RED 2 ALERT Peterson s SAT II Success Literature, 3 THE SAT II LITERATURE TEST COVERS DIFFERENT GENRES. Study Strategy All the selections in the SAT II Literature Test come from works of. See Chapters 2 and 3 for English and American literature written from the Renaissance to the. more about analyzing prose present The works represent poetry fiction nonfiction and drama. and poetry A test has six to eight selections which are about evenly divided. between poetry and prose The number of questions for a selection. ranges from four to twelve and there are approximately sixty. multiple choice questions on the test, The College Board breaks the time frame of the literature used. in the test into the following periods, 30 percent is based on literature of the Renaissance and. 17th century, 30 percent is based on literature of the 18th and 19th centu. 40 percent is based on literature of the 20th century. The information about the test says that students are not expected to. have read the selections on the test It is assumed that if you have. learned the skills of literary analysis well and know what is character. istic of certain periods and certain authors you will be able to. successfully analyze pieces you have never seen before. 4 THE SAT II LITERATURE TEST ASKS ONLY MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS. Study Strategy The SAT II Literature Test does not contain an essay section The test. See Chapters 2 and 3 for is made up of approximately sixty multiple choice questions The. specific information about questions are not arranged in order of difficulty so you will not find. answering questions on all the easy questions at the beginning and all the difficult ones at the. The SAT II Writing Test has both a 20 minute essay section and a 40 minute multiple choice section 2 THE SAT II LITERATURE TEST ASSESSES YOUR SKILL AND ABILITY IN READING LITERARY WORKS Study Strategy Learn about the different types of multiple choice questions in Chapter 1 The College Board descriptive information about the SAT II

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