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Gracie Johnson Calen Schuckman Kayce Warren Editor: Abby Brockmann Adviser: Jamie Manhart TiMeS EagLe The high school journalism program will experience three exciting changes next year, including a printed newspaper, a photography business, and more of a social media presence. According to Jamie Man-hart, journalism instructor, she recently met with Zach Ahrens, president and publisher of ...

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African Journal of Library Archives and Information Science ARCHLIB & INFORMATION SERVICES LTD 0795-4778 NIGERIA English African Journal of Reproductive Health WOMENS HEALTH & ACTION RESEARCH CENTRE 1118-4841 2141-3606 NIGERIA English African Journalism Studies ROUTLEDGE JOURNALS, TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD 2374-3670 2374-3689 ENGLAND English

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Guía Docente 2016/2017

Internet para periodistas. Kit de supervivencia para la era digital. Barcelona: UOC. (Tema 1) Crucianelli, S. (2010). Herramientas digitales para periodistas. Knight Center for Journalism. (Tema 3) Echevarría, M. y Viada, M. (2014) Periodismo en la web: Lenguajes y herramientas de la narrativa digital. Córdoba (Argentina): Editorial Brujas.

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Associate Professor Journalism and Media Studies Rutgers ...

1 . Jack Zeljko Bratich . Associate Professor . Journalism and Media Studies . Rutgers University . 848-932-8711 . [email protected] . ACADEMIC POSITIONS

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Graduate/undergraduate: Mass Media Law, Media Criticism, Media Ethics and Responsibility, Politics and the Press, Media Economics, Philosophy of Communication, Media as Social Institutions, Mass Communi-cation and Government, Perspectives on American Journalism, Communication and Culture, Introduction

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Citizen Journalism: A Dilemma for Professional Journalists

citizen journalism platforms. This report, the second part of the series, aims to understand the way in which s professional journalists perceive citizen journalism and the possibilities of collaboration between these groups. The third part of the research, “The Profile and Motivation of Citizen Journalists in Turkey” will be conducted in

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Media Literacy: Citizen Journalists

“Citizen journalism” is not an exact term. More people than “citizens” of a given nation may be involved, and what occurs is not always considered “journalism.” As a result, multiple terms attempt to describe the same phenomenon. “Citizen journalism” has become the most common, but other phrases in use include “community media,” “participatory journalism,” “civic ...

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American Center Newsletter -

February 2009. February 2009 American Center In Action American Center hosts workshop for Journalists to strengthen their ability to report accurately and effectively on HIV/AIDS January 12-13, 2009 – The American Center and journalism academics from the Universities of Indiana and Miami hosted a State Department funded workshop for local journalists from print and electronic media. Fourteen ...

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The original Precision Journalism - Ontario

journalism, and he called it "precision journalism" to contrast its scientific method with the artsy approach of those like Tom Wolfe and Jimmy Breslin who used short-story techniques to illuminate nonfiction. I first heard the term at K-State from Dennis himself while we were strolling from the old part of Kedzie Hall to the new. Its earliest uses in print that I know about date from 1971 ...

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Journalism - TwitBookClub

In this article I explore the concept of journalism as an occupational ideology as a possible meeting point for journalism studies and education, operationalizing it to analyze how emerging sociocultural and socioeconomic issues stand to transform ways of thinking about and doing journalism. Although the ideology of journalism is an approach widely used in the literature, only rarely has it ...

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Secrecy, Surveillance, Privacy, and International Relations

he array of issues raised by the revelations by Edward Snowden has shaken the worlds of journalism and think tanks, academia, politics, and even popular culture. It is more than simply shocking, however: the scale of secrecy and surveillance has rocked relationships with key allies like Germany and Brazil, has rattled the reputation of the United States as the leading exponent of democratic ...

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CURRICULUM VITAE Leah Anne Lievrouw, Ph.D.

1977 Coursework in biochemistry, microbiology, anatomy and physiology; Tarrant County Junior College, Fort Worth, TX. 1975 Bachelor of Journalism, The University of Texas at Austin. Academic Appointments 2009 Visiting Professor ICT & Society Center, University of Salzburg (Austria), summer semester. 2006-07 Sudikoff Fellow for Education and New ...

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Photojournalism Lessons in Six Modules Elizabeth Cyr, JRN 808

Photojournalism Modules 7 | P a g e ©Elizabeth Cyr 2014 Module 2: Going the Distance! Shooting in manual, shutter speed & depth of field Objective: Journalism students will be able to understand and apply usage of camera parts and functions through guided instruction to create photo compositions of shallow and deep depth of field.

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Citizen Witnessing -

about citizen witnessing ? rst began to take shape when prepar-ing a chapter for an edited collection I was putting together with Barbie Zelizer at the time, Journalism After September 11. Our dif? culty in ? nding someone willing and able to research and write a chapter about the online news coverage of that day’s atrocities

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Dr. Kellie Carter Jackson - Wellesley College

Ph.D. in American History, Defended: October 2010; Degree Conferred: May 2011 M. Phil. in American History, February 2007 M.A. in American History, October 2006 Howard University, Washington, DC B.A. Cum Laude in Print Journalism, May 2004 University of California at Berkeley, Domestic Exchange Program, Spring 2002 CURRENT POSITION: Assistant Professor, Summer 2017- Department of Africana ...

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THE HISTORY OF JOURNALISM - Oxford University Press

THE HISTORY OF JOURNALISM OBJECTIVES After reading this chapter you will understand: » Why we need news » The role of journalism in society » The importance of free speech and free media » How journalism and democracy are linked » Links between technology and journalism » That we live in exciting times in the evolution of journalism. H umans crave news—we are addicted to it. We are ...

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Setting off the long-awaited change -

BCME focuses on the needs of independent media outlets in the region and provides them with hands-on vocational training and mentorship in journalism and media management, essential media market research and audience analysis. To ensure the long-term sustainability of independent media, BCME also works with the general public, promoting media literacy and critical thinking, especially among ...

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BBC Trust Review BBC Network News and Current Affairs

BBC Trust Review / BBC Network News and Current Affairs April 2014 2 Headline Conclusions Nothing the BBC does is more important than its journalism. Every week four out of five adults get news from the BBC. They rate its journalism as more trustworthy and better informed than any other provider. Informing the public about events, discovering uncomfortable truths, helping us understand ...

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A Review Essay The Fine Print: Uncovering the True Story ...

148 Literary Journalism Studies A Review Essay The Fine Print: Uncovering the True Story of David Foster Wallace and the “Reality Boundary” Both Flesh and Not: Essays by David Foster Wallace. New York: Little, Brown, 2012. Hardcover, 327 pp., $26.99. Reviewed by Josh Roiland, University of Notre Dame, United States B efore he sat down with the best tennis player on the planet for a noonday ...

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The concept of the New Journalism and its adaptation to ...

The concept of the New Journalism and its adaptation to narrative journalism in Spain1 El concepto de Nuevo Periodismo y su encaje en las prácticas periodísticas narrativas en España Antonio Cuartero Naranjo. Universidad de Málaga ([email protected]) Received: 11/09/2017 – Accepted: 04/10/2017 Abstract: The New Journalism generates massive terminological confusion regarding what it ...

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